February 1, 2017, Mid-day News

I’m not going to print the stories floating around today from psychiatrists about Trump’s insanity. Frankly, my experience with them is that unless they have done their own emotional work, they cannot be counted on to have clarity, but many of them sure do like to use their so-called power in big ways to intimidate us little people. At the same time, I want to say that I do not think Trump is emotionally healthy, but to me that is a given. He lives in a world — and now has become head of it —  that is by its very nature extremely unhealthy, so how could he be? I think we need to consider that the game is to take Trump down — or even out — and as we read or listen to the words of these psychiatrists we need to keep this in mind.

Many of the following posts show how TPTB are out to destroy Trump —  and so far the ‘truth’ media isn’t buying it. I think it is entirely possible that these two groups will fall by their own hands.

Massachusetts joins anti-Trump legal [Muslim ban] effort . . .  Is what Trump has done legal under the Constitution? If it is, then what is the argument? Did you watch/listen to the KrissAnne Hall video I published yesterday? She has shared what the Constitution says about it and her conclusion. Because we’re always ‘dancing as fast a we can’, we don’t seem to be learning our lessons, even though an argument based on the Constitution is our strongest one. Instead, we’re left in the dark as we’re being played with by distortions of the truth.

Trey Gowdy enters immigration debate, and destroys opposition arguments (Video)

Pepe Escobar – Are Saudi jihadis entitled to a “safe zone”?

What is more morally reprehensible? Banning refugee visas or murdering them, destroying their homeland?, RT, Op-Edge

Best of the Web: ‘Post-truth Age’: Media amplifying rage at Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’, but was silent on Obama’s similar moves

* * *

Trump Administration freezes out CNN from interviews and staff appearances

Meet America’s newest Supreme Court Justice nominee: Judge Neil Gorsuch

Democrats Boycott Confirmation Of Trump Nominees, Blocking Mnuchin, Price Votes Zerohedge

President Trump presses big pharma to increase US production & cut drug price

 * * * 

!!!Russia Calls the West’s Bluff over Real Elections, NEO

Iran to dump the US dollar in response to Trump’s travel ban

Iran confirms missile test, spurns foreign meddling

Israeli and US officers overseeing Riyadh operations in Yemen

CIA-Russian Spies Reveal Shocking Vatican Plot To Assassinate Trump Using Mexican Cartel Hit Team

TPP – A trojan horse for US imperial control in Asia via Japan – now dead thanks to Trump

Trump’s trade chief, Peter Navarro, brands Germany a ‘currency manipulator,’ says TTIP is dead

Trump along with ISIS, China and Russia named as threats to the EU by President of European Council

Panicking Tusk looking in all the wrong places for EU threats, it is because

Lavrov: Russia sees ‘unlimited possibilities’ in anti-Daesh cooperation with US . . . I doubt this statement mean that Russia is willing to play the fool . . . 

Lawyer claims charges on ex-FSB and Kaspersky staff with treason ‘in interests of US’, Moscow denies

Israeli and US officers overseeing Riyadh operations in Yemen

Saudi Arabia and Israel share soft spot for Sunni extremism

‘Criminals aren’t humanity’: Philippines shrugs off Amnesty International’s ‘war on drugs’ report

Russia: Ready to help Iraq fight ISIS

Congresswoman Who Says U.S. Funds ISIS Just Got Back from Syria: Here’s What She Found, Zerohedge

Again, Dyncorp is mentioned in close conjunction with Trump:

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21 Responses to February 1, 2017, Mid-day News

  1. Gary Martin says:

    Dear Jean,
    A Quotable Quote from British actor David Tennant
    who plays the character “Doctor Who” in the UK TV series by the same name.
    This was at the close of another popular UK TV show called “The Last Leg”.


    “Everything is Going to Be OK”
    Much Love and Hugs Gary

  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Explosive, mass arrests taking place around the country: human trafficking and pedophilia rings:

  3. Captain says:

    This will likely piss-off a certain %age, but who gives a tiny rat’s ass. The election choices were: Trump (a bit of a loud mouth) with America’s interests at heart and not a career politican; or lying lesbian pedophile Hillary who is owned by Soros, Israel, Saudis, et al and who has a history of corruption, murder and treason ( and worse) and is half-dead with health (and brain) issues.
    I don’t watch tv, so I seem to be missing something where suddenly these snowflakes and pink pu**y rioters and those hired by Soros are violent and hateful. Perhaps some mind control or subliminal programing is going on. We protested Vietnam, but never wished to kill the bozos in the WH, et al as these behavior-modified people and groups are now doing. I hope they dial down and do some research and not buy into the “prescribed opinions” of US fake news.
    Judge Jeanine Pirro did a youtube titled something like: “It’s time for a woman in the White House… but NOT this woman.” Recommended to all the snowflakes and pp-ers and those who sold their souls to Soros or Hillary or Obama or Bushs or any number of the lying career politicans we have had to endure.
    ( Ok… this is my Roy Potter rant moment for the month. LOL. Cheers, All. )

  4. Captain says:

    This was posted today, a pdf of this book. Maybe it will interest you? https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2017/02/02/the-origin-of-freemasonry-and-knights-templar/
    When I looked at it, it opened xl print size, but after a minute or two the Adobe toolbar came up and I was able to reduce it for easier reading. I’ll review it later in depth, and if something worthwhile, I hope to track down a printed copy. ( I dislike reading on computers – old school here. LOL )

  5. Helene says:

    David Seaman just posted this on Twitter: http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1208-endgame-pt-1 very comprehensive look at shadow govt pizzagate etc does this mean Wilcox is now ok? (partly rhetorical question).

    • Jean says:

      David sold his soul to the CIA a long time ago. I don’t know that he has redeemed it. As a result, we’ll never know what is David and what is the CIA. Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Some ET’s are spiritually more evolved than humans- some are not- consider the elongated- skull- ET’s hiding out in The Vatican who are trying to massacre people by any means possible……
    ……more evolved than humanity?

    I think not.

    Link- http://www.theeventchronicle.com/metaphysics/galactic/vatican-theologian-says-extraterrestrials-real-spiritual-intellectual-humans/

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Michele, I’ll have to check this out 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • This one comes to mind. Also worth mentioning was that I cam across mention a few months ago; that blue eyes have ONE genetic ancestor………
        Link- http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1209-endgame-pt-2


        Now let’s return to our scene where I am now on the MIC SSP craft, hearing what Sigmund was telling me.

        Sigmund revealed that he had been stationed at several classified military installations in Antarctica.

        He had spent time in the very area where the Anshar (inner earth group) had taken me on a reconnaissance flight.

        He stated that an extremely ancient series of cities had been discovered flash-frozen deep under the ice-shelf.

        He confirmed that there were also many animals and “Pre-Adamites” preserved in the ice.

        He described the Pre-Adamites as beings with elongated skulls, with strangely proportioned bodies that were obviously not designed for Earth’s gravity and atmospheric pressure.

        When we combine this with what Gonzales told me earlier, and the academic research David compiled in The Ascension Mysteries, it does appear that some of these groups were giants by our standards.

        Other hybrid groups may have been bred to have more conventional heights, and/ or adapted to Earth’s gravity over time by becoming shorter.


        According to Sigmund, this Pre-Adamite group had apparently arrived here from another planet in our solar system that was no longer hospitable.

        They arrived here approximately 55,000 to 65,000 years ago, and began to create hybrids of their species and the developing human population.

        This fit beautifully with what Gonzales and others had already disclosed, which in turn became the central narrative of the second half of David’s The Ascension Mysteries.

        What we now see as Antarctica was the seemingly mythical “lost island” of Atlantis.

        The Buache map from 1754 depicts accurate sub-glacial topography of Antarctica.

        No one in modern times even saw the continent itself until 1820.

        Insiders tell us the Buache, Orontaeus Finaeus and other maps were copied over from ancient scrolls in the Vatican Library.

        The earth shifted on its rotational axis, perhaps due to a nuclear war, and the water that inundated the continent quickly flash-froze into a gigantic ice shelf.

        Sigmund stated that the hybrid survivors of this catastrophe — who were living on other continents at the time of the great flood – completely lost access to their ancient cities for over 10,000 years.

        These beings then began to breed with the human populations in the regions they were stationed in at the time of the disaster.

        One major faction of Pre-Adamites was constrained to the Americas, while the other survived in Europe, Africa and Asia.



        According to Gonzales, the ancient technologies that were discovered in Iraq had belonged to this Pre-Adamite group.

        This group wants the return of these technical artifacts immediately, considering them to be their private and personal property.

        However, certain factions who are now in possession of them will not turn them over.

        These are earth human proxy groups that the Cabal had sent on the behalf of the surviving Pre-Adamites. They got the cosmic equivalent of “gold lust” when they saw the treasure.

        What further complicates matters is that there are two different royal blood lines among these Pre-Adamites.

        These two groups are in a type of competition over the control of the financial and political systems of various countries.

        As I have said before, the people we are now calling Pre-Adamites all have psychopathic characteristics by our normal definition of the term.

        The elongated “miter” hats everyone wears in the Vatican are one of the ways they have been able to conceal themselves while still operating amongst us.

        The surviving Pre-Adamites apparently have blue eyes. For illustrative purposes only.


        Gonzales stated that this argument over the Pre-Adamite ruins meant there was an obvious weakening of the Cabal’s “coalition”.

        This split in the ranks of these global syndicates was being exploited by the Alliance.

        It seems that many of these Cabal groups now see that their organization is about to be fully exposed and brought to justice.

        The disclosures David mentioned in Part One did not happen by chance. They are the direct result of the hard work of the Alliance through outlets like Wikileaks.

        It appears that many of these people are positioning themselves to cooperate with the Alliance during the prosecution phase.

        This, of course, is a very helpful thing.

        David and I have both consistently stressed that whistleblowers should be seen as heroes. It is very important that we not devolve into a witch-hunt mentality.

  7. Seeker says:

    Jean, I started reading your site back in 2012. I cannot believe that someone who seemed so loving and kind-hearted could have any sort of positive view of the monster that currently sits in the White House. Do you really feel comfortable with white supremacists and people who want to bring on the apocalypse to satisfy their own hideously misguided religious beliefs in charge of everything?

    • Jean says:

      Where are you getting your information? Who says I’m delighted with Trump in the White House? Jumping to conclusions a bit, maybe? I’m clearly getting mine in a different place, and it just ‘shows-ta’-go-ya’ that it’s different strokes for different folks. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Joyce Huguenard says:

    DONALD TRUMP HAS A IQ OF 168,,,THIS IS HIGHER THAN ANY PRESIDENT,,,I DON’T LIKE YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT HIS SANITY,,,,IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT INSANITY LOOK AROUND,,,IT IS EVERYWHERE,,,,BURNING CARS, BREAKING WINDOWS,SCREAMING SNOWFLAKES,,,90% did not even know what was going on in this country,,,, I HOPE YOU REALLY DO….. GOD chose David in the BIBLE…If you read the BIBLE you will find Trump a lot like David and GOD chose him…………………………………………..There is a reason for everything…………..

  9. mary says:

    hi Jean, I did listen to Krisanne Halls video, and I got a good lesson on the constitution. Thank you for posting that, as I went on to listen to more of her. . I am just too weary of all of this, and despite all this up and down, I still cannot figure out the truth of trump. As far as the mental health “approach” if our lives and country were not so much at stake, that approach of theirs is laughable.

    Off subject, I watched a video on John Wells Caravan to midnight utube channel, episode 670, with a James and Joanne Moriarty, Bengazzi whistleblowers. I know we heard stuff like this forever, but this really got to me, how they were treated by the cia fbi etc..absolutely horrid. They have so much info, now in trumps hand, so we will see. They name names all will know, and so many times I started crying, I dont know why, I have heard it before, but I think it was listening them first hand speaking of what we, the us did, not only to libya but to these people, all the way down to the state patrol. If you find time please listen to them. Thanks

    • Jean says:

      Mary, I’m glad to know someone watched KrisAnne. In a crazy world, she makes so much sense. Regarding the video you watched, t is not new. I watched probably more than a year ago, and it speaks volumes as to where we are today. thank you for keeping your feet on the ground in these times. Hugs, ~Jean

  10. Dear Ones.

    Why are we still teaching and training and PAYING people with massive Govt subsides for Drug Wars and Warring to cope with our human problems & differences that only profit the ELITES ???

    Why are we allowing OUR GOVT. subside funds to destroy our CLEAN WATER AND CLEAN AIR & PUBLIC LANDS?

    Why aren’t We The People demanding that our Govt paid Congress and OUR GOVT. subsides go to co- create the GREEN infrastructure jobs and paid volunteers for all COMMUNITY Services with a basic guaranteed income with single payer for ALL!!

    Time to replace the paid volunteers for more Armed Forces & militarized policing ( tied to drug war funds & massive penal industrial complex) & single payer and family benefits that DO NOT EXIST!






    PS Educate and teach and pay people for more international space stations and other bases on other planets too!

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