February 2, 2017, Early News

The energy of the news itself feels insane, as every single problem area on the planet seems to be getting worse—on purpose. At the moment, all I feel comfortable doing is delivering it to you as best I can. The Oracle Report says this energetic craziness will continue into the weekend. I hope you will pick and choose what is of interest to you. ~J

‘We can’t ignore the people’: Parliament backs Brexit bill in landslide vote

 * * * 

The USA is a weary Titan: The cost of continuous war

Will Trump Deliver?
 by Paul Craig Roberts

My view of Trump is conditional and awaits evidence.

‘Worst so far’: Trump reportedly ‘hangs up’ on Australian PM after heated call

Mainstream media still calling for President Trump’s assassination


Intel source: Steve Bannon Is making sure there’s no White house paper trail

Dangerous political operative… or some kind of maverick? Who is Steve Bannon anyway?

Where were the liberal tears during Obama’s wars? by Mike Whitney

Flynn puts ‘Iran put on notice’ after ballistic missile test

Iran Just Officially Ditched The Dollar, Zerohedge

Avaaz: ‘Progressive heroes’ or Soros-sponsored librul mob? – Global civic organization Avaaz: Not what it pretends to be . . . is anything as it seems to be?

Norway surprised by Russia’s entry visa rejections to delegates blacklisted months ago

Russia summons Ukrainian attaché for ‘dangerous’ warplane flight

Syria rejects Russian draft constitution

Civilians, including children ‘likely’ killed in Yemen raid – US military . . . if I’m correct, this happened on Trump’s watch . . . 

Senate confirms Tillerson as Secretary of State

Former CIA director Petraeus explains how the elitist world order is facing “unprecedented threat

Many of Petraeus’s remarks hinted at pushing back against statements and policies from President Trump, who had considered Petraeus as a candidate for his secretary of State.

Russia: Biggest arctic military expansion since USSR

Experts: Decoding Russia’s MH17 data could take minutes if Netherlands works directly with Russia

Syrian Red Crescent staff injured in ‘hideous’ U.S. coalition strike on Idlib

Israeli and US officers overseeing Riyadh operations in YemenSaudi Arabia and Israel share soft spot for Sunni extremism

Zionists take ‘righteous stance’ against Trump on immigration but completely reject Palestinian refugees

South Front Syrian War Reports: SAA launches new push against ISIS, plans to take new Damascus pocket

Ukraine coup govt tries to sabotage U.S.-Russia ties, launches new offensive on Donbass, Moon of Alabama

BBC reporter films Kiev tanks in residential area on E. Ukraine frontline (VIDEO)

Ukraine’s offensive ‘aimed at preventing Russian sanctions being lifted’ provokes criticism instead

Ukraine plans NATO referendum but alliance reportedly hesitant on missile shield talks with Kiev

fensive ‘aimed at preventing Russian sanctions being lifted’ provokes criticism instead

Trump’s toxic agriculture policy will be no better than Obama’s

US oil exports set to hit all-time high under Trump

Is Trump Being Sabotaged By The Pentagon?

Trump’s “Migrant Policy” Exposes Continuity of Agenda, by Tony Cartalucci, NEO

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7 Responses to February 2, 2017, Early News

  1. ForverGirl says:

    Australian PM denies any hang up on the call. This is more fake news. Hear it in his own voice here: http://www.bbc.com/news/video_and_audio/headlines/38842289

  2. Captain says:

    Sorry, Captain, I have big trouble buying into these folks who are co-intel. . . . and trying to confuse us. I’ve got enough to deal with and I don’t need these folks. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Terry Mapleson says:

    Interesting, that Petraeus had been considered for Secy of State – it proves Trump is NOT the one choosing his own cabinet, which appears to be the normal situation – I’m sure you know well about the leaked letter that Citibank’s CEO sent to Obama a month before he was elected, TELLING him who would be on his cabinet – The Banksters choose the cabinet. But, in true bankster style, they work behind the scenes whilst allowing the public to attack their controlled politicians… Congress is bought off and/or blackmailed (and a few are so naive they can just be manipulated.) So the unelected folks, the cabinet, are the ones who actually run things. Thus, they’re chosen by the Khazarian Mafia.

    Nobody except the inner-inner circle knows who controls Trump, or how much they control him. But since the Secy of State position seems to be more powerful than even that of President, it’s clear The Powers That Be managed to determine at least THAT. They want their wars. Petraeus was clearly in bed with the Clinton Foundation, right? And now we have Tillerson out there looking like Cheney and talking about regime change in Venezuela, and Flynn stumping for war with Iran.

    Somehow, Trump won the presidency, and that may be a nail in their coffin, but they’re clearly not IN the coffin yet!

    Speaking of frying pans and fire, looks like we’ve jumped from Killary to Killerson…

  4. Captain says:

    Jiminy Cricket! It seems everyone is suddenly talking about Trump and Freemasons.
    Kent Dunn: “A War in Space & Inner earth with Out of This World Beings aproved by Pres Trump”!

  5. Janel says:

    Trump is a pawn. His huge ego and anti-establishmentism made him easy to sell. He doesn’t control a thing and to think otherwise means we aren’t paying attention. Hugs back to you.

  6. Bill says:

    I would imagine that this sort of thing just started on Jan 20 this year – The Bushs, Clintons and that kenyan mulatto would never allow such activities on their watch! It has to be that Trump guy!


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