UPDATE February 4, 2017, Mid-Day News

UPDATE!!! Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’: Ploy to stem refugee flow or strategy for war with Iran?, RT, Op-Edge . . . this sounds much more likely than Sorcha Faal’s reasons. They are escalating the situation very quickly perhaps to catch people by surprise.

 * * *

!!! While Candidate Trump Promised War against Globalism, Do President Trump’s ‘Pro-Globalist’ Actions Speak Louder than His Words? By Joachim Hagopian

With a history of both Democrat and Republican establishment together with mainstream media vehemently challenging, lying and opposing his every move, the Donald is smart enough to be fully aware that his direct assault on Muslims, his unabashed advent of “bringing back” torture (as though it ever really left), including the heinously illegal practice of waterboarding and other enhanced “interrogation” techniques, would be guaranteed to generate massive pushback from all corners of the globe. With his signature he instantly left thousands of Muslims stranded at airports and around the nation and world holding green cards and US visas in a state of shock and limbo. Up to a half million permanent residents in the US from those seven countries are affected. Adding further insult to injury, that same executive order calls for sending more Islamic prisoners to Guantanamo. Yet President Trump went ahead with his over-the-top agenda anyway, almost as if he’s following orders from the powers-that-shouldn’t-be to intentionally create global havoc and chaos right out of the gate, something the ruling elite’s been bent on materializing for numerous decades now. 

!!! ARE THE ROTHSCHILDS BEHIND TRUMP? . . . understanding the cognitive dissonance that presently isurrounds Donald Trump,

“…a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage…” is in fact the establishment candidate for president.  The difference is that the establishment is one based on the international banking interests, and not one based on the interests of domestic American elites, which are more represented by the Jeb’s, the Mitt’s, the Ted’s, and even the Hillary’s.

At no time in the history of the modern world and politics has an anti-establishment candidate been given so much media attention and free airtime. The negative reporting of Donald Trump by most media is scripted as such.  The cognitive dissonance which is developing surrounding the Trump mandate and transformation of America is a strategy which began decades ago in the 1980’s when Donald Trump first began to canvas our television screens.


If Trump truly wants to save America, and silence his critics, then he needs to start with DISCLOSURE, and a relatively safe roadmap begins with disclosure of 9/11 to fix our foreign policy, disclosure of the Federal Reserve to fix our economy, and disclosure of vaccines to begin to scratch the surface of the vast network of immoral activities of which most Americans are asleep. [ETs and Antarctica should come later – America needs to learn to walk before it runs.]

The greatest good that can come from any war is EXPOSURE, DISCLOSURE and global AWAKENING.

!!! The Coming Clash With Iran, by Patrick J. Buchanan, Zerohedge

Iran is biggest state sponsor of terrorism – Pentagon chief Mattis

Iran tests missile systems, vows to fire ‘roaring missiles’ if threatened

Senior official: Iran’s response will be ‘effective & immediate’ if Trump tears up nuclear deal

Hostile rhetoric and actions of the new US president will not be left unanswered, a senior Iranian official told RT, adding that Iran seeks stability and peace in the region and only tests new weapons to bolster the country’s security and to protect allies and friends.

Trump’s National Security Adviser Flynn threatens war with Iran after adversary’s successful ballistic missile test

The war against ordinary Americans, by Paul Craig Roberts

President Trump versus Google and the Shadow Government

UN refugee chief slams Syrian safe zones as a waste of time

Boston Judge Unblocks Trump Travel Ban, Asks “Where Does It Say Muslim Countries?”

US suspends travel ban to comply with court ruling . . . Question: Is the court ruling based on the Constitution? Does the Court state the Constitutional basis? If it does not. should it?

Now On The Cover Of Spiegel: Trump Beheading The Statue Of Liberty . . . UNBELIEVABLE!!! INSANE!!! Apparently, this is what we get from them when they are running scared.

!!! US Set to Expand South China Sea Conflict, by Joseph Thomas, NEO

For policymakers across Asia, understanding history and the special interests that have and still do drive American foreign policy is key to seeing through inflammatory rhetoric, and essential in analysing and preparing solutions for continued attempts by Washington to reassert itself in a region an ocean away from its own shores, in a modern-day continuation of Western colonialism the nations of Asia Pacific have fought hard to escape and rise above over the past generations.

Trump’s China stance: Calculated blustering or dangerous stupidity?

About that intel ‘treasure trove’ from Trump’s Yemen raid…

ABC News Reporter Martha Raddatz Warned Faces Death For Treason After Killing Of US Soldier

Trump’s army secretary nominee Vincent Viola withdraws as candidate . . . very much related to th story just above!!!

* * *

Since I’m finding support on many fronts, I will say again that I think these suggestions to arrest these pedophiles are part of the tit-for-tat war being played out between Trump and the Clintons. In other words, the well being of human has little to do with these announcements.

* * *

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13 Responses to UPDATE February 4, 2017, Mid-Day News

  1. cjbowman2002 says:

    There seems to be some Miss Understanding over Presid. Trumps New Law banning Syrian, Iranian, Libyan, Iraq Nationals from entering the U.S.A.!
    Entry in any country requires your Passport, which displays your date & country of birth!
    Therefore to say that a Filipino Citizen could be Refused Entry into America for being a Filipino is a Lie! I call it Scare Tactics!
    How does such a person that Lies get such a Position so high!
    He said he was standing down, I think he needs to for misrepresentation!
    I believe that Presid. Trumps Law is to stop entry of Terrorists from entry, not good GOD FAIRING People! A background check will be necessary for these people from banned Syria, Iran, Libya, Iraq Nationals to enter the U.S.A. – As Students wishing to Study in America!
    Prof. Dr. Christopher J Bowman PhD. (AutoCAD Professional ) Dip. of Architecture/Engineer – FABDA., ARIAA., MIDDA., MHIA., MBA. Chemical engineer (Bio / Ind.) – B.Sc., Geo.Sc. (lect/Prof) – Sth. Aust. University

  2. Helene says:

    sorry Jean I see it’s being blocked here will try something different. The gist is an FBI whistleblower who has revealed info since Weiner’s laptop was seized says Sessions was debriefed 3 wks ago re all related pizzagate pedo child trafficking info the FBI & NYPD have all warrants arrests ready to go for some time. 72 ppl will be arrested in all, in NYC, DC and Virginia. at least 30% of the govt are pedophiles. About 30 will be elected Congress members and other govt ppl, the rest in entertainment banking etc. He predicts they will try to commit suicide or get away rather than go to prison for their heinous crimes. He’s revealing this to drum up support for the NYPD and FBI doing their jobs. He wouldn’t reveal names but did list initials: CES (Schumer), NP (Nancy Pelosi), JM (John McCain), MB (Michael Blumenthal), DF (Diane Feinstein), LG (Lindsay Graham) and some others. I’ve asked but not gotten a reply to this question: if the arrests begin before Sessions is confirmed, what will happen? Can the Senate with a Repub majority be able to continue with the confirmation without those arrested? I’d like to think so.

    • Jean says:

      Helene, they are always messing with me. This morning they froze my browser – guess they didn’t like what I was publishing. . . but I will always wiat and get back to you 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

  3. Helene says:

    this is the original on 4 chan: http://archive.is/2Zc6labout imminent 72 arrests coming asap

  4. Helene says:

    forget Kent Dunn this article explains it all and original tweet on 4 chan I will send you that as well this FBI whistleblower tends to be reliable over several months’ time http://victuruslibertas.com/2017/02/fbi-insider-exclusive-california-pizzagate-pedo-rings-under-investigation-hollywoodnapa-valley-and-more/

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Helene. Th archived link isn’t coming up for me. .. the page is blank. They are always causing me problems, so it may just be me.

      Well, I’m seeing that they’re messing with my comments. . . haven’t they got something btter to do?

      Hugs, ~Jean

      PS This is one of their messages . . .
      Approve and ReplyCancel Check back in a few minutes function addLoadEvent(func) { var oldonload = window.onload; if (typeof window.onload != ‘function’) { window.onload = func; } else { window.onload = function() { oldonload(); func(); } } } Server Maintenance Your server is going through a few minutes of routine maintenance. Please don’t touch your browser for a few minutes. What do I do? If you were posting a comment or making a post on your blog then do not press BACK on your browser. Wait 5 minutes and press the refresh icon on your browser. Your comment or post will be sent as normal. If you are browsing a blog here just wait a few moments and hit refresh. The page you were expecting will appear. _error = ‘500-dbconnect’; fzd();

      and here is another

      Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

      only concerning Dunn and all BS

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  6. naomi says:

    Jean, I listened to two Kent Dunn interviews on the Goldfish Report. He is definitely polarized on liberal=bad, conservative=good. His diatribe about the women’s march ended with him saying that the women should be home cooking dinner.
    Supposedly Donald Trump won’t be president after March. No idea how that plays out. Pence will be president (shudder) until new elections are held. Curious info!

  7. beLIEve says:

    Reference the front cover of Der Spiegel….

    Now On The Cover Of Spiegel: Trump Beheading The Statue Of Liberty . . . UNBELIEVABLE!!! INSANE!!! Apparently, this is what we get from them when they are running scared.

    The STATUE of “LIBERTY”…. was a gift from….. FRENCH FREEMASONS…. to the freemasons of New York.
    In her “rite” hand she carries a TORCH and in her left (left indicating SINISTER) she carries the Declaration of Independence.

    ILLUMINATI……is a …LUCIFERIAN… term meaning…KEEPERS of LIGHT.

    @ 12:36…in the video linked below…..

    (Full) In the Shadow of Hermes by Jüri Lina (2009)

    Illuminati Symbols
    A Complete Guide to Illuminati Symbols, Signs, and Meanings

    Statue of Liberty Eternal Flame

    I am wondering if…..DECAPITATING…..the HEAD of the PATRON SAINT of the ILLUMINATI….might carry a greater significance than chopping off the ….head of the misnamed …Statue of Liberty ?

  8. Captain says:

    2 on Main Republic Email Alert: https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/
    1 #PedoGate #PizzaGate Update – 70 Politicians & Elites In D.C., NYC, VA, To Be Arrested Next Week!
    Posted on February 4, 2017
    2 Donald Trump’s 282 campaign promises
    Posted on February 4, 2017

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