February 7, 201, News

Note: I’m listening to Simon again, and I had the info a bit wrong. . . The rebuilding of America to make it first will occur in 18 months — not the 7 – 10 years which would be normal, with technology coming from aliens out of Antarctica, and released to corporate America. Does this speak well for our cause, the cause of freedom? I don’t think so.

As the result of a comment left by a reader, I went back and listened to more of Simon’s video, now well beyond the one hour mark (so far), and I am surprised, really surprised at what Simon has said about Trump, because his words absolutely disagree with the available facts and history of Trump. Does he think we aren’t checking on our own? I’ve asked people to read the two articles that state Trump’s history, and it’s patently clear from these that Trump has been and is associated with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, and the criminal ‘mafia’ in general. Resorts were criminal enterprises! The Republicans don’t like Trump, because he is a threat to them, since they too are involved in the whole sordid, corrupt mess, so I don’t think he can consider himself the accepted leader of the Republican Party. At least a year ago  — and probably more — I knew, and it was public information via Alfred Webre that Trump had been time traveled forward and was seen as a presidential candidate roughly twenty years ago. He did not, as Simon says, decide to run because his son got caught in the vaccine monstrosity. Simon slides over the fact that Trump is a Freemason, and he says he is not tied to anyone and that this is his strength! These are not ‘new’, recently discovered facts, so what is going on here? I’m really upset!!! Now, everything Simon says is really up for grabs — for me, anyway! This is a time for total transparency and honesty, is it not?

Feared Knights Templar “Assassins” Reported Now Activated To Aide Trump, Sorcha Faal

Flashback to 2014: Snowden: US govt aggressively hacks Chinese civilian infrastructure – NSA developed A.I. cyberwar weapon named ‘MonsterMind’ . . . not so innocent, are we?

In an interview published Wednesday in Wired, Snowden also said an intelligence officer had told him the U.S. was responsible for the 2012 disconnection of Syria from the internet, albeit by accident.

Comment: …at the time, that incident was spun as ‘Assad shutting down the internet because he’s a bad man’.

He also said the U.S. had “crossed lines” by attacking civilian infrastructure in China. 

Spotlight on Iran and Donald Trump: Is war coming?

Comment from sott.net : If Donald Trump has any sense and any doubt regarding the outlandish and unproven statements made in the past few days regarding Iran, he had best rectify the situation immediately. He has not only jeopardized fledgling relations with Russia, he has placed himself out on a very thin limb and the whole nation as well. Hillary couldn’t have done it any faster! Disengage from being Israel’s puppet and walk it back while you still can.

Syrian Army encircles 5,000 Daesh fighters in Al-Bab

Reports are circulating – some of which are traceable to Jihadi sources – that fast advancing Syrian army forces have completed the encirclement of 5,000 ISIS fighters who are trapped in the strategic north Syrian town of Al-Bab.

If true then this begs the major question of whether the Syrian troops who have been advancing on Al-Bab from the south are coordinating with the Turkish troops who together with Turkey’s Jihadi allies have been trying to take Al-Bab from the north.

One of the key reasons why ISIS has survived and grown in strength over the last few years is that conflicts between its ‘enemies’ have always prevented them from working together against it. Indeed some of ISIS’s ‘enemies’ (Turkey for instance) have in the past tried to use the organisation for their own purposes. . . .

If the Syrians and the Turks – backed in this case by the Russians – can be brought to fight ISIS together in Al-Bab, then with 5,000 of its fighters apparently trapped in the town the organisation could be facing its biggest ever military defeat in the Syrian war.

Without Arab participation, Israel passes bill that retroactively legalizes Jewish settlements

– Israel legalizes stealing Palestinian land

Russia condemns US sanctions on Iran

‘Iran part of US-Russia common effort’

Ultimatum? The coming clash with Iran

US Threatens Iran for Daring to Defend the Iranian Peopl . . .

Iran’s Khamenei: Trump ‘shows real face of America’

US House Armed Services chair says US needs missiles that can reach Iran, N Korea

Iran: Missile test was not a message to Trump, we don’t need to test the US President as we know him ‘quite well’

US-Russia cooperation could benefit Syria & wider world – Assad

War of Terror continues: US-led coalition bombs civilian infrastructure in Raqqa, creating more refugees

Editor-in-chief of Der Spiegel defends ‘beheading’ cover, says Germany should ‘build an alliance against Trump’

 Sott Comment: Where were the crocodile tears when Obama was racking up his kill list across the Middle East? Where are they as Israeli forces shoot, cripple, and detain Palestinian children on a regular basis?

Trump: US supports NATO, but wants all members to pay fair share . . . another turn around. How long will world leaders tolerate Trump?

US tanks, infantry fighting vehicles arrive in Estonia amid NATO buildup on Russian borders . . . same ol’, same ol’

Trump ‘doesn’t care about talking to Parliament,’ wants meetings instead
 . . . and . . .
‘No Trump speech in UK parliament’
 . . .and . . .
‘Bercow’s Trump ban: Slap in face for US president & UK govt’, RT. Op=Edge

On Monday, the Speaker of the UK House of Commons John Bercow denounced Donald Trump’s policies and said the US president should be barred from addressing Parliament during his state visit.

‘Panicked’ British advertisers pull airtime on RT UK after phone calls from Sunday Times

China to become #1 economy by 2050, US to fall behind India, Russia to top Europe – PwC [PricewaterhouseCoopers]

Russia Warns “Battle of Avdiivka” Is Spark Being Used To Ignite World War III, SorchaFaal

NYT book review reveals ‘Israel receives more U.S. military aid than every other country in the world combined’

How could modern Orthodox Judaism produce Jared Kushner?
Massive student loan fraud scam: 99.8% of repayment data fraudulently altered by schools

Bringing America down as groups funded by George Soros are litigating to keep ports-of-entry wide open to terrorists What Trump did was done in a crass, in-your-face way, but it seems the facts of the situation don’t exist anymore. From what KrisAnne Hall said, what he did was entirely Constitutional. Yet, it seems impossible for people to slow down and learn this fact, which calls for a little ‘study’ time. As a result, we are twisted in the breeze of emotional lies, and the truth is sent to the trash bin.

Dakota Access Pipeline’s fate could be decided by Friday . . .This seems to be in disagreement with Simon Parkes words in his recent video

The Army Corps of Engineers may reach a decision over the approval of construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline as soon as Friday. If approved, construction in the disputed territory could resume before the Army Corps complete an environmental impact analysis.

MONSANTO IS SCRAMBLING TO BURY THIS BREAKING STORY – DON’T LET THIS GO UNSHARED! . . shocking amounts of glysophate in America’s favorite snacks .  . see chart!!

Comparing Trump to Stalin, Australia’s Chief Scientist Warns Against Censorship, by Nika Knight

“Science is literally under attack,” Australia’s chief scientist Alan Finkel says of Trump administration’s vetting of EPA research

World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data. . . Worth every minute of your time to understand one more hoax on us! It’s been one more money-making scheme, and it’s all hitting the fan!

The Mail on Sunday today reveals astonishing evidence that the organisation that is the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

A high-level whistleblower has told this newspaper that America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) breached its own rules on scientific integrity when it published the sensational but flawed report, aimed at making the maximum possible impact on world leaders including Barack Obama and David Cameron at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015.

The report claimed that the ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’ in global warming in the period since 1998 – revealed by UN scientists in 2013 – never existed, and that world temperatures had been rising faster than scientists expected. Launched by NOAA with a public relations fanfare, it was splashed across the world’s media, and cited repeatedly by politicians and policy makers.

But the whistleblower, Dr John Bates, a top NOAA scientist with an impeccable reputation, has shown The Mail on Sunday irrefutable evidence that the paper was based on misleading, ‘unverified’ data.

It was never subjected to NOAA’s rigorous internal evaluation process – which Dr Bates devised.

His vehement objections to the publication of the faulty data were overridden by his NOAA superiors in what he describes as a ‘blatant attempt to intensify the impact’ of what became known as the Pausebuster paper.

His disclosures are likely to stiffen President Trump’s determination to enact his pledges to reverse his predecessor’s ‘green’ policies, and to withdraw from the Paris deal – so triggering an intense political row.

In an exclusive interview, Dr Bates accused the lead author of the paper, Thomas Karl, who was until last year director of the NOAA section that produces climate data – the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) – of ‘insisting on decisions and scientific choices that maximised warming and minimised documentation… in an effort to discredit the notion of a global warming pause, rushed so that he could time publication to influence national and international deliberations on climate policy’.

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33 Responses to February 7, 201, News

  1. Heart Explorer says:

    Jean, you may already have read this or it may be irrelevant to you.

    But for whatever it’s worth, the following Avalon thread is what prompted me to more closely question Simon’s information last year.

    I was a member of the Connecting Consciousness Facebook group when the complaints began about Simon leaving many people he worked with “hanging”, so I can personally confirm that much. Early on, I had a Skype “soul” session with Simon which I booked with no trouble, and I found the session accurate and interesting and his demeanor, kind and professional.

    As you’ll see (if it interests you), Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy landed on different sides of the issue. For me, leaving a vulnerable client hanging goes to integrity (though I also get the self-responsibility bit, too). There’s also more in this thread, which I’ll leave to you to discover if you want to.

    Apologies if this is old news to you, I check in most days, but I may not be 100% up to speed.

    Thank you and be well. Please accept my good intentions and hug. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?88999-Our-experience-with-Simon-Parkes-as-a-counselor

    • Jean says:

      Heart, this is not old news to me . . . and I will check it out as time allows. I hope others will, also. I was so shocked by Simon’s words, so obviously untrue . . . why would he be such a fool? I simply don’t know . . . but now I can’t trust anything he says . . . three months and this will be all over? I doubted it, and now I do so even more . . . We are all hopeful, but we must learn our lessons 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  2. lecox says:

    I would like to believe Simon on this. But realize that Simon is not a “we can do without all that power structure” type of person. He just believes in the power of the individual, too.
    Simon’s informants include ETs who communicate with him telepathically. ETs are also into power structures. The big question is: Which sort of structure will dominate?
    On that score, I don’t really know how frank ET is willing to be with us. That includes any of their many groups. I believe they are aware of how independent-minded most of us are (that’s one reason we are here on Earth rather than still participating in one of their societies) and probably don’t want to put us off too much by being overly direct with us. Meanwhile, the various groups on Earth have been notoriously secretive on many many points. Trump apparently represents (but does not control!) a faction that would like the top managers to be a little more sincere with the general population and in so doing enlist their support for the big challenges that lie ahead.
    If this is true, and if what others who somewhat align with what Simon is saying know what they are talking about, then the next few months and years could see a little more realism coming out of the higher echelons of management here on Earth. But probably not a huge sweeping change in that direction. The voices for TRUTH have not been loud enough. It was the people who thought government was just totally leaving them behind who got Trump elected. They aren’t the ones who care who really killed the Kennedys. They’re the much larger sector afraid of losing more than they’ve already lost. And those fears were justified.
    Trump and his group are no paragons of virtue, no champions of human rights or spiritually enlightened high thinkers. They are no more or less than how Trump described them in his inauguration speech. They consider themselves patriots. They want their country to succeed in the world with its basic historic values intact. But they don’t want to sacrifice everything they have and cherish for this cause. At this point, I would much rather they get their way than the old power group continue on its path. But most of this story still has to unfold, and I’m not at all sure of what twists and turns the plot will take as things move along.

  3. Helene says:

    just saw this article posted on the Mayan Majix website under Misc, this is what Simon was talking about re >consciousness raising our levels etc: https://www.reddit.com/r/Retconned/comments/5rezz5/humans_are_waking_up_for_first_time_in_recorded/

  4. Helene says:

    here is latest update on Wikileaks “Vault 7 Who What Where Why When” tweets bear in mind today is Feb 7 & Judicial Watch sort of lost court suit this am to have another cache of FBI HRC docs/emails released Judge ruled not for 17 months (another #7 here) https://jimmysllama.wordpress.com/2017/02/07/vault-7/
    meanwhile CTV News in Canada reporting Army Corps of Engineers to go ahead digging pipeline trench under/across Missouri River as soon as tomorrow.

  5. Helene says:

    while I don’t necessarily agree with Mike Adams re veracity of global warming this is URGENT BREAKING NEWS http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-02-06-unimaginable-radiation-levels-detected-at-fukushima-mox-fuel-melts-through-reactor-floor.html

  6. Marilyn says:

    I wanna believe Trump will do right by the people, but in the back round I feel as though there most likely are things we will not approve of. he has the party to please, along with the people, plus how many others? There is so much going on that were not sure he will handle it all the right way. I feel that he is trying to save himself along with the rest of us. He may owe out old favors, to people who helped him along the way. If the economy bottoms out this businesses will go down too. He seems to be cleaning out all of the garbage, trying to find ways to fund the projects he has, it really is too early to make any real choices, as to him being a plant against the people. We all know there are people who have power over him, we may end up with some for the people, and some for government. The republican, globalist haven’t really shown themselves, so where are we with that? Then on top of that the economy, the state the middle east is in, the immigrants, health care, jobs, there is a lot going on. Will the rioters cause a civil war or revolution? WW3 is in the works, my guess is his desk will be full for along time. I have to believe we got the better of the two flawed candidates. I have seen things that I don’t care for, in this area, but we are in changing times. I live in an area with some blacks not a lot of them, around the holidays my partner was in rehab, I couldn’t believe it when i walked in, I am not a racist person but was shocked to see that most of the workers there were black, not people who came from this area but I do believe immigrants. Walmart also had a lot of them, not sure where they are from but was told possibly from dominican republic. Would be nice to know if these people are friends to this country. People do not like change, and we are in for some big change, we have know idea where this will take us. We all just need to pray for our safety and hope it all works out for us in the end.

  7. Helene says:

    I believe it was my previous comment re Simon you referred to, and am glad it continues the conversation. I didn’t say I believed Simon, I said I thought Simon was sharing what he believes as best he can. Look, IMO ALL sources of info are questionable right now, and the best we can do is rely on our intuition/gut feelings about each.
    Given Simon is the child of a UK MI5/MI6 military family, he prob has access to info we don’t. Is this info trustworthy? Is he altering it to suit certain needs? We don’t know.
    The late great indie researcher Mae Brussell (KPFK Pacific Grove Calif) of Carmel, whose father was rabbi to Hollywood, and whose fam founded the I. Magnin department stores, believed alien and ufo stories such as being anally probed were created by the military to cover up the actual very real and terrible experiments they were doing to people. These experiments were almost always done to members of military families who conveniently lived on/near bases and they were hypnotized/brainwashed a la Manchurian Candidate into believing they were taken by aliens to a space ship. If Mae was correct then Simon may be one of those who are deluded into believing he was visited by aliens rather than the horrible possibility his family turned him over to be experimented with.
    Someone close to me who was an executive manager in some very big corporations sees Trump being a good manager in a bad situation. Simon commented (I paraphrase) you need to hire a snake to get rid of snakes. The ppl Trump has chosen for his Cabinet reflects this; they know all the secrets and the players. Fighting fire with fire. Trump is also very hands on while hiring ppl who will carry out his plans and ideas.
    Where I live a succession of stupid Mayors chose to replace a very old heritage bridge rather than repair it. At one point steel from China for the new bridge was found to be full of pinholes and other irregularities so it had to be returned. Most of the prods out of China are absolute garbage as anyone knows who try to find a decent nail or screw at Home Depot. Insisting on American steel to build pipelines may very well be a clever way to delay the N Dakota pipeline and poss Keystone as well. Trump is quite clever and having grown up where he did I can tell you he is nowhere as terrible imo as Nixon or the Bushes or the Clintons or Reagan. Can he be a jerk? Sure. His father too. Trump Village apartments in Brighton Beach in Brooklyn near Coney Island where Woody Guthrie lived for a time were infamous for not being kept up no repairs etc.
    I am glad Trump is fighting the vaccines and the big pharma poisons mascarading as meds.
    I am hoping he will go after the paedophiles child traffickers etc., already many arrests are being made including Haiti over the wkend, and at the same time the Clinton Foundation pulled out of there. Glenn Beck has tweeted over the wkend this was coming so you never know where info where come from. Epstein’s island may also have been raided. I hope it’s true that Sessions was briefed a month ago and the NYPD and other PDs as well as FBI agents are ready to make the big arrests once he’s AG.
    It seems Wikileaks is telling the FBI to start rounding up the big names or it will publish the really big bad docs it has which may/may not be about 9-11, they tweeted 3 cryptic tweets over the weekend about something called “Vault 7” and many people are trying to decode these messages, which is actually kind of fun.
    As for Trump being a Freemason, it’s diff to say. I know a few people who managed to have great careers without joining while being helped by some who were, and it didn’t seem to matter somehow, perhaps the “outsiders” were doing what they wanted anyway.
    Re Antarctica, David Seaman and Alex Jones believe this is being used as a distraction. Are there getaways for the elite there? could be. Are their aliens there? pull the other one. IMO.
    Stay tuned…
    Meanwhile really enjoy Simon using the theme music for Danger Man/Secret Agent Man was a great tv series as well as The Prisoner.

    • Jean says:

      Forget what a friend says about trump’s management skills. Helene. Can you agree with him? What facts has he given you to prove this? I’m open to hearing them, really open. Is he aware that Trumps operations are all criminal and criminal backed, involved with drugs? If you ask him, don’t load his gun, let him tell you? Where trump grew up has nothing to do with how good or bad he is – IMO. Where did Nixon grow up? Who was he? How did he get into power? I can’t deal with these kinds of thoughts. Lots of good people come out of very bad situatiosns and vice versa.

      I’m challenging people, because i’m shocked at what i am reading.


      PS Who cares about Simon and his life? Can we ever know the truth of it? And what difference dos it make? We have his words, and he has really exposed himself as something other than he professes to be. Nothing else matters, or does it? I mean, what is really important here, Helene?

      • Helene says:

        all you say is valid of course I’m just trying to feel other things out…re Trump v Hillary is that like Mussolini v Hitler…in the end do we all lose anyway…

        • Jean says:

          This is something you need to decide for ourself, Helene. In the end, if you are required to take a stand, the responsibility will be yours 🙂 Such decisions don’t come easily or quickly. For example, it took me many weeks to work through my fears of living on the East Coast with the possibility of losing my life in a terrible way, weeks that included trying just about every pathway/detour possible. 🙂 It’s like true forgiveness: It is a process often of many monthBe, or even years. It is not accomplished during a rote recitation in church on a Sunday morning. Be gentle with yourself and do the necessary leg work so you understand and feel comfortable with your decision. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Joan Hafeez says:

    Hi Jean: A few years back I read that the writer “Sorcha Faal” , is a dis-information agent for the CIA. “Reports circulating in the Kremlin” do not exist – the Kremlin does not “circulate reports”. As with all dis-information, there is some truth written therein and then a falsehood or so included in the piece. The name given for this “Sorcha Faal” was David Booth and his daughter. I no longer read “Sorcha’s” reports.
    Simon Parks , in my mind, is suspect. He doesn’t divulge the sources for his information.
    I find it difficult to pin-point where he is coming from, and do not trust him.(I know that a lot of people believe that Trump is “independent” of the power brokers, but I find that difficult to believe.)
    Benjamin Fulford changed (in his looks and his writing) a few years back, before which time I used to read his articles and watch his videos. Now, it seems to me that he is “out in left field”, promulgating fairy tales. In fact, I had wondered if he had either been “taken out” or turned by the CIA.
    The Internet is a wonderful tool, however once an idea is posted by one commentater,
    it gets picked up and passed around and posted on many sites, and readers think that this bit of information must be true because it is found on so many sites.
    One can only use one’s discernment when deciding whether or not certain information is true. I don’t think that we can trust that we, the average citizen, will be told what is actually going on. At this time, I find Clif High to be highly credible.(Antarctica may be the key to some amazing changes for us humans – beneficial ones I would guess).
    As people used to say in the “old days” : “don’t believe everything that you read in the newspapers”. Now, it’s one cannot believe everything posted on the Internet.
    Cheers, Joan

    • Jean says:

      Joan, I have said repeatedly that Sorcha Faal is dis-nfo. This is not news to me. Someone, however, is putting important info out there, and I’ve learned a lot from it. That is the only reason I am publishing it. Do people even rread my words? I have to wonder. Hugs, ~Jean

      PS What is discernment? I’ve learned through the years that it isn’t something magic that just somehow happens. We just don’t get a ‘feeling’ or an idea that this is correct information. I don’t think it happens that way at all.

      I’m coming to the conclusion that it is based on several factors: 1)good, sound background knowledge and research, for which sadly most people can’t afford the time 2) an open pathway to our heart, a pathway free of pain — very, very important 3) the emotional clearing work (not intellectual understanding!) that opens that pathway — because the heart is not an instrument of duality and will never lie to us, and 4) good intuition derived from that open pathway. which means we have the capability of stopping and checking ourselves to make sure we aren’t responding from any of our well-known personal emotional biases

      If you don’t have all these factors in play, you can’t depend on your discernment. Sometimes it will be one factor or another that jumps forward. Sometimes your intuition will tell you something, but then it is necessary to stop and check it against our biases and perhaps good information.

      I was always open to believing Simon, but never again. That tale he told of Trump and standing Rock . . . forget it!

  9. Captain says:

    Anyone who does major construction project in the East coast will inevitably deal with the Mafia. They control nearly all concrete and steel companies out here. They als are the biggest profiteers from highway construction for this reason. And therefore politicians have likely all also have dealings with the Mod. To discredit Trum for this connection is not so wise.
    Also I suspect anyone of note or in governement has been approached by the Rockerfeller and Rothchild klans at some point. The degree of their involvement would be the real issue, but that is rarely revealed. It is the Skull and Bones members of Yale who are an equal threat.

    Regarding Israel. It was Kerry (or Biden?) who a few months ago stated that “one fourth of all US Foreign Aid goes to Israel.” Veterans Today reveals their massive influences (via bribes and blackmail) on WH, Congress, etc. We ducked that added bullet by not electing Sanders, who reportedly has dual-citizenship with Israel – as do 40+ other members of Congress. Hopefully Trumps ban on lobbyists in DC will stomp that treachery.

    And Monsanto is Cheney’s buds. He once stated that if you control the food you control the people (or world?) Another swamp creature there to be dug out.

    • Jean says:

      So, this makes it okay? This is what we want in a President? Sounds like more of the same to me. . excuses, excuses . . . will not move us to a higher plane! That ain’t easy to live with, admittedly, but I believe it is true! hugs, ~Jean

      • Captain says:

        No it does not make it ok, but there is much room for change. Hopefully, being aware of these issues, Trump can get some action to minimize the graft(?) and corruption under Clinton, Obama, Bushs, et al. Not being a career-politician, it is not business as usual in DC with him.
        The dude’s been in office just 2+ weeks, yet the country and press feel its right to initiate a feeding frenzy. I suspect all the pedoophiles are desperate and will say and do anything to avoid thier arrests. Somewhere it said that Merkel intends to step down and escape to Paraguay. (Bushs have about 300,000 acres there too for escape.)

        >>> Several vids by Roy Potter today: “Got My Copy” http://www.youtube.com/user/roypotterqa

        • Jean says:

          I’m sorry, Captain, but I think Trump is the graft! What else can I say?

          He’s kept Comey on – a known con artist, His close advssor owns Dyncorp, deeply involved in dirty, sick operations like human trafficking for sex, and organs. He’ backed by Kissinger and Rothschilds. . . want me to continue the list?

          Again, have you taken time to inform yourself from the articles I have been publishing? It doesn’t look that way to me.

          Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jan Tkachuk says:

      Hey Captain,

      It seems to me that Trump has a LOT of cleanup to do, and he’d better do it quickly otherwise his haters will blame EVERYTHING on him. It seems to me that a LOT has been set up prior to his win to explode on his watch. I’m on his side, even though he makes BILLION$, as long as the wealth is shared and ALL have the opportunity to prosper. Let’s face it, his EGO will not allow him to fail!

      BTW – I heard that Monsanto is in the process of being sold to a German company. He have to expose this!

      Much Love to all ❤

  10. Alex says:

    This is a time for total transparency and honesty, is it not? Yes! …and no.

    I guess I have to ask… if absolute honesty means telling the truth all the time, then I think that may be a very compromising position. For example, if Trump gets up in front of a Christian Advocate group and says he” has no intention of reversing abortion.”.. well… good bye Christian conservative vote! If Trump says in front of AIPAC “I think you should stop building settlements”. Good bye AIPAC support.

    It works the same way when you are in front of the media. If Trump says, “I admire Putin because he is standing up to Globalist interests within his country and kicked them out and now he is fighting globalists with tact and patience.” OH my! would the mainstream media have a field day with that!

    Can Trump make deals in NYC and all over the world worth hundreds of millions of dollars and billions in total without organized crime’s keen full eye always watching?

    How are you supposed to make deals that big without having to interact with huge corrupt bureaucracy, payoffs and scams?

    Just because a person had to deal with it, doesn’t mean they propagate it. For example Hillary Clinton was behind the Clinton Foundation, set up in the guise of a charitable foundation, expressly for the purpose of cashing in on a pay to play access to government. Trump had many entrepreneurial pursuits, some good, some not so good…. and yes he set up a questionable school. BUT he didn’t charge access to government and create criminal organizations.

    I think when you hit a certain amount of wealth you are going to be dealing with the likes of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Look at Elon Musk, trying to get a private space program together and bring electric cars to the world… he has been hit in the face by every conceivable road block. That has to stop! But how are you going to make headway in a world when the power elites are only motivated by control? They own the media (mainstream), they own energy, they own food, they own water, they own mortgage control (housing) and they own your income (taxes) and worse of all they have infiltrated and own our government and monetary system.

    Trump is there to help set things straight… He is not working for anyone but those that backed him… and those that backed him were in the intelligence agencies and in the Pentagon. People who had real evidence to the corruption.

    Right now David Wilcox is talking about Antarctica and that is what is getting everybody talking about that. Graham Hancock did a lot of research that may indicate that Antarctica may very well have ancient ruins beneath the ice. Apparently, the Earth does go through geological shift and Antarctica may cover a continent that at one time was in a warmer region and habitable.

    It’s fun to think about! But, really… we are not getting lost technology from there… unless it goes through D.A.R.P.A first. Simon to me is making incredible claims!! It’s still true… incredible claims require incredible evidence. Pizzagate is an incredible claim, but we know it at least comes with some credible evidence. We know that Anthony Wiener is under investigation, we know that it contained incriminating evidence.

    (P.S> I won’t feel bad if you don’t post this. But, time will expose the truth. In the meantime stay away from the people who say they are aliens, unless they have some evidence. Nothing Simon Parkes has said has shown to be true.

    • Jean says:

      Your comment only shows me how far we have to go before we begin to see the light! You get on here an offer opinions without a single bit of linkage that gives proof to your thought process — and you expect me to spend my time reading this? . . you know, I’m tired of it Alex. I’m tired of people willing to except the status quo, because this is what your words mean! Have any of you with similar thoughts any vision for the future? Or are you all mired in this kind of thinking? Yes, it seems to me that Trump is exactly what we deserve! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bly says:

      Incredible claims don’t require “incredible” evidence, they just require evidence, period. This is mind control at work.

  11. Jan Tkachuk says:

    I’ve had a strong feeling that Trump decided a long time ago to play a role in the freeing of humanity ever since he threw his hat in the ring. I think that in order to take down the criminals, you sort of have to become one to gain their trust. But not only that, but to find out their game plan. I think Trump is going to surprise the WORLD with what’s actually taking place RIGHT NOW – taking out the pedophiles. The Feds are taking out the peds! Peds = sex magik = satinic rituals = alien overlords = the veil has been lifted.

    • Jean says:

      I have to say I totally disagree with you! Have you done any of the reading I suggested – articles I suggested more than once? I hope I’m wrong. I would be delighted to be wrong, but sadly I don’t think so! It looks like we all have some Huge lessons to learn, and I guess they are going to be very painful . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Jan Tkachuk says:

        I’m an optimist and don’t believe everything I read.ANYTHING can be made up these days. Let’s wait and see, shall we 🙂

        • Jean says:

          We all have a choice, Jan, but right now, for me Trump has to prove otherwise. Let’s see how far your optimism, unless based on fact, gets you 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • James Hyslop says:

            Hello Jean,

            From my research the realities of what America is facing are simply:

            1. America has been at war killing, murdering, ravaging, pillaging and raping nations around the world for over 117 years. (In fact we can go back to the previous century for the details of the wars in that century to destroy mankind too).

            2. America has a +$22 Trillion Debt problem which is being foisted onto the rest of the world. (And Germany since WWII has contributed massively to this debt via Deutsch Bank).

            3. America is not a democracy and it does not in any way shape or form understand what being honest and democratic means because there is always a huge cost for individual/s, companies, groups and nations in dealing with America in whatever way shape or form.

            4. America is a mixed dictatorship where its citizens get to choose one of two puppets in an obscene show of MSM advertising decadence for 12 months prior to a fraudulent election.

            5. America is a mix of Communism and Fascist Nazi run with marketing guile by reptilian criminals who know that the rest of humanity has to offer them forgiveness before the Council Of The Worlds. (The fact that these background criminals fight each other in their pecking order is just another fact of life together with all the sleaze and slavery that goes with it).

            6. America has created and continues to create an off world civilisation which is not accepted by the Council Of The Worlds.

            7. America is a kill for profit machine that always talks about the next war. (Yup the American’s are just cannon fodder patsies – but still criminal dirt bags).

            8. America’s process of understanding itself and its Castor and Pollux two faces of Janus nature will according to prophecy take over 50 years for American’s to truly understand what it is that they have created in this world ~ much split blood and broken and dead bodies of millions of innocent peoples of all nations and persons attacked by America.

            For what purpose have you all this?


            Let’s not forget who funded Hillary Clinton.

            Let’s not forget who funded Donald Trump. (Yes you can say he put up his own money ~ but look at the road of how he got there and who his real criminal backers are).

            Let’s not forget that after the last live debate before the November election Tump and Clinton went to a Jesuit dinner together where Trump was the main speaker.

            To be a Jesuit means you swore an oath of allegiance.

            If you do not know this oath I suggest you go and find it ~ read it ~ digest it ~ understand it and then puke your guts to cleanse yourself and drink clean water because you will need to if you have any decent bone of integrity in your body.

            You “American’s” are ruled by a Jesuit and the Jesuits are mad men who fully support the Babylonian Magic System and Synagogue of Satan and all the War that can be mustered.

            This misguided Mason does not understand the 666 because if he did he would not be the barking dog barking at the light but rather wagging his tail because the light has made him an offer.

            Every single secret society that is on this earth in any way shape or form has to be removed for any peace to reign and if that means the soul departs with the removal then understand that is what will happen ~ and understand that this is intervention from off planet.

            The satanic war that has been raging in near space around this earth has been visiting our planet for millennia.

            As Hurtak says the souls of these individuals on earth who do not change and come to the light in love and integrity will be crushed and we will hear their screams across the universe.

            In fact some of you are already hearing their screams.

            I trust that you all will sleep with angels guiding you tonight and on your onward journey because for starters Fukashima is visiting a place near you states side.

            But remember you guys and gals created that genie and then let that genie out of the bottle.

            Now you have to put it back in and close it forever.

            Blessings with best wishes.

            PS the reality is the rest of the world is facing America and saying enough!

          • Jean says:

            What can I add to this, James? You’e said it all! Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Ken Harris says:

        Jean, with respect to Simon’s recent show and your reaction, I feel the need to remind you that Simon will not reveal information until he has confirmed it through at least three sources. With that being said, I also want to remind you of Montague Keen’s message on 6 November 2016 when he stated “Many within the Cabal have already made plans, should the vote go to the honest one. They will not be in America. Check this out for yourselves. The Cabal has planned this takeover. It was going to be so easy, until out of the blue, someone stepped forward to save America. Suddenly, all of their plans were scuppered as he has dared to question their motives.” Notice the “….he dared….”, this was a obvious endeavor to get those awake to ensure Trump won. Why would this be so if Trump is as bad as you say. His most recent posting is also of the same ilk, primarily railing against the media driven anti-Trump protesting. You have upheld Montague’s postings in the past, but is he now on the out based on articles you have taken to heart denigrating Trump?
        Lets also take into account Tolec’s recent revelations concerning a question he asked of the Andromeda Council concerning this past election, in November of 2014. The response he received was “…your current President, the man you call Barack Obama, he will be the last President of the United States as you know it.
        The next man appointed as President, he will be like no other you have ever experienced. He will be from outside your political system. He will initiate and begin the most sweeping changes in the history of your country. It will be the advent of a new era.
        It will mark the beginning of massive reduction, restructuring and reorganization of your American federal government and its political system. You will witness the elimination of certain departments and agencies. It will be the kind of restructuring the likes of which you have never seen before. It will be a time of true change.”
        There was a time when Putin himself was part of the NWO scheme, until he got to the power position he desired and then disassociated himself from their plans of world domination and began to work for the people. Why can’t Trumps intentions be the same? Yes, in the first three (give or take) weeks of his time in office he has seemingly jumped onto the bandwagon of the power structure we abhor, but is this the truth of the matter, or is he slowly but surely, first, working to get his cabinet confirmed, and second, consolidating his power base before he begins to turn the screws that will destroy the cabal and the NWO.
        With respect to Antarctica, there seems to be much discovery going on down there. Bill, of the American Kabuki blog site has posted some very interesting information with respect to the things happening down there. He has also posted some interesting info with respect to Gabriel’s Ark that was discovered in Saudi Arabia and transported to Antarctica, and the role Patriarch Kirill has play in it’s safe transport. Interestingly, I first read about the Ark through Sorcha Faal, and later confirmed it through other sources. so not all is disinfo.
        I personally think that the release of Trumps history is/was done specifically to turn the unenlightened mind away from the possibility Trump can and will do good. My sources all seem to confirm this as fact to me. I find it very disheartening that so much negativity presents itself in the mass consciousness, especially when one really looks at what we could have been facing with Trumps opponent in office. Trump is the choice of the Galactic Councils as well as the Universe (source). His ego is necessary to carry him through the trying times he will face as the cabal fights his actions every inch of the way. His ego also will not allow him to lose the battle. He is stubborn to a fault, and doesn’t pay attention to the push back unless it suits his purpose to respond. His method of implementing these changes is controversy, and the more he creates the more the people will come together in viewing him as the common enemy, until boom, the reality changes and people suddenly find themselves the beneficiary of his contrary policies. The release of advanced alien technology, as well as the ultimate disclosure of the ET presence, will curtail the destruction of the Earth that many powerful corporations are bent on accomplishing. Some give has to happen before we take, and judging Trumps presidency before it has even gotten started is out of line.
        I follow your blogs religiously Jean, and until now have held a deep respect for your opinions and your postings. This time I feel you are out of line, and of course that is my opinion, as I also respect yours. I felt I had to write this response not as a Trump supporter (I was Bernie and then voted Jill, which was my conscious vote), but after the evidence I have seen in my everyday research, that indicates things contrary to your position. I hope this finds you in good health. Warmest Regards.

        • Jean says:

          So, Simon then, is releasing the truth, because he says he always verifies it? Montague cannot make a mistake? Every single day I get suggested posting from Veronica Keen, and often I don’t agree with her take on things. Things are changing rapidly, Ken, and I knew I would lose people, and that is your choice. If I am proved wrong, I’m delighted to admit it, but you haven’t given me any real proof here, have you. Words are very cheap, Ken, but we now have actions that have already demonstrated that Simon was way off the mark in his statements. Are those facts incorrect?

          I have mentioned here before when people have attacked Veronica that I think she and Monty may have – like so many of us, may I add – thought the outcome to this would be far different than it now appears it will be. I have always felt Veronica to be an honest, caring person, not into taking people’s money, but I also think from many of the links she has sent me that she doesn’t know American politics and likely doesn’t have the true picture of Trump. I have noted this to her more than once, but neither of us has much time anymore for a real conversation, something which we used to have fairly often.

          His history is his history. His cabinet selections and advisor selections are what they are. His way of being in the world is what it is – from what else can we draw conclusions that have any basis in reality? I agree that Trump is here to expose things: He has made it known he has no problem with exposing the world of the Bush/Clinton cabal, and that is a good thing. But does this now make him a saint, or merely an operative for the still functioning Rockefeller/Rothschild group who haven’t given up and ae trying a different tactic to continue their plans to contr the planet — and to fool us.

          Look at the headlines. I am not the only one thinking this way; my thinking is being backed up more and more every day by others, whose words I read and whose thoughts I have come to respect.. Please give me real, verifiable news that I am wrong . . . not channeling, not words from Simon, whose words which immediately proved to be untrue. . . Look at Standing Rock, for instance. Look at the Middle East – committing troops there, selling arms to Saudi Arabia?

          Immediately after Trump’s election, I posted a statement by David Icke that said Trump’s election had a purpose: to teach Americans that it didn’t matter who won, it would still be the same old cabal/deep state running the show. This is becoming more and more obvious, to me, anyway.

          Yes, it is your choice, and at least you have apparently considered my words and have made up your mind — and taken the time to share your thoughts with us here. but you haven’t convinced me — as delighted I would have been if you could have. Still, people can read your words and think about them and it may help them to make their own decision in this matter.

          Every day I hope i am wrong, and believe me I understand that my ideas are not popular. Sometimes the truth is very painful . . . and maybe I have it wrong. Just give me, please, some ‘real’ world facts that prove me so, and I’ll be a very happy camper!


          • Ken Harris says:

            Jean, My take on all of this is that change of the magnitude this country needs to undertake is going to be painful, for all of us. It will not be easy or fun. The Deep State has permeated all facets of our government, and fights tooth and nail to hold on to its power. We didn’t elect the bureaucracy, yet over time it has come to wield more power than congress, the president, or the courts can control. When one looks at the assorted departmental regulations that affect us all, acting to limit our freedoms, without congressional approval, the problem is monstrous. These are all executive branch issues. If this mess is going to be cleaned up, it will require drastic actions, actions Trump is willing to undertake, to reach a satisfactory end result.
            I will point out one little tidbit of good that Trump has accomplished and that is killing the TPP. I found it fascinating that during the primaries the media was all over how bad the TPP would be with respect to the powers it would give to corporations over government legislation that may hurt their bottom line. Now that it is gone, all the press seemed to be able to talk about was how it would help the American Worker and improve our quality of life. Of course our European friends got the same line of hog wash as the TTIP was killed. These two sets of legislation would have ended it all, giving us a Corporate operated world, and the people treated as slaves.
            Yes, the anti-Trump rhetoric just flows out of the mouths of the controlled media, pushed along by the remnants of the Hillary Clinton Camp, George Soros, and the rest of the sordid suspects. It is an all out war against Trump to maintain the status quo.
            As for his cabinet picks, the old saying of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer comes to mind. These people are all proven leaders. Their politics may not be the most ideal in the world, but they know how to get things done.
            One little tidbit of info many may have missed is the visit by Tulsi Gabbard to Trumps office after the election. There was speculation that she was going to be a cabinet pick, but soon after that visit she makes a secret fact finding trip to the middle east to “see” for herself the situation in Syria. She even had an opportunity to visit Assad. Could a message from Trump to Assad been passed on?
            With respect to Trump interaction with the international community, if one follows the Mainstream media, he has totally hosed it up. If one takes the time to read into the public responses, it is all chest thumping, while behind the scenes there is a willingness to talk as equals. The era of the US as bully and regime change warmonger is over. Trump will recognize sovereign states, and will reach across all oceans to make it work. The war drums you hear pounding are not Trumps doing, but certain treasonous members of congress who continue to push their agenda. It won’t fly. Trump is baiting the congressional war hawks, and leading them down the merry old path of exposing their hawkish ways for all their constituency’s to see. Come the end of 2018, there will be many newly retired career politicians, the rebuilding will begin, and the government will be streamlined for efficient operation.
            Okay, I have had my say and those who read this will have your own opinion. I cannot help how the media affects your thinking, only how not having TV or radio affects mine. I have sources that indicate what I have described, and I pray the plan does not go awry. This is the time for resistance, but not in the direction the media would have us go. Good night Jean, and may the truth be revealed for all to see.

          • Jean says:

            Thank you, Ken! Well said! I would like very much to know where you get your information, because I simply do not agree that Trump is willing to take the actions necessary to clean up this mess! Any links? Articles you can recommend? Any actions of his that prove this?

            This is a very subtle battle that is going on, Ken, and he seems willing to go after the ‘other’ cabal, but maybe these are threats meant to keep them in line. Time will tell. . . I’ve published several articles just yesterday that seem to refute your claims.

            Nevertheless, if people want, they can read your claims as they try to reach their own decisions. . .

            Thanks and hugs,

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