February 12, 2017, News . . . NOW IT’S 7 UPDATES, please scroll down

CNN cuts off Bernie Sanders on LIVE for calling CNN Fake News (Videos)

‘US-Iran tensions could be defused during Putin-Trump meeting’RT, Op-Edge . . . everyone is trying to figure it out . . . 

SN: I think Iranians, like Americans, don’t actually know where Donald Trump is going to go with a lot of this. He didn’t seem to prioritize Iran in his campaigning. It was ISIS [Islamic State, formerly ISIL], NATO and rapprochement with Russia. The threats against Iran have come a little bit out of left field and confused a great many players on the international stage. It has yet to be seen. But Iran is on guard; Iranians are on guard as we saw with demonstrations. They are not backing down, though there were some hopeful posters up saying that we don’t have a problem with the American people; it’s just the government threats coming at us now.  

Sick joke! CIA honors major terrorist financier [from Saudi Arabia] for ‘counter-terrorism’ work, by Moon of Alabama

Israel’s confiscation law means ‘from now on it’s legal to steal from Arabs’

US military can no longer plead ‘collateral damage’ when it’s been happening for 17 years’, RT, Op-Edge

The US has portrayed itself as having the most sophisticated drone program in the world. Yet it seems unable to detect when children, women and civilians are in an area where it wants to bomb, Tighe Barry, anti-war activist with Code Pink, told RT.

Russia has permission to use Iranian airspace to bomb terrorists in Syria

Russian FM Lavrov expects to talk to US counterpart Tillerson soon on Ukraine & bilateral relations

UPDATE: Lavrov: OSCE cannot whitewash Ukrainian troops in Donbass anymore

U.S. Democrats call for Michael Flynn’s dismissal after reported Russian sanctions talk

Despite bloated US military budgets, two thirds of Navy F18 fighter jets can’t fly

EU diplomat ‘Reassured’ about U.S. commitment to Iran deal

Sanctions & cheap oil have turned Russia into a ‘grain superpower’

UPDATE: The pivot to China, by Pepe EscobarMUST READ

UPDATE: EU looks to China amid transatlantic trade uncertainties

When Will the West Wake Up to the Fact That the World has Changed. . . a nicely upbeat article in today’s crazy world. It all seems so obvious, except to those who most need to comprehend it.

How can one fail to recognize the fact that China’s buying power has already surpassed Washington’s? Is it possible to ignore the fact that Russia’s actions in Syria have tipped the scales in favor of the legitimate government, creating preconditions for a political settlement of the conflict?

Additionally, it would be naive at best to underestimate the importance of demographic trends. Is it even possible not to take into account the rapid growth of India’s population, which has recently hit the mark of 1.2 billion, while this impressive population is making rapid advancements in high-tech industries? So by stating that the world would remain unipolar  drives oneself into a cruel trap. This leads to the belief  that events are taking place around the world randomly, unrelated to these changes taking really taking place. Then Brexit is an accident, Italians voting against constitutional reform is also an accident, and then, out of the blue, Donald Trump wins the presidential election in the US.

And how many more of such “accidents” are going to happen in the upcoming elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and across the rest of Europe? The easiest thing to do in this situation is to dig one’s head in the sand and take the ostrich position, but this will only complicate matters even further.

 * * *

Catherine describes the civil-war that is taking place i our country, and I it’s agree with Catherine that is is between two branches of the cabal. . . she defines them beautifully . . . both want Empire to continue, but one will sacrifice America to do so, and the other will not. My belief is that Empire, itself, will collapse — totally. 

 * * * 

PressTV Headlines, everyone of which seems tied to the Proxy War that Niall Bradley says is taking place in Yemen, as are many of the other headlines I’m publishing today.

UK to continue Saudi arms sales despite Yemen war

‘Iran Navy to boost Bab el-Mandeb security’8min

Trump admin. seeks to break Russia-Iran alliance’

UK to continue Saudi arms sales despite Yemen war

Saudi air raid kills 10 Yemeni civilians

Political solution key to Syria crisis settlement: UN

‘Iran letting Russia use airspace, brilliant move’

Iran aims to boost security in Mideast: Rouhani

 * * * 

UN’s $2 billion Yemen appeal? Send the bill to Washington, London and Riyadh, by Finian Cunningham . . . does anyone think money from the corrupt UN would really go to the people of Yemen? Really? (BTW, Finian doesn’t seem aware as yet of Niall’s insight, but he’s getting close.)

These UN officials are the same shameless people who have been distorting the nature of the conflict in Syria. They are now doing the same in Yemen. Their so-called “humanitarian” appeals are carefully disguised distortion about who the real culprits and causes of the crisis are.

As in Syria, the violence and humanitarian crisis in Yemen is the result of external, criminal aggression against the country. In both cases it is the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia who are largely driving the war, either covertly as in Syria through sponsoring proxy terror groups, or openly in Yemen through the aerial bombardment of that country.

Since March 2015, a Saudi-led coalition of Arab states have been bombing Yemen relentlessly on a daily basis. Ceasefires have been routinely broken and not even the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan has been spared from the Saudi bombs.

Before the war erupted, Yemen was already one of the poorest countries in the world.

Saudi Arabia is fully supported by the United States and Britain to carry out this aggression on Yemen. Washington and London sell to the Saudi regime the F-16 and Typhoon warplanes and the bombs that they drop. The munitions include internationally banned cluster bombs, as documented by various rights groups.

Just one measure of how much the US and Britain are making a financial killing from the Saudi aggression on Yemen is this: since March 2015, Britain alone has sold $4 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia.

This week, US president Donald Trump is reportedly lifting a temporary freeze on American weapons exports to Saudi Arabia that his predecessor Barack Obama latterly imposed. The Obama administration flogged a total of $115 billion in arms to Saudi over eight years. Due to pressure from humanitarian critics over Yemen, Obama moved to curtail future sales to the Saudis. Now Trump is going ahead to resume the deadly business.

It’s not just military hardware that the Americans and British are supplying. They also provide the logistics and refueling of Saudi air operations over Yemen. In other words, the Saudis would not be able to drop one bomb were it not for their American and British handlers.

 * * * 

UPDATE: Not to be missed! Trey Gowdy’s stinging takedown of 9th Circuit Court for blocking Trump’s temporary (article with a separate video below)

Ninth Circuit Court Now Demands It Be Protected From Itself…

Oh, the winning… it’s often too funny. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is now independently, on its own impetus, requesting an internal vote on a full panel en banc hearing to review its own decision.


UPDATE: Sex Photos Put Federal Judge On Hot Seat

Alex Kozinski is more accustomed to appearing on lists to fill U.S. Supreme Court vacancies than in headlines involving pornographic scandals.

But on Wednesday, the chief judge of the country’s largest federal appeals court was forced to suspend an obscenity trial he was presiding over after sexually explicit images posted to his family’s Web site became public.

Also see Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Kozinski

UPDATE: Here’s What The Prosecutors in the Bundy Ranch Case Didn’t Want the Court To See Or Hear, by Tim Brownm(Video & Pictures) MUST READ

UPDATE: Did Prosecutors Hide IG Report on BLM Lead Agent’s Misconduct in Bundy Ranch Case? This article is mentioned at the beginning of the preceding article, and I’m publishing it now.

Army veterans forming human shield to protect NoDAPL protesters at Standing Roc

Army veterans forming human shield to protect NoDAPL protesters at Standing Rock

US veterans return to N. Dakota to shield native protesters from police attacks

Extremely high radiation breaks down Fukushima clean-up robot at damaged nuclear reactor

  * * * 

DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK: WHAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THE SHIFT? .  . . I feel the need to add a caveat to this excellent post, because I think is old and outdated. Chapter 18 in Drun’s Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life is a statement about a generic shift. This article includes much of it and a bit more. Nevertheless, I do not think anyone should take this statement as still being factual for us at this present time.

If you have read my statements over time, I have suggested that Drun feels this will not be a typical shift. He told me he was taken forward in time to see if we make it, which we do, in his words ‘by the skin of our teeth’. He has said it will look like there is no way out, and then a way will open.

What made an impression on me when I read over this article was his statement about the breakdown of society with more insanity being displayed,that we will see as the shift gets closer. It very much looks like this is now happening.

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15 Responses to February 12, 2017, News . . . NOW IT’S 7 UPDATES, please scroll down

  1. Captain says:

    Has it ever been reveal if Sander is or is not holding dual-citizenship with Israel? Same for Jill Stein? I hope this is an issue Trump gets on. If they want to be Israeli, then leave office and leave the country. One fourth of all US Foreign Aid goes to Israel. Not to mention the added billions to their military each year. Time to end that gravy train, and curtail the growing National Debt due to them. Their Silverstein and Mossad gave us 9/11 in exchange.

    • Jean says:

      Captain, Trump is more pro-Israel than any of our other Presidents. If this is correct, and he’s made that statement several times, what would you expect? Please! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Helene says:

    https://twitter.com/AnonScan/status/830891005222219776 the number missing in the last triangle is 7

  3. Helene says:

    Ed from Australia making great you tube vids re pizzagate etc, here’s the latest, his theories on what’s happened/happening 2 Julian Assange: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlpqYMpOOD0&feature=youtu.be
    an additional ”rabbit hole” note, the UK actor John Hurt who played Winston Smith in the film ”1984” died on Jan 25, 2017 and was 77 yrs old–there’s the number 7 again. I will also post the latest short vid from Anonymous Scandianavian who seems to be getting info directly from Wikileaks, as we know, the number 7 is very important re Vault 7.

  4. Helene says:

    Titus Frost is doing excellent research imo re Pizzagate here’s his latest very important info here:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnW7OT6Dkuw&feature=youtu.be Wikileaks also released a vid about Pamela Anderson, she’s the woman in the photo of WJC naked on a bed watching tv while she gives him a “treatment” wow she is one scary piece of work.

  5. Helene says:

    I don’t think I did but if I did, glad I sent it again!

  6. Captain says:

    This shows how evil Obama and Hillary really are …
    Trump Rushes CIA Medal To Saudi Prince Who Exposed US State Department Islamic Spy Ring … http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2235.htm

    • Jean says:

      But, why is Trump giving this award? He certainly owes nothing to Obama! He could have stopped it dead in his tracks. What I see is that it could well be connected with the Saudi’s proxy war in Yemen. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Captain says:

        As I read it, the medal is given as a token of thanks for exposing the Islamic spys planted by Bushs, Obama and Hillary over the years, which apparently is now being cleared out. This explantion for the medal, is quite different circulated in other media, including RT.
        >> Excerpt “The uncovering of this massive radical Islamic spy ring within the US State Department (US-DOS), this report continues, allowed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to “clean house” of these Society of the Muslim Brothers (Muslim Brotherhood) subversives that the previous President Obama administration had, literally, flooded the US government with…..”

        • Jean says:

          Excse me, Captain, but trump knows this is BS. They are a part of the system. . . please, think about this 😉 It strikes me as being very much in-your-face at the present time . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          PS Both Obama and Kissinger were given Nobel Peace prizes . . . also garbage 🙂 You can’t believe what they tell you . . .

        • Jean says:

          Captain, after reading the post on Sorcha this morning, I’m going to have to rethink this . . . We certainly aren’t being told the truth from many quarters . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Helene says:

    Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Judge Kosinski: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Kozinski

  8. Helene says:

    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/sex-photos-put-federal-judge-on-hot-seat/ Alex Kosinski 9th Circuit Court Judge w/all sorts of sicko porn on his computer, tried to blame his son, had to be removed from a case involving porn, advocated workers being allowed to watch porn at work, AND if that wasn’t enough, in SF court case re The Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson, trying to save whales from the Japanese whalers in the Pacific Ocean, Kosinski ruled they’re pirates.

    • Jean says:

      Did you send this to me before? I already read this somewhere, but then whenI went to find it, I couldn’t remember where I’d seen it! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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