February 13, 2017, News – UPDATES, several now :)

UPDATE with Video: Spillway at tallest dam in U.S. in California about to collapse; 188 thousand people ordered to evacuate 

Tens of thousands of people have been fleeing California towns downstream from the Oroville Dam after fears of an imminent collapse of its spillway prompted an evacuation order. Authorities are seeking to stem the breach with the help of helicopters.

“Immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream is ordered. This is NOT A Drill. This is NOT A Drill. This in NOT A Drill,” says the statement posted on the Butte County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

* * *

UPDATE: Pepe Escobar: Will Trump embody the Bannon doctrine?

[…] Dismissing Bannon as a sort of 21st century remixed Machiavelli/Richelieu in cargo pants and dodgy ties amounts to a juvenile cheap shot. Kelyanne Conway may be a “knife fighter with words“; Jared Kushner may have taken the D-train from Manhattan real estate deals to shadow Secretary of State sitting in the situation room. But the man to study in excruciating detail has got to be Bannon, who eats history and political theory essays for breakfast. Dismiss him at one’s own peril.

UPDATE: Is Trump advancing Israel’s ‘Iran Agenda’?  Here is the picture we are now being asked to believe is peaceful in intention! 

[…] The picture today looks quite different. Although, Mr. Trump said from the very beginning he didn’t like Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran, and that he would like to rip it up. But why would he want to do this? First, he assured his electorate no more interfering in foreign countries – which for many Americans was the reason for voting Trump; and second, he knows that this deal is not just an “Obama Deal”.

It is called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), an international agreement reached in Vienna on 14 July 2015 between Iran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – China, France, Russia, UK, US plus Germany (5+1) and the European Union. It’s not so easy to undo. – Why did he say it? – Perhaps because he wanted the ultra-conservative neocon Jewish vote? – And even more so, express his alliance with superstar Zionist Netanyahu?

During the campaign, when the controversies of Trump’s pleas and promises were so confusing, contradictory and chaotic, people laughed and didn’t take him seriously. The point is – nobody connected the dots. The departure dot increasingly looks like Netanyahu and his Zionist network, its extended arm in the US Homeland, AIPAC. The Zionist goal is Israel’s dominion over the Middle East from the Euphrates to the Nile. Trump amplified this commitment by his repeated statements that America will always defend and support her chief ally, Israel – Israel Über Alles – which sounded more like ‘Israel First’. America First is but a ruse to please the masses, utterly deceived by Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’.

Then Trump appointed Steve Bannon as his personal advisor and White House Chief Strategist. Mr. Bannon is a neoliberal Zionist, the extended brain (sic) of Netanyahu, so to speak. Bannon was a Goldman Sachs banker (go figure!) and the chief editor of the ultra-conservative “Breitbart News”.

And Why did he sell out to Israel – even more so than his predecessors? – Perhaps because he is a businessman who knows where the money is and who manages it – from the FED, to Wall Street, to the Basle-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – the Central Bank of all Central Banks – those who manipulate the western monetary system and its banksters – and everything in between.

[…] This is exacerbated by a rapid and massive US military build-up. President Trump called on the Pentagon to expand US military power, step up violence in Syria, and to prepare the nuclear arsenal for war with “near-peer competitors”—a reference to nuclear-armed China and Russia—and “regional challengers,” such as Iran. This despite his earlier promises for a future non-intervention policy in foreign lands.

In addition, on the northern fronts NATO’s ongoing and steadily advancing troop and armor movements along the Russian borders, are encircling Moscow like a closing noose. . . continue, because there is even more! ~J

 * * * 

* * *

Anything,anything at all based on secrecy must go. Secrecy can’t survive in the higher vibrations. Even we-the-people must learn to be transparent, exactly the opposite of what we have been taught in order to protect ourselves in this dark, low vibrational, sick matrix. Yes, we’ve got a long way to go, but I believe we will get there: 

Mistakes are okay! We must learn to stop hiding them, because it is not the mistakes that we make that destroy our lives, but how we handle them. Do we continue to lie about them? Do we deny them? Or can we learn that, as Assad said in his recent interview, it is human to make mistakes and mistakes are how we learn. If we learn from them and move on . . . we will become winners. Was it so terrible that Putin belonged to the KGB? Look at the other side of the coin and realize what insider knowledge and skills he has! Yet, Hillary Clinton has tried to brand him forever as a member of the infamous KGB. 

Allow your mind to play with this idea a bit. What mistakes did you make that you ‘hid’? Why? As a child, did you ever get support at home, or were you condemned or your mistakes by well-meaning parents simply trying to protect you?

The Problem with Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, by Joseph Thomas, NEO . . . In the past, Joseph has written so well about the China situation, and now he tackles this 🙂

Will Superweeds Choke GMO to a Timely Death in USA?, by F. William Engdahl, NEO

When we human beings become too self-destructive for our own well-bring and that of our Earth, sometimes nature takes control and does what we in our greed and stupidity refuse to do. The refusal of Governments around the world–with notable exceptions such as the GMO-free Russian Federation–to order an immediate global ban on planting of Genetically Manipulated Organisms, GMO, including for corn, for soybeans, for cotton to name just a few, along with an immediate ban on paired weed-killers such as Monsanto’s Roundup, is stupidity pure. The response of nature, however, may sound the death knell for American farmers’ use of GMO seeds more effectively than any labelling or WHO carcinogen warning. Superweeds are literally choking GMO plants to death across the US Midwest farm belt and that should send a very real signal that nature abhors GMOs and their toxic weed-killing chemicals.

Since President George Herbert Walker Bush met with the directors of Monsanto in the White House in a closed-door 1992 meeting, American agriculture and the American people have been the experimental guinea pig for testing the effects of planting of GMO crops paired to specific toxic weed-killers.

!!! Iran Hawks Take the White House, Flynn Needs to Listen to the Facts

US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has come under attack for reportedly contacting Russia and discussing then-President Barack Obama’s sanctions against the country.

The White House launched an investigation into Flynn’s alleged ties with Moscow over the weekend, according to Reuters.

UPDATE: Iran Navy repulses pirate attack in Bab el-Mandeb. . . Bab-el-Mandeb is a place of which we are becoming much more aware. I’d read that pirate attacks had been greatly reduced, but apparently this is not so ? ? ? 

[…] Some White House aides have been encouraging Trump to dismiss Flynn for not acknowledging that he spoke with the Russian ambassador about the sanctions.

However, Flynn is not the only adviser or cabinet member that Trump is concerned about.

The president has also complained about Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Politico said, based on conversations with more than a dozen people who have spoken to Trump or his top aides.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has expressed his “deep” regret for the opposition mounted by the United States to the designation of former Palestinian premier Salam Fayyad as the world body’s special envoy to crisis-hit Libya.

Why Trump is targeting Iran, by Finian Cunningham . . . how I wish I could contact Finian to give him the info from Niall Bradley. Someone else to look at this. I haven’t got time to go through the process in order to leave a comment . . . 

Robert Steele: Memorandum for the President – Warning on a Violent American Spring, Eight Actions for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again


WARNING: You have 30 days to settle the country. A violent “American Spring” looms.

You are under attack on three fronts:

  1. The Extreme Left & the controlled “fake news” MSM
  2. US Neo-Conservatives led by Dick Cheney, funded by foreigners
  3. The Deep State of entrenched senior officials combined with Senators and Representatives being blackmailed and bribed to betray the Republic.

You are not under attack from Iran or Russia – all your existential fights are right here. [ Well, I think we have to see about this . . . ~J]

Trump Rushes CIA Medal To Saudi Prince Who Exposed US State Department Islamic Spy Ring, Sorcha Faal . . . What I find interesting in these co-intel reports is that many events that seem to have no explanation are explained here. I have no idea about their validity, but I do realize that someone wants this info out. I find these statements to be very different co-intel, say, from the Dave Hodges reports that are so obvious I can’t even bother with them. 

Its Foreign Greed And Delusion That Kills Yemeni Children, by Moon of Alabama . . . Could they be trafficking children from here? I think it is entirely likely — after all, they are only interested in making money. 

NYT revealed Trump administration aborted operation that would have provoked war with Iran

EU uses Russia as ‘tool’, creates hostile situation says former OSCE Assembly VP Willy Wimmer
 * * * 

Brief Comment: When the insanity gets so bad, when the truth can no longer be avoided and denied, and people, having lost all concept of ‘their’ reality are grasping for what is actually ‘real’, at last we will see change — because people will finally be open to something entirely new. Finally, although the Dark may make one last play for us, we will come together in some form of unity. I believe it is at this point that the good people, waiting and preparing for years in the background, will finally show their hand. My reading tells me these good people started retiring and preparing for this time back when Father Bush became President — and we won’t be saved by off- planet stuff. Remember, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for! We will do this on our own. We might as well just sit back and watch the insanity increase.  🙂 🙂 🙂 

Concerning Nibiru/Videos below, I’m willing to go with the award-winning scientist, Nassim Haramein, whose videos I’ve already published and who says that Nibiru has come and gone. (Please note that the videos from Nassim that go into some detail on this subject are mostly in a foreign language, and most English speaking people might not bother to view it. The fact is, however, that Nassim speaks in English — and he gives us proof  about Nibiru 🙂

This so-called battle between Trump and the Vatican. . . is its purpose just to create more chaos? I’d be willing to bet on it! Where is the transparency!

I’m finally getting to this. Awful, ain’t it? No opposition permitted, no truth allowed!

Sott Headlines, Misc,. and of possible interest: 

Amid ongoing NATO buildup in E. Europe, US military helicopters arrive in Germany

Kremlin: Putin & Trump will meet at G20 summit in July, no deal yet on earlier meeting

Russian-backed Syrian forces cut through ISIS positions on way to Palmyra, less than 

‘We didn’t see any Western humanitarian organizations’ in eastern Aleppo – Russian lawmakers

Professor Tim Anderson: The roles of Iran, Russia & Turkey in Syria’s peace process

Corporate media ‘hemorrhaging money’ as it loses viewers to alternative news sources

Russian investigators find ‘irrefutable evidence’ Kiev usingso WMDs against civilians

Kremlin: Putin & Trump will meet at G20 summit in July, no deal yet on earlier meeting

Sputnik Editor-in-Chief Gives Some Sarcastic Advice to ‘Dear CIA

Noose tightens on ISIS in Al-Bab as Turks and Syrians prepare for face off

Russia bolsters missile defense system, can detect launches 6,000 kilometers away

Lavrov points out attempts to recruit Russian diplomats abroad continue

Is Obama scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency?

US cooks up new Syrian atrocities amid Syrian talks

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8 Responses to February 13, 2017, News – UPDATES, several now :)

  1. lecox says:

    Haiti: Haiti was a lucrative venture for the Europeans who invested in the plantations there.
    I don’t think they ever forgave the Haitians for wanting to be self-governing. It was one of the first successful “slave revolts” in this portion of Earth history and my opinion is that the Western oligarchs have been attempting to punish Haiti ever since. There is also probably something about the spiritual traditions of Haiti, tied to Africa of course, that the Western powers don’t like. They have attempted to genocide any group with more advanced spiritual beliefs or practices.

  2. Helene says:

    I believe Richard is referring to Oroville Dam another diversion from pedogate pizzage Jerry Sandusky’s son arrested etc

  3. Jann says:

    For nearly a week so called “experts” have been assuring the public there is no danger from Oroville dam. The whole situation is suspicious and may well be another false flag. I have loved ones among the evacuees. It is becoming abundantly clear to many of the 188,000 that they cannot trust their government.

  4. Ri-chard says:

    I bet MSM has it’s cameras in place for to create a new spectator sport.

  5. beLIEve says:

    HEADS UP…………Word MAGIC………..ALIEN……….aka…..A LIEN……. $$ ££ !!

    It seems FAKE Frankie et al are WARNING ManKIND that Aliens will soon be amongst us and …..WE WILL HAVE to ACCEPT THEM.

    Well, John Dee is said to have called up DEMONS and in exchange for ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE Dee is said to have UNLAWFULLY offered up ManKIND for Demonic experimentation…..and God knows what else Dee “OFFERED” !

    As I have stated before the DEMONS should not have engaged in the DEAL/CON-tract without FIRST conducting ……. DUE DILLIGENCE.

    John Dee did not OWN/HOLD LAWFUL TITLE to ManKIND so all so-called CON-TRACTS are therefore INVALID.
    One cannot CON-TRACT what one does not own.


    **It is being said across the net, that ETs infesting Earth are nothing more than DEMONS.**

    **TRANSLATED** …………….
    This may mean the DEMONS are expecting THEIR so-called ‘POUND of FLESH’……………a good joo-WISH term……
    reference the so-called CON-tract the ……

    Sooooo…………the ALIENs that the Vatican are saying ManKIND should accept is a ………


    SURRENDERING ourselves; ManKIND and our DOMINION over the PLANES DOMAINS & DOMINIONS of Earth…………to the DEMONS pretending to be ETs…
    In payment of John Dee’s ……….PLEDGE………ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE in exchange for ……MANKIND !!!!

    Just thinking !



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