UPDATEs – February 14, 2017, Early News . . . and Happy Valentine’s Day :) to Everyone ~J

UPDATE from Leuren:

This video clip really does show how the HAARP storms are being created, shaped, intensified, and driven onto and across the N. American continent.  The weather and radar maps on ACCUWEATHER also reveal HAARP manipulation if you understand how to interpret them.  The US is under a major HAARP attack with weather engineering, and man-made natural disasters.  The LA Times has the best HAARP coverage and nearly hourly updates with lots of info articles and photos/maps – that clearly indicate the trail of treason that has occurred since 2005 or earlier on setting up the Oroville Dam disaster as a huge hit on Calif. that will have negative repercussions for years to come.  Basically the Rothschilds are hijacking California by engineering what people think are natural disasters.  UC is also involved.

“Armageddon-Like” Scenario in CA | FLOOD GATES OPEN | NO “State of Emergency?”

Published on Feb 11, 2017

“Feb. 11, 2017: As conditions continue to deteriorate in California, there is something strange going on that seems very odd for a situation of such magnitude.”

Here is a comment on the state of the Oroville Dam on Feb. 13 from this same site:

Sandy Larsen1 day ago (edited)

Just a few observations:  The reservoir is essentially full.  The main spillway is not functional (at least not for long).  The emergency spillway is not designed for continuous operation (which may be no choice option).  The ability of the power plant to reduce reservoir levels is minimal because of limited flow capacity.  Snow melt in the watershed is going to require normal spillway operation.  The current situation is VERY serious unless temporary repairs to the main spillway can be made.  If I lived anywhere in the valley below, I would be monitoring the situation very closely just in case something takes a significant turn for the worse.  In addition to additional erosion below the area that has failed, there would be obvious concern about the integrity of the spillway foundation between the slab failure point and the spillway gates.  Not my intent to raise alarm or be alarmist, but it is serious and has the potential to be catastrophic.  Once structural integrity is compromised and normal operation is not possible, it is serious.

Comment – just added by Leuren: 

Why would Sacramento be shut down? It is safely way above the rivers and levees – they had a lot of gold mining flooding in the 1850’s etc. of the valley from monitor mining and the gravel and sediment released clogging the rivers in the valley. So Sacramento was built on higher ground.

Comment from a Reader:

Is Leuren aware of this info?

 * * * 

My thanks to Leuren Moret who left three Comments, (copied below) on February 13, 2017, Evening News, which was only about the important Oroville Dam Disaster in the making ~J

Hi Jean – Thank you so much for this interesting, and certainly new explanation, of the Oroville Dam disaster in the making. I cringe every time I think of the horrific flooding, and what it’s like to go through it out in the country, with ewes about to lamb, and the winter crop still in the ground. I was in the horrible flood around the Sacramento area in 1984 with a small baby – ON A FARM – so I have lived through the Oroville Dam disaster but in a different time and place and with another name. A neighbor in Dixon nearby, lost 1000 replacement ewes in a field surrounded by levees, that eventually failed and drowned all the new ewes the neighbor had bred as replacements for the older ewes. I made a huge baked turkey lunch for a crew working on the levee where 1000 acres of our sugar beets of were 10′ underwater. 75% of the farmers in the Sacramento/Davis/Dixon flooded region and beyond went bankrupt and out of business
In farming in general, the farmers take all the risk, and the bankers take all the money.

. . . and . . . 

“Oroville Dam: Feds and state officials ignored warnings 12 years ago (FERC Filings &c)
SEE – Oroville Dam Flooding Map.tiff – at link above

“More than a decade ago, federal and state officials and some of California’s largest water agencies rejected concerns that the massive earthen spillway at Oroville Dam — at risk of collapse Sunday night and prompting the evacuation of 185,000 people — could erode during heavy winter rains and cause a catastrophe…” [see link above for full story]

. . . and . . . 

Feb. 13, 2017, 3:39 p.m.
Environmental groups predicted Oroville emergency spillway erosion in 2005 court document, Joseph Serna

[IMAGES . . . 
A utility worker looks toward water being released down an amergency spillway at the Oroville Dam. ( Josh Edelson / AFP/Getty Images)
A utility worker looks toward water being released down an amergency spillway at the Oroville Dam. ( Josh Edelson / AFP/Getty Images)]

“Erosion near an Oroville reservoir emergency spillway was first predicted in court documents filed by environmentalists more than a decade ago.”

In a technical memo on Lake Oroville’s discharge, the Yuba County Water Agency wrote in 2002 that if the Department of Water Resources used the emergency spillway, “extensive erosion would take place” and that “the spillway road and possibly high voltage transmission towers would be impacted,” according to a motion to intervene on the licensing filed by environmentalist groups in 2005.

“Because the area downstream from the emergency spillway crest is an unlined hillside, significant erosion of the hillside would occur,” the document said.

According to the California Department of Water Resources, that’s exactly what happened. After the dam’s main spillway was damaged, engineers decreased its output to save Pacific Gas & Electric lines and prevent further damage to the spillway’s lower half.

But that allowed the lake to fill beyond capacity, which forced water to flow over the emergency spillway on Saturday. The results were as predicted more than a decade ago — PG&E; equipment was jeopardized and the hillside dramatically eroded, forcing more than 100,000 residents down river to evacuate as a precaution in case the spillway completely failed.

In the Department of Water Resources’ response issued with the final environmental impact report in 2008, the agency found that the dam, its structures and the emergency spillway weir were in “good condition.”

Department of Water Resources officials said on Monday that they could not comment on the 2005 document.

 * * *

UPDATE: KrisAnne talks about our willingness to look at the truth. . . tough talk, but we need to hear it!

 * * * 
Battlefield Earth: Pentagon’s dystopian vision foresees worldwide US military intervention to ‘drain the swamps’ of mega-cities
. by John W. Whitehead
. . . from the man who wrote that we must forget being Democrats, forget being Republicans, and remember that first we are all Americans!!!

“Our current and past strategies can no longer hold. We are facing environments that the masters of war never foresaw. We are facing a threat that requires us to redefine doctrine and the force in radically new and different ways. The future army will confront a highly sophisticated urban-centric threat that will require that urban operations become the core requirement for the future land-force. The threat is clear. Our direction remains to be defined. The future is urban.”— “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,” a Pentagon training video created by the Army for U.S. Special Operations Command

‘Flynn’s resignation victory for mainstream media & Democrats’ – ex-Pentagon official to RT

“I think this is victory for mainstream media and for the Democrats. They don’t like this administration and they’re going to do everything they can to chip away its credibility, and this is just the beginning,” Maloof said.

Flynn resignation internal US matter – Kremlin

!!! Organized campaigns aim to derail Trump’s foreign policy plans, by Bernhard, Moon of Alabama 

At the end of his administration Obama implemented a series of anti-Russian moves. The most obvious was the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats over unfounded allegation of Russian interference in the U.S. elections. Other moves included the launching of an Ukrainian offense against the Russian supported resistance in the east Ukraine.

These moves were designed to impede the incoming Trump administration in its announced plans towards more friendly relations with Russia. The incoming Trump administration countered Obama’s sanction move. Its designated National Security Advisor Flynn phoned up the Russian ambassador in Washington. He did not promise to immediately lift the sanctions but indirectly asked him to refrain from any harsh response:

The transcripts of the conversations don’t show Mr. Flynn made any sort of promise to lift the sanctions once Mr. Trump took office, the officials said. Rather, they show Mr.Flynn making more general comments about relations between the two countries improving under Mr. Trump, people familiar with them said.This was arguably a sensible move in line with a smooth transition of government.

Damascus: We demand apologies from countries destroying Syria . . . this statement comes from a place of strength. . . hmmmm….

The Syrian government plans to demand apologies from the countries that deliberately destroyed the Arab republic and now want to take part in its reconstruction, Syrian Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Adib Mayyaleh said Monday.

!!! Best of the Web: Could Gaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam solve the Libyan crisis? Yes, he can

US administration sanctions Venezuelan vice president over drug trafficking

Beijing ‘gravely concerned’ by US support of Japan’s territorial claims

Civil rights attorney Lauren Regan: “The idea that the government would attempt to construe this indigenous-led nonviolent movement into some kind of domestic terrorism investigation is unfathomable to me.”

The revolt by Intelligence Community against Trump begins

 * * * 

Jerry Sandusky’s son arrested, charged with sexual abuse of a minor and child pornography

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4 Responses to UPDATEs – February 14, 2017, Early News . . . and Happy Valentine’s Day :) to Everyone ~J

  1. Bill says:

    Jean -The Robert Steele article and the Intel community revolt bit in addition to PCR’s piece today are all indicative of the concerted effort to eliminate Donald Trump by any means from the presidency. The forced resignation of Gen. Flynn shows the magnitude of power held by the controlling group. Based on the past practices they’ve utilized to maintain their method of governing we’ve seen over the past 30 years I would not be surprised that Gen. Flynn will be “Pattoned” and Trump will be gone (or dead and gone) before Labor Day! These people will not tolerate interference!

    • Jean says:

      Bill, I don’t doubt for one single moment that this is their intention!!! But from my point of view, I don’t see this outcome. What is happening is that this insanity is now readily observable, and I believe it will continue, and as it does it will affect us all and it will awaken many of us.

      The fact is, from my point of view, that we are in a time of paradigm change, and while I know you don’t agree with me, what is about to happen is that the Fiat dollar is going to collapse, and neither Trump nor Obama can stop it. It is completely out of either group’s hands. I believe Trump will make it through as President, although I don’t really know that. This battle is one that is in fact helping to destroy this corrupt system, one that is so deeply corrupt that it pervades local governments and the people who are involved in them, those named as heads of the many local corporations. (See the Dun & Bradstreet reports from WV that I have published many times.) This corruptions is so deep that the entire system must collapse. It is not just the Federal and State Governments and the International Banking system, but it goes deeply into local government and involves local people who may well be our neighbors. Add to this the slush funds of which we now know – and there may be more – like CAFR, the IRS tax system, which obviously hasn’t been used for an ‘upkeep’ in our country, like the roads and transportation systems.

      I believe Donald Trump is, like Obama, a puppet, and I think many writers are proving this, so it is no longer just me saying this. He isn’t great in the financial world, either, unlike What Catherine Austin Fitts suggests – he ran criminal organizations, overextended them and himself badly, and the Criminal element, Rothschilds/Rockefellers bailed him out. There is enough smoke here to make it clear that there is definitely a fire. . . To accept all this in a time of change like this is to throw away the greatest opportunity we have ever been given to learn to live free, truly free!

      How in God’s name can we clean out this swamp? Especially when Trump gets into power and is pulling back on many of his promises?

      No, I think much sooner than August the entire system is coming down, and for that we can only be grateful. We will then have a chance to rebuild it . . . and I think by the time we begin to do it, we might all be a bit wiser.

      Now, at the moment the only ways that I see this happening is as a result of the Proxy War that Niall Bradley has suggested is going on in Yemen (and I think he’s got it right), and/or Russia and China will drop the fiat dollar, like Iran already has. It could also be a combination of those two things . . . who really knows. The fiat dollar is holidng this country together, and what a difference it will

      If you are locked into looking at this situation from a Right or Left point of view, I believe you will find it difficult to even consider my words . . . but that is exactly what we need to get beyond, if we want to continue to call America ‘ours’. We are, first of all, Americans!



      • Bill says:

        Jean – Philosophical we may differ on some points but at the apex of our goals is the betterment of mankind – agreed? I would like to believe that there is a definite movement to eliminate the oppressive structure of the social, political and financial arenas covering the world. Since back in the days of the John Birch society I’ve seen the utopian concepts come and wither away. I don’t normally extol on the spiritual occurrences in my life because nobody wants to hear about them and most think I’ve developed a severe case of dementia like some of them, but this morning early me and the cat were doing my early morning bible study and I got a definite “bump” regarding the thing I wrote you about earlier. For weeks now I’ve been cognizant of the fact that the “demonstrations” we’re viewing are not “Democrats” bemoaning their election loss. (It’s NOT a right and left thing!) The behavior of the Legislative branch in the processing of Trump’s cabinet selections is far beyond any such scrutiny we’ve witnessed heretofore. The unique opposition in even the commercial arena is part of the concerted effort from somewhere other than the DNC and HRC. I would like to think that all the chatter about the New Republic and Gen Dunford, et al, is anything other than another red herring campaign to pacify the sheeple. I agree that the current fiat currency is going away but I’m at a loss as to what it will be replaced with – I won’t bring up Mr. Keene and some of his suggestions – here has to be cooperation internationally and in my opinion that entails the very ones that have had us by the you know what for over 200 years.
        I sincerely hope that your optimistic outlook comes to pass, but please keep in mind my Valentine’s Day message if the SHTF.

        • Jean says:

          Bill, part of that message yesterday was for you. I was trying to find time to respond to your words here, but there was so much going on behind the scenes and when that little ‘message-from-friend’ arrived, instead I spent the day considering how to respond. Let me say, Bill, that I’ve read that the good military started retiring when Father Bush went into the White House. I can’t help but believe that they knew he’d tried to assassinate Reagan in an effort to ascend the throne sooner. Many, of course, in that time have died, but what do you think has happened, for instance, to all those good military people that Obama got rid of? I know they’ve been infiltrated, but I also know they love this country and are very aware of what is going on at the deepest level. Now is not the time, however, to even dare to put their heads out of their foxholes 🙂 D’ya’ think? I also believe I know who this teacher will be . . but I will not speak in any detail about it for fear of causing harm. But I also know that the military is very aware of his existence.

          Okay, it’s the middle of the night for me here, and I just got up to check on things . . . now I’ll try to get some more sleep . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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