February 15, 2016, Evening News

 A friend and blogger sent me this email today, and I feel called to share it and my response with you, because people seem to be upset that I’m not backing Trump against the other criminals — you know, one criminal against the other, who happens to be worse. Please understand that I can’t and won’t. If you aren’t interested in my point of view, which I am going to state for everyone below, that is okay with me, but don’t subtly try to influence me, because I know exactly what I believe and why. I ask you only to watch and follow the world situation and decide for yourselves what you believe. Now is the time when we are all going to have to live with our choices 🙂

Friend and Blogger: Where I read negative information about Trump I post the following [nice, positive thoughts], and wonder if you might do the same?

My response:

DXXX I don’t think we begin to understand one another.

The entire insane corrupt system is coming down, and I am simply reporting on it and watching it collapse. 

No one can save it, and the sooner we step aside and let it happen, the sooner we can move on.

We are moving deeply into the shift now, and It’s time to let go of the banks of the stream, to trust, and move out into the forward flow in order to be carried through. 

An entirely new way of life and being in the world is coming in, and we need to let go of the old, get out of the way, and allow it to happen. 

Those who cannot do this will at the very least have a tough time. If it were to be a traditional pole shift, they simply would not make it through.

This is not my thinking alone, it is common knowledge among spiritual people.

Love and hugs,

— I’ve also decided to include part of a personal letter I spent a long time writing yesterday that I’ve edited for privacy and to protect various people:

. . . Okay, continuing — the mayhem, chaos, and insanity will only increase, until it gets so bad and people begin to realize this is way beyond Democrat/Republican and is all about us being Americans first . . . and I’ve said this many times on my blog. When the people, a huge number of them, begin finally to wonder ‘what the hell are we going to do, how are we going to go forward?’, then they will begin to look for a different solution. . . finally the timing will be right for both a different way of governing ourselves and being in our world  to show up. . . and at the same time, I believe that we will also, finally, get the help we need, and not before. 

Why must we wait for this point in time? Well, it seems obvious to me. . . Whether or not people understand it, they are being driven by the pain and fear of chaos and confusion, and they are hanging on for dear life to what they have always known and believed in, just to maintain their sanity. [They will fight desperately anyone who tries to help and speaks of change, because they won’t even recognize it for what it is.]

I get both liberal and conservative Newsletters, and they are all still pounding their own themes as are many alternative writers, except for John W. Whitehead, a Conservative, who’s the first talking ‘unity’ talk. I’m sure we will soon hear from more writers, but most are too busy reporting the increasing chaos. It seems evident to me that  this present life is all most people know. They can’t begin to think in other terms, and it’s obvious they haven’t even begun to consider yet looking at a totally different way forward. It hasn’t become bad enough yet.

I believe that when it gets bad enough, the way will open . . . and I have to believe that it won’t come from ETs, but from humanity, from ‘real’ people. I believe that we must and will do this for ourselves, for the simple reason that if we are ‘saved’ we remain as disempowered children. Jesus said words something like, ‘you can do what I do,’ and I believe him. We can and will grow up and leave our childhood behind. I believe Source and the Good Military both understand this.  It’s just good strategic thinking!

It doesn’t make sense to me to try to push this ‘new way’ of governance on good people who are so caught up in the day-to-day chaos that is only increasing and getting more frightening – the California flood, for example — that they can’t think straight enough to even follow much of the unbelievable complexities of what is presently going on. We’ve all been assaulted and abused with attempts to kill us in every way we can imagine: drugs, chemicals in the air, terrible food, attempted genocide through vaccines, physical and sexual abuse — and much more, poor education, financial fears; it’s been a total nightmare!

No, the pupils are not yet ready, but when they are, I have to believe their teacher will also be ready for them  —  and I believe when the interest and above all the need is there that these pupils will learn very, very rapidly. . .

Love and hugs to everyone,

 * * *

A disastrous combination: Trump’s ego and the media’s God complex

[…] It became evident during the presidential campaign that much of the left-leaning

American media is suffering from what can only be described as a severe God complex. Much of the corporate media exists in a self-congratulatory and impenetrable echo chamber.

Since his election, they’ve decided Trump is so uniquely evil that they simply can’t cover him like they would a ‘normal’ president. This is nothing more than an excuse to give themselves free rein to cover a man they hate without even a facade of fairness or balance. Their behavior is so off the wall that they force Trump critics, myself included, to defend him. How can they not see that this does nothing to advance their cause? In fact, it does exactly the opposite.

Is Trump next after Flynn? by Finian Cunningham

Flynn had to go after the Washington Post and others reported that he wasn’t telling the truth about phone calls he had been holding with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition to the Trump administration. Flynn hadn’t denied the calls in late December, but he had maintained that the subject of US sanctions on Russia were not discussed.

Persistently the US media did not give up on the charges against Flynn, which shows that their confidence on the subject was underwritten by intelligence sources. Or put another way, this was an intelligence-led witch-hunt which was based on the illegal disclosure of private information.

Trump’s labor secretary nominee withdraws

Andrew Puzder, President Donald Trump’s pick to be the secretary of labor, has dropped out of his confirmation hearings amid scandals about his past.

Observing Trump – business against war, by Thierry Meyssen . . . very important and interesting observations

Thierry Meyssan invites us to observe Donald Trump without judging him by the same criteria as his predecessors, but by trying to understand his own logic. He notes that the President of the United States is trying to restore peace and relaunch world commerce, but on new foundations, completely different from the current system of globalisation.

Pressure from the Elites?: What’s behind Trump’s recent messages to Russia?

The absurdity of Russia “returning Crimea” – Like asking US to return California

Sword of sanctions knows no scabbard: America’s endless economic war on Iran

SOTT Comment: Iran war rhetoric and the ‘Trump-ordered’ dawn raid in Yemen: WWIII isn’t ‘coming’ – It’s happening NOW [Can you see, now, how this iintersting article cxpclains so much.  The Military Industrial Complex needs constant war in order to survive, and they most definitely need to control the Middle East in order to control the planet. This article strongly suggests that cleverly the US is being forced out of the Middle East by a tool they’ve used so often, a Proxy war, a war that can be denied, by Russia, China and Iran. ~J]

Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’: Israel’s plans to remake the Middle East targeted the same countries

Trump, Netanyahu hint at new Middle East initiative, involves many Arab countries

Trump asks Netanyahu to hold off on settlements, avoids endorsing two-state solution

S. Californian faultline has power to trigger earthquakes, tsunamis – study

UK charity preventing pedophiles from abusing faces closure (RT VIDEO EXCLUSIVE)

Munich Security Report: Here comes the apocalypse, by John Wight

In advance of the 2017 Munich Security Conference (MSC) the organizers have published a report with the subheading ‘Post Truth, Post West, Post Order?’ The question answers itself, though not for reasons Western liberals will likely accept.

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6 Responses to February 15, 2016, Evening News

  1. beLIEve says:

    Trump………I share your opinion.
    No way were the so-called “Illuminati” going to let anyone other than THEIR OWN into POTUS.

    Max Keiser today interviewed Dr Michael Hudson, the interview covered FAKE ECONOMICS and TRUMP a….. TOOL….of Wall Street & the GLOBALISTS.

    TOOL…..in SATANIC reverse script………LOOT.

    I am unable to post the link, the episode is not on line yet.

    Off topic……….NASA is ….”apparently” a HEBREW word meaning……..TO DECEIVE $$$$!!


  2. Captain says:

    CIA (or CDC?) just whacked Autism expert. Hollywood Icon Robert De Nero Rushes To Trump After CIA Kills Top Autism Expert — http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/

  3. Captain says:

    Some days one just needs to step back from all the news (and the world), take a few good breaths, and maybe go walk out in nature. Several people (Roy Potter, Steve Pieczenik, etc) have referred to what Trump is doing is like a Revolution, akin to what/how the Founding Fathers began. Take time to chill out. Maybe make some popcorn, sit back, and realize this is History in the making. We are merely Observers. We choose how we react to conditions around us.
    > Kipling wroted, “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…” ( http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/346219-if-you-can-keep-your-head-when-all-about-you )
    > Good music to chill out to…. Kitaro – Celestial Scenery: Silk Road, Volume 1 [FULL ALBUM] — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOtwSirCTHo
    Cheers, C

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