February 15, 2017, News

Breaking breaking: De Niro Kennedy press conference right now on mercury in vaccines


By Jon Rappoport

8:50AM EST…

DEVELOPING… I’ve just received word that, in a few minutes, at the National Press Club, in Washington DC, Robert De Niro and Robert F Kennedy Jr. are issuing a challenge to all media and all scientists…

They will give $100,000 to anyone who can show one published study that proves mercury in flu vaccines—at the levels it is injected—is safe.

The press conference will begin at 9:15am EST.


Will the press conference be broadcast? That’s up to the media attending. Will they have the guts?

I’m told that CNN backed out of attending the press conference, and now they’re in again…

Del Bigtree, producer of the film Vaxxed, will also speak at the press conference.

Kennedy states that Trump contacted him to head up a commission investigating vaccine safety. According to Kennedy, Trump said he knew he was going up against Big Pharma, but he was ready for the battle.

At this moment, De Niro and Kennedy are sitting in a small broadcast room at the Press Club, waiting to start. No one knows how many press outlets are going to show up….

Stay tuned.

 * * *

* * *

California Dam Evacuees Can Return Home, Businesses to Resume Operations . . . hopefully, all our efforts on the internet have stopped this disaster from happening!

Butte County sheriff Kory Honea has announced that the 188,000 Californians evacuated due to damage to the Oroville Dam may return to their homes after two days of displacement

 * * *

While this instructive film from John Pilger is not new, please note that TISA is included, something we are now hearing more about.


Bowing to pressure: US unlikely to insist on two-state solution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Trump: Russian connection ‘non-sense’ is attempt to cover up mistakes in Clinton campaign

Chinese military approaches technological ‘near-parity’ with NATO in air domain – think tank

Our land:’ Russia tells US that Crimea won’t be ‘given back’ to Ukraine

The CIA broke the law to take out General Flynn 

[…] Note that the law was broken by whoever leaked the transcripts to the media.  Not only is the crime underlying the “scandal” being ignored, but the criminals are being hailed.  On Morning Joe‘s first hour today, the host, a former congressman (i.e., a lawmaker) himself, called the leakers “heroes.”

This interference in domestic politics by the CIA should be regarded as a major threat to our democracy, but of course our Trump-hating domestic media are reveling in a major point scored against the new president.

David P. Goldman (aka Spengler), writing on PJ Media, explains the level of hatred the CIA has for Flynn for daring to take on its spectacular failures:

Ahead of a defense ministerial meeting held in Brussels on Tuesday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that member states had increased their spending by $10 billion in 2016, but only five of its 28 members had met the target of assigning two percent of their GDP to defense.

“This makes a difference but it is absolutely vital that we keep up the momentum,” he added.

Oil, gas companies no longer required to disclose taxes & fees paid to foreign govt’s

Flynn witch hunt will hamper Trump’s foreign policy – Trump battling coordinated attack from intelligence community, by Moon of Alabama, Video, below.

Sure, the real beef other people have with Flynn is not about Russia but other issues, like his plans to reform the intelligence services. But by throwing Flynn out like this Trump opened himself to further attacks.

As it looks now a rather small gang of current and former intelligence officials – with the help of the anti-Trump media – leaked Flynn out of his office. They will not stop there.

Now blood is in the street and the hyenas will lust for more. The Trump magic is broken. He has shown vulnerability. Now they will go after their next target within the Trump administration and then the next and the next until they have Trump isolated and by the balls. He just invited them to proceed. All major foreign policy moves he planned will be hampered. The detente with Russia has probably ended before it even started.

Fox Business: 

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4 Responses to February 15, 2017, News

  1. swo8 says:

    Jean I was so upset about the Three “T’s” I forwarded a link to our Prime Minister and to our local MP.

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