February 17, 2017, Late News – UPDATE

UPDATE Trump declares CNN, NYT, CBS, ABC and NBC are ‘the enemy of the American people’ . . . good for Trump!

If you thought yesterday’s press conference was “ranting and raving”, it appears President Trump just turned the anti-‘Fake news’-media amplifier up to ’11’, declaring CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS , The New York Times (yet not The Washington Post) as “enemies of the American people”.

SoCal slammed with flash flooding, heavy rain, strong winds, RT . . I could find little on the internet about present conditions there. ~J

In insane times, I guess the only humor is also insane!
~J 🙂

That this happened, has been verified by Sputnik

At about 14 minutes – plus, Steve tells us who our allies are. Please listen carefully.

This Is How The Status Quo Unravels, by Charles Hugh-Smith, Zerohedge

The problem is global: as we consume the cheap energy, what’s left to extract and refine is more expensive, so energy costs rise. As the population ages, entitlements soar. As the “growth fixes everything” model fails under the burden of skyrocketing debts, the harsh reality becomes unavoidable:

We haven’t “grown” at all. What we’ve done is borrow from future generations to create the illusion of growth.

Fragmentation, discord, discontent, class war: this is the inevitable result of a shrinking pie. Our political, social and economic systems have no history or memory of how to navigate this systemic Degrowth successfully. Everyone will blame someone else for the insolvency and failure, and that is not a recipe for successful adaptation.

Here’s a taste of what lies ahead:

Welcome to the new dark ages, where only the wealthy can retire

As I always say, don’t focus on retiring comfortably; focus on working comfortably.

Rex Tillerson fires 7th floor ‘shadow government’ . . . and  what we learn is in the Hillary days, this is how our government was run.

. . . and there is more . . . 

Rogue IT staff compromised House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committee members

Three brothers who managed office information technology for members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and other lawmakers were abruptly relieved of their duties on suspicion that they accessed congressional computers without permission. Brothers Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were barred from computer networks at the House of Representatives Thursday, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned. (Video, below)

British think tank says Chinese military approaches technological ‘near-parity’ with NATO in air . . . Do you think Assad would be speaking as he presently is if he didn’t have support behind the scenes

The warning comes from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), one of the world’s leading defense research institutes, which presented its annual assessment (the Military Balance 2017) on the world’s armed forces on Tuesday. China’s growing capabilities and the danger they pose to Western dominance were the focus for IISS director John Chipman, who presented the assessment in London.

S. Korea turns to Russian crude oil as OPEC cuts supply

US calls on China to confront N Korea

The United Nations has reversed its position on the issue of “political transition” in the upcoming round of peace talks on Syria.

‘Turkey seeks to seize territory in northern Syria

RT chief describes US media’s campaign of intimidation and harassment

Margarita Simonyan says that the Wall Street Journal has pressured advertisers who cooperate with RT into pulling their money. Very professional.

The idea of “questioning more” is not particularly welcome among “respected” outlets such as the Wall Street Journal. So it’s not easy being editor-in-chief of a news organization that puts the US media to shame.

Margarita Simonyan knows this all too well.

RT’s chief explained on Russian television how the Wall Street Journal launched a campaign of intimidation to prevent advertisers from working with her organization.

Real classy. And shows a great deal of professional courtesy.

More #FakeNews: AP reports Trump considering mobilizing 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants – White House denies

Trump’s new Labor Secretary nominee Alexander Acosta gave “sweetheart” deal to convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein

Trump puts and end to Obama’s coal mining rule

Quote from a related article that relates to the ‘coal mining rule’: 

Trump’s administration has not just been bought by Wall Street. It’s been bought by the oil, gas and coal industries.

Here’s Why So Many American Families Are Feeling Extreme Financial Stress, by Michael Snyder, Zerohedge . . . where the rubber meets the road: real life, everyday costs to us of our government’s policies.

Dow Dragged Lower By UnitedHealth After Government Sues Largest US Health Insurer, Zerohedge

The Dow Jones “Industrial” Average is suffering one of its worst intraday declines in weeks as a result of a 3.6% drop in UnitedHealth shares, which are sinking on news that the DOJ joined a whistleblower lawsuit against the insurer filed by a former executive claiming the country’s largest health insurer overcharged Medicare hundreds of millions of dollars.

Why Kiev’s shelling raids on Donbass coincide with Poroshenko’s foreign tours

Kiev deliberately has protracted the talks over the Minsk agreements, according to Natalia Nikonorova, Foreign Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). Speaking to RT Russian political analyst Alexei Chesnakov, she assumed that Kiev wants international security forces brought in to eastern Ukraine to gain the upper hand.

Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky promise aid to Kiev-occupied Donbass

HRW accuses Iraqi militias of war crimes in Mosul liberation . . .the Sott comment seems to be the only relevant item.

Sott Comment: HRW has a long history of bias and distortions in favor of US foreign policy, so it’s worth taking the interpretation in reports such as this one with a large grain of salt.

To get to the heart of this amazing video, start at about minute thirteen! One after the other, KrisAnne throws important truths at us. We need so badly to know all this basic info that apparently most Congress people don’t even know. We’re being hoodwinked! Don’t you want to know about how it’s being done?  Don’t you want to be able to quickly cut through the continuously running sideshow in DC to the truth?

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One Response to February 17, 2017, Late News – UPDATE

  1. lecox says:

    I focused mostly on what Steve P. told Alex Jones. Steve is basically acting as a spokesperson or alt-media contact for the new administration, so he is in a position to actually know what he is talking about. A lot of the other writers and talkers are not in such a position.
    Steve speaks for a very hard-boiled group of people who have not been given any sort of forum to talk about their views for quite some time. You could call them actual Conservatives. I prefer real Liberals. However, those have been hounded, invalidated and murdered almost out of existence. So we are left with Conservatives. Conservatives know about Discipline. It’s not something awful, it’s just something you need to execute a plan in a coordinated and effective manner. Think of synchronized swimmers or an orchestra; those require discipline, too. He also talks about professionalism, which has become almost an unknown concept in the U.S. And he mentions this in the context of the “psychologists” who have gone public questioning the new President’s “mental health.” I have seen the news feed from CNN, so I know that idea is being floated. Steve said this was a very non-professional thing for a psychologist to do. He is correct about that, and he should know, as he has psychiatric training.
    Discipline is needed to protect a group from the influence of people outside the group who are attempting to prevent the group from being successful. If someone in the group develops some vulnerability, they are simply let go. They understand. It might seem destabilizing to the group, but is it preferable to harboring someone whose effectiveness has been compromised. Things like this are almost never discussed in public, and I doubt that most people listening to Steve, perhaps even Alex, really understand what he is talking about. For all intents and purposes, people who do that sort of work live in a different world. It is a world that is actually more realistic than the one the rest of us live in. But it is a world that is hard to live in and takes its toll.
    What Steve said about “our allies” was interesting, but probably misunderstood. “Allies” are not the same as “friends.” They are political groups that you need to cooperate with you to get something done. You hope they will not shoot you in the back in the process. Many “allies” are quite capable of doing so. He also said that Russia is an ally and has been for a long time. They fought with us against Germany in WWII, I know that. And I believe they have also cooperated with our people on working out a handling for the ET problem.
    My biggest problem with the people who are trying to take over now (according to Steve, anyway) is that they are just Conservatives. While you can call them “sane,” they are way too cautious, as a rule. And they don’t have the creative talent or the sense of play to turn a terrible situation into something you can laugh about. They may be able to pull off some sort of recovery. But it won’t be a rebirth. That would be expecting way too much from them. We need a whole new generation of leaders – trained quite differently than those of the past – to go beyond Trump’s “vision” to something really amazing. It will be amazing enough, though, if Trump’s group can pull off what Steve P. says they intend to pull off.

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