February 18, 2017, News – UPDATE

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5 Responses to February 18, 2017, News – UPDATE

  1. lecox says:

    I actually had enough time today to look at some of the videos.
    The one on Primary Water was the most interesting to me. I really had no idea about this. It seems this is totally suppressed knowledge. Even the town they mentioned – California City – where some of his wells were operating doesn’t mention in their Water Department website anything about Primary Water. It’s all “groundwater” as far as they are concerned.
    I live in an area where the fields are watered by precipitation and the population uses ground water to drink, etc. The water level in the aquifer underneath us has lowered every year since the wells have been in operation. That aquifer is not filling back up; there is no mechanism for it to do so. This is a losing proposition for this community unless it can tap into something like primary water. Drilling deep wells is expensive, but if this interview is accurate, a good well can last a long time.
    Scarcity is a control mechanism – one favored by managers who have turned criminal – and that mechanism will cause us a lot of grief in the future if we don’t find a way through it.
    Otherwise, the most real news I found in this list was the FBI raid in Ohio. I don’t see this carried nationally, though. Just by local media and the alt media.

  2. Captain says:

    Three from Roy Potter: http://www.youtube.com/user/roypotterqa
    1 Damn The Torpoedoes! Full Speed Ahead!
    2 Might Russian Intell Help Expose Pedophiles In The US Establishment?
    3 The Intell Community Is Our Most Dangerous Domestic Enemy

  3. Captain says:

    Remember that Bush Jr’s WH gang bombed Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium. This affected the US soldirers and especially the native peoples. Reports of birth defects, cancers, and other serious illnesses were reported for years afterwards. US Press continues to ignore that.

  4. Sadly; I foresaw;The Middle East and African DU contamination. Remember when I first mentioned it to you Jean? I quoted a Georgia Straight article by Verne Macdonald and Usman Majeed from 2001, or 2002 about DU 10 years after the Iraq was invaded by the US.

    I had hoped that compassion would spur those in charge to stop what they were doing; or at least public pressure would bring use of DU weapons to an end.

    Heartbreaking to discover that few cared to do anything at all. I over estimated the ability of people to care for other people; people who are part of human society- what a disappointment.

    What darkness and evil people are those who have no compassion for other people.

    I have some small hope that humanity may yet perceive that another human being is a person; and as deserving of love and kindness as they are.

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