February 21, 2017, Early News

Please get started with this article (and a few other added choice tidbits), which I believe you will find of great interest — and please note the possible relationship of William’s article to Niall Bradley’s article. So many of the recent headlines seem to refer to Niall’s  work in that much of what is happening seems to be a response to it. For instance, yesterday, I published a different article about the ruble/gold, in which the author stated:

We don’t believe there will ever be a “gold ruble”. But we do believe that Russia has no expectation that western sanctions will be lifted any time soon.Which can only mean one thing: They are planning on “going it alone”.It’s a bold gambit — but will it work?”

If Russia/China/Iran are quietly fighting their own proxy war in Yemen, well, then, yes, I think it might work. From Niall Bradley’s article:

As we’ve explained elsewhere, the Saudi Royals and Gulf Emirs have no real military forces of their own. Their armies and weapons are Western (US, mainly) in almost every respect. Their ‘national militaries’ are literally staffed by soldiers, pilots, support crew and senior officers drawn from the ranks of US, British, Australian and other Western militaries. Thanks to the US obsession with the ‘interoperability’ of the weapons it sells, American, Israeli and British commanders can effectively direct ‘Saudi operations’ remotely, while passing this off as a ‘Saudi’ war. It’s not; it’s a wholly Western war to control Yemen and thus one of the key energy and trade shipping lane ‘chokepoints’ on the planet – the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, which connects the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean via the Red Sea.

If, instead, Russia/China/Iran gain control of Yemen, they will force the US out of the Middle East and thus bring stability to the area. Not only that, but the US Military Industrial Complex survives financially on the proceeds of war, and this effort would lock them out of that ability. Sickeningly, they survive on all of the proceeds of war. For proof of this, just follow George Webb’s work.

Does Flynn Exit Aid World Peace? by F. William Engdahl

The abrupt firing of President Trump’s key National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn, after only days on the job, may be a blessing in disguise for those interested in a more peaceful world. It may also have been the splash of cold water that the Russian leadership needed to disabuse them of any fantasies or thoughts they would do good for their nation by cutting Flynn’s dirty deal over “peace” in Syria.

. . . also . . . 

Oroville Lake Down 52 Feet, but 9 Upstream Reservoirs to Flood

Although the California Department of Water Resources is claiming Oroville Dam is safer because the water level has fallen by 52 feet, that feat was largely accomplished by over-filing 9 upstream reservoirs that are all expected to flood as another Pineapple Express storm-train brings 48 hours of heavy rain through Wednesday. . . . 

Russia responds to US threats of more economic sanctions with gold buying spree . . . in spite of what is being said HERE, for instance, it seems that Russia with its renewed purchases of gold is demonstrating publicly their understanding that there will be no detente with the Trump Administration.

Trump’s “Watergate” all about the Deep State scuttling cooperation with Russia, by Finian Cunningham

The adage about One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter is aptly paraphrased for the running battle in Washington between President Trump and his intelligence agencies. Only instead of “terrorist” substitute the word “leaker”.

Prominent sections of the US media are willingly acting as conduits for intelligence agencies leaking classified government information to damage the Trump White House. The media and Trump’s political enemies are thus acting as accomplices in criminal disclosure of supposedly secret government information, which at another time the same media and politicians would condemn as treasonous. Think Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning for instance

CIA World’s Leading Illicit Drug Trafficker . . . another way they make their money

Iran negotiator says ‘US won’t quit nuclear deal, but will try to provoke Tehran into it. Iranians won’t fall for the US’ provocations. ‘ 

 * * *

I’ve been wondering where CallToDuty Goddess has been, and now we see she’s back 🙂 Her work on James Comey and his dark, sick connections with the Clintons was quite extraordinary!  People like Lou Dobbs need to follow her work; that is, the need to follow it if they want to report the truth 🙂 ~J

Let me suggest that from my own reading, reading I’ve suggested on my blog, it’s pretty clear that Steele doesn’t have anything close to the whole international picture, but then, how can one individual have the whole picture?

Published on Feb 19, 2017

VL EXCLUSIVE – A man we have been following, personally, for years now, who we consider to be brilliant, honest and a leader in this country – Robert David Steele, just talked to us about pedo-gate, Comet Ping Pong, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, Zionism, the Rothchilds, Soros, 9/11, the electoral reform, the shadow government, and his thoughts on President Trump and what he needs to do to be the greatest President in modern history!

He asks us to “light up the internet” urging President Trump to NOT choose a National Security Advisor, but instead meet with Robert David Steele to set an Electoral Reform #UNRIG !

Visit Robert’s website at: http://robertdavidsteele.com/
See the D3C Presidential Innovation Memorandum 3.3
Donations advancing public intelligence: http://paypal.me/EarthIntel
See Mr. Steele’s reviews on https://phibetaiota.net/2011/08/worth…

Robert Steele suggested the following books in the interview:
“The Terror Factory” https://www.amazon.com/Terror-Factory…

Democracy Riots: We Are All Black Now – Deal With it https://www.amazon.com/Democracy-Riot…

Vice: Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency: https://www.amazon.com/Vice-Cheney-Hi…

Of particular interest wsa the role of Wikileaks, Vault 7, and the role of Bruce Cooper Clarke, a former Deputy Director of the CIA and expert cryptographer.

Evidently Mr. Clarke and his protégé, a musician, and a leading linux visionary created Cicada 3301 with the idea of it being a vehicle to expose the Deep State and ensure personal privacy. The protégé created the concept and Clarke and the tech pioneer assembled a team to create the ciphers.

Wikileaks has created a cryptic series of clues on Vault 7 that was inspired by Cicada 3301.

Mr. Steele has created a memo for President Trump and we ask that you include #UNRIG and #ItsTime if you plan to post this video.

We are in a civil war folks, and our freedom and values are at risk. The #AmericanRevolt has begun.
Robert David Steele
The truth at any cost lowers all other costs

 * * * 

  * * *

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5 Responses to February 21, 2017, Early News

  1. Ewen MacKinnon says:

    Wed 2-22-17. All day unable to load today’s news from jhaines6 so I suspect it must be good. Finally able to secure a connection to this, yesterday’s news. If I am lucky, maybe I can catch today’s tomorrow? I cannot find another webpage sabatoged quite like yours.

    Thought you might enjoy the short Gordon Duff video (below) describing ‘business as usual in the Middle East’. Isn’t acquiescence amazingly durable? Like the energizer bunny … It just goes on, and on .. People know what’s going on, but only when they want to. In a way it is hard to believe that someday America will awaken. Hold the Light, Jean.


  2. Captain says:

    This wikileak needs confirmation. http://undergroundnewsreport.com/the-truth/wikileaks-obama-ran-pedophile-ring-out-of-whitehouse/
    And more:
    2 The Men Who Knew Too Much About PizzaGate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cdwReKyqCc
    3 DHS Insider Blows Ped[o]Gate Wide Open! “Arrests Coming”–Only A Matter Of Time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_K2clkHn6o

  3. Niall mentions the independent drone strike forces……caught my eye was the; “16-year-old son-of-a-rich-Nigerian-British banker Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the infamous ‘underwear-bomber”…….

    This “simple” (developmentally challenged; or unkindly; retarded) 16 year old was allowed walked AROUND pre-flight screening to board an airplane; disheveled, tired, looking decidedly sloppy looking state with NO BAGGAGE ….at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam…….guess who provides Security at this airport?

    An Israeli owned firm…….

    There is that pattern again……..

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