February 23, 2017, Oroville Dam – UPDATED, Now, with the rest of the Early News

Question: In circumstances like this, isn’t it normal for our President to make some sort of a statement to our nation?

This second video is amazing!!!

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UPDATE – live video: Riot police & military Humvees enter Standing Rock camp (WATCH LIVE). . . When I see this headline, I must ask myself this question: Does Trump truly care for us, or does he only appear to care for us when it suits his purposes to take back this country from ‘the other’ cabal? Surely, this headline answers that question!

I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter, because the shift will not allow either cabal to stand. The shift is all about the energy coming in from Source that is waking us up: We are moving into better times, and we need to learn to trust Source is providing us an opportunity to learn the truth of our reality — so it becomes a part of our human field of consciousness and we never permit it to happen again.


Globalist corporations are blind in the face of doom, by Jon Rappoport

People don’t fully appreciate the capacity of mega-corporations. The 300 largest companies account for roughly 25% of all international trade.

And, even more startling, these behemoths are operating their production lines at half-strength. Why? Because only 1.5 billion people in the world have enough money to rate as true consumers.

So these corporations, which are the leading lights of the Globalist agenda, are looking and hoping for many more customers.

Meanwhile, Rockefeller Globalists are hyping the pseudoscience of manmade warming, in order to convince nations to cut their energy production. That plan, of course, would further erode the ability of mega-corporations to find new consumers. Indeed, Globalists are all for wrecking economies and deepening poverty—aims which infect the lifeblood of corporations.

We are looking at a huge crack—a contradiction—in the very foundation of the Globalism.

And if you want to take this farther . . .

James O’Keefe & Project Veritas release more than 100 CNN tapes online (VIDEO) 

[…] In a statement from Project Veritas, the group claims the tapes show CNN misrepresenting polling data and displaying an anti-Republican bias. In a video uploaded to the project’s YouTube channel O’Keefe said Veritas would “investigate and expose the media, particularly the mainstream media that seems to believe the American people are incapable of making informed decision”, using their own tactics against them.

US-backed Iraqi forces advance on ISIS-held areas of Mosul as 750,000 civilians remain trapped

‘Humanitarian situation in Mosul is incredibly desperate’ – UNHCR, RT, Op-Edge

The safe evacuation of civilians from the city was promised by the US, and yet around 750,000 people are still trapped in the city. Have they been forgotten?

[The haphazard answer to this question is one you probably don’t want to read. ~J]

US troops assault on Mosul, some have been wounded – Pentagon . . . And the morale of our troops? What is that like . . .

The tale of two realities: Donald Trump, Israel and Palestine

With Syrian peace talks in Geneva underway, how serious is Trump in combating terrorism? . . . this knowledge may be helpful to us . . . is he, or isn’t he?

The timing of the CIA’s decision to cease its funding of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is significant. With the Geneva peace talks now underway, it suggests that, unlike his predecessor Barack Obama, Trump may be serious about combating terrorism.

Throughout the conflict in Syria, which has been raging now for six years, Washington’s position has lacked clarity, intelligence, or any serious moral purpose. Instead, the Obama administration went out of its way to muddy the waters, embracing the nonsensical position of combating both terrorism and those fighting terrorism at the same time. The CIA’s role in funding, arming, and training the FSA, the so-called moderate rebels, only succeeded in helping to prolong the conflict and, with it, the suffering of the Syrian people – half of whom are currently displaced both internally and externally, while well over 300,000 have perished.

McCain secretly travels to Syria to meet with troops, leaders, opposition

The West’s ‘counter-terrorism’ campaign in Syria is a cover for imperialism

The “West” and its allies are not leading a “counter-terrorism” campaign in Syria. The publicly – disclosed, previously-planned Government-change war against non-belligerent, democratic, pluralist, secular Syria, is a terrorist campaign.

Known, documented, and amply proven, the West is using organizations, including ISIS and al Qaeda, in its attempts to destroy Syria[1].

We also know that the West used – and likely continues to use — depleted uranium ordnances throughout its illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Depleted uranium ordnances are weapons of mass destruction that continue to kill innocent Iraqis, and will do so for many years to come.

In an alleged bid to stop the advance of Kurdish forces and push Daesh from Turkey’s border with Syria, Ankara has been leading a major military intervention in Syria since August 2016.

“We are looking at basically a fight for strategic ownership” in Syria between Turkey, Saudi Arabia and US-backed militant groups, Rickard added.

“I believe one of the reasons behind this is that what will be discovered in Raqqah … will prove beyond any doubt that the United States has very much to do with the creation or facilitation of ISIS,” he explained.

Daesh terrorists were first trained by the CIA in 2012 to go into war against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

 – Very brief comment about the next four headlines: I believe that just as with the sudden death of Churkin, this is all an attempt to draw Russia into a war, because that is the only alternative left to the Deep State. This sort of a reactionary response, however, simply isn’t going to happen. I believe Russia and her allies do have a move to make, and when they do so it will come quickly and decisively —  and it will be on their terms at a time appointed by them.

More, more sanctions! Poroshenko going mad asking for more pressure against Russia . . . of course Poroshenko is running scared 🙂

Just do it! Neo-Nazi leader vows to dissolve Rada and dethrone Poroshenko

DPR says Ukraine has bombarded 14 Donbass towns 706 times in 24 hours

Fmr Ukrainian President Yanukovich calls upon the West to investigate Maidan crimes . . . Perhaps it’s time to remember that Ukraine still has a democratically elected President who is alive and well and living in exile. 

Russia urges US to avoid leaks, share Churkin’s cause of death probe data

Moscow is surprised at media leaks of investigations into the cause of death of Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin and urges Washington to use official channels in sharing information of this kind, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the ministry “learned with bewilderment of leaks in the US media about the course of an investigation into the causes of the Russian ambassador’s death.”

“White Helmets” psy-ops goes to Hollywood

The Netflix movie The White Helmets may win an Oscar in the “short documentary” category at the Academy Awards on Sunday February 26. It will not be a surprise, despite the fact that the group is a fraud and the movie is a contrived infomercial.

UN uses tweets from Western propaganda outlet White Helmets and mercenaries at Bellingcat as evidence of chemical weapon use in Syria

Democrat, ex-CIA: The spies plotting against Trump are out of control, violating laws, breaking oaths, committing treason

Over the past few months, America has lurched from partisan warfare to the cliffs of an existential crisis. Multiple reports show that my former colleagues in the intelligence community have decided that they must leak or withhold classified information due to unsettling connections between President Trump and the Russian Government. Said an intelligence officer: “I know what’s best for foreign policy and national security… And I’m going to act on that.”

‘No place in America for hatred’: Vice President Pence condemns anti-Semitism at vandalized Jewish cemetery .  . . What about the violence taking place against, say, blacks and Muslims?

Arizona Senate passes bill to seize assets of protesters who participate in ‘violent’ protests, authorizes prosecution of organizers . . . Just who determines what violent protests are? Why not stop the many causes of these violent protests?

The covert op to neuter the rebel, by Jon Rappoport

If you want to track a civilization as it collapses, watch what happens to the concept of the rebel.

From the 1960s onward—starting with Lee Oswald and the assassination of JFK—the whole idea of “the rebel” with power has been sequentially updated and repackaged. This is intentional.

The objective is to equate “rebel” with a whole host of qualities—e.g., runaway self-serving paranoia; random destruction; out-of-control drug use; generalized hatred; the commission of crimes…

On a lesser, “commercialized” level, the new rebel can define himself by merely showing up at a concert to scream and drink heavily and break something, having already dressed to make a dissident fashion statement. He can take an afternoon off from college classes and have his arms tattooed. All the while, of course, he functions as an avid consumer of mainstream corporate products.

You even have people who, considering themselves rebels of the first order . . . 

The chickens have come home to roost – US Deep State so powerful now it can manipulate the presidency, by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Last week, The Wall Street Journal revealed that members of the intelligence community — part of the deep state, the unseen government within the government that does not change with elections — now have acquired so much data on everyone in America that they can selectively reveal it to reward their friends and harm their foes. Their principal foe today is the president of the United States.

Liberty is rarely lost overnight. The wall of tyranny often begins with benign building blocks of safety — each one lying on top of a predecessor — eventually collectively constituting an impediment to the exercise of free choices by free people, often not even recognized until it is too late.

Time to discuss Trump’s impeachment: Democrat

During a CNN debate with seven other candidates to lead the Democratic Party, Ellison said Wednesday night that impeachment “investigations” had to begin for Trump.

A number of top lawyers from the administration of former US President Barack Obama have joined forces to prevent Obama’s successor Donald Trump from “declining into authoritarianism.”

Dubbed United to Protect Democracy, the organization has already put together a $1.5 million operating budget and hired five staffers, a number it plans to double over the coming months, Politico reported on Thursday.


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    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Brad. I steer away fro Microsoft . . . but I have had similar problems with Google, who managed to tie up my entire computer. Fortunately, a Mac can undo the problem more uickly 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  1. Helene says:

    https://www.axios.com/ivanka-pushes-the-white-house-to-focus-on-human-trafficking-2280036393.html POTUS Trump holding 2:30pm mtg today on human trafficking thanks to Ivanka; and #CNNLeaks has come out 119+ audio tapes showing how CNN is #veryfakenews

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