March 8, 2017 . . . Just stopping by very briefly to say hello . . . ~J

I can’t bear to report this kind of info, so well represented in the stories below —  and in so doing get myself attacked in so many ways. I’ll hope to return when the air begins to clear . . .

Keep yourselves safe, calm, and above all — centered, and remember we are heading into something far better than we, as an abused people, can begin to imagine. We aren’t going to have to accept second best, which is all so many of us can visualize. That’s what this paradigm shift is all about.

Love and hugs to everyone.

What The Hell Is Going On?, Zerohedge

CIA Contractor on #VAULT7 Leak: ‘There is Heavy Shit Coming Down’, Zerohedge

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38 Responses to March 8, 2017 . . . Just stopping by very briefly to say hello . . . ~J

  1. pacman925 says:

    a Good Lady & God Bless People like that (You-Jean)
    Don’t take no crap !!

    • Jean says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      PS I was going to put up seven UPDATES, and they forced me to shut down my computer . . . they are really messing with me. Just follow and zerohedge, and you’ll be fine. . . ~J 🙂

  2. Hi Jean, sending good vibes in your direction!

  3. Regan says:

    I am so glad to hear something from you. I was worried about you. Stay safe and to better days Jean.

  4. Keith Curtis says:

    Dear Jean, you don’t know me, but I can tell you, the first thing I do in the morning, is check your site for news. I live in Belgium 🇧🇪. I am so relieved your still about. Please in future let us know that you are still among us. I was so worried.
    Love Keith

  5. Francesca Rossi says:

    Wishing you well.

  6. General Zé says:

    Glad to see you´re still around Jean!
    Mark my words: You are not alone.
    Hope this one will keep you in perfect shape, because it´s about time:
    (if you want to krank up the volume, be my guest!)

    Greetings from the besieged Europe (with traitors inside).

  7. lecox says:

    Great to hear from you! I was a bit concerned.
    I know we all want “the truth” but you know it doesn’t just include pain, sorrow and confusion.
    I bet you could find some uplifting things to report if you looked around a bit.
    I know the “usual sites” don’t care about that, though.

  8. catiestewart says:

    Hi Jean, I am a regular visitor and I have come to rely on your site to find out what’s going on out there. You haven’t posted anything for a while and I was actually worried for you. I’m glad you’re okay I think you’re really brave. Keep safe and well. Thank you. Catie x

  9. Bill says:

    Jean – I received a thing on my I phone (which I can’t forward) from another “patriot” that has a rather sizable “list” and he said that the “bad types” including the ex POTUS, the left Libs and the Soros cabal and even some of the RINO bunch are concentrating on a scheme with the sole purpose of getting an impeachment, indictment and conviction of Trump in the immediate future. He seems to think that the 3 letter agencies are cooperating among themselves to lay the traps and offenses in a manner that will stand up to an inquiry and/or investigation.

    We may just see the SHTF soon!

    • Jean says:

      I think we’re in a process, Bill, and it’s going to have to play itself out. The process wil get people’s attention 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

  10. maja says:

    Oh thank goodness you’re ok Jean, I was worried. So happy and relieved you are well.

    Much love

  11. Elizabeth Pedersen says:

    Glad to have you back, Jean! Missed your posts and was quite worried about you. Do take care – with warmest wishes and thanks for your hard work

    • Jean says:

      Well, I wish I were back, but I’m not really. Every time I get on here, I pay a price. For some reason they just don’t want me to publish 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  12. Helene says:

    I thought you had unsubscribed me….Michael Trimm has an excellent vid from yesterday explaining “Vault7” from a software engineer’s pov as well as his usual, imo, analysis…this was only part one of what maybe 7 parts/sections of wikileaks’ current doc releases. Be well…

  13. lwking says:

    I’m grateful to see your post today Jean…it’s been a while. Surrounding you in love and radiant light, knowing that you are guided and protected.

  14. 1EarthUnited says:

    Thanks for sharing this Jean, stay safe and be well. ❤

  15. Terry Mapleson says:

    Whew, so glad to see you back!

  16. Joan Hafeez says:

    Hi Jean: Thanks for “stopping by” – it’s great to hear from you. Cheers, Joan

  17. remyd2012 says:

    Dear Jean,
    I was worried about you and I thank you for checking in to let us know that you are “OK” as it were. Please take good care of yourself and know that your efforts are always appreciated! Bright blessings to us one and all–we DID NOT come here to loose yet again–we WILL MAKE IT this time!!! Lordy I sure am damn tired as I will be turning 64 this year and it’s been a very, very long and difficult journey to say the least! But I am stubborn and I sure don’t plan on doing this work in yet another lifetime so I keep on keeping on and I DO see LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. Finally!
    Much love and big hugs to you,
    Park City, Utah

    • Jean says:

      You’re speaking for me, Alexis, except that I will soon be 78! I think it is taking so long because we don’t want to leave others behind . . . so the long, slow wake-up continues 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  18. Lynn Bedri says:

    Thank You for all you’ve done to help so many!

    • Jean says:

      It’s been my gift back to all those good people out there who have helped me on my way . . . just passing it on as best I can 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

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