March 10, 2017 A brief statement on Science/Spirituality . . . by ~Jean :)

Since I’ve been unable to post any articles – and in the future I hope to be able to express more specifically why I left my blog as abruptly as I did – I have begun to pursue other areas of information. I’ve become fascinated with the Electric Universe Theory, based on the Birkeland Currents.

If you have interest, here ere are a series of videos I’ve watched, most of them several times. (Please note the various dates of publication; a couple are fairly old, but of great value.) I have posted them in the order I think will be of greatest interest to you, although it was video #4 that I actually watched first. I’m glad I did, because I immediately realized that it is a Birkeland Current which I learned to put around my body through the power of intention in order to create the Merkaba, the vehicle of ascension. (The greatest strength we have as human beings is our power of intention!) In fact, so powerful was this video (for me) that I was able to create the Merkaba in short order simply by intention, without going through the routine — and after not having done so for a couple years.

I had a lot of trouble doing the more advanced AITH work, because the male way of doing so is not for me. I never was able to successfully do that work. I have often shared on my blog that I travelled astrally, but I was told by my instructor that I did it ‘wrong.’ I think now that I did not do it ‘wrong, but that I did it the female way; that is, I just did it. I learned of this possibility from listening to one of Drunvalo’s explanations on one of the videos below. I know I was in my heart because i worked with the CD that came with one of Drunvalo’s books — and I knew how to get into my heart; It wasn’t difficult at all. When I tried the male way, however, I could never get beyond the inner chamber. I sat and waited and waited. When I did it for myself, without all the male directions, which were for me constraints, I simply couldn’t do it. I gave up in frustration, and also because I felt called to remain present on my blog. It did not seem to me that I could do both, and I felt a responsibility to my Readers.


Suddenly, I was curled up in a cozy, womblike, horizontal cave-pocket in a stone cliff arising above a plain. As I looked out, there was no moon, but the stars shone so brightly, that it was almost like daylight. Then, suddenly, I was traveling above the plain, which was dry, yet fertile with beautiful bushes and large shrubs that were almost like small trees. I soon found that I was following a river and the land had become more desertlike, and I sensed that I was going North. When I realized I was likely headed towards the pyramids. I came back into my body. It was not the time for me to go there. I have never had the desire to travel astrally again, and I explained this to myself by saying that I’d had the experience and I knew it was possible. This explanation seemed to be important, but I still don’t know why.

I became so frustrated with this work that I gave it up. Now, I’m once again interested in it. The Birkeland Currents explain how the universe is held together. They do away entirely with the black hole idea — and other similar concepts. The Birkeland Currents concept makes total sense to me, perhaps because of my knowledge of the Merkaba, which operates in the same manner.

Sadly for me, Nassim Haramein takes a hit on this, because he doesn’t advocate these ideas. In the one early video (if I remember correctly), Drunvalo shares some words on Nassim’s work. (Anyway, be alert for them.) He also shares some thoughts on Nibiru, which Nassim said has come and gone.

At the very end of the first (most recent) video, Drunvalo makes some interesting comments about Trump’s Administration and what will happen in the near future. I believe it is essentially what I have been saying: we will move into an experimental process in which we will explore various ways to live on our planet, and eventually we will reach .  .  . and I’ll let you find out for yourselves what Drunvalo is thinking — and it is very interesting, indeed 🙂  Hugs, ~Jean 🙂

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24 Responses to March 10, 2017 A brief statement on Science/Spirituality . . . by ~Jean :)

  1. lwking says:

    Jean, first of all, thank you for this. I’m in love with Drunvalo all over again. The Birkeland Current info is fascinating.
    And, it looks like the 4th video on your list has already been removed. Any chance you’ve saved a copy somewhere? I’m downloading all of them and converting them to mp3 so I can listen again and again. Would love to include video number 4 if possible.

    • Jean says:

      Here’s the title; go to youtube and look it up separately if you can’t get it from here:

      The Electric Universe HD Documentary 2015

      I didn’t know they were blocking this . . . but you must watch it. You can’t listen to it. If you’ve studied the merkaba, you will understand why when you see it. . . I also have to say I’m not sure about all Drunvalo is saying. I’m not ready to say more . . . but, consider, he may be an Ascended Master, but is an Ascended Master of this Universe. I believe he comes from Sirius . . . but that is not really all of it . . . Later 🙂


  2. will iam says:

    A good question for Drunvalo might be what he thinks is the meaning of time. To me i care not that i can communicate with entities a kazillion miles away in less then 6 seconds now and that science has found out that the speed of light is not the fastest way to travel.

    What good is that information if i still cant see the hand in front of my face?

    The important thing for some is to keep the answer just some where out there and to keep a translator present to explain Birkeland currents or some ‘new and improved’ product in the developing stages for my ever ‘evolving’ mind……. just when i was thinking i was over my authority problem lol! Cheers Jean!

    • Jean says:

      Will iam, until we understand our past, I don’t think we’ll be over that ‘authoirty’ problem. It’s really about our sovereignty, isn’t it? That’s a battle I had to fight for years, and while I’ve learned so much, most people would rather avoid me, because they just don’t want to look where and at what I have had to look.

      As far as Drun is concerned, I can’t imagine why I would want to become an ascended master all at once in one moment in time! How can that ever really be? All along the way, we will be learning and growing in understanding. Where’s the benefit in jumping past all the schooling to the top? With nothing under us to support and sustain us, it seems like a very foolish move to me.

      I hope you’ll watch these videos. They are quite amazing! Maybe they are more so for me, because the science of the Merkaba is apparently like the electric science that hold the universe together! I couldn’t believe it! Hugs, ~Jean

      • lecox says:

        Perhaps we all know those answers but have forgotten them. We are, per some reckonings, 76 trillion-year-old beings. How much more “schooling” can we stand? For better or worse, re-connecting to that knowledge is not a super-easy process. But I think everyone on Earth is more-or-less ready for it. It is a process of peeling off the layers of not-know (forgetting). If someone could do this all at once it might indeed be a great shock. But the relearning can be quite rapid. It does not need to take that long. Far less than one human lifetime.

  3. lecox says:

    It is interested for me to look at this work, as I did not come through any spiritualist teaching, ancient teaching, or channeled communication to learn that we are essentially spiritual beings. The research I learned this from was very focused on the goal of helping individuals become more able and more spiritually free. So the theories developed from it had a minimum of “decorative features” and just stuck with the simple basics to help students understand why the techniques worked and why people do the things they do. They do, however, include an element of politics, which this work tends to lack.
    One of the most basic findings of the research I study is that the being can create energy, and that the being, as a cause point or point of creation, is not composed of energy or anything else. The mind is composed of “fine” energy (that’s a Pleiadian term from the Billy Meier transcripts), and when most spiritual teachings refer to “spiritual energy” they are probably referring to our various mental structures, which have been with us for a very very long time. Bodies – including light bodies – were created or assembled by beings and are themselves a kind of mind. A biological body like ours has its own controlling entity which has its own mind. Thus, when we “enter” a body we are technically stealing it from another being, though in our case that being normally expects this to happen.
    A being is not its body, its light body, its astral body, or anything else. A being just is, so to have a game it associates itself with these various energetic forms. But to achieve a good balance of freedom and game, a being must be aware of the essential difference between itself and the constructs its associates itself with, and be able to make use of that awareness as the need arises.
    I may comment that I ran across Jordan’s work (the young guy doing the interview in the first video) soon after he started putting it out (probably from a link on this blog!) and was very impressed by his artistry and his enthusiasm for his subject. He is from Edmonton, but has lived in the LA area for several years now, which I don’t think has necessarily been that good for him, though he seems to be doing OK. Lilou Mace is another personality who I haven’t seen much of for some time now. I guess these people have their audiences and are settled into a routine. They are not, however, reaching me or the community I currently live in with any message that seems relevant or useful. And from my perspective, they have become caught up in the “decorative features” of the various spiritual teachings and have perhaps not fully considered what the end goal of those teachings was, or how to really accomplish it. For those who are OK with being “on a journey” I guess this stuff “resonates” but I want conditions on earth to actually change, so I expect a little more from these teachings than perhaps others do.
    While it is interesting (and perhaps even needful) to consider the “holographic” (or fractal) nature of energetic constructs in this universe, if a being wants to change conditions for itself and others, then the primary goal is going to be freedom from, or mastery over, these structures – regardless of their exact details or their aesthetic appeal. Ultimately, we have no particular reason to be in awe of them. They are only our creations, after all.

    • Jean says:

      Larry, I hope you will take the time, after all, to watch this series of videos. I’ve learned that the truth is always quite simple, and this explanation is simple and understandable — for anyone. How can we ever know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been and who we are?


      • lecox says:

        The research I have studied answers those two questions better than I have ever seen anyone else answer then who did not have access to actual human memory. Of course, the research only gives the general answer; each being must learn its own truth for itself; the path is there to be walked.

  4. Aron Trait says:

    Jean if you are interested in researching “The Electric Universe” you might be find these intriguing, They are by Thunderbolts Project. Feature Length Documentaries:

  5. Marcy J. Gordon says:

    Jean, if your instructor told you that did astral projection “wrong” he wasn’t a true teacher at all — he was just another patriarch on a power trip.

  6. caroline Smith says:

    Jean, check this out : Tells about orgonite and how it effects negative electric-magnetic energy.

    cal Smith

  7. Anthony says:

    Hi Jean!

    YES, you are right on the money! The universe is ELECTRIC! The whole gravity-centric model of our planetary system is total BS. Electromagnetic forces are on the order of ten to the twenty-ninth orders of magnitude greater than the force of gravity; and they are linear in scope, with interactions that span galaxies, while gravity decreases by the square of the distance. Think about that the next time you take an elevator!

    If you are interested in a book that explains this stuff in layman’s terms, I can highly recommend Laura Knight-Jadcyzyk and Pierre Lescaudron’s book, “Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection”. Last time I looked it had 55 reviews, every one of them five stars.

    BTW, I am very glad to see you continuing to blog!! Thank you very much for your continued public search for the truth; you are helping so much more than you know.

    Take care!

    – Anthony

    • Jean says:

      Well, Anthony, much for me to respond to, and I thank you: I will definitely check out this book! I need layman’s terms BIG TIME!

      Please check out the Comment Aron just left for me. I’ve just finished watching the first video documentary, and it is extraordinary. Okay – I’ve gone back, and here is the link:

      Yes, I will continue it, but only as it is safe. No ‘insane’ news for now. Not until it is safe again. . . 🙂 I’ve felt the need (inner direction, I believe) to explore other avenues, and what is happening is so very exciting, because when I started I had no idea what I wanted to explore. I’m sorry to say that I am coming to believe that Drunvalo is something like co-intel – truth, but also not-the-truth. I’m thinking that I’ve grown in my ability to discern, at least with him, what is truth and what isn’t. . . but not right now.

      The reason I’m not particularly interested in following the news is that I’m pretty sure what is going to happen . . . in that it is all going to come down . . . although I’m not exactly sure how it will happen. . . Will Russia/China do it, or will the US Deep State do it? 🙂 🙂 🙂 It seems to depend on the Middle East operations. . . and how they will go, but who really knows. 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      PS I’m almost 78, and I can still get so excited and curious . . . It’s hard, when so few people feel of my age feel this way 🙂 ~J

      • Jann says:

        Most people your age are so deeply connected to what they have been taught in the past that they can’t even consider the possibilities of change. They are closed up in a box and don’t want to venture outside. You are a rare one with true vision.

        • Jean says:

          Well, over 20 years my entire life became like a full wastebasket that had been tossed up into the air. Every since then I’ve been picking up the pieces and sorting them out, keeping some, discarding others. In order to survive, I couldn’t even afford having an ego, and I had to be open to whatever came along. In the beginning, the experience was terrifying, but now it is getting exciting! I realized that my whole life had been based on the lies of people who live in a sick abused world. In many way, I’m just starting out! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      PS. . . I’ve just downloaded a sample 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Anthony says:

        Hi Jean!

        FYI, I forgot to say that the 55 positive reviews of that book I recommended were from Anyway: as a scientist I have come to see science under a completely new light since reading that book. It even makes astrology come alive as a real science, because planets in aspect to other planets DO make electromagnetically measureable differences that could only happen if electromagnetic forces really ARE what determines what happens in this universe.

        But I mostly recommend it because it makes SO MUCH SENSE of what is going on in the world right now, on every level – 1D through 5D; and it is internally consistent and very well researched (nearly 1000 references)…*and* it is written very simply, with extremely strong visual aids.

        I’m not associated with Laura or Pierre in any way, BTW, though I do enjoy their Cassiopeian work very much. They are ON IT in so many ways. As are you!



        • Jean says:

          Anthony, it’s late, and I’ve just had a glance at the sample. To my delight, I find that Niall Bradley edited this book. If you remember, he is the author of this article, about what is going on in Yemen!!! This is exciting 🙂

          Tomorrow, I’ll hope to actually get into the book in some depth 🙂

          Thanks and hugs,

          • Anthony says:

            Yes, Laura, Pierre, Niall, and Joe Quinn are the founders of That is their ‘public front’. Before that, Laura was one of the three main channelers of the 90’s along with Carla Ruekhart (sp? Founder of the ‘Ra’ material) and Barbara Marciniak (“Bringers of the Dawn”). Laura and co. maintain this website, where one can literally get lost in the information there:

            Anyway, just relating information for the purpose of ‘connecting the dots’ – which that book will certainly do; and if you ever want to learn more, the above website has much more information (including much information on health concerns), especially in the forums.

            Take care!

          • Jean says:

            Thanks, Anthony. I”m finally getting into the book, and it has already captured my interest!!! Hugs, ~Jean

          • Jean says:

            Anthony, I hope you will receive this message. I”m now beginning the second half of ‘the’ book,and as I do I feel I must check with you on observation of mine: Isn’t Chapter 26 on Chemtrails exceptionally weak? This is, in my opinion, not good! If I am correct, don’t you think it needs to be updated? As I begin the second half of the book, it is mentioned again that Chemtrails are Contrails, and I simply can’t accept this as fact!!! This seems t be a huge hole in their argument, which altogether has been quite exceptional 🙂

            Have you any opinion on this?

            Many thanks and hugs,

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