March 12, 2017, A couple choice articles to help you follow the game. ~J

The Strategic Triangle That Is Changing The World – as we roll towards a multi-polar world, this article details the complex international diplomatic scene with which the Strategic Triangle is working.

The slow tick of financial collapse: Are we witnessing the weirdest moment in economic history? – as the March 15th deadline approaches, this article details the larger financial situation and other rapidly approaching  international events that are very likely to affect it.

* * * I’d keep both these articles handy as a reference guide . . . 

On a personal level, now, while I’m refusing to say much, I am busy watching this eye-opening series of important videos about the Electric Universe that could give us a greater understanding of our past and future (on a playlist) from the Thunderbolt Project – thanks to a Reader 🙂


March 15th

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8 Responses to March 12, 2017, A couple choice articles to help you follow the game. ~J

  1. Anthony says: is an AWESOME website!! SO much truthiness!!


    – Tony

  2. Leonard Frank House of Harview says:

    Hi Jean, Although Brandon Smith, who I’ve met personally is, IMO, is a very smart, good researcher and writer in his field, I still have to specify that I have the same issue with Brandon as I do with Paul Craig Roberts, Dave Hodges, Jim Rickards, and others too many to list regarding the lack of remedy to their doom and gloom presentations and revelations especially when I have personally contacted many of these people with what I consider a credible and lawful path to freedom for all men, women and children of our purported country in hopes they would research such to a point where they realize that a better mouse trap has yet to come forth anywhere in the world today and therefore consider using their wide audience of followers to at least check it out. I think I know why Brandon has ignored my suggestions and that reason may be that he is a long time supporter of the Oath Keepers and specifically the founder, Stewart Rhodes. I do not have to mention the long time relationship Stewart Rhodes and myself have had over the years but, let’s just say his Yale law school mindset is like trying to mix piss with vinegar regarding the need to promote true, natural law as opposed to the malim profibitum jurisdiction (statutory jurisdiction) our purported founders shoved down the throats of the colonists which was instrumental in leading the people to where we are today. Instead, these people think that somehow and some way there can be change from within this current, fraudulent, now in total default and dishonor, corporate government structure. This is an example of what I am referring to by using their followers for forward moving education.

    As I have specified many times prior, I truly believe time spent for education in attempts to wake up the sheeple masses is over because the dangers before us are real the elitists goal of mass extinction of the world’s population is what needs to be stopped like yesterday and the implementation of a new structure as displayed at .

    • Jean says:

      Leonard, I am so glad we found time for a short visit. I do believe your efforts are paying off, as I see people are beginning to prepare the way for this change to come. In the (hopefully) near future, I really hope to be helpful in the grassroots efforts that are going to be necessary.It was wonderful to hear Thomas’ voice again after such a long time. While things may be extremely difficult for him, I could hear in his voice that he is very strong and that it goes deep. Blessings to you both for your continued personal strength and efforts on our behalf!

  3. I also have been staying in Touch with the Current Events Unfolding since 1998 with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM Radio & Website in Chicago,IL & since 2000 in San Antonio,TX-with George Norri. If it wasn’t for the Whistle Blowers-which the Main Stream News Never Broadcasted-I & Humanity would not have been Aware Nationwide!!!
    Greatly Appreciate Your Input!!!

  4. Gary Martin says:

    Dear Jean,
    An amazing amount of HOPE arrived for me today.
    Doorways are opening and I can see a way through our current mess.
    Both these links are long and worth every minute.
    The tissues got a good work out today.
    Love and Hugs Gary

    Jay Pee and Win Keech discuss FairEx Barter system….
    our way out of or current Babylonian $ system.

    Then there is this presentation on SLP.
    Solar Liquid Power to solve our power requirements.

    Doug Linman who is interviewed mentioned the CEO of his company.
    His name is David Sears, the link below his Bio, at the very end
    his involvement with Doug is mentioned.

  5. Stanley John Sierz says:

    Dear Jean, a Quote from Mary Rodwell’s latest book ‘The New Human’, page 156:
    “Mary: ” So we are creating the reality of seeing them?”
    Z: “Yes, and they are creating the reality of seeing us. Yes. Part of us is saying, “Well, God” (for want of a better term). Our heart is God: the Universe is within it’s an Implosive force. So when we go within we then perceive all the vibrations around, all the light. And then we project out what we wish – our desired reality – and that’s how it works. So our hearts are disconnected from our true selves – from tjhe divine, the Godly force within us – and this causes us to search for the Godly force and a higher purpose, and that is why I told you my only purpose is to be ME. My only purpose is to love and accept everything for what it is and just live. The only purpose in life is to live. We are at the same stage right now; the Christ cvonsciousness is the highest vibration of love. All you need to be is you and anything else is a fabrication of the mind to feel like you need to be something.
    I’m sending this Quote to you in my deepest hope that this may help all those who are like-minded in our understanding of what may add to the Explanation of the Birkeland Currents. In my near-death experience (November 17/18 1973) I witnessed what may have been this Electric Universe and our eternal Connection to it via that tiny part of our hearts that Drunvalo spoke about in the Videos that you attached to your March 10 posting, titled A Brief statement on Science/Spirituality.

    Thank You Jean for being here, now, for all of us who are awaiting and working toward this first time ever Event!


  6. Hi Jean,
    Thanks for posting this morning…
    With all my Heart,

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