March 13, 2017, News

A couple of interesting articles that demonstrate the USA’s modus operandi: 

North Korea: The Grand Deception Revealed, by Christopher Black

Ray of Sunshine, a glimmer in the foreboding Asia-Pacific

 * * * 

I’m adding this article by The Saker, because it seems to belong with these other pieces:

Place the Empire on suicide watch, by The Saker


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4 Responses to March 13, 2017, News

  1. Jann says:

    Thank you for this piece on North Korea. I had been searching around for just such an article without success. In this case, the truth has been exceptionally well hidden. Sadly, the people of South Korea have been just as thoroughly indoctrinated as the Americans and have been taught to hate and fear their nieghbors.

    • Jean says:

      Jann, this article really opened my eyes! I didn’t realize how I’d been taken in by the propaganda. I remember reading years and years ago that the people of North Korea were starving and forced to eat grass . . . that tells you how far the West will go . . . and I am beyond sick of it all!


  2. Jean, it certainly seems the Zionists have triggered the un-doing of the U.S. by the Amerikans themselves; it has stalemated itself; soon, everyone will know that not only banking, but politics and government is fake; our question is, how will the U.S be remembered? in peace

    • Jean says:

      I’m not sure that question is so important, because if we seek to answer it, it could become an ego question. I think the question might better be, will America ever get it together enough to do what is right . . . ? What do you think 🙂

      It seems to me America right now is exhibiting the results of the deep abuse it has suffered. Wil it choose to go the difficult route to health? I believe that is what the multi world polar wants. They do not choose to ‘control’ us; they will not support us; they will move on and leave it to us to come along, rejoin the nations of the world in a peaceful way, or not 🙂


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