March 26, 2017, BIG News!!!

CIA whistleblower leaks 47 hard drives exposing Obama Administration spying . . . this appears to be an updated version of the story I published last evening, with much more detail, etc. When I received th original of this last evening, part of the title read “BIGGER THAN WATERGATE.”

Check out these six audios at American Report!!!

. . . and more HERE  and HERE, plus others that you will also see on this page. [As I listen to these audios, I’m thinking these two audios are probably a good place to start . . . 


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2 Responses to March 26, 2017, BIG News!!!

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  2. lecox says:

    These recordings are a little strange but I don’t see how they couldn’t be real.
    It seems crazy to me that these guys would use Fox for this, but they want it to break big.
    I hope that’s not a mistake.
    News is news. As soon as a story hits the news it goes outside the boundaries of research, investigation, legal matters and becomes, basically, propaganda. And it just goes round and round.
    The usual response to a true news story that is condemnatory is to push out some big lie against the people involved so that the public will become confused.
    So I don’t quite understand why they are playing that game.
    The ideal way to release data about a crime like this is to do it in a way so that no criminal will ever try doing that again. I don’t think they’ve figured out how to do that yet. So it deteriorates down to a propaganda war.
    The problem I suppose is to find someone who is actually ethically trustworthy.
    We don’t seem to have someone like that. Even ET is suspect.
    So we can accuse the criminals of criminal activity, and they just accuse us back.
    There’s no arbiter who can stand above it all. Not even someone like the Pope (especially this one).
    Those who trust themselves to make judgements about such things are few and far between. But of course that’s the best way to do it. And what judgement do we make? About who is trustworthy and who isn’t, I guess. But if we even rule out ourselves to be trustworthy, then what other real person can we find who we would consider so?
    One game we play along this line is to look for people who predict events based on some sort of data they have, then see if the events really happen. I am looking at Clif High’s predictions and wondering how they will fare. But I don’t know anyone who has a really good track record with this. Courtney Brown is trying to do this with his team, but their data is so blurry I’m not sure that will ever work for us. I like Clif’s approach, because it would take a very massive campaign to skew his data. I suppose you could, though.
    It ultimately comes back to us. I don’t see how you can get around that. You can put in place ethical protections like my church tries to do, but people will slip through those now and then. It’s probably worth doing, but nobody talks about it. Companies do “background checks” but I’m not at all sure that’s effective. They don’t know what ethics really is or how criminals really work, so they are going to miss. But that’s the direction we have to head in in the shorter term. People need to learn about the subject of ethics.

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