March 27, 2017, News

UPDATE – All is good, but I will not be online for a while. . . ~J

Please note: I am having serious computer issues and hope to make the change to a new one without skipping a beat. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The news provided by is simply the best, along with I ask that you follow it there. You can’t do better. Among other things, I’m busy studying another avenue forward, and it’s requiring a lot of reading and study, but more on that later.

I’m sure many of you read or listened to Lavrov’s speech yesterday. If you haven’t, you will not regret the time.  The other headlines tell us that Trump has tipped his hand on his Administration’s desire to continue on the path toward world domination. He has publicly made a choice, and now we must wait to see how the rest of the world will respond.

Perhaps the domestic (good)news about the hard drives/wiretapping is such that he sees this as a good time to move ahead with his international goals. Perhaps he thinks a majority of US citizens will not be looking, and I suspect he is probably right. This week may be critical to our future. Hold tight. . . ~J 🙂

PS Check back for updates.

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Lavrov gives landmark speech: New centers of economic power will end US ‘global domination’

Telling it like it is: Putin slams governments for imperialism, pedophilia, and “faith in Satan”

US forces block Syrian Army advance in preparation for Syria’s ‘balkanization’

Jewish state: US Vice President Pence confirms Trump is mulling Israeli embassy Jerusalem move

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