April 7, 2017, News . . . I invite you to follow my logic and offer your opinions!

Note from ~Jean

I can’t do any better in reporting than the articles being picked up by sott.net and Zerohedge.com. I’m only going to publish that which is unavailable in a general way to everyone.

Let me offer my opinion here, however, on our present situation, particularly because this strike was ‘weak’, and actually may have turned out to be something of an unplanned flop. Yes, read the online articles today, and you will understand this.

Please, follow my own train of thought, which is always 🙂 open to modification and change 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

 * * * Yesterday morning I read the following article and thought to myself that these people just don’t get it. They’re acting like the US controls the planet, like they can control and dictate to China, but they can’t, not any longer. The US leadership is living in la-la land! It is quite insane and doesn’t live in reality. Read the article below, and then be sure to listen to the audio and read the accompany article that follows, which puts things in a different context, before you make up your mind.

“The Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher”: Trump, Xi “Navigate Minefield” At First Summit 

 * * * Yesterday, Xi came to visit Trump on an emergency basis — this was not a long-planned State visit. It is my opinion that the bombing in Syria was planned and meant as a deliberate show of force to cause China to back off. (BTW, I think all efforts to take down the pedophiles also will be moved to the back burner.) I’ve been thinking that China came to make a decent offer to Trump, perhaps a way out that would save our country. The people of the US are living in a fake reality, and if you listen to Trump’s words in the following video, he also is living in a fake reality.

If, however, you have listened only to the MSM, you won’t begin to understand my words. Please listen to the video below taking particular note at about the second minute. It sounds to me like Trump continues to believe he holds all the cards and can control the lives of everyone on this planet! Isn’t this what Trump was actually saying?

Now, listen to the following audio and read the accompanying article, both published here on April 3rd. What is ‘reality’? —

The Bill Holter interview (above) is from April 2nd., and right now, it’s all about follow the money. Remember, he who has the gold runs the planet. This audio plugs us into a bit of reality of which most Americans are unaware: Folks, we don’t have any gold to speak of, and much that we do have was stolen from others. Again, remember that he who has the gold rules the world!

Moscow And Beijing Join Forces To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift To Gold Trade, Zerohedge

 * * *  Let’s take a minute to look at China: Read (or re-read, as the case may be) the truth about China (below), because I have published this before. The Chinese are not war mongers and IMO  have no desire to take on  and enslave such a forlorn, sad place as the United States — and neither does Russia: That is old paradigm thinking, and too many of us are buying into it! They want us to get our act together and join with the world population in order to trade and improve everyone’s life in the process — but they have no intention of giving us a free ride, or to do it for us. If we choose to do it for ourselves, the country that rejoins the world community will be an extremely valuable one! If we don’t choose to do so, the rest of the planet will move right on by us into a far better world. I’m betting, however, that the American people are waking up and are beginning to get the picture!

China’s great leap forward: Western frogs croak dismay, by James Petras

. . . by the way, I think the story about China controlling its people, which I think CallToDutyGoddess put out there actually is fake news – although, not necessarily the info about Elaine Chao, but I believe the info has been incorrectly conflated. It appeared at about the same time James Petras published this article, and was, anyway,  confusing to me, to say the least. Let’s face it, China is helping the world by building infrastructure all over the planet, infrastructure which most contires cannot afford. They are employing people, right and left, etc.. This is not a destructive thing to do! Compare it with what the US is doing, and please begin to consider the fact we are going to have to have help from other countries to get on our feet again, so we may have to swallow our pride a bit and accept their help in rebuilding our own infrastructure. The United States government is far more engaged in destruction of entire countries than rebuilding or improving them, let alone doing anything positive for its own people and their country.

 * * * Now, please continue to follow my line of thinking and watch this extraordinary video of Putin, published yesterday. I saw his toast in Chechnya a long time ago, made in a dangerous battle zone,which he chose to enter in support of demoralized Russian troops. This is a man on a mission and he realized even back then — almost 17 years ago when that toast was offered — the extraordinary forces arrayed against Russia and that it was going to require every bit of the support and expertise OF EVERY CITIZEN OF RUSSIA that he could bring to bear. He has successfully done this, surrounding himself with the most amazing human beings — and has remained silent while the West slammed his face into the mud with lies — over and over again!

Do you think he was ever going to let his country and his people down? Do you think he ever intended to do so? He’s waited for — what — seventeen years to stop these insane people — and I think the time to dethrone the US’ insane leaders has just about arrived.  Perhaps we must sit through endless gatherings at the UN, which will expose it as the corrupt organization that it actually is, bought and paid for by the West. This is another fact the people of the world desperately need to understand:

St. Petersburg terror attack is nothing new: Putin’s decades-long battle against Islamic State (VIDEO)

 * * * On a spiritual note, you may find this most recent article from Paul Levy to be of interest. I find it right on the money!

What Would C.G. Jung Say about Donald Trump? . . . Paul knows I can get lost in Jung’s language, but not this time!!! Anyone can read and understand this article, and I strongly invite you to do so.

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5 Responses to April 7, 2017, News . . . I invite you to follow my logic and offer your opinions!

  1. Ken says:

    Hello Jean,

    Where to begin. I guess I should preface my comments by saying the more I learn, the more I know I don’t have a grasp on the temporal, spiritual or holographic construct that surrounds and governs my reality. I can only calculate the information presented to me, with the truth as my divining rod to learn and hopefully navigate to the next higher evolutionary step.

    The micro aspect of the politics that are playing out now appear to me to be the stratagems of the tired old Hegelian dialectic by the PTB to maintain their hegemony. The PTB the Rothschild’s and their consortium of families want to remain the PTB and are being challenged. They have maintained their command through their “money magic”, the evil and diabolical fractional reserve banking system. It is directly being challenged by Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and other countries, not out of spite but out of forced self-preservation. The Silk Road, AIIB, BRICS, SCO, CIP, etc… are all repudiations to the Rothschild’s Central Banking authority and their use of the dollar Damocles sword.

    This threatens the re-calibration of the money matrix to a higher frequency of consciousness and the Oligarchy is pulling out all the stops. The False Flags are only going to get worse. They only know brute force and are banking (pun intended) on their US military Dobermans to maintain “order”, their NWO wet dream. It aint going to happen.

    When it comes to Syria and this can apply to any war we have been in after WWII, the US had no justification or legal grounds to go to war with Syria or any of the other 7 countries we are currently bombing.
    Article I of the Constitution clearly gives Congress, not the president, the “power to declare War.” The Founding Fathers sought to avoid a situation where one man had the power to commit the nation to war on his own initiative.

    The US politicians have lost any semblance of a moral compass. The absolute and pervasive corruption of Washington is there for all to see. We have been a country for a short 241 years and at war for 226 years. Since WWII the US is responsible for the murder of 20 to 30 million people and the displacement of tens of millions more. If we don’t want refugees, we should quit creating them. We are exponentially creating anti American sentiment outside and within this country. We are clearly not the “exceptional, indispensable nation” we have been hijacked by the deep state and are imperial warmongers, let’s all face it and deal with it.

    This takes us to the fly in the ointment, the left handed monkey wrench, and the loose cannon named Donald J. Trump. We know something is wrong but haven’t grasped that we are the ones who can fix it. We are all discovering our power and like an unmanned high powered water hose, we are still learning to direct its divine influence. Instead we don’t have a handle on it and it is flailing here and fro. Humanity wants change but we don’t know how to manifest it constructively. Hence, the election of Trump. The problem with Trump is he was the bully with a magnifying glass burning ants to the bully with a bag full of dynamite, except these are nuclear. I fear this will not end well for Mr. Trump.

    In my opinion we all will have to complete this very difficult bardo or the dark night of soul that we are currently undergoing. The truth is no one can escape it. We have to deal with this cleansing and should not fear it. We all have to face our transgressions that we have imposed or have been imposed upon us. I believe the outcome is forgiveness, compassion and the necessary step in our evolution. We knew these crazy times were coming and now they are upon us. As my old coach would tell our team “Buckle up Buttercup”. We will overcome!

    Have good day Jean!

    • Jean says:

      Your answer is so on-target, Ken, that I am going to share something with you and those who read my comments that I’ve been investigating these last weeks about the spiritual aspect of the times we are in. Right now, I don’t want to go into details for any number of reasons, but I think the following is information that could well save humanity.

      Would people take the time to read the book “Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection”? Not many, I fear. I don’t understand the science in any depth, but this book is written in levels, and just with the first level of understanding I got the carefully laid out justification that the Universe is indeed Electric. That this is being hidden from us through deception — as well as the powerful meanings inherent in this knowledge, and the fact that strange earth changes we are experiencing are being covered up and conveyed as normal or perhaps as a kind of weather warfare, etc. becomes evident. The real reason for these earth changes is what we as human beings need to know. The Universe is not totally based on entropy, as main stream science would have us believe. Rather, human beings, if given truthful knowledge and information can continue to evolve to higher and higher levels of organization and existence, away from entropy and chaos. We do not understand the Mandate of Heaven, a spiritual concept, and we do not understand that the world as a materialistic place was deliberately introduced so we would not understand this Mandate — and it’s quite clear that we don’t.

      Here are three important links:

      1.) link to ***** (five star) book https://www.google.ca/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=earth+changes+and+the+human+cosmic+connection+pdf

      2.) link to short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73LdJMCIuvU

      3.) Review: “Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection”

      I’ve gone beyond the Conclusion reached in this book, because I remember a personal conversation I had with Drunvalo Melchizedek – although I am sure it was not unique to me, in which he said it will get so bad it will look like there is no way out, and then the way will open. If you’ve followed my blog this statement is not new.

      What is new is that I have linked this statement to a Chapter I published called ‘1972’. It is necessary to read this chapter to understand my addendum to the conclusion of this book. The fact is, however, that because of what happened in 1972 the shift has been given back into our hands. I don’t know about you, but I have spoken with so many people who do not want to leave without their loved ones, who are not yet awake. My conclusion has now become, on the basis of this Chapter 14, called ‘1972’, that the Universe is supporting us and that unlike before when we had not reached the technological level enabling us to communicate easily around the globe, we are going to learn the whole truth — the deeper truth, that is, and with it will come the opportunity to key into the Mandate of Heaven, not just for a select few advanced human beings (the authors are hoping these people might get us through), but for everyone who is willing to really look at what has been going on. My thinking is that the Universe is going to allow so much to be exposed that it will become extremely difficult if not impossible for denial to continue to exist! The result will be that we need not ascend to a higher plane without those we love, unless by their own choice.

      What Happened in 1972 that Made This Shift Unique . . . Chapter 14, from Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are – https://jhaines6a.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/what-happened-in-1972-that-made-this-shift-unique-chapter-14-from-nothing-in-this-book-is-true-but-its-exactly-how-things-are/

      Ken, will you find the time to read this book? Will you find the time to read “1972”? If you do, or if anyone else who reads this does, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Just wait until you see what Italy looked like after the fall of the Roman Empire at the brutal hands of Justinian!!! Wait until you learn about the tsunami that overcame Beirut and most of the coastal cities in the Mediterranean. Wait until you read that the bubonic plague was not what we believe and that it went on and on, in wave after wave, but that it had no relation to the Black Death – proof is available . . . and mostly, wait until you learn the reason for this . . . our planned and calculated loss of connection to the spiritual, to the Mandate of Heaven, and why they did this to us.


      Not many will, I fear . . . but maybe there will be time. . .

  2. lecox says:

    OK: Since it is Friday and I can stay up late if I want, I will attempt to study the materials you have provided. However, I will do it in reverse order, just to be petulant, I guess:

    Jung as channeled by Paul Levy:
    The first paragraph about Jung being a genius is frivolous. What did Jung leave us that is still operating today and helping to remedy the situation? Jung was very aware that the subconscious tends to drive people, but he never figured out how it got that powerful or how to reduce that power and put the rational being back in control.

    Putin’s explanations in 1999, 2001, 2002:
    It should be noted that Putin’s word translated as “criminal” is “bandit.”
    This is what he confronts that so many “thinkers” in the pass failed to confront…perhaps because their own alliances weakened their courage?

    In practical terms, we don’t care how terrorists become that way. Certainly, such beings have given in to Jung’s “shadow.” They have died as spiritual beings and have chosen to work against the interests of the spirit and of life in general. It is a huge inversion for a being. We need to understand it and learn how to deal with it. Putin has a sense of how people are being manipulated to think and act, by others who wish them harm. He still speaks in terms of “our enemies” so it is difficult for me to tell how enlightened he really is about this. But, to be a true “enemy” is to be an enemy of life itself, an inverted being that denies its own spiritual essence and lusts instead to be nothing but solid matter. If you can get two others to fight instead of talk, they both incur harm in the process. So the being who does that is in fact an enemy to both of them.

    James Petras’ remarks on China:
    I have commented on these before. Again, they assume the obvious players are the only players. They aren’t. The third player must stay hidden. If that one were revealed the others would know they had been tricked and would do something more rational to resolve their differences.

    2 April 2017: Russian Central Bank opens office in Beijing.
    Of course the countries who have traditionally suffered from Western attacks are making moves to prevent another episode. They want their countries, their ways of life to survive.
    And so do we. Just understand that our real enemies want both of us to succumb, if not completely, at least into total subjugation to some criminal regime.

    6 April 2017: RT’s coverage of Trump-Xi meeting.
    I find the commentators more comfortable to watch than MSM talking heads…but they don’t go very deep, do they?

    If Trump really believes what he has said in his speeches, then he really believes someone who is very convincingly lying to him for their own sordid reasons.

    Trump is not the leader here. He is simply attempting to communicate in a way that he thinks reflects what most Americans think or should think. Though he has the power to provoke war, his statements and information are terribly superficial. This is not much different than how most corporate leaders operate, and that’s all he’s being.

    I didn’t vote for Trump because I found him too belligerent and superficial. I didn’t vote for Clinton because I found her too evil. I voted for the Libertarian because he was at least honest enough to admit he knew nothing about Aleppo. He could have invented some answer instead, but he didn’t. And that’s where any real leader has to start. All others are either tyrants or puppets to much worse than tyrants.

    6 April 2017: Tyler Durden reports. But he also stays within the narrow meme of two antagonists. It is a grand and epic story form but it is essentially inaccurate.

    Unreported: 2 April 2017 Simon Parkes commentary: Simon thinks his intel on the US political situation is good. Maybe it is. As I have mentioned, I give him some attention because he has a deeper understanding of how life really works.

    His report is: Trump wants to take out the Fed (as a source of foreign influence, which he has spoken against). He believes Trump wants to restore the Constitutional underpinnings of the US. The expectation is that a US-China “trade war” will serve as cover for China actually supporting Trump’s effort to take out the Fed.

    Overall, we can’t expect that any particular event is actually the work of the party that seems to have caused it. The poisonous gas and missile attacks in Syria, the bomb in St. Petersburg, the shooting in London and all the rest. You can be sure that, to the extent that these were caused by any beings, they were caused by the enemies of life, who are enemies to all of us. If a kind, beautiful or graceful thing happens, it is almost certainly the work of a being or small group rising above all the suppression to make a statement in support of life.

    That is the current situation as I see it. Those who only see the two sides that the criminals want them to see don’t see enough. There is a “third side,” and like Jung’s shadow, it can be expected to strike any target, especially anyone seeking to expose it.

  3. It is starting to come out that Pres. Trump ordered the missile strike on Syria, and; given the time it takes to prepare to have its ships in a position to do so…..means that the immediate response was PLANNED IN ADVANCE.


    If not premeditated as I suggest; than that makes Pres. Trump given his “off the cuff” decision- whilst IGNORING Intel information and precluding any prudent investigation (warranted here; considering that World Peace is at stake- remember just who is arming and assisting Daesh)
    clearly demonstrates that Donald Trump is dangerously unfit to be President Of the United States.

  4. Bill says:

    Jean Here’s a response I sent to a friend this AM on the Syria “gas attack.”

    Ed – It appears to me that the veneer of righteousness that Trump displayed during the campaign and the first month or so of his presidency as evaporated and the zionist masters have regained control of the nation. Under the radar I see some real surprises taking place in the next 3 or 4 months – I doubt that Trump will be POTUS come Labor Day and we’ll discover that the new designated Supreme court judge that is being touted as a conservative is anything but – Ryan will come out of this fiasco with a lot of power and influence and will most likely re-establish many of the kenyans policies both domestic and internationally. The government we’ll have come Christmas time will be totally different than anything you and I have seen in our lives.
    Perhaps we’re seeing the “time of Jacob’s trouble.”

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