April 8, 2017, News – with some commentary. . . . Update/s

Now, there’s more — however, unconfirmed:


Reports of US tanks & troops entering from northern . This comes after a meeting between & Jordan’s King Abdullah

US naval strike force deployed to Korean peninsula

When I read the sort of headline above, I have to wonder if Steele is doing a lot of wishful thinking. What he’s really saying – to my mind, anyway – is that Trump is simply incapable. Steele is doing all the thinking that Trump should be doing and hasn’t done. He simply doesn’t have the connections or this information. He needs to understand this information in the way Steele does, and I don’t think he is capable of doing that., and I do no think he has the interest.

Why doesn’t Steele or anyone address the fact that Trump is a freemason?

I’m sorry, although I think Steele has the picture, I don’t think Trump has any intention of buying it. Steele’s been hollering for a very long time now, like weeks. . . I can’t listen to any more of the video, sorry!


This video has just been posted – the full interview!
by Victurus Libertas 

links mentioned on the video: http://phibetaiota.net/2017/04/yoda-t


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Now this is quite interesting. Wow:

EXCLUSIVE! EXCLUSIVE! Pentagon Insider Reaches Out To VL About Bombings

David Icke Analyses Donald Trump’s Missile Attack on Syria

Two of my great Readers have contributed the two links above. Many thanks to them.
~J 🙂

Trump to Congress on Syria strike: US to take additional action to further its national interests

There’s lots of people now disagreeing . . . see the tweets! ~J

It seems photos are being blocked.

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UPDATE – What do you think? (I think this is pure b.s.! and his words are meant only for naive, unaware Americans. I do not think Trump fooled China, not for one single moment!)  Yes, I agree with Pieczenik that the entire situation was about China! If you understand the truth of North Korea, you will understand we need to leave them alone; they are, and rightly so, in fear of us! They are trying to protect themselves. The United States is continuing to live in la-la land!!!

Steve Pieczenik_Jerome Corsi Latest 07 April 2017

I posted this in the middle of March. Did you read it? Do you remember what it said? I’m so sick of the lies we’re being told:

North Korea: The Grand Deception Revealed, by Christopher Black
* * *

Syrian special forces fire at US aircraft

I was taking my time with publication, because I’m simply commenting on some of the articles at sott.net. and sharing a few important videos — until I saw this last headline show up. We are now going to learn so much about the United Nations and our own government from their response to this rightful action on the part of Syria.

The escalating war against Assad and Syria and the need for international law

Ron Paul slams Syrian airstrikes: ‘Neocons terrified that peace was going to break out’

So far, Ron Paul is the only person who has connected this attack to China’s emergency visit to the US. Please note that China has said absolutely nothing publicly about their meeting here.

Trump has surrendered. Will Putin be next? by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul thinks Putin/Russia should have taken the US down when they had the chance, but what would this have done to further a multi-polar planet? In my opinion, nothing!!! The world would never figure it out, and we would have continued in an us vs. them world. Putin is not a dumb man, and he is holding back in order that the world might realized the truth. Only if we begin to understand the truth can we stop this insanity. Only then can we continue forward in a positive direction. We must know the truth!

The escalating war against Assad and Syria and the need for international law, by Rick Sterling

* * *

This video below is powerful and important as Cindy interprets some of the news. Also, “John Podesta requests immunity for testimony against HIllary Clinton (March 31st), a fact of which I was unaware.

Cindy also suggests we check out American Law of the Land, where a whole new way of governance, via natural law, is shared with us. Please check it out.

Then we have Cynthia McKinney at about minute 13-14+ minutes beginning to talk about direct democracy. People at last are beginning to look for something better than what we have! This kind of thinking must happen before anything else positive can ‘show up’ in our world.

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