April 10, 2017, News, Please watch for updates . . .


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Best of Web: Putin leaves door ajar to work with Trump

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White House Reveals A New “Red Line”: Assad’s Use Of Barrel Bombs Could Lead To More Strikes, Zerohedge

Fake news stories about Russia and Iran threatening US after Syria attack are outright lies [even Zerohedge has it wrong]

The story says that Russia and Iran threatened to attack the US if a ‘red line’ was crossed. This is an outright lie.

In Syria, Kissinger is Trump’s dark half

North Korea says American airstrikes on Syria prove its nukes justified

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Six other important stories from today’s news:

Tulsi Gabbard under fire after refusing to accept ‘Assad did chemical attack’ without evidence

Viktor Orbán versus George Soros: An ideological battle in Budapest

DISTURBING IMAGES: ‘White Helmets’ caught faking rescues and doctoring dead children in PR stunt to portray Assad as ‘butcher’

Never enough: Rothschild, Cheney, Murdoch drill for oil in Syria, violate international law

40 organizations in 16 countries: Scale of CIA hacking tools revealed by Symantec

Israel Prime Minister calls for buffer zones in Syria to protect Israeli-occupied Syria

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Note: Videos are beginning to appear on the web concerning Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The best research I have seen on this topic can be found by scrolling down to Joachim Hagopian’s post from early this morning. It’s quite amazing to me how Joachim digs up this information! I am moving the link from the very bottom of the page up here:

Inside the “Et Tu Brute” White House Coup, by Joachim Hagopian

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After Trump’s Syria Attack, Ron Paul Asks “What Comes Next?”, Zerohedge

Trump’s North Korea options: Nukes, special ops, assassination

Why can’t the US just stop trying to control/run North Korea? This is a little country living in total fear of losing their sovereignty, simply because they won’t bow to the US! Do you think China isn’t aware of this fact?

South Korean Paper Reports China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border, Zerohedge

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My questions now are: 1) Who initiated the visit by China — Trump, or Xi, and 2) while we know what Trump’s intended conversation with Xi was to be, what did Xi/China actually tell Trump?

Beijing may offer concessions to avoid trade war with Washington 

Again, what is Beijing saying here. It looks to me like they are saying they have no interest in going to war, but would prefer to negotiate — which clearly displays for all the world to see that the US deals only in force. The headline below likely tells that this is what was discussed between Xi and Trump.

Ex-MI6 chief fears Trump will launch catastrophic war on North Korea

It seems to me that Xi/China could well have said something like this to Trump, “Attack North Korea, and we end the fiat dollar.” What do you think?

. . . ah, here we go — although as I read this, I think this writer doesn’t quite see the ‘real’ picture.

Syrian crisis buys Washington & Beijing more time to consider North Korea standoff

Chemical weapons expert, Michael Savage says Syrian gas attacks a complete false flag, not sarin but phosphene gas (audio)

Michael invites us to listen and make up our own minds. Listen, and please note that Congress has gone on Spring Break!!!

Putin Will Not Meet Tillerson In Russia, As Confusion Grows Over US Policy Toward Syria, Zerohedge

US completely unwilling to cooperate on Syria & consider other interests – Kremlin

Vanessa Beeley interviews Damascus resident Tom Duggan on local terrorist attacks and alleged chemical attacks in Idlib

Are Trump’s Military Plans Going to Come to Fruition: Idlib-Pyongyang-Teheran and Then Everywhere? by Martin Berger

While being filled to the brink with pride over his recent military aggression in Syria, US President Donald Trump has confirmed the militaristic aspirations of his administration in a weekly address to the US population. In particular, he said that Washington will seek ways of forming military alliances, which, in his opinion, should make the country stronger for the greater good of the entire world.

Russian Senator: Moscow has no intention of fighting US forces in Syria

US national security adviser urges Russia to re-evaluate Syria support

US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has urged Russia to re-evaluate its support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, suggesting that additional American military action against Syria is possible.

In his first televised interview on Fox News Sunday, McMaster said the US will simultaneously fight the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group in Syria and seek to remove Assad from power.

McMaster said Moscow is “part of the problem” because it is backing Damascus in the the Syrian conflict.

“If we would want to appeal rationally to Russia, this is a great opportunity for the Russian leadership to re-evaluate what they’re doing,” he said. “Right now, I think everyone in the world sees Russia as part of the problem.”

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‘Look at Syria & Yemen. Who’s next?’ – Russian Deputy Defense Minister to RT

Tulsi Gabbard under fire after refusing to accept ‘Assad did chemical attack’ without evidence

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Another excellent Inessa video:

. . . and finally, and most importantly . . . be sure to watch at about five minutes . . .

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Inside the “Et Tu Brute” White House Coup, by Joachim Hagopian

…Throughout his 80 day debacle as our president, Trump has been surrounded by a minefield of leftist Democrat moles representing the very establishment swamp he promised to drain, subversive, compromised GOP party faithful as neocon Judases, a gluttony of globalist Goldman Sachs bankster gangsters and military complex war generals. From day 1 this motley crew’s been at war with each other, viciously backstabbing and competing for Trump’s ear and influence, and leading him asunder. President Trump’s innermost, trusted circle exudes a highly toxic culture of subterfuge, treachery, conflict, deceit, paranoia and mistrust.

In response to Trump’s Syrian airfield attack last week, according to former CIA officer Robert David Steele, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner could even be an Israeli-first Mossad infiltrator, as Robert recommends a counterintelligence task force probe to determine if Mossad profiled Kushner and has made him an asset. Steele reports that the CIA informed Trump that the chemical attack was a false flag. But either Kushner, and/or Trump’s generals in Defense Secretary Mattis and National Security Advisor McMaster may be misleading the president, and that US Syrian aggression was a disastrous Trump blunder. …

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  1. Captain says:

    Exclusive: British journalist destroys MSM lies on Syria — http://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=xjOSZ6QgGgY

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