April 12, 2017, News . . . please check for updates . . .

Please scroll down to the article about the US’ financial situation marked with five red asterisks. It is a MUST READ!!!

North Korea Said To Be Preparing Nuclear Device Detonation; Test Site Is “Primed And Ready”, Zerohedge

Russian and Syrian UN ambassadors dispense with pleasantries, blast hypocrisy and dishonesty of US/UK/France resolution against Syria (plus Video of Session)

Australia beckons a war with China

All of the following articles are of importance in the total picture that is emerging;

North Korea Said To Have Placed Nuclear Device In A Tunnel, “Could Be Detonated Saturday Morning”, Zerohedge . . . my sense is that this will not amount to much.

North Korea Tells Foreign Journalists To Prepare For “Big” Event On Thursday, Zerohedge

China publicly criticizes Syria missile strike by US following “inconclusive” Xi-Trump meeting

Trump Reverses On NATO: “It’s No Longer Obsolete”, Zerohedge

 * * * Watch Live: Trump Holds First Press Briefing With NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, Zerohedge  . . . start at about minute 35 +

All of the following sott.net headlines released this afternoon are worthy of our attention:

BREAKING: Russia vetoes West’s Syria resolution at UN Security Council

Lavrov: Avoiding Idlib ‘attack’ probe would mean intl community not looking for truth

Kim Sharif – Director of Human Rights for Yemen: World has to see ‘what US is doing to aid and abet crimes in Yemen’

Open letter from ex-U.S. intelligence officials: Trump should rethink Syria escalation

White House “Intelligence Assessment” report is no-such-thing – shows support for al-Qaeda as ‘new mujahedeen’, Moon of Alabama

The Suspense Is Over: Putin Meets With Rex Tillerson At The Kremlin, Zerohedge

China Warns North Korea Situation Has Hit “Tipping Point”, Threatens “Never Before Seen” Measures, Zerohedge

As I read the article above, it almost feels like China wants an excuse to take the control of North Korea away from the United States. This certainly would help to decrease all the chaos in China’s areas of control, which are far, far away from the United States.

‘If Iran is ‘a failed’ state, why is US so concerned about Tehran’s influence in Mideast?’ (Videos/Spicer)

Trump buying into Syria fake news, calls Assad ‘animal’ for false flag chemical weapons attack

‘This miracle, this gift, this jewel’: Obama’s ambassador to Israel declares he’s a Zionist

* * *

* * *

Note: There continues to be a lot of news, and I’m asking that you be selective in your reading/watching. What interests you may not interest someone else, so be patient as I think much of it is important in the total picture. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

Newsbud asks:

* * *

An explanation of the Referendum in Turkey from Newsbud:

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Sharing: An email from Take Back Your Power:

Hey Jean,

Tonight will be the biggest ever launch for an indie docu-series — The Truth About Vaccines.

My colleague Ty Bollinger and his team are generously releasing it for free, one episode per day for 7 days.

Watch The Truth About Vaccines for free »

I’ve seen a sneak peek. You’re going to want to see this.

There are so many parallels between the corruption of science in the area of EMF and in the area of vaccines.

This one’s going to be historic. And with mandatory vaccination legislation being increasingly proposed (and increasingly voted down!), the timing is auspicous.

Watch The Truth About Vaccines for free »

* * *

 * * * * * 2017 Debt Crisis Looms: Congress Will Have 4 Days To Avoid A Government Shutdown On April 29, Zerohedge

Note: We have a Congress that in spite of all that is going on in the world has gone on vacation! Meanwhile, please notice that Putin/Russia are speaking the truth much more openly, perhaps because they have taken their time and built a platform of support so that they are able to expose the warmongers in a way that leaves little doubt. In spite of what Paul Craig Roberts believes about Russia having lost its chance to whip the US, I think a multi-polar world forbids this sort of action and that Russia is following the right path. Although North Korea appears to be on the front burner, it looks like much else may remain on hold until Congress returns. Until things begin to move again, it might be a good idea for us to sit back once again and catch our collective breath in order to get ready for whatever comes next.

I’d also like to speak briefly of China. Like Russia, China in the 90s was a far different country than it is now. If you haven’t read this important, shocking article — and pages 8-28 are the operative pages, please take the time to note what the Bush/Clinton cabal did to Russia, with the help of Russia’s oligarchs in the 90s. I expect that this also happened in China, some of which was addressed in this article.

I also hope you noted the statement I boldfaced yesterday — Chinese policies of isolationism have lasted since the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century — and begun to realize that China is not a war-making country. They are traders! The opium wars forced on them by Great Britain almost completely devastated their population, and all they wanted to do was to be left alone. I do not see China’s efforts to build infrastructure around the world in order to lift the lives of so many out of poverty as a bad thing, because I believe China has decided to enter the multi-polar world, and its leaders realize that they are in a position to help ‘lift all boats’ on the rising tide, not just some. This is a far different thing than the destruction and death we see from the United States. A world energy grid from China by 2050 — if the world becomes multi-polar is as I see it not a bad thing. If we stay in the dark as the cabal hopes we will, I do not think we will even reach 2050, so why are we worrying?

If people in the United States think we are going to get out of this without receiving help — and why not from China? Who else at this time is better qualified to help us rebuild our infrastructure? — to rejoin the world in a healthy way, I simply must beg to differ. We are broke, in reality we have almost no gold, and we are returning to a gold standard in trade with the rest of the world. I don’t understand — yet — China’s involvement with Elaine Chao and her relationship with Trump, but I do believe China wants to trade with the American people, and they are looking for ways to help us return once again to the world community as it enters a multi-polar world.

I don’t want you to agree with me, but please remember the many lies we have been told about every country who refuses to allow the United States to dominate and destroy it, and let’s all simply watch to see what actually happens. Truly, it is time that each human being on this planet begins to think for himself, instead of taking the words of our rulers as if they are from God. Hopefully we are beginning to see where that has gotten us. ~J 🙂

Putin Warns “Trust Between US And Russia Has Collapsed Under Trump” As Tillerson Gets Frigid Reception, Zerohedge

Russia Slams “Absurd” Trump Demands, Warns Tillerson “Don’t Strike Syria Again”, Zerohedge

Russia’s MoD: US Tomahawk strike on Syria as effective as dropping missiles from air balloons

‘Nodding like bobbleheads’: Putin slams NATO’s support for US violation of international law in Syria

Putin vows to prevent ‘color revolutions’ for Russia and its Eurasian allies

Russian MoD: ‘Absolutely no evidence’ the Syrian Army has chemical weapons

US accuses Moscow of ‘sowing doubt’ over narrative of Assad’s culpability in chemical attack

Tillerson should use Russia trip to ‘apologize for spreading less than truth’ – ex-Powell aide [Lawrence Wilkerson] (Videos)

Mad Dog Mattis: Sha’irat strike destroyed 20 percent of Syria’s jets

Trump responds to North Korea nuclear attack threat

Trump, who was making the remarks via his twitter account on Tuesday, also reiterated that “If China decides to help, that would be great…If not, we will solve the problem without them!.”

He noted that a trade deal between Washington and Beijing would be better for them if they “solved the North Korea problem.”

“We are sending an armada. Very powerful…We have submarines. Very powerful. Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. That I can tell you,” added Trump during an interview with Fox News on Tuesday.

Trump also said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s actions were not correct and that he was no sure of his mental health as he did not “know him.”

Trump Unexpectedly Calls China’s President To Discuss North Korea

Best of the Webb: CIA docs: Plans to topple Assad family go back six presidents

World scientists to urge UN to ban nuclear weapons

DEA did not deny it lets drugs into communities and pushes them on citizens

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2 Responses to April 12, 2017, News . . . please check for updates . . .

  1. Mike says:

    It seems as if the the powers that soon won’t be have shown the Trump family the Dealy Plaza video and then asked……..”any questions?” New bosses all same as all the old bosses since right before that particular day in HIStory.

  2. Captain says:

    Response to Captain from ~Jean: No to Benjamin Fulford, Captain. Please, Captain! He is co-intel, and I don’t have time to try to figure out which are lies and which are truth. There is other excellent info out there. If people want to read him, there are ample sites where they can get his info . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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