April 15, 2017, News .. . check back for updates

Paul Craig Roberts: A government of morons . . . Yeah!!!

I can’t tell you how great it was to read Paul’s words today! He echoes my thoughts completely. If for no other reason, are Americans ever going to wake up to what this is costing them?  Just wait until on a personal level they haven’t got any more money, and thus, have no place to go, and can’t afford anything,. Will they then start asking the tough questions!? Will hell finally break lose — as it should?~J


Damascus admonishes Trump: Look at yourself before calling Assad ‘an animal’

Anti-Assad? You are supporting the murder of Christians

‘Baby-Killing Sarin Bomber’ Bashar Assad Negotiates Safe Passage for Thousands of Civilians Trapped in Towns Held by Jihadists

The True Cost of Israel: U.S. support goes far beyond the official numbers

BRICS issues statement condemning illegal military intervention in Syria as unacceptable

Kremlin refuses to publish the details of Putin-Tillerson meeting, confirms hotline remains suspended

U.S. refuses to attend Russia’s international peace conference for Afghanistan

Does this look like a reason the insane leadership of the US would bomb Afghanistan? 

Washington failed to attend the latest international conference hosted by Moscow, where 11 nations discussed ways of bringing peace to Afghanistan. The US branded it a “unilateral Russian attempt to assert influence in the region.”

Friday’s meeting is the latest in a series of similar events in the Russian capital that have grown from trilateral consultations between Russia, China, and Pakistan held in December of last year into talks involving the majority of the Afghan region’s powers. The latest included Russia, China, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. An invitation was sent to Kabul’s patron, America, but was rejected.

India claims 500 Pakistanis including ISI officers blown up in mammoth Afghan bombing by US

 UPDATE on this story from earlier today:
Propaganda Alert: US Corporate Media Runs Fake Chinese Headline that Almost Kicked Off WW3

North Korea’s missile launch attempt ‘presumed to have failed’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ruled by psychopaths: The West focuses on Putin and Assad while 20m face starvation

More on Le Pen: Le Pen Faces Disaster In Election After “Monumental” Computer Error, Zerohedge

. . . and let’s not forget life here at home: 

Keystone XL and America’s psychopathic government, by Eric Zuisse

 * * * 

Start of BRICS Gold-Backed Trade Pushing Deep State Desperation at All-Time High

It appears that the real reason why has Trump capitulated to the Deep State so quickly is the final BRICS leadership’s decision to start the dumping of the fiat dollar in matters of mutual trade and economic cooperation between the BRICS member countries.

This measure puts Donald Trump’s most ambitious campaign promise of “Making America Great Again” through economic recovery and military upgrade in grave danger, as the BRICS Alliance starts requiring the US governm

ent to pay for BRICS resources with real, hard currencies only.

Recently, Russia and China moved ahead with the establishment of reciprocal clearing centers in Moscow and Beijing.

China Opens Moscow Clearing Bank for Handling Transactions in Yuan

17:12 27.03.2017

The creation of the clearing center enables the two countries to further increase bilateral trade and investment while decreasing their dependence on the US dollar. It will create a pool of yuan liquidity in Russia that enables transactions for trade and financial operations to run smoothly.

Rubles and yuans

In expanding the use of national currencies for transactions, it could also potentially reduce the volatility of yuan and ruble exchange rates.

The clearing center is one of a range of measures the People’s Bank of China and the Russian Central Bank have been looking at to deepen their co-operation.

This highly coordinated dollar dumping was inaugurated 10 years ago in 2007, to give the West enough time to adjust to the new reality that the East could no longer sit idly by as the other side continues with its regressive foreign policies, and capped by a massive display of cultural strength meant to correct the false technological claims of the West, during the Beijing Olympics a year later.

Incidentally, what was to be a gradual move from fiat to gold-backed currencies still resulted in the 2008 Western financial crash, massive resignations of the banking CEOs in 2012 [here], Libor and other interest rigging investigations, and finally, the unprecedented Papal resignation of Benedict XVI in 2013.

Considering the sheer size of the BRICS economies, this decision to dump the dollar should put the Khazarian Mafia where they should be, i.e. dustbin of irrelevance. . . continue reading.


Gold Standard Challenges, by Jim Wilie . . . of great interest, but perhaps not for everyone.

7 April 2017

Scattered recent analysis has centered upon the Gold Standard and its viability within the global financial system. The topic is certainly very blurred and at times confusing. Consider a recent article by a competent analyst Charles Hugh Smith of the site OfTwoMinds on the practicality of gold used as a standard. The article is entitled “The Problem With Gold-Backed Currencies” (which is found HERE and also on Lew Rockwell site HERE). He makes several points, many good ones. In the Jackass opinion, his analysis avoids many potential solution features, is premature on focus of the currency (and not trade), and is unfortunately backwards in the logic. The main criticism to put on the work is that he confuses the extreme difficulties created from decades of fiat currencies, with the supposed problems of installation of gold-backed currency. The entire article is not well developed, seems sketchy, and misses numerous very important features which are being considered. He does put many critical issues on the table, valuable for discussion. He offers no solution to his stated problems. In modern parlance, the logic put forth would indicate that since a heroin addict has so much difficulty with kicking the deadly habit, ravaged by delirious tremens, beset by extreme health problems, that one should conclude movement toward a clean sober life would have problems and simply would not work.Thus the backwards logic. Unfortunately, CHSmith produces straw dogs in the face of absent solutions. Let us examine the points made.

The Gold Standard is near perfect, provides sound money, and requires modern tweaking to make it work. The transition period will not be six months, but more like six years. The transition is possible, is workable, but with tremendous disruption and arduous adjustment. The victim nations would be many, but they hold much of the banking and military power. The Global Currency RESET is essentially referred to, which will render deadbeat economic nations as extremely vulnerable to systemic breakdown. The definition of deadbeat is tied to huge trade deficits and oversized current account deficits, coupled by extremely unmanageable national debt. They tend to have bloated welfare states and diminished industry. The United States qualifies as the most at risk, the most out of balance, and the worst from a debt and an industrial standpoint.

The Gold Standard a la Bretton Woods was broken illicitly, illegally, and brutally to begin an American Dollar Hegemony in 1971. Here 46 years later, the distortions and imbalances are horrific. As forecasted in 2005 within the Hat Trick Letter, the King Dollar is being defended finally by war in the open. Obviously it is veiled cover for blocking the Russian supply chain and recently the Iran supply chain. The USEconomy operates on an invalid credit card, usurping the global currency reserve. The USFed monetary policy of Quantitative Easing has introduced a hyper-inflation injection into the global banking reserve capital foundation, for six years. The rot from wrecked money and rigged financial markets has forced an Eastern solution. It will be centered on gold, first in trade, then in banking, and finally in currency. CHSmith focuses on the last plank, rather than the requisite first two planks, in error for the sequence. Examine his main points, then dissect them, with a viable solution presented on the table. He cites the challenges of a gold-backed currency, not the problems which make it unworkable. He offers no path toward solution, whereas the Jackass will do precisely that.


The alternative to installing the Gold Standard is not acceptable, not tenable, and not workable. It is the present course, toward a global systemic breakdown and wider war. It would be better to adjust in a rabid industrialization process and a nasty wave of debt defaults, which might be more orderly than imagined, if begun. The move toward gold reserves would have to be quick in transition. The constructive path toward solution will be difficult and requires creative thought. The entire consensus must discard Keynesian lunacy. Gold is the arbiter of fairness, equitability, balance, and forces a just system. The Gold Standard is arch-enemy of the globalist fascist state. It is possible that Gold smothers war. It puts war and dominance in check, while putting industry and trade in the forefront while seeking equilibrium. 

The initial focus should be on the Gold Trade Note, which is the fiat armor piercing weapon, to be used for trade payment. It is coming into view, with its key components. The Eastern nations and Emerging Market nations have the trade advantage, from actual stronger industrial bases. They can direct traffic with a reform in trade payments. Charles Hugh Smith has a focus on the gold-backed currency that is premature. One does not put the crown on the new king before he is identified, then walks to the throne and sits in it. Focus should be on the Gold Trade Note as the trade mechanism. It kills fiat paper. Gold is urgently required as solution, in order to bring order, to seek balance, and to achieve peace on the globe. . . continue reading

* * *

Tillerson’s Chief of Staff Peterlin is an old hand at US cyberwarfare against Russia

Peterlin’s and Stack’s public records are two reasons why none of this is secret from the Russian services. That’s another reason why in Moscow yesterday Lavrov would not look at Tillerson during their press conference — and why Putin refused to be photographed with him.

American foreign policy and the tangled matrix of deceit . . . this article helped me to better understand the underlying thinking and reality in Washington, D.C.

Another Trump flip-flop: US Treasury does not label China currency manipulator, keeps on monitor list . . . this heading is enough. It tells it all . . . 

Turkey launches probe into role of former US officials in coup attempt . . . reminder: tomorrow Turkey holds its referendum.

Among the US officials implicated in the case are former CIA Director John O. Brennan and New York Senator Chuck Schumer. The prosecutors said a red notice could be issued by Interpol against those people if Turkey decided to file a request in that regard with the international police organ.

Marine Le Pen blasts Donald Trump and his new found love for NATO

. . . and now . . . 

French judges request Le Pen’s immunity suspended in EU funds misuse case

Exodus: Russian Israelis are leaving promised land for Putin’s Russia

 * * *

I have often suggested people watch Crimea, The Way Home, but I found that the written translation on the film was suddenly almost too small to read, so I stopped suggesting it. Today, I found another copy that has an easily readable translation, and I suggest that in this time-of-waiting, you increase your knowledge of Putin himself by watching this video — before it is again unavailable. Even if you watch just a little bit, you will gain invaluable information. See/Hear Putin in his own words as a leader of Russia and his people. See how the people, from the top to the bottom all worked together with respect for their different abilities — and were absolutely necessary to the effort. Understand how ‘religion’ and many ethnic backgrounds did not divide the people. We all need to reach this point on the entire planet before we can be helped, and at least in the United States, we are still very much divided by careful design — and I maintain this is being done on purpose, and that we just don’t get it yet! Watch some of this documentary, please, and make up your own mind!

 * * *

Note: There is a huge amount of news on sott.net, and zeroedge.com is also keeping track. On this Easter weekend, I urge you to at least follow the headlines to keep up with the fast-flowing stories. Again, I do not think there will be war. I think Trump will continue to create chaos, which whether or not he knows it is exactly why he got the job. The cabal had to choices: war or chaos, and I think because things are going against them, they chose chaos, which has its own distinct benefits to them, unknown to most people. Fortunately, chaos may also benefit us, as we get the information about how they operate.
Please consider that this time has been planned in meticulous detail for a very long time by those who would control the planet, and they are continuing to follow their plans. Unfortunately, those who would rule us are only bullies who know how to do the same thing over and over again. They are not creative, and they are so out-of-touch with reality that they think they will be successful by continuing this same bullying, chaotic pattern.
What is happening that is in our favor, however, is that courageous citizens all over the planet are publishing the truth of their exploits on the internet for all to see. Honest, truthful information is the key to keeping our planet from being taken over. Hopefully, the population that is still sleeping will awaken in time to help stop them — and I believe that time is close at hand. When people can no longer believe in what is happening, when they can no longer kill their pain by spending money on things that in the larger picture don’t really matter, we will begin to see change as our rage erupts — as it should.
Remember, after 9/11 how George Bush asked us to go out and spend money? What value system did we see displayed in his words, and how many people are still a part of it? How many people have begun to listen when we speak their truth? This gives you some idea where we are in our efforts to move forward in a positive way, and now world events are beginning to support our efforts in a positive way.

Chinese Media Almost Sets Off Military Action With Erroneous North Korea Headline, Zerohedge

Not A Drill’: Panic As NSA’s Windows Hacking Tools Leaked, by Chris Menahan

“This is not a drill,” notorious NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says.

Malware used by the NSA to hack into Microsoft Windows systems was reportedly leaked just hours ago, meaning anyone who gets the software will have the virtual “keys to the kingdom” and can hack into practically any computer running Windows they want.

Latest “Shadow Brokers” Leak Reveals NSA Hacked Most Windows Platforms; SWIFT Banks, Zerohedge

WikiLeaks Issues Response To CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Zerohedge

Play the game – or else: Congressman says corruption in D.C. is ‘worse than you think’

Key Americans in the Berezovsky Trap, by Phil Butler

License to exploit: UN Peacekeeping forces ran a child sex ring in Haiti, yet no arrests were ever made

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5 Responses to April 15, 2017, News .. . check back for updates

  1. lecox says:

    I was attracted by the article about Haiti, as I have studied their modern history, and my church was a part of the earthquake relief efforts there some years ago. The article is based on work done by the AP (that’s Associated Press). The AP describes itself as an independent non-profit news cooperative – something I didn’t know. This story certainly got nearly zero coverage in the U.S. up to now. I had never heard of these incidents before. Yet they are strikingly familiar – almost archetypal.

    The picture being painted here – and by all the other stories I looked over (except maybe the one about Bitcoin) – is that it’s all a big mess. We find ourselves enmeshed in technologies that only a criminal would bother to take the time to try to understand. And in a planetary culture so sordid and morally corrupt that there seems no way out.

    I started my adulthood this lifetime in the weird and crazy days of the 1960s. I was painfully aware of my own defects, but could not believe that those my parents’ age were as sick and unethical as some of my contemporaries were accusing them of being. Yet all evidences point in that direction.

    Though Hubbard provided me with a framework for improving my understanding of the situation, he provided no pat answers and his prognosis for this planet was often just as dark and disturbing as any others I had heard or read. He did warn us not to get too immersed in it. It’s a kind of sensory and emotional overload. The bad news is real, but it’s being pushed down on us as the only news, which isn’t true. We should realize, though, that the way through this mess lies on the shoulders of those who aren’t yet totally mired down by it. And a lot of those people just want to be left alone to get on with their own lives. That doesn’t leave many others to tackle the job. So our future rests on a thin hope, or you might say a thin rope. And we are the high wire artists being counted on to get across. I hope everyone involved realizes this.

  2. Deborah says:

    Exactly, Jean…… but by then they won’t be able to do it…..what a blessing!!!! A hard lesson that needs to be learned….and remembered!!!!!!
    Hugs~ Deborah

  3. Deborah says:

    Excellent article by Paul Craig Robert’s, Jean!….He also echos my thoughts, completely!!!!!
    Unfortunately, Jean, I think that’s what it may take, to wake Americans up…..When things start hitting them on a “personal” level, THAT will get their attention!!….or will it? Will they start asking the tough questions or will they ask the “government” to fix it?
    Hugs ~ Deborah

    • Jean says:

      Deborah, I’m thinking they may ask the government to fix it, but by then they won’t be able to do it. A hard lesson that needs to be learned, I think! Hugs, ~Jean

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