April 19, 2017, News

IMO, this is the video interview with Catherine from today that you will want to watch. Remember, though, that Catherine seems to think in a totally 3D way.

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Note: The news today is endless, and you will get an excellent picture of it by following sott.net and zerohedge.com. I’m taking a bit of a break . . . 

Mattis confirms ‘deconflicting’ with Russia and seeks political solution for Yemen

. . . I’m sorry, but this is very hard to believe . . . remember this post . . .

 Iran war rhetoric and the ‘Trump-ordered’ dawn raid in Yemen: WWIII isn’t ‘coming’ – It’s happening NOW Do you believe the leopard really changed its spots? 

. . . and . . . 

US, UN playing ‘destructive role’ in Yemen war: Analyst, Jmes Petras

US Defense Secretary James Mattis said Tuesday that the conflict in Yemen needs to be resolved “as quickly as possible” through UN-brokered peace negotiations.

“Our aim is that this crisis can be handed to a team of negotiators under the aegis of the United Nations that can try to find a political solution as quickly as possible,” Mattis told reporters as he flew to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

We will work with our allies, with our partners to try to get it to the UN-brokered negotiating table,” the Pentagon chief said.

Note: Suddenly on sott.net there are two pages of articles . . . please take time to check them out! ~J 🙂

A reminder:

Below is the latest info on what appears to be a psyop to try to get us to attack the satellite and start WWIII.

Below this shorter video, I’m posting the original video, which is not really the final UPDATE . It is, however, an interview with Dr, Max Steel . . . hope I have this correct 🙂 ~J

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Now, let me add this video — and as far as I am concerned, I haven’t yet decided what I think about Steele:

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‘Demonic destiny’: Long history of US threats to N. Korea

Donald Trump Juggles Provocations on the Syrian Stage, by Viktor Mikhin

ISIS in talks with Al-Qaeda, Iraqi vice president warns

US business lobby urges Trump to ‘use every arrow’ against China

Former Dyncorp VP Charged With Rape Of A Minor, Zerohedge

On Friday, April 14th, the Military District of Washington announced that  General James Grazioplene (Ret.) was being charged with six specifications of rape of a minor on multiple occasions between 1983 and 1989. The Army said that the investigation remains open. . . .

Ron Paul Rages “The Federal Reserve Is, and Always Has Been, Politicized”




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8 Responses to April 19, 2017, News

  1. Captain says:

    The more important – and kind of scary – thing I got from Trump’s comments about the strikes in Syria and Afghanistan and the other military build-ups is that he said he gave the military full authority to do what they think is necessary. He, himself, is not ‘authorizing’ these events. This is very much like what Regan did, as was revealed in the Oliver North Hearings. In Regan’s case, Bush Sr and Cheney were orchestrating events to cripple and cause problems in the US to get their NWO agenda as ‘solution’ to these problems. ( Hitler/Neros/the Caesar’s war tactic.) One has to hope there is not some neo-con general who is a Bush wannabe among the military.

  2. lecox says:

    Catherine Austin Fitts: I don’t see her as a “3D” thinker. She is a “3D” talker! She knows the language of the physical world and uses it generously in her explanations. Her audience are people who are used to only thinking in 3D. Like my father. Like lots of people who “have portfolios” and generally speaking earn enough to be minor league capitalists, but for the sole purpose (or so they say) of retiring comfortably without putting the economic burden of their welfare or their children’s welfare on the back of the Welfare State (which is constantly threatening to collapse).

    If you live and wish to somehow thrive in the physical universe (3D), you have to understand it well and know how to “talk 3D.” This turns off some people. But that could be simply because they don’t know those words and don’t know what Catherine is talking about! All the meditating in the world is not going to buy you a backyard where you can grow your own food if you can’t operate rather well in 3D. That’s the bottom line on this whole problem. People who think they can somehow pop through directly from here to some ascended state are fooling themselves. Certainly, I’ve never seen that happen.

    Catherine outlines the current problem rather well, I think. And from what I can tell, she studies this stuff 24/7, which is a lot more time and effort than I put into it. She likes to keep things on the humorous side, but you can tell she is actually deeply troubled by all the crap that continues to roll out in the name of the latest “war on….” It is pure crap – even on the 3D, which has led her in the direction of giving real credence to the stories that the guys “at the top” are being driven by some force, or some fear, exerted on them by something even higher than they are, which means off-planet. She mentions spiritual concerns in her interview with Kerry. I know she has a sense of this, even if it is not a full appreciation (perhaps just Christian-based, like Alex Jones?). But right now, it’s enough for me. It helps keep her head above water.

    The article on “increasing mental illness” should remind readers of past campaigns (going all the way back to before I was born) to create a richer, stronger “mental health system” here on Earth. And that system is great for the psychiatrists, because they can serve their paymasters in many ways no matter what path they choose: the slavery scenario; the mind control scenario; or the continuous war scenario. The basic strategy is to establish an above-the-law method for neutralizing dissenters or turning them into “soldiers” or terrorists who can then be killed on the battlefield or by the police. They are also part of the political blackmail program because they often work with the spouses of top-level people and are made privy to their darkest secrets.

  3. swo8 says:

    Wouldn’t Catherine Austin Fitts make a great president?

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