April 26, 2017, Late day news UPDATE

UPDATE: Trump chills out: No military action threatened against North Korea . . . anyway, next week we’ll have the government shutdown to distract us from pedophilia . . .

After weeks of threats of unilateral military action, joint statement by US Secretary of State Tillerson and US Defense Mattis appears to call that option off.

Following weeks of threats and bombast, with wild talk of the US fleet closing in on North Korea, of the US taking ‘unilateral action’ to stop North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programmes, and after the entire US Senate was called for a briefing in the White House – which in the event produced precisely nothing and which lasted all of 14 minutes – the US today after the briefing announced a policy of more of the same: of trying to stop the North Korean nuclear weapons programme through “sanctions and diplomatic pressure”

…Either wiser counsels have prevailed, and President Trump has been talked out of whatever dangerous military action against North Korea he had planned, or the various threats and military moves of the last few weeks were never intended seriously, and were just a bluff. If so, then as discussed previously, the bluff was called on Sunday, when China’s President Xi Jinping telephoned President Trump and warned him that China would not change its policy because of US threats.

The extent of the failure of the attempts to bluff China into taking tougher action against North Korea is illustrated by one telling fact: the statement does not even mention China – much less make demands of it – even though China has been the centre-piece of the diplomacy for weeks.  . . . 

 Please continue to check sott.net and zerohedge.com for more warring around news 🙂 ~J

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 23 April 2017

History is a pack of lies about events that never happened
told by people who weren’t there.
George Santayana

Monumental progress is being made. People are fast learning how to connect and use their own power to change what needs to be changed. Recognising what must be changed is best done in groups, so that you have the power of that group to make the changes that you hope to make. It is a question of connecting with your own energy and using it to remove the chains that bind you, and humanity as a whole.

The Cabal’s energy has been reduced to 3% of what it was. Veronica is working with others who are releasing the energy that was suppressed by the Crown, the Vatican, and others. All the control systems are now exposed and are being removed. When this energy is released, it flows as it should. Black Magic and Artificial Intelligence outside the earth are used to depress and control man. Much help is being given to restructure the Earth, raising the vibration, and of course, raising consciousness. Please be open to these changes. A whole network of people is being used, though they are not conscious of this.

 🙂 🙂 🙂 RT wins 9 awards, incl 2 golds, at prestigious New York Festivals

RT received nine New York Festivals awards at once in various categories, from war zone reporting to documentaries, breaking its personal record. I’m extremely proud of our team!” Simonyan added.

Treasury Secretary hints Trump tax cut to be biggest of all time
. . . Here’s what WaPost has to say about trump’s tax plan — you can get excited, very excited — but only if you didn’t read the headlines from Zerohedge this morning!

ICRC praises Russia for aid in Syria and evacuation of 35,000 civilians from Aleppo

Iranian Defense Minister: US policies in Syria ‘a new form of global fascism’

‘There is global censorship over Syria’ (Video)

There is a desperate effort to block the truth which pervades all Western media, near total censorship of events occurring in Syria, claims Virginia State Senator Richard Black.

‘No unified understanding of what it will take to end Syria crisis’ – UN Under-Secretary-General, Video

The UN is proposing an international anti-terrorism coordination bureau, the Under-Secretary-General Jeffrey Feltman told the sixth Moscow Conference on International Security on Wednesday.

Feltman read a statement from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in which he said: “In order to effectively implement the UN global counterterrorism strategy, I have proposed the creation of a new office for counterterrorism that will further enhance coordination and coherence in the delivery of UN assistance to member states and increase our impact on the ground.”

Selfish, conceited mindset’: Bolivia president to RT on US handling of N. Korea (RT EXCLUSIVE)

Ankara notified US ‘weeks’ before airstrikes on Kurdish-held areas in Syria & Iraq – Turkish FM

Utter insanity: Election of Saudi Arabia to Woman’s Rights Commission makes UN complicit in crimes

The UN Commission on the Status of Women – a body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women – has been the subject of massive criticism for its recent decision to elect Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for its rampant violation of women’s rights, as its member. Press TV has talked to Catherine Shakdam, director of Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies, as well as Lawrence J. Korb, former US as

The EU launched legal action against Hungary on Wednesday in a major confrontation with Prime Minister Viktor Orban over a law that could shut a US-backed university.

Israel’s former minister of military affairs has denounced the administration of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as extreme and corrupt, vowing to challenge him in the next elections.


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4 Responses to April 26, 2017, Late day news UPDATE

  1. Tracy says:

    Jean, as usual “more of the same” news and it’s generally not for our most benevolent wholeness, emancipation and spiritual well-BEing; I’m doing my part as Monty suggests, and hoping others are as well! (And I do agree working “together” with faith has an attractive power to amplify the affirmed intention if one is lucky to find soul-mates to help) >> We won’t be Shaken, we’re stronger than we remember, hugs to you Jean ❤

  2. Bill says:

    Jean – I’m only about half way through this but it’s quite telling. In many respects it’s a reiteration of many of the facts we presently know,but in many cases it puts names on the perps and suggests the motives.

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