April 26, 2017 News . . . Washington’s ‘Warring Around’ seems to be the subject today. UPDATE

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Lavrov uses wrecking ball to demolish UK-led sarin ‘investigation’ in 30 seconds

UN must lead battle against ‘pandemic’ of fake news & disinformation – Russia’s FM spokeswoman, Video

“Our delegation proposes the UN to define a strategy for battling fake news and disinformation. Russia will be ready to fully support this initiative which is extremely important for developing a healthy environment for news reporting,” Zakharova said at the 39th Session of the COI on Tuesday.

The “mass production” of fake news is the result of a significant decrease in journalists’ professional standards that is taking place against a backdrop of “unjustified legislative and functional” limits being imposed on media outlets, the Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

Now to the Warring Around events of the day, starting right here at home:

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The Not-So-Grand Strategy Behind America’s Warring Around, by F. Willaim Engdahl

It’s getting pretty crazy, the warring around of Washington since the Trump Project took office January 20. The question is whether there is a true strategy behind the dramatic escalation of Trump Administration military aggression around the world. There definitely is in my view, and it’s not good for world peace, not good for the United States and the rest of the world.

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Zerohedge presents us with examples of Washington’s ‘Warring Around’, very few of which are probably worth your time. 

US preparing to ‘EVACUATE 230,000 Americans from South Korea’ . . .  but not yet . . . 

In Warning To North Korea, US Releases Video Of Overnight Minuteman III ICBM Launch

Global Market Cap Hits $50 Trillion For The First Time Ever As All Eyes Turn To Trump Tax Plan

JPMorgan: “Trump’s Tax Plan Will Be Virtually Impossible To Pass Through Congress”

Trader: Trump Tax Plan Likely To Send S&P To New Record Highs “No Matter What He Says”

Fannie Introduces “Innovative Solutions” Allowing Student-Debt-Laden Millennials To Buy A Home

Mulvaney On Latest Government Shutdown Status: “I’m Not Sure What’s Happening”

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‘Power is like drinking gin on an empty stomach’: Pope warns world leaders in surprise TED talk (Video) . . . I hope that the fact that I put this article/video at the bottom of this report says it all. If anyone knows anything about TED, it is that they are ‘selective’ about whom they allow to speak. When they don’t permit Graham Hancock’s words to be heard, I throw up my hands. One more organization drowning in the swamp. ~J

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6 Responses to April 26, 2017 News . . . Washington’s ‘Warring Around’ seems to be the subject today. UPDATE

  1. William J. Clinton developing a conscience? Riiiiight.

  2. Eve says:

    I do not know if you have already published this Dr Preston James article.
    I have had a quick look through the past weeks postings and cannot see it.

    The Secret Global Reset Agreement – Preston James

    The second meeting in DC [of the G20] in April was part of a meeting with the IMF and World Bank. During these particular meetings it is strongly suspected that an apparent secret agreement was made based on a recognition that the private Rothschild Khazarian central Fiat Banking System was unsustainable. We know the agreement was made but the exact date has not been confirmed. It was also recognized that the US Petro Dollar had provided the West with a means to gain and take unfair advantage of the rest of the World.

    Apparently these “new understandings” by the G20 were based on the presence of a new and increasingly powerful group which is keeping a low profile but delivering some “ultimatums”. The exact date this secret agreement was made is believe to be in late 2013. A good guess is that this was discussed in these private meeting a number of times in introductory fashion before it was finally entered into.

    This new group that emerged and appeared on the scene at G20 with a significant presence and apparent power is different than the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) which has held the World captive for at least the last 300 years.

    This new group appears to be aligned with the Russian Federation and a sector hidden deep inside some unacknowledged special-access deep-black US Defense contractor programs.

    It is very hard to get information on this agreement that has been negotiated in secret because the parties involved believe that if they disclose this they will be severely sanctioned with-prejudice.

    It appears that this new group instructed the G20 members that the current RKM World financial system was unsustainable and the World would no longer accept it anymore or even allow it.

    A schedule was allegedly set up for rolling out this new World financial system and displacing the RKM system piece by piece.

    However despite this secret Reset Agreement being made, it is now being resisted by the RKM and its Cutouts.

    It may be that Putin and the Russian Federation hold the main cards which will determine the speed of the demise of the RKM system unless the American people wake up fast and unite to take action.

    • Jean says:

      Eve, IMO much of this article is pure conjecture! We know nothing of the facts of this wishful thinking! It appears to be all guessing. There is no proof of a ‘new control group, existing in Russia. The fact of which raises many questions, and dare I say possible fears for those who don’t understand what is going on? T

      This writer apparently does not understand the reality of Putin— as I see it, and of course many will disagree with me. My long observation of Putin tells me that he is very fortunately for us an emotionally mature, integrated adult who understands law (both national and international law) and believe that we must live by it. He believes in ‘live-and-let-live’ in our home countries and in the negotiation of difference between countries where problems overlap. It’s that simple.

      I don’t really know what this very long story is trying to tell us about what Russia has or knows, etc. The United States had the opportunity to have the same weapons Russia has, and they turned it down — flat. Putin said the same things back in 2007 that he is saying now. Nothing has changed, and most certainly not Putin. It appears to me that our politicians don’t know what to make of him, because they are used to dealing in lies and bullying, and he always says what he means and means what he says. He does what he says he will do — and no more, although they are constantly trying to attribute lies to him. Because of the propaganda from the West, if people don’t follow the alternative news carefully, there is no way they can make sense of Putin, but he is utterly ‘sensible’! This is why I have suggested over and over again that people take the time to watch him directly, unfiltered, and listen to his own words. If they have done that, perhaps it is possible then to discuss ‘oranges and oranges’. If they haven’t, where is the meeting ground for any honest discussion?

      Suddenly, however, it seems there is a new control group coming on the scene in Russia. Could it be that folks are waking up to how Putin/Russia operate? It continues to be am amazing experience to watch them move ahead in spite of all the trashing they take — and the rest of the world is beginning to see them as ‘winners’ and wants to join with them. Saudi Arabia sees a possible win-win situation in some areas, and the rest will remain outside relationships with Russia, etc. Can you look down the road a bit, though, to see that eventually the people of Saudi Arabia likely will rise up and want to be free like those in Russia? Can you see that Americans will want this, as well, because we must look at the truth and realize we are hardly better off than any other ‘imprisoned’ populations — and our lives are only getting worse.

      I have said it before, and I will say it again: Putin doesn’t want to change our population, except in the way our country relates to Russia — and he only wants to relate to our country in an honest way. That is not his job, and from my experience that is the mature way to think. Is it up to us to change our neighbor’s outlook? How can we possibly insist on doing this? If we let our light shine, though, our neighbor might want to make some changes. Who knows! In the meantime, we go on living our lives.

      Putin’s behavior in the world, as I observe it, isn’t to change/control his neighbors. He doesn’t have time for that. Instead, he is finding people who will work with Russia in an honest mutual way to improve people’s lives and leaving the rest of us to figure it out — and maybe catch up. I think he believes we must all ultimately come together, but the time and place must be of our choosing, not his. He certainly isn’t forcing his views on us, as we constantly try to burtally do to the rest of the world. Can you see that?

      This is the reason he still holds out his hand to the United States, but believe me, he won’t be suckered by us. He is smart and is letting things be completely exposed, so that we begin to understand we have a choice. Yes, and I know Paul Craig Roberts has said Russia should have taken the US down when it had the chance, but then we’d wind up living in the same ol’ world we’ve had for centuries, except we’d once again have a new boss who is really the same as the old boss. The choice about our future must be ours, and clearly as a nation we aren’t close to seeing the real truth yet.

      I’ve gone on a bit, but hopefully you at least will consider my words, test them carefully. That is all I can ask 🙂


      • Truth and Integrity carry their own weight…..they have their own Tone.

        Easy to feel when watching Vladimir Putin.

        • Jean says:

          Yes, Michelle, it’s all about energy . . . clear and straight forward. Mostly, what we know and experience is lies on television from anchors and politicians who aren’t connected to reality. In a way they’re acting . . . but it’s not real. We’ve had so little experience with honesty, it’s very hard to separate . . . but if we follow people over time, their actions and words give them away . . . 🙂

          Yes, it’s easy to feel . . . thanks, and hugs, ~Jean

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