UPDATED – April 30, 2017 A single article by James Corbett with commentary. ~Jean

UPDATE . . . we need to remember our history:

1937-1941: Golden Lily, The Second Sino-Japanese War, The Rape of Nanking, and World War II

Mr. Obama, whats happened to the Ukrainian gold? Answer: Arseny Yatsenyuk ordered its transfer to the United States

. . . and a present-day story on Yatsenyuk:

Russia has proof of Yatsenyuk’s involvement in 1995 Chechnya executions

 * * * 

China ushering in newer, shinier New World Order!
 by James Corbett
. . . to be honest, as a speed reader, I only skimmed this article before I wrote the following commentary, and then I took time to go back to the article and discovered that sott.net pretty much agrees with my thinking, although we both expressed ourselves quite differently. 

Conclusion: Meet the new globalization, same as the old globalization.

The only thing left to say is that the false choice between the Chinese-led world order and the American-led world order are not the only options on the table. It is still possible for free humanity to withdraw its participation from the statist systems of control (economic, financial, monetary, commercial and social) that under gird this system of regional competition for global dominance. But if this is a race to the finish line, then free humanity is far behind and time is running out.

Just one of Sott’s Comments: And thus the author reveals his ideological bias. He’s an ‘anti-statist’, a postmodern gloss on ‘anarchist’. In his world, there should be no states, no governments, no economic management, no nothing.

It’s a shame because he’s done so much to deconstruct the lies behind Western hegemony. But he’s completely misreading the transition that’s taking place because of his unrealistic beliefs.

Given that Corbett lives in Japan, one has to wonder if he has swallowed that nation’s inherent anti-China bias.

My questions concerning James’ Conclusion are many. On the spiritual level, I have no problem with many of us actually leaving this 3D plane of existence in order to reach a higher plane, but if we are all to go together — as many think and I would hope, looking at where humanity now is, is it realistic to think we can make these changes in our banking system so quickly? What. for instance, does James suggest? Does he feel it is becoming necessary to leave that hopeful viewpoint behind?

And I’m not sure that I do agree that time is running out.

The fact is that I don’t know, and I wonder if James actually does. Given our present reality, and without employing any magical thinking, my mind must consider what is sensible. Chapter 1972 that I first published in April of 2014 describes an actual scientifically recorded event in 1972 that changed everything about this shift. We should have shifted ‘up’ before the turn of the century, because we had a high enough vibration and enough people ready to go, but we did not — and we still have not. So many more of us are now ready and waiting, but I believe the consensus is that we want to wait for those we love. Can we agree among ourselves that this is ‘real’ truth? As sick as many of us are of waiting, we have chosen to wait for everyone, and I feel that our wishes have been heard by the Cosmos. Why else have we not gone through? We also have been told that the Earth could not wait for us and has already shifted upwards, has thrown a shield around us because we are not yet ready for higher dimensional life, and is waiting for us. If the first ‘thought’ can be considered spiritual fact, does not the second statement then at least make sense? If everyone is to go together — sounds wonderful, doesn’t it — we may have much to learn, and in a practical sense, we are going to need a lot more time for this to happen. 

Is time, then, as James suggests, truly running out?

When I think of all the people just on the internet alone working in heartfelt ways to awaken people, I think there may be some truth io my own thoughts, but only time and close observation will tell.

Shifting from the spiritual to the practical, let me suggest that one of the first things I learned in my own healing process was “it’s not what you do, but how you feel about it.” I think perhaps James has gotten caught in a gut response and has made assumptions about what he thinks China is doing rather than checking to see if this is what China is actually doing. He ascribes bad motives to China, but are China’s motives actually bad? I don’t think so.

Doesn’t it make good sense for China to bring AIIB along with them? Aren’t they also allowing the Rothschilds through? If we are not yet ready for the sort of banking that James advocates in his conclusion — and I agree, why would China create more chaos by destroying any continuity between systems — because that is what I happen to think China is trying to maintain. Don’t you think when the entire Central Banking System collapses there will be enough chaos? Is it wise on China’s part to invite more?

Since the Rothschilds have spent perhaps 25 years now creating the system and structure that enables almost seamless international banking, why be foolish and by keeping them out of the new banking system create a situation that requires rebuilding the same structure from scratch without the Rothschild ‘know-how’ — particularly at a time like this? Does this automatically mean that China — and hopefully a more responsible world — is going to allow the Rothschilds — and AIIB  and others — to play their same old game once again?

Has China ever displayed a desire to control the planet in the way that the United States has done, through brutal bullying? The Chinese are an ancient people with plenty of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, facts we may have forgotten, or that may have been hidden from us. I have read recently that China is cleaning up its own corruption at home. Like Russia, after Putin took power and began cleaning up the swamp — something he is still doing after seventeen years, could there also be great changes going on in China? Putin is doing his ‘cleansing’ as gently as possible, without the mass conflagrations we have learned to expect in such situaitons. Could this also be going on in China? Do we really know? Do we begin to understand the Chinese correctly? Before we jump to conclusions, I think we had better be very certain of them.

There is negative commentary in James’ article about China’s use of soft power. But how else are these poor nations really supposed to get the help they need to upgrade their lives? Should China just give this help away? How else is this new system to be created? People will be employed building the railroads, and so their lives will improve — that seems pretty clear to me. Americans, having learned something about unemployment, should I think be sympathetic to this viewpoint.

Take a moment to look at our situation here in the United States: our infrastructure is in a state of collapse, and the financial collapse is going to leave our country without money. If/when/as we decide that we want to rejoin the world population, we are going to need among other things to upgrade our own railroad system. How, though, are we going to ‘play’ in a world where gold is demanded in payment? We are going to find out, I think, that we don’t have much gold at all, and any that we do have was more than likely stolen from others. As much as we might not like to have to put our pride aside, wouldn’t it be sensible for China to lend us the money, just like it is lending to other third world countries? Remember that pride goeth before a fall, and these are plain realities I think we are going to have to consider as we go forward. I think we are going to find ourselves on our knees, and we are going to have to figure out if we want to stay there, or if we want to get up and walk.

In that same vein of thought, China, having played our ‘banker’, stands to lose a huge amount of money when the financial system goes down. The only way they can recoup this loss is to own real assets, like property, in the United States, and so they have been buying it in substantial amounts. Realistically speaking, can you blame them? Wouldn’t you do the same? Yet we speak of this buying like they’re doing something evil, when it is only financially sensible. We hear ugly words about this and so many other things that China is doing, because we do not understand that it is our government which is to blame for this, not China. We sold the Chinese, who need water, the water in Lake Superior. They didn’t steal it from us! These thoughts will be harsh to many ears, but I think they are based in real fact, whether or not we may want to hear them.

While I’m speaking on this kind of a subject, let me share some of my thoughts on free energy, to which we certainly have a right  — yet,there is no talk on anyone’s part about our using it in any mass way. Why? While I think it may arrive on the scene sooner rather than later, please stop and consider for a moment the huge geo-political ramifications of free energy, and the changes it will bring to the existing power structure. A tiny, tiny brilliant country without the need for energy can become immensely powerful. Can you see then that there very likely will be enormous shifts in the nations who are our leaders. When we can readily see we are presently still fighting among ourselves over differences that do not really matter, are we mature enough yet to handle this? Time to heal and grow is required.

I’ve just watched a video with Drunvalo, who has two more books coming out in August in the Flower of Life series, in which he speaks of the Birkeland Currents; they are a basic part of the Electric Universe, and I surmise they are a part of his new thinking. With our understanding of these currents comes the knowledge that communication across the universe happens instantly, not in billions of light years. I have watched a video in which it is demonstrated how these currents hold the Universe together, and they operate exactly like the merkaba energies, which Drunvalo has taught. Since I understand these energies, what he is saying makes perfect sense to me. Apparently, we may have much more to experience and learn than we can begin to imagine before we actually make this shift, and I for one am keeping my mind open and not locking down any time frame possibilities. I do not think time is running out, and I believe we are being guided by the Cosmos!

Questions, questions — and are we certain we know the answers?

I suggest before we let ourselves think drastic thoughts about our future as a species, that we watch a bit more of what happens while we consider possible answers to these very important questions.~J 🙂

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12 Responses to UPDATED – April 30, 2017 A single article by James Corbett with commentary. ~Jean

  1. Leonard Frank House of Harview says:

    adamandeve and Michele Baillie, You both bring up very good points however, my question to all is WTF are we going to do about it? Sure, China is a huge problem however, I consider the USA, Inc. to be many times worse due to being constant perpetrators of fraud, murder, genocide, terrorism and imperialism acts perpetrated worldwide. Michelle is spot on because it all begins and ends at the Vatican which is clearly specified in the many unlawful and ‘original contract’ breaching Papal Bulls, Treaties, etc. (original contract being between our Creator and man to which each and every man, women and child on earth happens to be Heirs to) Anything beyond the ‘original contract’ is all fraud via breach and fraud vitiates all. I could go on and on however, in case some here have not looked into the Declaration and Indenture Covenant of a Trust that has been lawfully, I repeat, lawfully in force since August of 2016 followed by lawful notification to many high ups in the current purported govt. and military structure, I suggest going to: http://www.hudok.info and attempt to navigate what has now become a cluster eff that will eventually be cleaned up and organized in time and once you have absorbed pertinent writings, recordings and documents, you will most likely be convinced that something has and is actually being done in attempt to free every man, women and child in the geographically defined area commonly known as the United States of America. We have evidence that the whole purported government structure of West Virginia is absolutely terrified of what has been done and if the participators of this fabulous blog would like to assist, may I suggest that you spread the following video as far and wide as you possibly can and especially if any of you have relatives or contacts in West Virginia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULu5M9D2I-Y&feature=youtu.be The following links are audio recordings which explain further what has been done to allow for the lawful jurisdiction, venue and law form to take place over the defaulted current structure: http://hudok.info/files/1014/7339/1696/802_0056.MP3 http://hudok.info/files/9314/7339/1696/802_0057.MP3

  2. lecox says:

    Globalism, or globalization, has been targeted for intense discussion by as diverse personalities as Simon Anholt, Alex Jones, and the multitudinous denizens of the World Wide Web, starting with Tim Berners-Lee. It is studied as a phenomenon by academics, touted or challenged by politicians, and discussed by business leaders. From my point of view, it has already happened in most sectors. Perhaps the most out of the loop are the general public, many of whom would still like to believe that local customs, languages and beliefs mean something.

    The global communication system is the Internet. The most-used global language is English. The global exchange currency has been the US dollar, though that may be changed to gold. The global coordinating council is the United Nations. The global government is some secret group.

    Partly because the global political setup is basically secret, the whole political side of globalism is a real mess. That mess influences a lot of other sectors. On the other hand, the globalization of business and trade has been relatively open, as has the exchange of “culture.” The smart phone, in some form, is now almost universal on Earth, as are sneakers and Coke.

    Currently the phenomenon is heavily dependent on computer technologies, advanced forms of radio communication, and a rather large network of satellites. If those technologies were significantly disrupted, a lot of global systems would be crippled.

    Many people are focused on the “bad” parts of this process, such as the looming specter of “world government.” The problem, of course, is that it’s already here, but it’s a secret. People also worry about cultural clashes and certain populations being taken advantage of. But those problems are nothing new. A long time ago Whites brought a lot of Africans to the “New World” and look what happened with that.

    What I really don’t like is the secrecy. A lot of others don’t like it either, and many have dug into it just so far, then stopped. James Corbett is just one of many like this. I suppose they stop because they get so far and then hit a brick wall. But is that wall imposed on them, or are they imposing it on themselves? Take the question of past lives. Have you ever heard someone say that they’d rather not know what they’ve up to over the past few thousand, or million, years? A lot are convinced that there are some “mysteries” best left unexplored. Thus, the brick wall.

    And even if you manage to find a hole in that wall and peek through, you can only get so far, because on the other side of that wall are phenomena that most of us just aren’t prepared for. I do my best to obtain a balanced mix of data from “the other side,” but all those sources are compromised to some degree. They just aren’t spiritually able enough to not be compromised. The future, then – the future where there is still life and hope and beauty – belongs to the spiritually able. Without those abilities, the best we can do for now it to become aware that the wall exists and that things on the other side are hard for us to see clearly. I do hope we can eventually improve on the current situation. It is frustrating to feel that one is being pushed around by higher, uncontrollable forces.

    • Jean says:

      Larry, that is our problem, I think. We are permitting ourselves to be pushed around by what we think are higher, uncontrollable forces. That statement says we have given away our power, and until we decide to take it back, we are in for a very rough time. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. adamandeve says:

    I agree with James Corbett.
    I have major concerns about China and, in fact any Nation, setting themselves up as so-called global leaders.

    Governance within China appears to be wielded with a STEEL HAND and to be of a strong “communist” ideology.

    Wukan unrest: Why do Chinese farmers riot?
    Some believe the central problem is that there is no private land ownership in China – it is all, in effect, owned by the government.
    One problem is the level of compensation given to farmers for expropriated land, which is based on the amount of money a farmer can earn from it – not on the higher value local officials get when they sell it.
    But why do so many land disputes result in conflict with the authorities?

    The answer to that question may lie in China’s determination to maintain social stability by cracking down on anyone who could undermine it.

    The COMMUNIST PARTY believes this is an essential tool in maintaining power.

    Rigid stability
    Yu Jianrong, one of China’s leading rural researchers, said that in many cases this means “NORMAL EXPRESSIONS of PUBLIC WILL be BRANDED as ILLEGAL BEHAVIOUR”

    Farmers who complain about LAND GRABS often find no sympathy from the local authorities, the courts or the police – and sometimes are themselves accused of stirring up trouble.

    “Rigid stability is about defining absolute social calm as the objective of governance,” wrote Mr Yu in an article carried by the China Media Project, a Hong-Kong-based centre that monitors the media in China.

    “[The authorities see] EACH and EVERY ACT of RESISTANCE as disorder and chaos, all TO BE STRUCK DOWN and SUPPRESSED THROUGH WHATEVER MEANS POSSIBLE”

    * * * * * * * *
    CommunIZUM is, Imho, a tool of ashkeNAZI khazar origin to obtain WORLD DOMINANCE.
    It is an ASSET-STRIPPING operation.
    China is the same INFESTATION of ashkenazi khazar…..KAIFENG “chinese” …as are Western Nations….US, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland etc.

    Kaifeng “joos”….INDISTINGUISHABLE from the CHINESE !!$$$

    China and the Khazar Zionists
    * * * * * * * *
    If you Google …Unrest and riots in China….you will find that expressions of dissent with the ruling “elite” appear to be an ongoing issue.

    July 2009 Umrumqi riots.
    The underlying issue seems to be historical. The Uyghurs believe their ANCESTORS were INDIGENOUS to the AREA whilst Chinese government policy considers present day Xinjiang to have belonged to China since around 200 BC.
    * * * * * * * *
    Protest and Dissent in China
    Despite the increase in protests, some scholars have argued that they may not pose an existential threat to Communist Party rule because they lack “connective tissue;
    * * * * * * * *
    The enTITies who call themsELVES WRATHsCHILD & their ILK………..KIL !

    A thousand+ years of GENOCIDE & ROBBERY.
    In league with “his heinous in Rome” the ‘Cestui Que Vie’ ACTS.
    Asset STRIPPING Africa of minerals gems whose TRUE OWNERSHIP lies in the hands of Indigenous Africans.
    Destruction of the Middle East.
    The list goes on.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, adamandeve, for presenting a different opinion. I leave my readers to consider it and over time to decide for themselves, as I am continuing to do, in which direction China is headed. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  4. As regards Lake Superior……if I have it right; HALF of the water in Lake Superior has been sold to China by……Karen Hudes and her husband, when she worked at The World Bank.

    Who gave her the right to sell off OUR WATER???? ( I am Canadian) The World Bank owns SWEET BUGGER ALL and has No Jurisdiction, nor Common Law Standing in this; as it is Chartered under the Holy See Canon law: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH which is Fraud; including The Papal Bulls.


    fraus omni vitiat

    • Jean says:

      There are a lot of people who don’t want to undertand this fact! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • adamandeve says:

      I agree with all that you say Michele.

      WW III is a silent war and many of us are just waking up to the fact that we are fighting it !

      • Jean says:

        Let me add that while I agree we are in a silent war, I’m not sure we have yet begun to fight . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • adamandeve says:

          Yup, that could be a pertinent point !
          However, the PEN is said to be MIGHTIER than the SWORD ?

          AND…. I am spending a lot of time attempting to highlight BS deception and FEAR-PORN……NOT on YOUR SITE Jean……in order to thWART the attempts by the “elites” to reduce us all to quaking jelly.

          • Jean says:

            Good for you!!! I’m so glad to hear you’re doing this! People have been put into a situation without their realizing it of knowing so little they have no means of measuring the truth — and the topic is extremely complicated. Even almost full time, it’s hard for me to keep up! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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