April 30, 2017, News, UPDATES are already showing up!

When the Odds Favour the Problem – Change the Odds by Creating The Solution!

 How do you begin to challenge an orthodoxy when that very entity is the enemy in our midst? Historically we have been fed and persuaded to believe ‘the enemy‘ to be a transparent evil of obvious proportions. A creature of demonic evil perpetrating unspeakable horrors defying essential humanity. Once exposed, it then becomes continuously demonised through repetition, association and so called righteous outrage.

What if  ‘the enemy‘ turns out to be, in reality, a construct of the very group persuading us of their version of the foe to divert us seeing that the true enemy is them? If anyone can be turned into a head spin surely this sort of tack is ripe for setting such spin in motion. When questioned such manipulations and exposures are beaten down and ridiculed as ‘conspiracy theory‘, rantings of lunatics, terrorists or fanatically charged treasonous talk.

These sorts of riposte are not news to many!

In short this is their game tactic. Yet who are these ‘they‘ characters? Who are they persuading us to believe lies as truth, manipulation as information and disingenuous disguise as full frontal reality?

Challenging the orthodoxy has historically been the part played by those on the fringes of life lived as ‘normal‘. Today with the panoply of diverse information and sources where another side is fully presented, it becomes increasingly difficult for those persuading one toxic view to be taken as seriously and without question as in days gone by where mainstream media was considered independent and a trusted source. The criminal element, dressed as ethical governance, uses an iron fist of restraint, a powerful lock down on free speech, discussion and all that might propagate another side of any story, even though they deny that vociferously.

These tactics themselves become more and more transparently manipulative to a slowly enlightening people. Therein lies the rub, the slowness of enlightenment. [highlight added] With a mainstream press and TV wholly owned and manipulated by a handful of commissars of corporate interest, themselves fully bought up members of a disparate group of power hungry control freaks, any semblance of fair discussion, opposing viewpoints are stifled at birth. 

Today we are faced with so many challenges to evolutionary growth in mind and physical well being daunting to even the most hardened activist. The strength with which the movement and actions of the few, very wealthy and influential players have mobilized power, both political and financial, in their domain is frightening. To point bankstersfingers and responsibility at plutocrats, bankers, money controllers, corporate cronies or Zionist Rothschild Cuckoos makes for easy targets and undoubted virulent return fire from such quarters. It increases their ability to divide, distract and confuse through the usual suspects such as anti-Semitism, conspiracy theorists, fake news charges and accusations of terrorism.

To put it simply, it is easy identifying a shit hole but the various constituents making up that shit hole, although both individually and severally responsible for the shit within that hole and spewed from it, are powerful enough to fend off and distract attention from their filthy activities by throwing the blame back on their accusers. Without a critically thinking population these foul accusations stick like the proverbial to the blanket of public perception.

Having had historically so much time to develop their positions and propaganda within the shit hole making it appear they work for a paradise of equality for all to the dulled and asleep, the controlled mindset of people drawn to this illusion of life as free and democratic becomes the very first line of defence these shysters hide behind. Matrix-style people are led to believe that:

a) I am powerless to alter the reality presented

b) there isn’t any need to make massive changes when choice is always in the periodic individual vote I am empowered and blessed with

c) Albeit I suffer a few short term discomforts, there are those who are working to make my lot far better as long as I remain silent, mind my own business, be patient and let many of my previously allowed privileges be denied me to further security, long term betterment and peace.

d) Those wanting change outside the Powers That I vote to Be are terrorists/criminals/agitators/migrants/fanatics or plain lunatic conspirators who we are rightly told NOT to believe

Any or all of these states of mind will prevail any argument put forward. Every comfort zone of acceptance fertilized through complicity to these kinds of thought forms, out of ignorance, unwillingness to consider another point of view or sheer laziness denying mental perturbation, will remain and when encouraged, persist as desired!

So, doomed to this cycle of the same old, same old – how, you may ask, can any of us change the odds, alter the viewpoint and stimulate each opportunity for change to a healthier, more empowering direction?

If the answer was simple surely we would have twigged it by now, would we not? . . . continue reading, please 🙂 ~J

 * * *

Pam’s Report this week sounds quite interesting!

NorthPoint Journal

Your Guide to Planetary Energies
May 1 to 7, 2017
by Pam Younghans

THE INFLUENCE of the Saturn-Chiron square continues strongly through the early part of the coming week, thanks to the Sun’s interaction with both planets on Tuesday. As discussed in last week’s Journal, this planetary confrontation represents many of the battles currently being waged. In one corner are old mindsets and beliefs fighting to keep their status and control (Saturn in Sagittarius), while emerging from the other corner is a heart healing and a new spiritual understanding of Oneness (Chiron in Pisces).

The difference between the two corners — and our awareness of where we personally stand in the spectrum between closed-mindedness and open-heartedness — is clear now. This gives us the opportunity to make changes within ourselves as needed, changes that will have a ripple effect energetically and ultimately enable shifts to occur in the larger world.

THE FIRST QUARTER MOON is also on Tuesday, when the Leo Moon squares the Sun in Taurus at 7:46pm PDT (2:46am GMT on Wednesday). This first major phase in the lunar cycle challenges us to reflect on new endeavors recently begun, especially those started with the support of last week’s New Moon.

The practical Taurus Sun asks that we simplify our color palette as we paint our canvas, knowing that combining too many colors can turn our creative effort into a muddy brown mess. From the perspective of the exuberant Leo Moon, not using all the colors available is almost sacrilegious. But wise choices now make it more likely that we will have tangible, beautiful, and long-lasting results for our efforts.

WEDNESDAY brings potential benefits, starting with a Jupiter-Saturn quintile aspect that can help us find new solutions that are both more effective and more efficient.

This is also the day that Mercury goes direct (at 9:32am PDT/4:32pm GMT), completing its retrograde phase that began on April 9. Over the coming days and weeks — and especially for the next 10 days or so, while Mercury is still conjunct Uranus — progressive ideas and unconventional thinking are enhanced.

DURING THIS TIME, we also have the courage (or foolhardiness!) to take risks we might not have dared before, as we open our minds and our lives to new possibilities. Our reasoning faculties are not as bound by practical concerns as they might normally be, so keep this in mind when making long-term plans.

The link between the lower mind and the higher mind is open and activated with this Mercury-Uranus alignment. For some, brilliant insights and expanded intuition will flow. Others not familiar with this highly electrical energy may find it overwhelming, registering it as increased nervousness or anxiety. For most, it will be hard to focus and keep our minds on the practical concerns of daily life.

In some respects, it may feel like Mercury’s retrograde phase hasn’t ended at all …

THE LAST HALF of the week sees Mars in uncomfortable semisquare aspect with both Mercury and Uranus. Since Mars is in Gemini, the sign that rules logic, communications, short-distance journeys, and our nervous systems, any of these may unexpectedly short-circuit. 

We’ll want to watch our words, especially — Mars in Gemini is already quick to respond and often impatient, and with these aspects in effect, it will be easier than usual to react in anger, especially when our ideas are challenged.

Decisions may also be made impulsively with Mars semisquare Mercury/Uranus. Be sure to stop to breathe before jumping into any new situation. Do a grounding exercise such as hugging a tree or rooting your feet into the soil, or visualizing energy flowing down your spine and into the Earth, anchoring you to the very heart of Gaia. At the very least, these exercises will interrupt unwise impulses; at their best, they will ensure that our choices will be in alignment with something deep and true within us.

In peace,

How to subscribe to the NorthPoint Journal: If you have been forwarded this issue of the NorthPoint Journal and would like to receive it by email every week, please fill out the subscription form on the “Journal” page of Pam’s website.

  * * * 


Miserable end’: N. Korea threatens to sink US nuclear submarine in S. Korea  . . . To me this continues to be the expression of an horribly abused, terrified people whose ‘real’ experience makes their response quite rational — to them. They have a very different reality via their life’s experiences than we do. It’s also quite interesting that so far today there are no articles about what is going on in Syria and Yemen, as if the distraction of North Korea is all that is happening. If you did not read the articles I published late yesterday, I suggest you bring yourself up-to-date. Russia is clearly aware of these events. As I play with possibilities, I have to wonder if Erdogan is going to destroy himself and truly reveal the US aims by continuing with this situation.

From Syria to Korea: The American Empire’s Rush to Crush Multipolarism

A recent, unilateral, unjustified military strike on Syria by US cruise missiles, coupled with the deployment of a US naval fleet to the Korean Peninsula as well as terrorist attacks carried out by terrorist fronts worldwide associated with US-backed opposition groups signifies a worldwide push-back from Wall Street and Washington amid its crumbling “international order.”

Like all hegemons before it, Wall Street and Washington have found themselves expending more time and resources maintaining their current geopolitical order than on either further expansion or domestic development. What has developed is a vicious cycle of aggression, conflict, and retrenchment. Throughout the process, there is the expenditure of irreplaceable political capital.

For example, while US policymakers rightly noted their “international order” built by and for Wall Street and Washington would suffer immensely had their attempts to overthrow the Libyan government in 2011 been reversed, their “success” was equally damaging. Before an increasingly capable world of alternative systems, blocs and an emerging multipolar order, the destruction of Libya and its current status as a failed state along with the protracted nature of the US campaign to topple the government was more a sign of growing weakness than a warning of American strength.

Trump’s new Sec of Labor let billionaire Jeffrey Epstein off “with a wrist slap” MUST READ. . .  So, let me run the recent James Corbett video by you again. . . the important information starts around the 4′ mark. (I hope no one is still operating under the illusion that Trump ever intends to investigate pedophilia.)

* * *

* * *

Syria and Yemen in dire need of anesthetists, resuscitators

Winning hearts & minds: At least 8 more Syrian civilians killed in US airstrikes

Who is arming radical militants in Syria and Iraq?

... Unfortunately, it is also necessary to recognize that the interests of US military contractors in the eyes of Western politicians overshadows any other public concern, leaving the arms market at the mercy of gun traffickers. And why should we even be surprised by the fact that the alleged “fight against international terrorism” is taking so long, when what was supposed to be a humanitarian operation carried out by the international community has been transformed into an arms dealer’s paradise?

[and somehow these arms all seem to be making their way to ISIS. ~J]

US deploys troops at Syrian border to stop clashes between Turkish & Kurdish forces

NYT’s ‘Impossible To Verify’ North Korea Nuke Claim Spreads Unchecked By Media . . . if you haven’t seen this, don’t miss it!

North Korea slams Israel as ‘disturber of peace armed with illegal nukes under US patronage’

Duterte Warns Trump: “That Guy Kim Simply Wants To End The World”

“The guy (Kim) simply wants to end the world, that is why he is very happy. He is always smiling. But he really wants to finish everything and he wants to drag us all down.”

. . . having said the above — and anyone can see that the man, Duerte, doesn’t have a clue, we now learn that . . . 

Trump invites Duterte to Washington to develop ‘warm’ post-Obama relations

Japanese take to streets to protest US base construction in Okinawa, one year after woman murdered by US marine

Southeast Asian countries took a softer stance on South China Sea disputes during a weekend summit, according to a statement issued on Sunday, which went easy on China by avoiding tacit references to its building and arming of its man-made islands.

A chairman’s statement of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) was released about 12 hours after the summit ended, and dropped references to “land reclamation and militarization” included in the text issued at last year’s meeting, and in an earlier, unpublished version seen by Reuters on Saturday.

The outcome follows what two ASEAN diplomats on Saturday said were efforts by Chinese foreign ministry and embassy officials to pressure ASEAN chair the Philippines to keep Beijing’s contentious activities in the strategic waterway off ASEAN’s official agenda.

It also indicates four ASEAN members who the diplomats said had wanted a firmer position had agreed to the statement’s more conciliatory tone.

China is not a member of the 10-member bloc and did not attend the summit but is extremely sensitive about the content of its statements. It has often been accused of trying to influence the drafts to muzzle what it sees as dissent and challenges to its sweeping sovereignty claim.

 — Comment from Jean: It seems to me China has little choice in this matter, given the announced plans of the West to destroy it. 

— Another comment from Jean in reference to this statement in the full article, a statement which is repeatedly made, and which is inaccurate!

… [the] Philippines government in 2013 challenged Beijing by lodging a case with the Permanent Court of Arbitration in 2013. .
..Two weeks into Duterte’s presidency last year, The Hague court ruled in favor of the Philippines, angering China. 

My comment: I will never forget William Engdahl’s statement on this decision. In my own words and in its simplest form, William stated as an arbitration case, both sides were to have reached a mutual agreement on the arbiters to be selected. China never took part in this selection process, so the Court’s decision has no validity. None! I have learned I can trust William’s research, and I am so tired of reading these statements which so nicely put China at fault!

Euro is dead’: Le Pen eyes return of the Franc, preserving single currency for international trade

* * *

 Two important quotes from the video:

“The end game is to price oil in gold.”

“Trump can’t get the debt limit raised unless there is a war situation.”

Now, perhaps the next headline ‘drilling in the Northern Bering Sea’ makes some sense.

Native Alaskan tribes ‘shocked & appalled’ by Trump’s Northern Bering Sea drilling executive order

All The Plenary’s Men – Don’t mothball those pitchforks and torches just yet…

“The King can do no wrong.”

—William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England

“When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

—Ex-President Richard Nixon, interview with David Frost

The question at bar is why the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to prosecute any too-big-to-fail banks or – more importantly – their bankers, even for admitted crimes.

It’s a crucial question, because after eight straight years of unremitting prosecutorial failure, it looks very much as if a select group of top banks can, in fact, do no wrong. If that’s the case, then our constitutional republic isn’t merely in trouble. It’s dead.

Goldman Warns The Gap Between Stock Investors’ Hopes & Reality Is Close To An All-Time High

* * * 

Some food for thought in the days ahead:

The Great Humanistic Philosopher and Psychologist Erich Fromm on What Self-Love Really Means and Why It Is the Basic Condition for a Sane Society

“We are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not,” Joan Didion famously wrote in making her case for the value of keeping a notebook. But many of us frequently find it hard enough to be on nodding terms even with the people we currently are. “We have to imagine a world in which celebration is less suspect than criticism,” psychoanalyst Adam Phillips wrote in contemplating the perils of self-criticism and how to break free from the internal critics that enslave us. And yet can we even imagine self-celebration — do we even know what it looks like — if we are so blindly bedeviled by self-criticism? Can we, in other words, celebrate what we cannot accept and therefore cannot love?

How to break this Möbius strip of self-rejection is what the great humanistic philosopher and psychologist Erich Fromm (March 23, 1900–March 18, 1980) explores in a portion of his timeless 1956 treatise The Sane Society (public library) — the source of Fromm’s increasingly timely wisdom on our best shot at saving ourselves from ourselves.

Erich Fromm

Fromm frames love as what he calls “the productive orientation” of the psyche, an “active and creative relatedness of man to his fellow man, to himself and to nature.” He writes:

In the realm of feeling, the productive orientation is expressed in love, which is the experience of union with another person, with all men, and with nature, under the condition of retaining one’s sense of integrity and independence. In the experience of love the paradox happens that two people become one, and remain two at the same time. Love in this sense is never restricted to one person. If I can love only one person, and nobody else, if my love for one person makes me more alienated and distant from my fellow man, I may be attached to this person in any number of ways, yet I do not love.

Just as self-compassion is the seedbed of compassion, Fromm argues that such all-inclusive love must begin with self-love:

If I can say, “I love you,” I say, “I love in you all of humanity, all that is alive; I love in you also myself.” Self-love, in this sense, is the opposite of selfishness. The latter is actually a greedy concern with oneself which springs from and compensates for the lack of genuine love for oneself. Love, paradoxically, makes me more independent because it makes me stronger and happier — yet it makes me one with the loved person to the extent that individuality seems to be extinguished for the moment. In loving I experience “I am you,” you — the loved person, you — the stranger, you — everything alive. In the experience of love lies the only answer to being human, lies sanity.

Fromm is careful to point out that in this “productive orientation,” love is not a passive abstraction but an active responsibility. Shortly before Martin Luther King, Jr. made his abiding case for the respectful and responsible love of agape, Fromm writes:

Productive love always implies a syndrome of attitudes; that of care, responsibility, respect and knowledge. If I love, I care — that is, I am actively concerned with the other person’s growth and happiness; I am not a spectator. I am responsible, that is, I respond to his needs, to those he can express and more so to those he cannot or does not express. I respect him, that is (according to the original meaning of re-spicere) I look at him as he is, objectively and not distorted by my wishes and fears. I know him, I have penetrated through his surface to the core of his being and related myself to him from my core, from the center, as against the periphery, of my being.

The Sane Society is an enormously insightful read in its totality. Complement it with Fromm on the art of living, the art of loving, and how to transcend the common laziness of optimism and pessimism, then revisit this animated primer on the difficult art of self-compassion.

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