May 1, 2017, News . . . with more to come, I am sure!

‘It’s very important we hear what Putin has to say’ – Oliver Stone

The film will present Putin’s viewpoint of political events since he was first elected president of Russia in March 2000.

“It opens up a whole viewpoint that we as Americans haven’t heard,” Stone told the newspaper, adding that his crew went to see the indefatigable Russian leader four times over the course of two years.

“I talked to him originally about the Snowden affair, which is in the film. And out of that grew, I think, a trust that he knew that I would not edit it so much,” he said, adding that Putin “talks pretty straight.”

“I think we did him the justice of putting [his comments] into a Western narrative that could explain their viewpoint in the hopes that it will prevent continued misunderstanding and a dangerous situation – on the brink of war.”


The Truth About Putin’s ‘New World Order’, by Mike Whitney

. . . The US political class loved Yeltsin, of course, because Yeltsin was a compliant buffoon who eviscerated the state and caved in to all the demands of the western corporations. Not so Putin, who has made great strides in rebuilding the country by nationalizing part of the oil industry, asserting his authority over the oligarchs, and restoring the power of the central government.

More important, Putin has repeatedly condemned Washington’s unilateral war-mongering around the world, in fact, the Russian president has become the de facto leader of a growing resistance movement whose primary goal is to stop Washington’s destabilizing regime change wars and rebuild global security on the bedrock principle of national sovereignty. Here’s how Putin summed it up at Valdai . . . continue reading . . . 

Ron Paul Warns “We Are In The Last Stages Of The Welfare-Warfare State”

“The root of the current crisis is neither political nor economic but philosophical. Too many have bought into the lie that government can protect us from life’s misfortunes and stamp out evil around the world without endangering our liberty, our safety, and our prosperity.

The U.S. national security adviser, Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, says Russian President Vladimir Putin is “acting against the Russian people’s interest” in his relationship with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his policies to aid the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Sott Comment: So it is clear the US has no mind of changing the decades old foreign policy but just to continue unabated: The Rise of the Generals

What the warhawks and presstitute corporate media will never tell you about North Korea . . . At the end of a long list of facts that are almost guaranteed to shock you, we read:

North Korea has not invaded or attacked any nation since the end of the Korean War, while the US has bombed over 30 countries.

How many countries is the US currently bombing?? Can’t answer?

Who is the aggressor here? Who has refused to “talk” to North Korea?

Who has threatened to use nuclear weapons repeatedly against North Korea?

Why can’t the US simply sit down and agree to bilateral talks?

Is there a logical reason why this cannot be done? What is there to lose by such talks?

This whole policy of antagonizing, instead of talking, is insane!

We know its insanity; we don’t know if it is an intentional rejection of diplomacy.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has raised the prospects of holding joint exercises with China as Manila seems to be distancing itself from its traditional ally, the United States.

“Only regional countries themselves can suitably establish security in this region and the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman and the presence of extra-regional countries has always been a source of tension and crisis,” Sayyari said on Monday.

He pointed to the Iranian naval forces’ readiness to repel threats by arrogant powers, saying that the country’s Armed Forces would not allow an act of aggression as they are fully prepared to defend the Islamic Republic and deter any military attack.

The commander added that Iran’s Armed Forces, including the Navy, are boosting their might and reiterated that the Islamic Republic’s military power and defense achievements would not be used for aggression against any other country.

Iran is increasing its military power only to defend the country, safeguard its territorial integrity and protect its national resources and interests.

As the battle continues, humanity suffers:

Economic Reality: Bottom 50% Of Americans No Longer Matter

Previously, the bottom third did not matter. Then the bottom 40% did not matter. Now the bottom 50% do not matter. Brexit was the first warning shot. Trump was the second. As soon as the bottom 65% don’t matter, those 65% may vote to take matters into their own hands.

Israeli bulldozers cut off water supply to 3,500 Palestinians

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Female genital mutilation and what we’re really talking about beneath the weasel words ‘genital cutting’

Cop shoots into car of innocent kids, kills unarmed 15yo boy

Another inmate dies of dehydration – family suing Utah county and jail staff for neglect

 * * * 

Beijing hires Erik Prince as guardian of the New Silk Road, by F. William Engdahl . . . this does not bode well for the future! A real shocker of a read! I think Engdahl is surprised, as well, as he wonders about China’s decision-making process. I hope this story is just beginning!

Security management is euphemism for bodyguards. Maybe Prince’s people have mastered the martial arts skills of Jason Statham who never needs firearms. Or maybe he is a liar. In either case, it’s a major event that China makes Erik Prince, ex-Navy Seal, CIA asset and co-founder of the notorious Blackwater, as guardian of its strategic New Economic Silk Road.

Congress Reaches Deal To Keep Government Open Through September

One of the biggest political overhangs facing the market may have just been removed, when moments ago AP and other newswires reported that House Democrats and Republicans are said to have reached a $1 trillion spending deal to keep the government – which is currently operating thanks to a last minute one-week stopgap measure enacted on Friday – open until October 1.

Third Time The Charm: White House Plans Wednesday Healthcare Vote, Confident It Has The Votes

Will third time be the charm for Trump’s attempt to pass a Republican healthcare bill? After two consecutive failed attemps to repeal Obamacare at the end of March and again last week, on Monday morning Trump’s two key advisers, first Gary Cohn then Reince Priebus, said they think there are enough votes to pass the revised GOP healthcare proposal.

Sanctions as war crimes: US repeating in Syria what starved 500,000 children to death in Iraq?  . . . in case you didn’t know.

“I invite you to join the peace caravan and stop the pointless, meaningless and unholy war,” he said, urging all insurgent groups to end the war and join the peace process in Afghanistan.

Hekmatyar, a former close friend of Osama Bin Laden, added that only Afghans can bring peace and stability to the country, not foreigners.

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg – NATO may boost its presence & prolong ‘training’ mission in Afghanistan . . . apparently a peaceful Taliban is unthinkable and not to be permitted

Not a good idea: US mobilizing a fleet of missile capable drones to ‘blitz North Korea’

Japan Deploys Warship To Support US ‘Armada’, Authorizes “Necessary Use Of Weapons” For First Time Since World War II

In a post-World War II precedent-setting move (under the country’s expanded military doctrine), the Japanese Navy has reportedly deployed a helicopter carrier (and authorized it to use weapons, if necessary), to escort and protect a US supply vessel.

Three Chinese warships make ‘goodwill’ port call in Duterte’s Philippines hometown

DPRK launches nuclear truth bomb: Israel has illegal nukes, is protected by US . . . HA!

After failed missile test N. Korea threatens to sink US nuclear sub in S. Korea . . . Right now, talk is cheap, but the US had better be careful, or they may find themselves with a real problem on their hands.

“We will respond” states Russia – in response to Norway’s decision to deploy NATO missile systems . . . I wonder how much the elites are being paid 🙂 

In an interview with Dagbladet newspaper, Russia’s ambassador to Norway Teimuraz Ramishvili, stated Russia will respond.

“On our side, there will follow an answer not just to Norway but to the whole of NATO” – said the diplomat.

Ramishvili said that Russia and Norway may have different points of view on the issue of NATO missile shield, but neighbors should engage in dialogue and find a solution that satisfied both sides. According to him, the Scandinavian kingdom’s elites refuse to discuss with Moscow the disturbing question of the future role of Norway in the European missile defense system.

‘Turkey learned that playing ball with America is game of ever-diminishing returns’, RT, Op-Edge

If you look at it from the Turkish position, Turkey has been the number-one ally in this regime change project of the US. It has been doing Washington and London’s bidding for over five years at extreme political, diplomatic and economic cost to itself. And now it is on the verge of having all its influence in Syria wiped out; its proxies decimated or marginalized, and the US basically ditching it all together.

So they are very bitter and determined to make sure that they can claw back whatever influence they can. I think that is the real context to see this in. It is not so much about Turkish fears about the YPG, the Kurdish group in Syria, who aid the PKK; it is about their influence in Syria and they want their faction to dominate. The US inserting itself as basically human shields – certain US soldiers are human shields between them – is going to do nothing to deal with the fundamental causes of this tension.

Oliver Stone on his new documentary subject: Putin is a straight talker. . . it’s nice when people agree with me 🙂

While not officially announced, Stone confirms he is making a new film about Russian President Vladimir Putin that will be out soon. It will be a hot ticket given claims about Russian influence on the US presidential election and within the Trump administration

Saudi Arabia ‘won’t be stubborn’ asking for German arms again says minister

Saudi Arabia understands Germany’s reluctance and will not engage in “arguments” over weapon supplies any more, as the kingdom values good relations with Berlin and wants to develop cooperation in other areas, Saudi Deputy Economy Minister Mohammed al-Tuwaijri has said.

Berlin, which reportedly sold Riyadh over €500,000 million worth of weapons in 2016, has been reluctant to sign new deals due to the controversial Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen.

“We accept the German unwillingness regarding the exports to Saudi Arabia. We know the political background,” al-Tuwaijri told the Der Spiegel magazine on Sunday.

– I guess my only question concerning these next three reports is how long ‘they’ think they can keep this going — before they sink themselves with it.

– Syria chemical attack: The declassified French Intel Report

– French report on Syrian chemical weapons debunked

OPCW experts finally prepare to visit Khan Sheikhoun

The Ahmadinejad effect: West and Iran still lost in translation decades into the Revolution, by Catherine Shakdam

President al-Assad: Stopping outside support to terrorists and reconciliation among Syrians are means to restore security to Syria – video [not in English, but the full text is printed here]

Pentagon admits coalition airstrikes killed at least 352 civilians in Iraq and Syria

The Real WMD In Syria – The West’s Weapon Of Mass Disorientation

The alleged use of chemical weapons, a particularly odious weapon of mass destruction (WMD), serves as an effective prop to channel Western public outrage against Assad. Allegedly killing civilians with bullets and bombs just doesn’t have the same psychological power to incite public disgust. Poisoning little children with lethal chemicals is a more effective label with which to demonize the alleged perpetrator. But the more pertinent WMD issue here is Weapon of Mass Disorientation.

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27 Responses to May 1, 2017, News . . . with more to come, I am sure!

  1. I can think of 5 reasons China would engage Erik Prince and his soldiers-for-hire.

    It frees up Chinese troops for other deployments.
    They are not causing problems elsewhere.
    Black market Corruption is less likely.
    In the event of Silk Road Terror attacks- troops will respond with an understanding of the Westerners who will be behind it.
    If they betray the Chinese; they will be unsuccessful and killed to a man.

    A Win-Win:
    Soldiers for hire make money and don t cause problems, while the Silk Road is protected.
    Stability and Peace all around.
    I like how the Chinese think.

    • Jean says:

      As William Engdahl said, however, the CIA is now privy to everything Chinese . . . that possibility is very scary. I know there were people in these areas of China who were , as in Chechnya, there to destabilize that part of the country, but it feels like the fox was hired to guard the hen house. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Charles says:

    You Know That It Had Nothing To Do With Russia Hacking The Emails, It Was A Very Disgruntled Employee That Gave Out The Emails And What Is More, Hillary Knows This, They Just Want TO Demonise Putin And Russia.

  3. lecox says:

    For me the key piece in this group of stories is Ron Paul’s little essay as published by Tyler Durden. Dr. Paul states the classic Libertarian political thesis. I am very sympathetic to this idea, but it lives in some other world than this one. For all practical purposes, the Libertarian vision cannot happen on this planet, or probably any other planet in this universe. There are just too many large, powerful groups running around inserting themselves in other people’s business. And those people are not of Earth. They have heavily influenced life here, but they are not from here. They are a much older group than Earth is.

    If there weren’t some sort of balance established between the more aggressive groups and the various past victims of their escapades, Earth would probably have been turned to dust a long time ago. That doesn’t mean this still couldn’t happen. And it would probably occur by some group getting us to do the job for them. Then they could mine the remains for precious metals, like they do the Asteroid Belt. I personally would like to see the planet remain intact for at least another couple hundred years.

    But my larger point is that the secret government knows this. And my impression is that they are deeply divided on how to proceed. Many “universal families” are represented here on Earth. Those with a dominant Invader Force legacy tend to favor siding with the “Reptilians” (or whoever they really are) and selling into slavery anyone who won’t play along. Those who are more connected with a past battling the Invader Forces know how shallow – though superficially appealing – that approach to life is. They recognize that those who take that path are ultimately defeated by it. We are their kin. In the end, they can’t wall off the effects on them of the atrocities they commit on us. But it seems the “fairer-minded” peoples have not yet come up with a total handling for those who could be called the criminals of the universe. Our past experiences are so tangled and intertwined. It seems none have found their way through that – though there is one. The “good guys” are so used to having the “bad guys” as a problem that they can’t easily envision a world in which that struggle is over and some other, totally different, struggle has taken its place. If they are taking a “hands off” approach to Earth, perhaps it is because they hope WE might be able to figure this out for them. Some think we have, and that our best chance to create our own future lies in that direction. It seems a shame to me that this possibility is not more widely discussed.

    • Jean says:

      Larry, consider, please, that when this struggle is over, there will be no more struggles of this sort, ever again. . . We are dealing with people who worship Satan, and their one desire as they worship Satan, is to offer up blood sacrifice . . . ours. They are hoping to control the planet, but I believe they will not succeed; however, I’m beginning to see there is a very long, steep learning curve ahead of us. . . if we are all to move upward — and this is by no means a fact.
      Hugs, ~Jean

      • lecox says:

        I don’t know what makes you think this struggle ends with Earth. It is a nice Christian view, like going to heaven, but I see no evidence to support it. Why do you think the Sea Org contract is for a billion years?

        • Jean says:

          Larry, I have a close friend who got safely out of Scientology, and I just don’t believe in it. You, however, are entitled to your beliefs. Hugs, ~Jean

          • lecox says:

            Well, I’m glad your friend feels “safe” now. I didn’t feel very “safe” in the Sea Org, but I don’t feel any safer since I left it. It’s not about safety. It’s about securing a beachhead for spiritual freedom. Those who want a “safe life” had best look elsewhere. They won’t find it in Scientology, but: Where will they find it?

          • Jean says:

            Larry, to get away from them she had to climb out a window. In other words, she was a prisoner. If you want safety, you can only find it inside yourself. Don’t waste your time looking outside! My experience . . . and for what it is worth! Hugs, ~Jean

          • lecox says:

            I’ve never heard of anyone held as prisoner in the Sea Org. But that’s the Sea Org. That’s Scientology’s executive training program. It’s a rough program and a lot of commitment is expected. That’s not the same as Scientology. Scientology is a subject that can be studied and practiced without being a member of any group at all. The church is a group of affiliated groups that earns their livings by teaching and delivering Scientology in a professional manner. And the Sea Org provides executives for the church.
            Any individual or group associated with this subject is going to get some push-back from society, because society is not in spiritual freedom mode, it is in spiritual slavery mode. It sounds like your friend had no idea what she was getting into. I’m sorry to hear she had such a bad experience.

          • Jean says:

            she was held at Scientology . . . not for me! Hugs, ~Jean

          • lecox says:

            You don’t have to try to speak for your friend or argue her points for her. But saying she was held at “Scientology” is a little vague. The subject has about 1,000 active groups of various sizes and locations, and probably a similar number of imitators that are not officially connected to the church. Hospitals don’t like patients to leave, either – especially if they are contagious – but that doesn’t make them jails. A lot of people let one experience or story shape their whole opinion of some subject. For a subject this important, I would try to get more data.

          • Jean says:

            Larry, I’m not going into details. When someone wants to leave, however, and the only way she can get out is to crawl through a window, that is enough for me — as it was for her. It was Scientology, Larry, and without going into it any more deeply, I know this woman is glad not to be involved there at all. Her family was involved i it for years. . . Now, I think that’s enough on this subject. If it works for you, that is your choice. We must each make up our own minds. Hugs, ~Jean

          • lecox says:

            I’m not even getting into the subject of whether it works for me. I think it is worth studying. Is the Bible not worth studying because of all the things its churches have done in its name? Are the other old teachings useless because the civilizations that created them no longer exist? These are subjects worthy of attention, regardless of what churches have done in their name.

  4. Captain says:

    Cynthia McKinney says Israel Targeted Her for Questioning 9/11 —

  5. adamandeve says:

    Wow Jean, that Erik Prince appointment !
    Take a look at one of the areas cited…XINJIANG.
    That is where the ….Urumqi RIOTS…. took place in 2009, the origin of which appears to be a LAND DISPUTE relating to INDIGENOUS……SOVEREIGNTY….versus…..Communist “acquisitions”….of all lands !
    Bearing in mind the Uyghurs…STAGED a SIGNIFICANT PROTEST v PRC in 2009….I do not imagine they will take kindly to Communist China …EXPROPRIATING…..lands for the …OBOR…agenda !

    I wonder if that is why an ex BLACK OPS OPERATIVE will be placed in the region, GUERILLA WARFARE is ANTICIPATED ? ?
    * * * * * * * *

    Beijing hires Erik Prince as guardian of the New Silk Road

    The Chinese government newspaper, Global Times, made public that a Hong Kong-based company called Frontier Services Group (FSG) will build two operational bases in Northwest China’s… …XINJIANG UYGHUR…..Autonomous Region and Southwest China’s Yunnan Province. XINJIANG and Yunnan provinces are at the heart or geographical pivot of China’s vast, developing One Bridge, One Road high-speed rail, port and energy pipeline infrastructure undertaking. What is notable about Beijing’s engaging this FSG security company, is its chairman.
    * * * * * * * *

    July 2009…. Ürümqi ….RIOTS
    XINJIANG is a large central-Asian region within the People’s Republic of China comprising numerous minority groups: 45% of its population are Uyghurs, and 40% are Han.[23] Its heavily industrialised capital, Ürümqi, has a population of more than 2.3 million, about 75% of whom are Han, 12.8% are Uyghur, and 10% are from other ethnic groups.[23]

    In general, UYGHURS and the mostly Han government disagree on which group has greater HISTORICAL CLAIM to the XINJIANG: UYGHURS BELIEVE THEIR ANCESTORS WERE INDIGENOUS to the AREA, whereas government policy considers present-day Xinjiang to have belonged to China since around 200 BC.[24] According to PEOPLES REPUBLIC of CHINA…..POLICY… UYGHURS are classified as a National Minority rather than an indigenous group—in other words, they ARE CONSIDERED to be NO MORE INDIGENOUS to XINJIANG than the Han, AND HAVE NO SPECIAL RIGHTS to the LAND …UNDER the LAW..[24]

    * * *The People’s Republic has presided over the migration into Xinjiang of millions of Han, * * * who DOMINATE the REGION economically and politically.[25][26][27][28]

    • Jean says:

      I”ll have to study this, adamandeve, but the whole situation really upsets me! I’m also sure Engdahl will have more to say about this. I must be off my computer for a bit now, but thank you so for this info . . . I wi. ll study what you have shared . .

      I’ve just had a look at this co-intel site, as well, and it looks like things are brewing in the Balkans. With the government having kept the government open until October 1st, we may have to tolerate this insanity for a lot longer. I still think our transition time to a higher plane is going to be longer than people now realize — we have much to learn — and this could be a sign of it all. I need to look up a Corbett report in which he said the transition to another financial system will not occur as quickly as we might think . . . just a few thoughts running through my head right now.

      Again, thanks for helping out! My eyes are starting to give up with all the reading I must do 🙂 . . . g otta run . . .


      • adamandeve says:

        I am extremely irritated by the shenanigans of those who have taken it upon themsELVES to oppress manKIND.
        The DECEIVERS who POSE as entities of INTEGRITY whilst COVERTLY worKING to DESTROY & DISEMPOWER us……Imho, the children of the Prime Creator/Source.

        The only tool I feel I have is to STAND STRONG & STEADFAST against THEIR onSLAUGHTS.
        I have no intention of “rolling over” and consequently allowing them to STEAL a victory.

        We have much to learn…….I agree 100 %

      • adamandeve says:

        The Balkans.
        I was under the impression that the Balkans are now dominated by Soros RATschild & Co:

        Could it be that having so-far failed to ENGINEER WAR IN and, AGAINST
        1) Russia
        2) North Korea
        The Balkans are a THIRD choice for the DESPERADO BANKSTERS ?

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