May 4, 2017, News

Will ‘Trumponomics’ Bankrupt America? by F. William Engdahl . . . a MUST READ. William’s conclusion makes total sense, and hopefully, Americans will realize the lesson they are being invited to learn, a lesson of which David Icke told us from the very beginning. Yes, many of us were blind, and we also didn’t really have a better choice, but going forward, we do have a choice. Let’s hope we can drop our egos, do our homework and not get sucked into something else that leads us nowhere. There are other options!

William’s conclusion: All in all, if Congress, dominated by wealthy Republicans, passes the outlined Trump tax and budget plans, it will make America’s present economic depression and fiscal crisis even worse. Is it any surprise given who Trump has named to his economic policy advisers?

The swamp is about to drain the nation and its citizens, once more, and this time it looks savage.

Merkel & Putin in Sochi: Frau Nein & Mr. Nyet agree to disagree, RT, Op-Edge

It’s been a busy couple of days for Vladimir Putin. He’s welcomed Angela Merkel and Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Sochi and engaged Donald Trump on North Korea and Syria.

Even if she loses power this year, Merkel’s visit mattered greatly. The prevailing situation where Europe’s last two great powers, Germany and Russia, are at loggerheads benefits nobody on this continent. That said, it suits the fundamental US foreign policy goal of preventing a Russian-German rapprochement, which is the only realistic threat to its continuing dominance of the Eurasian space. [highlight added]

China’s Plan To Subvert The Global Dollar Standard

The instability brought into the geopolitical equation by the Trump presidency, and the early signs the US economy is grinding to a halt under the sheer weight of consumer and government debt, are increasingly likely to prompt China and Russia into firm financial action, if only to protect themselves in an unstable financial and monetary environment.

US faces ‘nationwide drinking water crisis,’ 77mn exposed to unsafe water in 2015 – study 

– spend 15 minutes with this video, and you will understand that the water crisis is totally manufactured. This is an old film, but Walter Burien is still the go-to guy for this info, and this is still the best explanation I have found. He and I tried to bring this front and center a few years ago, but we couldn’t get past Karen Hudes, because at that time we didn’t understand her ‘connections.’ When, oh when are we going to wake up?

 * * * 

Seven countries abstained from voting to appoint Saudi Arabia to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), with the absence of a ‘no’ option, the Swedish Foreign Ministry has revealed.

The vote for membership in the CSW was held on April 19, leading to Saudi Arabia joining the 45-member body. Seven states abstained while another 47 voted ‘yes’ at the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the Swedish Foreign Ministry told local media.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom noted, however, that the delegation could not vote against Saudi Arabia, as there was no such option. She also said that the procedure was held by secret ballot so the diplomats would not be under any pressure.

Marine Le Pen Slams Macron: “France Will Be Governed By A Woman… Either Me Or Madame Merkel”

Barack Obama Officially Endorses Emmanuel Macron . . . with this endorsement, the French people have been duly warned!

Whitewash warning: Saudi-led ‘Muslim NATO’ teams up with major PR firm, RT, Op-Edge

Libya rivals agree to resolve conflict

Thousands of Yemeni people have held a demonstration in the southwestern port city of Aden to denounce the recent sacking of senior officials by former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

 – Tilting at windmills: US representatives establish special committee to counter imaginary Russian enemy . . . as usual, keeping it alive, taking valuable time from other problems, and costing us money.

 – US preparing additional sanctions for N Korea: Tillerson

 – Russia is ‘greatest threat of any nation on Earth’ – FBI director

. . . or . . . 

 – Iran’s Foreign Ministry: Saudi Arabia ‘supports terrorism, seeks destructive regional policies’

 – Al-Jazeera films fake chemical attack against Syrian civilians

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