May 7, 2017, Evening News, UPDATE!!!

!!! UPDATE: These five countries have historically been the aggressor – NOT Russia . . . an easy ‘read’, but it makes the point. The author suggests we let the point sink in . . . 

Safe zones aimed to stop war in Syria as Russia-brokered plan enjoys global acclaim

 . . . but here at home . . . 

Sauron rules in Washington (Videoclip, War Room Scene from Dr. Strangelove), by Paul Craig Roberts

It is Washington that wants to snuff out human morality and become the master of the planet. As I have previously written, Washington without any question is Sauron. The only important question is whether there is sufficient good left in the world to resist and overcome Washington’s evil.

. . . and people continue to be willing to endure . . . 

This video from 2011 contains extremely important facts. We all need to wake up to them.

 – Comment from Leonard on the Bundy situation:

Once I calmed down a bit when first hearing about the probable and grave situation being perpetrated upon Ammond Bundy at the military prison located in Pahrump, Nevada, I consulted with some people in my circle and here is what has resulted. First off, we must all remember that we are and have been ruled under the laws/doctrine of conquest since the enacted act of the purported congress via The Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933, a.k.a. The War Powers Act linked here:

Because of this, the purported government declared all US citizens to be enemy combatants under emergency rule. This folks, is a downright declaration of war perpetrated upon us (or those who participate, “wink”) by our own purported government against its people (against international law, by the way). We must also remember and assume that the Bundy’s signed the documents presented to them by their captors at these, what I consider to be military prison facilities. By signing these intake documents, the prisoner(s) are bound to follow orders of their captor’s and if those who signed disobey, poop like this can and will happen and be considered legal, not lawful.

We think the Bundys should comply, comply and comply at this point due to their assumed signing of these intake documents. We have attempted to assist the Bundys early on with plans of action for filing writs and other documents on their behalf and we can only assume by either their own free will choice or a lack of knowledge which includes their possible belief that effing BAR attorneys can actually acquire true remedy or competent defense for their current matter.

We suggest the Bundys immediately fire each and every BAR attorney currently representing them followed by allowing us to provide a specially drawn up Writ of Habeas Corpus, Abatement, Abatement Nul tiel corporation – NOTICE OF ASSERTION IN ABATEMENT IS GIVEN THAT NO SUCH CORPORATION EXISTS and other documents which can be served by family members to the appropriate and purported court who they claim has jurisdiction in this or these matters.

These documents, once filed, will be on the record and granted, the laws of conquest will most likely result in them ignoring these filings because in reality, the only other way to gain their release would be for huge numbers of people gathering there in Pahrump, NV, and I mean numbers that out number their purported law enforcement agencies which may include the Sheriff’s, state police and National Guard.

The people then must block all possible exit points to prevent these criminals from moving the Bundys to different and multiple locations which would be very bad for them because then all phone calls would cease and the people and family members may not hear from them from there on out and we do not think this would be in their best interest and this is why they must be removed by the people and secured from there.

Some people sorta, kinda did a similar action back in April of 2014 during the initial Bundy standoff in Bunkerville, NV even though they lost their case in Federal court regarding the cattle grazing matter. I know, some of you may say to yourself that such an action would be suicide and may be so unless many of these people who engage understand what has been done in West Virginia back in 2015 under case #15-0491 of the purported West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to which put the whole government structure, USA, Inc. into total default and dishonor ultra vires which then gave the authority, capacity and standing under our own law of conquest to enact The Declaration and Indenture Covenant of a Trust including specific Trustee Orders which are now in full force and effect.

Of course, the missing link is enforcement; however, we as trustees and with the assistance of the trust’s protector, could rather quickly commence the needed tribunals of record and assist in moving FREEDOM’s Trust structure forward. I know, it sounds too easy but, the hard work has been completed and since the current purported government structure including the military has been lawfully notified and only if enough people stand up like referred to above, the military just may have no choice to follow the civil orders given to them.

* * *

Several national television networks in the United States have refused to air President Donald Trump’s advertisement praising the accomplishments of his first 100 days in office.

ABC, CBS and NBC joined CNN in declining to show the advert, dubbed “America is Winning,” which touts the president’s achievements since his January 20 inauguration, but also criticizes the news media for unfair coverage.

The advert features famous anchors — Andrea Mitchell of NBC, Scott Pelley of CBS, George Stephanopoulos of ABC, Wolf Blitzer of CNN and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC – whose faces are superimposed over the words “Fake News.”

Is Trump’s cost cuts to USAID a withdrawal from post-Soviet space?

So, despite the news about “a substantial reduce in funding,” the actual funding of all of USAID’s programs will be purely selective, with “key” Washington’s project remaining intact. Those are “human rights” protests, the monitoring of radical and extremist sentiments, projects on freedom of religion, and programs on party building and reform of judicial and security structures. The reduction or complete termination of funding will affect “non-priority projects,” such as the fight against HIV and tuberculosis.

We must not forget that today, after the failure of the majority of the so-called “color revolutions” staged and inspired by Washington with the help of USAID, the United States is going to play a high-stakes game in regarding religious struggles against unwanted governments. Therefore, we cannot rule out that a great many countries, including those situated in post-Soviet space, will witness the USAID and other Western-sponsored NGO promoting an era of religious renaissance. Once those newly established religious leaders gain enough support, after being nurtured by USAID grants, they will turn against sovereign governments.

Hunger is pervasive in America: One out of eight people are food insecure

California cops shoot 15yo teen with air gun dead in front of school

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos just made $3.3 billion

 * * * 

* * *

Refugees returning, freed villages being restored as Aleppo slowly returns to life

Saudi Exceptionalism: Trump hates radical Islam, except when you can make money from it

Following Saudi deputy crown prince’s comments about moving the battle to Iran, Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan says if the Saudis do anything stupid, all of the kingdom — apart from Mecca and Medina — will be destroyed.

Dehqan gave the warning in an interview broadcast on Arabic-language Al-Manar TV on Saturday in response to remarks made by Saudi deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, who said any battle between Riyadh and Tehran would take place on Iranian soil. “We will work to have the battle in Iran rather than in Saudi Arabia,” prince Mohammed had said.

“We warn them against doing anything ignorant, but if they do something ignorant, we will leave nowhere untouched apart from Mecca and Medina,” said Dehqan.

He referred to the Saudi bombing campaign on Yemen — in which over 12,000 people have died — and said the Saudis think they can do anything because they have an air force.


Gazprom to begin Turkish Stream construction in next few days

Lavrov stresses Putin-Trump meeting not for show, but to yield concrete results

Syrian safe zones will not be jihadist havens: The war against terrorism continues

Diplomatic exchanges suggest a deal between Trump and Putin about Syria . . . but for how long? Please excuse me if I’m skeptical.

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5 Responses to May 7, 2017, Evening News, UPDATE!!!

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  2. lecox says:

    We are led to believe that 13% of US citizens don’t always have enough food to eat “in order to sustain the meaningless and corrupt lifestyles of a new aristocracy.” Meanwhile Jeff Bezos is on his way to becoming the richest man on the planet, and has started a space exploration company. And the “new aristocracy” has its man in place in France, but the “old aristocracy” refuses to air Trump’s ad on TV, though I am sure he would pay dearly for it. While most of the historically aggressive nations on the planet are afraid of Russia because it is historically non-aggressive.
    I hope someone besides me thinks all this doesn’t make that much sense.
    I don’t see how anything but naked fear could cause this much traitorous abrogation of responsibility among the planetary managers. For me, the big question is: What are the managers of this planet so afraid of? If it were just losing money, or losing face, I think a whole lot more of them would be stepping out to tell us “this stinks.”
    I know what ordinary people tend to fear: Losing a position. Especially if they struggled for it. That position doesn’t even need to involve financial gains, though normally it does. So I think the big news that almost no one is talking about is that our “elites” are not the ones running this planet any more – if they ever were. I wonder what would happen if they just all agreed to come out and tell us who they are now beholden to.
    Both Musk and Bezos are trying to get off the planet – and don’t trust “government” to handle this for them – so this is one clue about what some people might feel threatened by. I watched the video of Musk’s TED interview recently, and he was a very nervous person. Most of the managers are not publicly facing and don’t give interviews, so I don’t know if Musk is unusual. I know Trump has looked pretty hyped up most of the time since he’s been President.
    These people are acting like I might act if a rumor started going around that I was about to be fired, or put on half pay, or that my apartment building was about to be blown up. I think these people are being told something like this. It might not even be true, but most appear to be betting that it probably is.

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