May 7, 2017, News UPDATE/s

Deep state-backed Macron beats Le Pen in French presidential election . . . now, they can begin to tighten the screws, and maybe people will wake up then.

Macron emails lead to allegations of homosexual adventurism, drug use and Rothschild money

French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron may not be the boring ex-Rothschild banker turned aspiring war criminal that he’s lead us to believe he is. New information gathered by online researchers and published by Milo Yiannopoulos has shown that Macron may be addicted to a dangerous drug, may be engaged in secret homosexual relationships and may have had private alcohol fuelled parties paid for by the Rothschild bank.

. . . tangentially, we also have . . . 

Color revolution? Thousands rally against Polish government in Warsaw . . .

Sott Comment: More information from the article In defense of Poland’s Pis party:

It’s for these reasons why the EU establishment and their Soros-supported NGO proxies are so adamantly against PiS and have been trying to defame and delegitimize it ever since the October 2015 parliamentary elections gave the party its historic governing majority.

Take for instance Donald Tusk, the former leader of the now-opposition PO (Civic Platform) party. He’s currently the President of the European Council and is one of the most powerful figures in the EU. Tusk has been against PiS from the get-go, whether for domestic political reasons or personal ones such as the threat which they pose to his and his cronies’ EU-wide rule. However, Tusk is merely a stand-in for Merkel, as it’s been speculated that Germany is the power behind PO nowadays.

See also: France’s Macron is threatening Poland with sanctions

Election rigging: French voters receive invalid, damaged Le Pen ballots; ballots for Macron intact

UPDATE: The French Presidential campaign and return of stupefying propaganda in Europe . . . it looks like the French are also going to have the chance to learn lessons!

‘Propaganda machine’: Social media users blast Liberation newspaper’s pro-Macron pre-election day cover

SOTT Comment: Meet Emmanuel Macron: Rothschild banker, Bilderberger, ‘anti-Establishment’ candidate in French election

 (via email) Hi All,

I have been told that Ammon Bundy has been treated with cruel and unusual punishment by several of the guards at the Nevada Southern Detention Center here in Pahrump.  It is my understanding this latest occurrence was done to Ammon as punishment because he and his brother Ryan, have been protesting the unreasonable amount of unfounded cavity searches that the guards are doing to them several times a day.  I was also told that the Librarian has made racist remarks to them and not allowed them proper use of that Library to work on their defense case. 

People are deeply concerned that someone who works for the facility is going to kill them, either on purpose or by accident to keep them from going to and testifying at their trial since they were found not guilty in the Oregon case.  Ammon has marks on him that need to be documented and treated by an outside, non-bias facility.  It is the peoples opinion and request that Ammon, Ryan, and Cliven Bundy all need to be moved to a different public facility immediately, as it is quite apparent that none of them are safe in the Nevada Southern Detention Facility. 

I was personally told by a front desk detention guard during a visit to the facility, that these are Federal Prisoners and that they do what ever the Feds. tell them to do with them when they bring them there.  That is a broad statement so you can read between the lines.  Remember the famous Declarations by some that this is only a Detention Facility, not a Prison.  Since when is paid staff allowed to treat any prisoner in this manner, yet alone, ones who have not even been declared guilty in a Court of Law or by a Jury of their Priors!  By the way, the guards took video of this abuse as it was happening!!!  

Please see attachment below and address this request to the proper authorities ASAP before any more harm is done.

Thank you for caring,
Donna Cox
Nye County Commissioner
Pahrump NV.

March On Nevada Southern Prison Public 

Hosted by David Seim and 4 others

May 5 – May 18
May 5 at 1 PM to May 18 at 4 PM

Prison abuse must stop. Come to the prison in the desert. Invite, Share Join. We need to come together in a bold non violent stand.

On May 4th Nevada Southern Detention guards tortured Ammon Bundy for 13 hours, dislocated his shoulder, made him set it himself and filmed while mocking him, then tossed him naked into solitary.

The abuse of staff at Nevada Southern and prisons across nation to prisoners of all colors and factions must stop and we must rise up to stop it.

People are traveling form around the county to gather and camp out in the area. We will rally and stand united for all abuses prisoners. It’s not about Republicans, democrats color or faction. It’s about human rights.

There’s lots of open desert in the area. Bring water, tents, campers etc. We need a groundswell to stand up and bring attention to what’s happening in out prisons.

If you are unable to come in person at this time spread the word and support those who can. Also make these phones ring off the hook.

Nevada Governer: 775 684 5670
Ny County Sheriff: (775) 751-7000
Nevada Southern Prison: (775) 751-4500

You can also support the legal team:

* * *

UNICEF: Yemeni children starving to death – at least one child dies every 10 minutes due to preventable diseases such as diarrhea, malnutrition, and respiratory tract infections

* * *

French voters choose between Le Pen & Macron in presidential run-off LIVE UPDATES

Low Early Turnout As France Decides The “Future Of The EU”

11th Hour: France to jail journalists who publish Rothschild banker candidate emails

Why Charles Gave Expects “Total Mayhem” In France Even If Macron Is Elected . . . a thought-provoking read that should make the election, whichever way it goes, more interesting. 

Venerable French investor Charles Gave has been managing money and researching markets for over 40 years; as such France’s elder statesman of asset allocation perhaps best captures the mood ahead of the most crucial Presidential election in a generation. In conversation with Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Charles breaks down national politics to understand why voters have rejected the establishment and the market impact of both outcomes, and what to expect from tomorrow’s election.

* * *

Russian FM spokeswoman Maria Zakharova amazed by Kiev’s boundless incompetence

US Republican Party mega-donor and hard-line Zionist Sheldon Adelson has expressed dissatisfaction over President Donald Trump apparent backing out on his campaign promise to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds.

100 US senators throw their bodies down to fight UN ‘bias’ against Israel

The son-in-law of US President Donald Trump is calling on the Chinese wealthy to immigrate to the United States.

Representatives from Jared Kushner’s family held an event in the ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton in the Chinese capital Beijing on Saturday in an effort to make Chinese “invest $500,000 and immigrate to the United States.”

Volunteers can invest in a real estate project in the US stated of New Jersey, dubbed Kushner 1, and get an investor visa.

“This project has stable funding, creates sufficient jobs and guarantees the safety of investors’ money,” read a description of the project, according to The Washington Post.

In the event, there was no reference to Kushner’s family ties with Trump but promotional materials made sure to highlight his “celebrity” status.

There were also efforts at the event, hosted by the Chinese company Qiaowai, to limit access to the media.

“Even though this is the project of the son-in-law’s family, of course it is still affiliated,” said Wang Yun, an investor attending the event. “We heard that there are rumors that he (Trump) is the most likely to be impeached president in American history. That’s why I doubt this project.”

In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, Trump repeatedly accused China of “raping our country,” vowing to bring jobs back to the US.

Are airstrikes possible? Mixed signals from Washington on Syria safe zones, RT, Op-Ed

It remains to be seen whether Washington will get behind the Russian-backed de-escalation deal on Syria, analysts say. However, if we’re looking at America’s national interests, there is a lot for Washington to take advantage of here.

A deal on Syrian de-escalation zones, also known as safe-zones, officially came into force on Saturday. It was brokered by Russia, Iran, and Turkey at talks in Astana on Thursday, with the aim of ending the bloodshed in Syria.

 The deal foresees the establishment of zones free of any military hostilities and also aims to improve the humanitarian situation in the war-torn country by providing rapid and safe access to aid workers.

The US has remained fairly reserved in commenting on the safe-zone deal, however.

Michael Maloof, a former Pentagon official, told RT that, since the US has forces on the ground in Syria assisting the Kurds, it could be very dicey if it can’t go in to support them. . . 

Trump wants allies to commit more ‘blood & treasure’ to fighting terrorism . . . Take notice please. What’s with the hand signal? Is he the President of America, or not? More than likely, ‘not’!Trump wants allies to commit more ‘blood & treasure’ to fighting terrorism

The battle between Trump and the Washington Crazies for control of the reins of empire continues, however, and the ‘Krazy Korean’ is relevant to that. I hope to get to that in a later article, but in the meantime, take note of the contradictory messages coming from the US. One minute, US Navy battle-groups are ‘en route to North Korea’; the next they’re heading in the opposite direction. One minute, THAAD missile systems are ‘installed and operational in South Korea’; the next, Trump wants South Korea to pay for them. One minute, someone on the US National Security Council is telling NBC News that the US is considering ‘decapitating the North Korean regime’; the next, Trump announces he’d be honored to meet Kim Jung Un… All of which has provoked the South Korean and Japanese governments to denounce Trump’s confusing and contradictory statements. Is there a method in Trump’s apparent madness?

Fake News Alert: Thailand’s alleged ‘autocrat’ ousted a very real US-backed dictator

Arson, Murder & Chaos: Photographs of Venezuela’s ‘Peaceful’ Opposition . . . this is no longer protesting; this is war. Take a look for yourself.

Sott Comment: Venezuela’s ‘opposition’ and their Western backers have declared war. Their goal is to eradicate every last bit of Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution.

Here at home: 

Hillary becomes the sorest loser in US history

FBI email exposes AG’s promise to protect Clinton from criminal charges

FBI Dir. Comey’s letter didn’t torpedo HRC’s campaign, according to polling autopsy

California cops shoot 15yo teen with air gun dead in front of school

 * * * 

If you can, please find time to enjoy at least a bit of this beautiful video:

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8 Responses to May 7, 2017, News UPDATE/s

  1. adamandeve says:

    A slightly different “angle” to the French election !

    Pepe Le Pen and the French Elite Transgenres

  2. adamandeve says:


    Jim Stone Freelance has posted an email in which it appears Rothschild; working thorough a THIRD PARTY of course, APPEARS to be DRIVING an AGENDA to ISLAMIFY YOU-ROPE.

    I do not imagine anyone is surprised by this revelation as the “refugee” agenda was a part of the …Kalergi Coudenhove “plan”… for ashkeNAZI khazars to… UNLAWFULLY…SATURATE Europe… with non-indigenous peoples in order to….. GENOCIDE Europe’s Indigenous Sovereigns.

    Macron Leaks contain secret plans for the islamisation of France and Europe

    Europe’s “refugee” crisis and the Kalergi plan for white genocide

  3. Well, from first hand experience, what is happening to Ammon happens regularly in jail in Southern Nevada, even with women. I personally witnessed Laurindra Drake be stripped, abused and put in solitary in a town’s “jail”. Sad. #EndMassIncarceration <3nikiV

  4. Leonard Frank House of Harview says:

    Once I calmed down a bit when first hearing about the probable and grave situation being perpetrated upon Ammond Bundy at the military prison located in Pahrump, Nevada, I consulted with some people in my circle and here is what has resulted. First off, we must all remember that we are and have been ruled under the laws/doctrine of conquest since the enacted act of the purported congress via The Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933, a.k.a. The War Powers Act linked here: Because of this, the purported government declared all US citizens to be enemy combatants under emergency rule. This folks, is a downright declaration of war perpetrated upon us (or those who participate, “wink”) by our own purported government against its people (against international law, by the way). We must also remember and assume that the Bundy’s signed the documents presented to them by their captors at these, what I consider to be military prison facilities. By signing these intake documents, the prisoner(s) are bound to follow orders of their captor’s and if those who signed disobey, poop like this can and will happen and be considered legal, not lawful. We think the Bundys should comply, comply and comply at this point due to their assumed signing of these intake documents. We have attempted to assist the Bundys early on with plans of action for filing writs and other documents on their behalf and we can only assume by either their own free will choice or a lack of knowledge which includes their possible belief that effing BAR attorneys can actually acquire true remedy or competent defense for their current matter. We suggest the Bundys immediately fire each and every BAR attorney currently representing them followed by allowing us to provide a specially drawn up Writ of Habeas Corpus, Abatement, Abatement Nul tiel corporation – NOTICE OF ASSERTION IN ABATEMENT IS GIVEN THAT NO SUCH CORPORATION EXISTS and other documents which can be served by family members to the appropriate and purported court who they claim has jurisdiction in this or these matters. These documents, once filed, will be on the record and granted, the laws of conquest will most likely result in them ignoring these filings because in reality, the only other way to gain their release would be for huge numbers of people gathering there in Pahrump, NV, and I mean numbers that out number their purported law enforcement agencies which may include the Sheriff’s, state police and National Guard. The people then must block all possible exit points to prevent these criminals from moving the Bundys to different and multiple locations which would be very bad for them because then all phone calls would cease and the people and family members may not hear from them from there on out and we do not think this would be in their best interest and this is why they must be removed by the people and secured from there. Some people sorta, kinda did a similar action back in April of 2014 during the initial Bundy standoff in Bunkerville, NV even though they lost their case in Federal court regarding the cattle grazing matter. I know, some of you may say to yourself that such an action would be suicide and may be so unless many of these people who engage understand what has been done in West Virginia back in 2015 under case #15-0491 of the purported West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to which put the whole government structure, USA, Inc. into total default and dishonor ultra vires which then gave the authority, capacity and standing under our own law of conquest to enact The Declaration and Indenture Covenant of a Trust including specific Trustee Orders which are now in full force and effect. Of course, the missing link is enforcement however, we as trustees and with the assistance of the trust’s protector, could rather quickly commence the needed tribunals of record and assist in moving FREEDOM’s Trust structure forward. I know, it sounds too easy but, the hard work has been completed and since the current purported government structure including the military has been lawfully notified and only if enough people stand up like referred to above, the military just may have no choice to follow the civil orders given to them.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Leonard, you can see that I’ve published your important information on my blog . . . Hugs, ~Jean


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