May 11, 2017 Late Day News

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Saudis allocate $68mn for Trump’s state visit, set to be garish display of opulence . . . Yup, follow the money! Looks like they’re thick as thieves!

Saudis allocate $68mn for Trump’s state visit, set to be garish display of opulence . . . sadly, it’s probably still best, if we truly want to know the truth, to follow the money. . . 

Saudi Arabia has quickly pivoted in its “appreciation” of the Trump administration, and having realized that the fastest way to Trump’s heart is through the US Treasury’s bank account, it is preparing to invest an “unprecedented” amount of money in the US.

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US approves sale of $2 billion worth of missiles to UAE

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Follow the money: ‘UK ignores Yemeni slaughter as Riyadh spends more on British military equipment’

Bashar al-Assad: Syria, Russia and Iran to deter violations of de-escalation deal (interview)

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George Webb wraps us 200 days.

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5 Stories Everyone Is Ignoring While The Mainstream Media Obsesses Over Trump Firing Comey 

Senate Hearing Summary: Everything You Thought You Knew About Russia/Comey Just Got Destroyed

Pretty much no one emerged a ‘winner’ from today’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing other than perhaps Andrew McCabe.  From the mainstream media to Trump to Congressional Democrats, pretty much all of the narratives surrounding the FBI’s Russia investigation and Comey’s sudden dismissal were succinctly obliterated by McCabe’s testimony.

FBI Agents Raid A GOP Fundraising Firm In Annapolis

The company whose offices are being raided is the Strategic Campaign Group in Annapolis..per @dcollinsWBAL Agents executed search warrant at firm

Spot The Odd One Out. . . there were two other articles about strange things happening in China’s financial markets. This, today, is the third.

After this week’s mixed inflation data, China’s 10Y bond yield rose to its highest since Dec 2014, industrial metals stumbled to 2017 lows, and Chinese stocks slumped. This leaves China under-water in 2017, dramatically decoupled from the rest of the world… something that has not ended well in the past.

. . . and now add this story . . . 

Bill Blain: “Something Is Happening In Europe And We Don’t Know What It Is…”

“A French 30yr is in the works, Italy and Belgium are both looking, while other rumours say the EFSF might be in the frame. Fascinating stuff, but with the ECB already taking the metal off the QE pedal, what happens when the market distortion stops? Where do bond prices go when the ECB stops buying… Something is happening and we don’t know what it is…

Israel asks US to annul UN resolution on settlements: Report

Iraqi security forces say 90% of Mosul liberated from Southfront

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4 Responses to May 11, 2017 Late Day News

  1. One of those 5 stories is the increase of troops in Afghanistan; and that is due to the rich deposits of “REE’s” (Rare Earth Elements) which the Cabal War Machine needs for computer hardware to keep their American military running.

    The Afghanistan Pashtun people are going to be genocided by Americans just like the Palestinian’s are by the Jews.


  2. Captain says:

    Given the recent brutal treatment of Bundy, this article’s title could be accurate. Several video links here….

    • Jean says:

      This is awful, Captain. Please keep track of it. I will check again in the morning. . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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