May 11, 2017, News. . . with more to come later!

“CNN hit rock bottom”: Zakharova once again tears into US media over Lavrov visit coverage

🙂 🙂 🙂 During a press conference in Washington on Wednesday, Lavrov confessed that he accidentally thought US reporters were adults.

Note: I’ve learned the Kissinger/Trump Meeting was set up a couple weeks ago. So, does this effect the statement by X22 Report this morning? . . . ~J 🙂

. . . and don’t forget this important video. In fact, I would always measure news against the ideas David talks about. As David says, “You’ve got to get informed about how the game is played.” 

Philippines moves troops, supplies to disputed S. China Sea island claimed by Beijing

Earlier this month, Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua warned that any construction on the island, known internationally as Thitu, would be illegal.

“We view the occupation by the Philippine side of those islands as illegal. And so the building on it are also illegal,” he said, as quoted by the Manila Times.

– Truth or Assumption?

A Series of headlines from

 * * * 

I will gradually add more news later on, but the video below is so very thought-provoking that I thought I would get it out to you all first thing today! 

This video is extremely interesting! (I’m listening to it for the second time; it contains so much to consider!) What do you think about this info? I would be so delighted to be wrong in what I — and many others — see coming at us. We all want something positive to happen, but I’m telling myself to remain cautious, not to jump, but to take this in and watch carefully to learn if the words here fit with the unfolding picture. Quite honestly, although I know X22 Report couldn’t be a part of it, it almost sounds like a false flag report. . . it is that positive, that good, and I think as a result we could tend to let down our guards. This we must not allow.

No matter what happens, he asks us to prepare for when the entire sick system comes down, and this is simply excellent, solid advice to us all.

Please watch and add your thoughts in the Comment Section.

Forbidden Knowledge TV has this to say about it:

The X22Report says that Trump’s firing of Comey now has the Deep State in a panic. After firing Comey, Trump then met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and then he met with Henry Kissinger.

Dave from the X22Report says that the firing of Comey was meant as a signal from Trump that he will not sit by anymore, the old way of doing business is over. While the Deep State has been pushing for war, Trump has been planning something else with China and North Korea. Is this the3D chess” everyone’s been talking about?

TheOne Belt, One Road” initiative is a massive infrastructure plan of roads and rails from Asia to Europe, which will circumvent the US’ current dominance of the sea lanes used for most of the cargo shipments out of Asia, controlled via “choke points” patrolled by the US Navy.

One Belt member nations will be having a major meeting next week, to which the US was studiously not invited. Member nations encompass about 60 countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania and East Africa. Trump ally, Filipino President Duterte recently met with China to talk about the Philippines joining the initiative.

Dave from X22 warns that the world is about to get more chaotic than ever before, because the only way to weaken the Deep State is to defund them, which is why Dave says Trump intends to collapse the economy and the Central Banking system, which will result in a very uncomfortable period for those of us who survive it.

For whatever it’s worth…

Related to the above video? ? ? 

Duterte: Philippines seeks further cooperation with China through One Belt, One Road initiative

Pentagon blocking US Navy mission requests to disputed South China Sea

* * *

The only thing Russia’s ‘interfered with’ has been the US destroying foreign countries . . . Remember, the truth is always simple, clear, and easy to understand, This ‘truth’ brings tears to my eyes.

Wishful thinking? Russian diplomat says EU foreign policy chief’s Moscow visit offers chance to normalize relations . . . while Sott comments that with sanctions still in place, this seems unlikely, I would add that, nevertheless, the seeds are being sown.

* * *

Signs of Consciousness, Sentience and Intelligence in Nature Demand Our Respect 

. . . this article with numerous short ‘animal’ videos suggested to me by Bamboo provides us with the earth and cosmic connection we all deeply need. This connection is valid and when I publish these kinds of articles/photos, etc.,  your heartwarming response tells me just how valid this connection actually is.

We have been deliberately separated from this ‘earth’ connection by our captors, as they have tried to connect us to ‘things’ and some very dark associated values. If you took a moment to watch a bit of the March of the Immortal Regiment in Moscow this week, in which 800K people participated, you will realize that ‘people’ are a priority to Russians as compared with us, who were told on 9/11 to ‘go buy something’ to support our country.

The cabal knows we are the stewards of earth, and they don’t want us to ever realize this. Proof of this fact is that we are the only species that actually vibrates with the earth — and as her vibrations are rising, so are ours! This is why our consciousness is also rising and we are waking to the ‘real’ truth. Enjoy the ‘sample’ video, just one among many! In difficult times, these sorts of connections will help us to stay grounded.

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6 Responses to May 11, 2017, News. . . with more to come later!

  1. Tracy says:

    Evening Jean, (I’ve been under the weather….had another much longer comment to post but I’ll spare you, only wish to ask if you’ve seen the “Rogue Sabre-1” post over at It’s intriguing [in that the military have been notified] & also the SCRIBD post by Rogue Sabre – titled: “Final Report XXX – Harvested” (total 218 pgs) keeping an open mind (except the “corporation” part of parse-syntax-contracts still bugs me). O.K. now to my observation since I read that Puerto Rico is Bankrupt “officially” ~; and keeping in mind the correlation with this article ~…oh dear, here we are. Additionally I found noteworthy articles at;;;; = Tesla tech & beyond, mentioned in Final Report XXX Harvested. And I found this Jan 2017 video I’m going to re-review tomorrow – Peter Kling: Trump, Brexit, Silk Road “King of the North”, leading to Paradigm Shift of Revelation ~ I really enjoyed the Leopard video above, only wish it was longer (what happened in the end?) I’m still at the “question everything, prove-it” mindset regarding “all” that we are witnessing. Thanks for letting me share, getting sleepy now. 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Doreen, somehow you and I always wide up o opposite sides of the fence, so let me offer you my own thoughts, via a article by James that might help enlarge your views, or at least be food for thought. As I recall the occasion, at the time that I published the following article by James I wrote a very negative comment on it, and then I discovered it at, and it seems they agreed with me. I’ll let them speak for me, because I can’t go back now to find my own statement.

      The article from James Corbett: ‘China’s New World Order will be exactly the same as the American New World Order’LINK:

      As I read James words about globalization, I became more and more disturbed by his thinking, because he is someone whose work I do respect. I found that agreed with me, and after a series of negative sott comments, their final comment read:

      Sott Comment: And thus the author reveals his ideological bias. He’s an ‘anti-statist’, a postmodern gloss on ‘anarchist’. In his world, there should be no states, no governments, no economic management, no nothing.

      It’s a shame because he’s done so much to deconstruct the lies behind Western hegemony. But he’s completely misreading the transition that’s taking place because of his unrealistic beliefs.

      Given that Corbett lives in Japan, one has to wonder if he has swallowed that nation’s inherent anti-China bias.

      I hope you will find my words here to be helpful.


  2. Deborah says:

    During a press conference in Washington on Wednesday, Lavrov confessed that he accidentally thought US reporters were adults…….What priceless comment!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. trishafad says:

    Absolutely necessary due to the resilience of the Deep State’s criminals. Let’s hope the commentary is true.

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