May 12, 2017, Afternoon News, UPDATE !!!!! . . . several UPDATES now . . .

UPDATE: This video information concerning Putin’s plans is pure dynamite! I’m putting all these videos out there today with the hope that you will assume the responsibility to check them out as you are able. So far, I can’t say strongly enough how important all the videos are that I’ve published from Whats Going On. ~J

 * * *

Sorry, I’m forced to this post now, or I doubt I will be able to get it out . . . Please take time over the weekend to listen to these important videos. ~J

On this video, Levoy Finicum is mentioned — more than once! Please Listen!

Among other nefarious situations, Nestle is deeply involved in the (lack-of-) water situation in California.

The video below gets rather specific about pedophilia.


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State sanctioned pedophilia? New Jersey governor vetoes child marriage ban citing ‘culture and traditions’

Federal Court Rules State Dept Must Release Hillary Emails Detailing Obama’s Response to Benghazi

Follow the money: Pentagon says $2bn sale of missiles to UAE will ‘contribute to US national security’



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3 Responses to May 12, 2017, Afternoon News, UPDATE !!!!! . . . several UPDATES now . . .

  1. lecox says:

    A lot of these articles and presentations mention morality.
    I’d like to share a bit of my training on this subject. The sane objective of any moral code is that it will secure the survival of the group and improve conditions in the group. This is also the objective of Ethics. But leaders have felt it necessary to publish sets of rules about living (mores) and enforce them with the argument that they are “moral,” “the will of God,” etc. Enforcing morals becomes a crime and punishment system. The only problem is that such a system does not tend to be effective, especially when societies get too deeply interested in punishment. Pure ethics, on the other hand, cannot be enforced. Guidelines may be published to assist people in the thought process, but each situation is judged in the context of its own circumstances: In this situation, what action will result in the most survival and the most improvement? You can invite a person to be ethical, but you can’t force then to be. Thus, moral codes are favored by the less ethical, as it turns out. This doesn’t change the arguments in most of the discussions above, except they sometimes use the term “moral” where I would choose the term “ethical.”
    The “child marriage” question is interesting in this regard. While we would assume this would be a marriage between two “minors” or one who is under-age and another that is only one or two years older, the writer of the article (ascribed to RT) jumps to the subject of pedophilia. Though perhaps it is less common in this country and in these times, you may have run across a young couple who were ready to get married. One or both may have already become working and productive. In rural areas they may be into farming and not involved with the urban mythology that you need a PhD in order to have a life. In any case, the ethics of early marriage are not the same as the morals of it. A certain percentage of “kids” get tired of school just because they want to go out and DO something – start contributing to society – and the demand that they stay in school just serves as a suppressor, which they may react to by making trouble. There are other ethical arguments for inviting “children” into the adult world as they become biologically “adult.” Moral codes based on arbitrary age limits do nothing to address the ethical questions involved.
    I have seen many pre-teen “children” who have developed many “adult” skills. This shows up particularly in the performing arts. Are parents who let their kids go ahead and perform with “adults” doing something bad? Remember: We have all lived before. If we could remember all that we have learned down through all the millennia, how long would it actually take a kid to get a PhD? The only question then would be, are they physically capable of doing an adult job, and do they themselves want to? If both answers were “yes” then I’d say, go ahead!

    • Jean says:

      Larry, i think the most important take away here is that morality cannot be legislated. It must be a part of the values of a society. I thin, though that the cabal has deliberately tried to break down any morality we have left.

      As far as the topic of child marriage situation, we are reading so much about children being forced into marriages with much older men. . . pedophilia for sure. To me, it’s all about abusing/using young girls in a very sexually sick way.

      You talk about musicians and their amazing gifts, brilliant, gifted young people. As someone with a Master’s in mUsic, I’m watching a show on TV tonight about coaching these young people at the New England Conservatory of Music, one of them is no more than a young child/boy. Fortunately the artist working with them understand that in spite of their extraordinary talents, they are not immune from having to achieve emotional maturity, and he guides them with that in his mind.

      How many of us have seen young talents abused and destroyed by not allowing them to be children and to go through the normal maturation process that every human being needs to experience.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I think Britain’s; molest children, then kill them must end also

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