May 13, 2017, News – UPDATEs . . . MORE . . . and it’s all a WOW!!!

Note: I thought I could take the afternoon off to write, and look what happens! All hell is breaking loose.

The Klayman Interivew (above) actually begins at about minute 2.

 * * * 

The research (below) that Call of Duty Goddess did back in October is so impressive!!! I urge you to listen and share it widely.

I believe Part 2 is actually the operative video, but Part 1 is necessary for background . . learn James Comey’s ‘real’ history in excruciating detail. . . I can remember trying so hard to get this info to Lou Dobbs, because, because I felt he could have answered his questions at that time so easily, but as you know, bloggers aren’t (yet) considered important enough. 

 – Former Army General & President of DynCorp Faces 6 Counts of Rape of a Minor

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Note: I’ve tried several times quite unsuccessfully to recommend a book I think is of great importance, and I think I’ve failed miserably in my attempts. At the moment and because I really think this book should be of interest to us all, I’m reworking my statement, and if  successful, I will hope to have it for you very soon. In the meantime, I’m offering you several headline stories that seem important to the unfolding saga of life in our times, and I ask you to follow what is happening on, and,

Who is igniting the Saudi-Iranian conflict?

The US is finalizing arms deals worth over 100 billion dollars with Saudi Arabia to boost the country’s military capabilities, a senior White House official said.  

Talking to Reuters on Saturday on condition of anonymity, the official noted that the deals cover sales of arms and ships as well as maintenance services. The source also added that the deals are part of a 300-billion-dollar package to boost Saudi military capabilities in ten years. According to the source, the signing of the contracts is part of the agenda of the US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia next week.

Hanan Ashrawi: Maybe it’s time to stop Zionizing Palestinians and start de-Zionizing Israel . . . Hanan has been around for years and years, and I’m always glad when I take time to read her words.

We’ve several times mentioned Hanan Ashrawi’s lacerating speech on the cruel delusions of the peace process at the Israel lobby conference in March. Now the conference sponsors, Institute for Research: Middle East Policy and the Washington Report for Middle East Affairs, have published a transcript of the speech, and we wanted to get it out to readers. . . . continue reading

UPDATE: Here is an older video (November 2014) of a presentation by Hanan, recommended by a reader, who also asks us all to listen to Hanan and understand why the people of Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Iran say there will be no peace in the Middle East until the European Jew Zionists are no more on the Arab lands — and we are asked to please note that the countries named all have given safe harbor to Christians — and that Hanan is herself a Christian of the bloodlines of the first Christians.

  * * * 

New South Korean leader seeks ‘constructive role’ from Putin on tensions with North

Channel 4 reporter says Theresa May ‘refusing to take press questions she hasn’t pre-approved’

. . . when I read a headline like the one above, and then listen to Lavrov respond off-the-cuff, completely, and with great subtlety to a question from the press, it makes me wonder . . .  I question if those who are lying need pre-approved questions so they can keep their lies straight.

Lavrov spells it out: Era of Western lecturing is long over (Video from post is below)

* * *

Dommage, Monsieur Poroshenko! ‘Macron doesn’t care about Ukraine!’

Naturally, President-elect Macron’s Ukraine policy has also been put under the microscope. As a key sponsor of Kiev’s post-Maidan coup authorities, a member of the Normandy contact group on Ukraine, and a party to the Minsk agreements on peace in eastern Ukraine, France has had a crucial role to play in instigating, and perhaps resolving, the Ukraine crisis. But under Macron, Paris’s position may face serious changes, and of the kind which would not be to Kiev’s benefit.

US Senate urged to hold hearing on Trump’s firing of Comey: Dianne Feinstein . . . looks like this distraction will be kept alive ad infinitum.

Two Words to the Supporters of James Comey [link corrected]. . . these two words are vitally important for us all to remember.


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One Response to May 13, 2017, News – UPDATEs . . . MORE . . . and it’s all a WOW!!!

  1. Tracy says:

    Jean, I am physically sick from (viewing this video from Able danger) Heavenly Father please help us from this “evil” — Horrifying Video From #Turkey: Harvesting the organs of Syrian children while they are still alive! ~

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