May 15, 2017, News. . . for starters today.

Note: I set this up in the middle of the night and doubt I will be publishing anymore for, well, I don’t know how long. I’m in the middle of a major medical crisis, will see the doctor this morning, but I don’t think there is anything he can do for me. I will not ever again put myself in the hands of Western medicine, so there are some preparations I need to make. Having said that, the long post I made yesterday, which may appear daunting to many of you, is the one I regard as the most important personal post I have ever made. Please find the time to read it.
Love and hugs to all,

Cyberattacks Expected To Spread Monday As Europol Fears Computer Systems Simply Won’t Start

* * *

Bharara Joins The Trump “Resistance”: Asks If Any Public Servants Will Dare Say No To The President

Comey ‘stood In the way’ of Clinton email investigation, say his own colleagues

Scandal At China’s Grand Silk Road Summit As India Skips, Warns Of “Unsustainable Debt”

It was supposed to be China’s day of celebrating massive infrastructure spending for the sake of spending as Xi Jinping pledged $124 billion on Sunday for his new Silk Road plan to forge “a path of peace, inclusiveness and free trade” while calling for the abandonment of old models based on rivalry and diplomatic power games. However, it did not go quite as smoothly as expected.

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17 Responses to May 15, 2017, News. . . for starters today.

  1. Charles says:

    Take A Look At The Video Rick Simpson’s Run From The Cure. Youtube Has Silenced The Video So You Can No Longer Hear It. But It Could Be On Other Sites.

  2. Captain says:

    I hope your medical issues get resolved and that your vital energy is restored.

    Meanwhile…. Dahboo: Massive ‘Mega Quake’ Drill Starts In Washington On Tuesday
    Also check Dahboo’s other channel for preparedness for if and when internet or atms go down due to virus or other hack.

  3. Jean,
    Indeed your post from yesterday was incredibly important and will be instrumental in changing my world view and how I approach the rest of my existence. I’m a long time reader and not sure I ever commented on anything, but I so appreciate your efforts over the last few years that I have followed your blog. Currently your blog is one of only a few that I pay attention to as I have dropped out of the matrix and will no longer give it any energy. I pray that your health improves, and if you never post another thing just know that I am incredibly grateful for all your efforts. If only a small percentage of the humans alive at this time followed even a bit of your example then all would be right with the world.

    Love to you,
    Bill Davis

    • Jean says:

      Bill, I thank you; and your kind words are much appreciate 🙂 It helps when I get a bit of feedback; otherwise, I have no idea whether I’ve been successful in my attempt to help people understand. If no one responds, I don’t have a clue and sometimes wonder if I’ve published a ‘dud[ 🙂


  4. Rev. Joe says:

    Dear Jean , your article is right on in my opinion . Sending reiki healing energy . Hugs , joe

  5. eduardosmall says:

    Dear Jean. Stay strong and get well. All your readers love, pray and wish you well. Beside being gratefull, very greatfull to the time and energy you dispend in posting such enlightening information, i myself, have ” grown” a lot in knowledge wisdom and understanding of this world.
    THANK YOU !!!!!!

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Thank you, Eduardo! I’m so glad if I have given you information that has helped your own process of growth. That is why I keep on trying to inform people. With good information, they can make good, solid decisions. Hugs to you! ~Jean 🙂

  6. Nancy Vinal (Watcher) says:

    Dear Jean: Sending the very best thoughts/vibrations that I can bring about in my mind.. and sending them “your way”…
    Your body’s health seems to be the part of your life that is the least manageable for you. As for trusting your precious vehicle to the “US roulette medical system” you have made the RIGHT decision, because the entire “medical care” has been corrupted from the top all the way to the bottom… Any MD’s that are, or were, ethical are “retiring” or leaving the United States. Even going into any hospital as a visitor puts a healthy person at risk.

    May the blessings of all the good you have sown into this world come back to you now when you most need them.

    • Jean says:

      Nancy, so nice to hear from you and know you are still out there reading my blog. Yours happens to be my last comment to respond to today, so I will just say, since I have done so elsewhere, this doctor – not a Western medical doctor – didn’t have a clue about how to handle my situation, and I’m not adding the ‘entity’ into it. What he did was killing me, and since I can only speak to him via email, when I shared that his efforts had created a real problem, his too quick response was that we needed to repeat the same thing over again, so it would work.

      The removal of the entity, removed the problem, but the problem he created was separate from that and was life-threatening. He couldn’t even ‘hear’ me! It was a terrible time for me. I truly thought it was over . . . Now, I’m really tired and need to eat and rest.


      PS One thing I would like to do after this is over is to support the retraining of those medical doctors and practitioners of any sort who might be interested. Too often, a practice must meet its financial obligations, which are based on the cost of running the ‘business’: expensive equipment, staff, record keeping, rental expenses, and so on. This has been calculated by the matrix. A lot of this should be non-existent so relationships between doctors and patients consists of more than written exchanges.

      This was not my first experience with this. As part of my divorce process, my husband sent me to a psychiatrist, and his office practice consisted of people writing him a note about how they were doing in order to get their drug prescriptions filled/refilled. No human, caring, loving interaction. No healing taking place. Just keeping people alive via their pills, which I can tell you from my own experience disconnects them from their spirit, their uniqueness, their purpose for being here, their live and their pain. Disconnect someone from their pain, and all the rest also takes place. . . too great a price to pay, don’t you think?

      • Jann says:

        We do not need mainstream doctors at all. They cause far too much damage. They all need to have their minds flushed and be retrained. Either that or back off and walk away. What the world needs most is not drugs and doctors but true healers.

        • Jean says:

          I agree with you, Jann, but we live on a free will planet. Some may wish to continue, both as patients and doctors. My desire is to help retrain those who have a desire to make the change. Probably the most important change would be attitudinal – as well as changing the cost of medicine – from all angles; that is the cost to the patient, and the cost to the doctor of his practice. Many people are going to need help on both sides of the spectrum, but when I consider the money available in the CAFRS funds alone, there should be enough. Also, we as a society have to decide what we want to value and how we want to demonstrate our values . . . 🙂


          • Jann says:

            The Kesche Foundation has made great contributions with their plasma energy technology. Many people are making and using these products inexpensively in their own homes. It works! I fail to see how anyone can continue to cling to the ineffective and toxic methods of mainstream when there are already far safer and cheaper methods of healing available. Hope you are now feeling much better, Jean.

          • Jean says:

            For the first time, my body behaved somewhat normally last night . . . 🙂 So, thank you, Jann, and I appreciate your comment about the Keshe Foundation, as well. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Nancy Vinal (Watcher) says:

        Nancy, I have sent you a private response to your comment. Was this your correct email address? Hugs, ~Jean

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