May 16, 2017 . . . a quick review of yesterday’s news . . .

Early on, this looks like it could be ‘the’ story of the day – more on it to follow:

BREAKING: Seth Rich Family Detective Tells FOX 5 DC THERE IS EVIDENCE Seth was “Emailing” Wikileaks …UPDATED WITH REPORT (several videos)

 * * * 

* * *

China: One Belt, One Road forum welcomes heads of state

Putin’s speech at Beijing Forum: The future belongs to Greater Eurasia

Pepe: Spreading peace, harmony and happiness – Xi speech outlines how One Belt, One Road initiative will change the world

India skips China’s grand Silk Road Summit . . . I doubt very much that India will be strong-armed by China for its absence 🙂

Setting the stage for détente with Russia – Trump outmaneuvers the media . . . I found this article to what I see as ‘reality’ than anything else I have read.

Here’s three options for Turkey in Syria . . . Turkey is in a pickle 🙂

Bankrupt Ukraine pays $400,000 for 6 minute meet with Trump at White House . . . values are plainly expressed; no more hiding

Ukraine teetering on the brink of default as Kiev struggles to repay debts

Germany looking to Jordan as one alternative to Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase . . . Jordan, as a ‘little’ country has little choice, but let’s wait and see as the collapse of Empire continues if they are really on board

Russia not the one to be afraid of anything — Putin

Russia is not afraid of China as a competitor in the global economy, when cooperating with Beijing, Moscow accepts only what is good for it, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference as part of the Belt and Road international economic forum in Beijing.

“Russia is not a country that is afraid of anything, and certainly, China’s actions are not aimed at any kind of absorption. We take decisions together, and we do not take decisions that are harmful to us” We agree only with such proposals that will be good for us,” Putin said.

Le Pen campaign claims of ballot tampering under investigation by French election commission . . . quite a waste of time, don’t you think? It’s all over, so why bother?

EU breakup? ‘Mr. Europe’ Emmanuel Macron may yet bring it about . . . thought-provoking title and information

Crude prices surge as Russia and Saudi Arabia agree to extend supply cuts, stabilize oil market . . . keeping track . . .

UN complains that Deep State’s media puppets’ focus on Trump is detracting from real issues around world . . . what’s the value of mere words — yet again?

Carving out ‘Kurdistan’ is the new US end game in Syria . . . keeping track of the storyline

US State Department: Renamed Al-Qaeda not considered a terrorist organization, can legally receive CIA supplies . . . no surprise here

Sanctions by the West have almost completely destroyed the Syrian medical industry . . . lest we forget what We the People are permitting 

As Trump cozies up to Saudi Arabia, war with Iran becomes more likely . . . the good guys won’t allow it . . . 

President Trump: Toss your Generals’ war escalation plans in the trash, by Ron Paul

Trump in Riyadh, media blinds left and right from common ground, by Tony Caralucci

Glimmer of sanity? Mattis to NATO: ‘Problems we have with Russia will be solved by diplomats and no other way’


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9 Responses to May 16, 2017 . . . a quick review of yesterday’s news . . .

  1. Shelly P says:

    Hi Jean, Shelly P here. I hope you are feeling much much better. So, all my life I have been sick but for the past 7 years extremely so. I have a few diseases such as CIRS and Lyme. Anyhow, Laura Walker has read me a couple of times and tells me that I am being constantly attacked on many fronts. Can you please share if your friend does work for others as well? I am only 42 and I feel so strongly about my mission here but am unable to do it very well. Thank you for your time. May your healing keep multiplying until you feel better than you have in years.


    Shelly P

    • Jean says:

      Shelly, I will ask, but I doubt she will have the time. There are many people, however, who are capable and do this sort of work. You can imagine that she would be deluged if people were to begin to ask for her help. I know most of her work is focused on healing the planet. In my own situation, I simply had no idea that this was my problem. Perhaps she can recommend someone for you. When I speak with her again I will ask her.


      • Shelly P says:

        Thanks so much Jean. While I have heard that there are many who do this work I have yet to find anyone. Any help would be appreciated to find someone to help me. Thank you for asking.

        • Jean says:

          🙂 I”m still waiting to hear back 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          This is my friend’s reply — and she has said she is too tired and must conserve her own energy. I think my time with her, for which I’m so very grateful, is also over. She did offer you this suggestion:

          Yes, there are many healers out there who can do the work on a personal level. I got to know (not personally) many while listening to teleseminars. You can subscribe to these teleseminars for free and you sometimes get a chance to call in and get help. They feature/interview different healers each time.
          The teleseminars I listened most to are:


          They offer greatly reduced packages and sometimes they offer personal sessions.

        • Jean says:

          Shelly, I have a private message for you. Is this your correct email? It is good news, too. Hugs, ~Jean

          • Shelly P says:

            Yes Jean it is. Thank you so very much. Through you I have found so much, it’s been a crazy eye opening ride. I appreciate you.

          • Jean says:

            I’ve finally (sorry – sigh) sent you your email. . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          I have good news for you, but I prefer to share it privately. Is your email address accurate? Hugs, ~Jean

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