May 19, 2017 Early News!!!

“He Is Free To Leave Whenever He Wants”: Swedish Prosecutors Drop Rape Investigation Against Julian Assange

Swedish prosecutors said Friday they have decided to drop a probe into alleged rape targeting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. “Director of Public Prosecution, Ms Marianne Ny, has today decided to discontinue the investigation, ”the Swedish Prosecution Authority said in a statement.

Swedish prosecutor drops case against Julian Assange, (RT)

‘I do not forgive or forget’: Assange responds after Swedish prosecutors drop rape case

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will not “forgive or forget” being “slandered” and “detained” for seven years without charge.

 * * *

Bill Blain: “Take The Red Pill, And Let’s See How Deep This Rabbit Hole Takes Us”

“The bottom line is yesterday’s slight bounce back in what remain Risk-Off markets feel about as solidly supported as an alligator in the Washington Mirror Pond.If there is a theme to what’s really going on, its “tedious inevitability.” So, with due respect, “bear” with me (geddit? see what I did there?). Take the Red Pill, and let’s see how deep this Rabbit Hole takes us. “

Weiner Gets Roasted: Set To Plead Guilty To Sexting With A Minor

After years of sexting scandals that cost him his marriage with Huma Abedin and potentially even cost Hillary the White House, disgraced former Democratic congressman and New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is set to appear in a federal courtroom in Manhattan today to enter a guilty plea for sexting with a minor.

Fed’s Bullard Slams Recovery Narrative, Confirms Fed Top-Ticked Economy; Hints At Fed Policy Error

In a surprisingly candid discussion of the recent economic slowdown, St. Louis Fed president said growth is unlikely “to move meaningfully” this year from the current trend of about 2% and that inflation expectations “have surprised to the downside.” adding that financial market readings since the March decision have been opposite of expectations. “This may suggest that the FOMC’s contemplated policy rate path is overly aggressive relative to actual incoming data.”

“Trump Isn’t A Trainwreck” Nassim Taleb Destroys Media Narrative, Urges “Rational” Investors To Hedge

“If you own stocks without a hedge [right now], it’s not rational.

 * * * 

The information on the following video is what is being hidden from the public with other distractions

The Judge has surprised me — and so has Bill Still!

Daboo Does a Great Job!

* * *

US Deploys Second Aircraft Carrier Toward Korean Peninsula

The US Navy has deployed a second aircraft carrier, the CVN-76 Ronald Reagan to the Korean Peninsula where it will conduct dual-carrier training exercises with the USS Carl Vinson already on location, amid heightened tensions in the region.

US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner personally intervened on a recent arms deal with Saudi Arabia ahead of Trump’s visit to the kingdom this week, said a report.

According to a report by The New York Times on  Thursday, Kushner jumped to the Saudis’ assistance when it became clear that the cost of a sophisticated radar system, THAAD, might be an issue. . .continue reading!!!

Is There A Coup Attempt Underway In America? — more from Max Krieger! (Video below is from this important article)

“…don’t fool yourself into thinking this is OK or even tolerable. The bottom line is that we have some very powerful people in Washington who really don’t like how democracy played out this time around and what they do to attack it next isn’t going to be any better than what they’re doing now.”

The Russian Obsession Goes Back Decades

What lots of Americans don’t realize is that what Trump has been enduring from the national-security establishment, the mainstream press, and the American right-wing for his outreach to, or “collusion with,” Russia pales in comparison to what Kennedy had to endure for committing the heinous ‘crime’ of reaching out to Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union in a spirit of peace and friendship.

Striking Video: Venezuelan Police Unleash Devastating Water Cannon On Protesters

If the protests that have rocked Venezuela over the past few months can teach us anything, it’s that the Maduro regime is desperately clinging to power.

Note from Jean: I wrote to Niall Bradley (who has kindly responded) with a question about Venezuela, and he responded: 

What’s going on in Venezuela is more like the Maidan event in Kiev in early 2014. So it’s a US ‘deep state’-backed colour revolution using local extremists to terrorize the population and force the government to respond. Here is a sample of recent articles about it on

* * *

Inside The US Government’s Plan To Survive Nuclear War (While The Rest Of Us Die)

“The back of the ID had these evacuation instructions on it. And so I got on Google Maps and followed the instructions and they led to a road that very clearly went into the side of a mountain…”

US President Donald Trump’s administration has launched the countdown for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico.

With a letter to US lawmakers on Thursday, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer triggered a 90-day consultation period with Congress, and representatives of industries to renegotiate NAFTA — one of the world’s biggest trading blocs.

“It’s Absurd” – 6 Baltimore Schools Have Zero Students Proficient In State Math, English Tests

Baltimore schools spend a staggering $16,00 per student – the fourth-highest rate in the nation – and still an investigation by Fox45’s Project Baltimore revealed that at six city schools, not one student scored proficient on either the statewide tests for English and math.

Australian woman jailed, forced to strip search and not allowed to contact family in Hawaii by US border officials . . . lest we forget.

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One Response to May 19, 2017 Early News!!!

  1. lecox says:

    Inner city school kids don’t know Math and English: Besides the fact that knowing math and English may not be the first thing on the minds of most of these kids, they obviously either don’t want to be in school or the school is refusing to train them, or some combination of the two. Durden notes that “Crime, fueled by the opioid epidemic and decades of failed liberal policies” plays a role in this bad situation. But I’ve heard there are some pretty smart criminals running around out there, haven’t you?

    And hey, didn’t a lot of us used to be “liberals?” I’d still like to think that I am. But many newly-minted left-wing types would swear I have succumbed to the “fake news” of the “far right.” Though commentators like Durden and many others are clearly able to see that something’s wrong, most of them went through the same school system these kids are going through, so might have picked up some false lessons that they still need to unlearn.

    The bottom-line question here is: What is actually causing this situation? These kids are being SET UP to die young or live in jails for much of their lives. Do you think most of them really want that? I am sure the majority would choose another path if they could only figure out how to get onto it.

    They aren’t the criminals. But someone is. Regular readers of Jean’s hand-picked news stories are probably quite aware of this. And though kids shooting at each other in our cities sounds pretty bad, look who’s shooting at each other and getting killed in places like the Middle East. Don’t the numbers killed daily there surpass the numbers killed yearly here? But the point is: Same criminals.

    We’ve been told many times that the Deep State profits from war. But doesn’t it occur to you that those creatures – who keep themselves hidden in the background but constantly urge others crazy enough to try to be public officials to wage war – might actually kind of like war? That they might be indulging in ceremonial sacrifices because they like hearing helpless people screaming in agony? Whoever those people really are, they are the real criminals, and they engineered a lot of changes in the US over the years (to say nothing of everywhere else) that most of their front men (except the ones that got killed) bought into and have been running with for quite some time now.

    The research I follow points a finger directly at one Wilhem Wundt “one of the founding figures of modern psychology.” Of course, all psychology did was supply the criminals with a modus operandi for their operations, which they used in tandem with propaganda techniques developed by Ed Bernays, to bring to America various “programs” of a distinctly un-American flavor, but made to look appealing through guile and the use of outright deception when necessary. And one of those programs was the re-structuring of the American education (schooling) system. Of course, pushing dangerous street drugs on our kids, as well as prescription drugs for the middle class, is also a part of the plan. And creating “liberals” who couldn’t properly define the word was another part of the plan. It all works together to slowly but surely (they hope) squeeze the life, dreams and love of independent thought and action out of the population of a new country that had become dangerously strong, and perhaps a bit too peace-loving. Of course the biggest problem with America, especially in the early years, was that it was actually anti-criminal. It was – and still is for many – a relatively sane and happy place to grow up and live. To get the younger generation to “rebel” when conditions are actually so good has been one of the biggest problems for the criminals who want to take us over. I am not surprised that they are making inroads, such as Durden’s article suggests, but all we’d have to do is stop pointing at our kids, or their teachers, or the “liberals” and start pointing at the real criminals. Then their power over us would fade away.

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