May 21, 2017, Mid-Day News, UPDATE/s

The generals on Syria and Iraq: Talking tactics, lacking strategy, by Moon of Alabama . . . whose work in case you haven’t guessed, I really respect. If you are short on time and don’t know enough to follow the details of this post, I suggest you skip to the last three paragraphs of this WOW! article.

On Friday Secretary of Defense [General ret.] Mattis, General Dunford and Special Envoy McGurk on the Campaign to Defeat ISIS held a press briefing. A transcript is available.

My first thought after reading its was: “These people live in a different world. They have no idea how the real word works on the ground. What real people think, say, and are likely to do.” There was no strategic thought visible. Presented were only some misguided tactical ideas. …

Dozens Of Notre Dame Graduates Walk Out During Mike Pence Commencement Speech 

Dozens of graduating students walked out during Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame on Sunday, according to video reports posted on social networks.

Dunning-Kruger: Comey effectively admits Trump did not obstruct justice . . . my first experience with the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

CNN has published a rather odd report in which it says that former FBI Director Comey “now believes” that Donald Trump tried to influence the Russiagate inquiry, but that he clearly does not think this amounted to an obstruction of justice

Former FBI Director James Comey now believes that President Donald Trump was trying to influence his judgment about the Russia probe, a person familiar with his thinking says, but whether that influence amounts to obstruction of justice remains an open question.

“You have to have intent in order to obstruct justice in the criminal sense,” the source said, adding that “intent is hard to prove.”

Sott Comment: This whole thing just sounds like Comey is desperately trying to remain relevant.

Has the Trump administration green lighted ‘regime change’ in Venezuela?

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley said that the Trump administration “wants to prevent another conflict like Syria, North Korea or South Sudan” in Venezuela which is a code phrase for “regime change.” According to a May 17th report by the Associated Press (AP):

Haley said the U.S. intention wasn’t to be “intrusive” or “heavy-handed” but to support regional efforts to find a political solution and “show respect for the Venezuelan people” who want free and fair elections, the release of political prisoners and the worsening humanitarian situation addressed.

“We think if that doesn’t happen we will certainly be hearing this in the Security Council because it will be a real problem — not just in the region but internationally,” Haley told reporters after the closed-door briefing and discussions that lasted over 1½ hours.

Sott Comment: With the US it is either “textbook” or “theme and variation.” No matter, the uprooting of Venezuela is well underway and has been for years. Even if Trump wants to stop it, the forces are in motion.


Statement backs claim from private investigator that police told to ‘stand down’

 * * * 

 * * * 

UPDATE: Deconstructing CNN’s fake news: The CIA and ‘anonymous sources’ claim Russian officials bragged they could use Flynn to influence Trump, provide no evidence to support claim, by Gloria Borger, Pamela Brown, Jim Sciutto, Marshall Cohen and Eric Lichtblau CNN does a terrific job of pulling this total fabrication of a story apart. (I ran it below  — with total disgust, I might add — as coming from Reader Supported News: Russian Officials Bragged They Could Use Flynn to Influence Trump.  When gets done with it, there is truly nothing left to do but take out the garbage 🙂 Please take a look. ~J

 * * * 

They killed the Tsar – now the globalists set their crosshairs on Putin, by Phil Butler . . . This powerful article helps us to increase our understanding of our world today with basic historical facts! A MUST READ. If the information is new to you, read it again and again until you understand that the direction of our world has been pre-planned for a very long time — and we are the ones we have been waiting for.  It is up to us to stop this insanity.

In today’s crises centered around Russia, world historians seem to have forgotten that it was American President Woodrow Wilson who made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport. Observed in an historical context the underlying intent of western-eastern détente today should be seen in crystal clarity, but it is not. The reality is what it was. Russia is once again in the crosshairs of a fearsome globalist assault, and the only real course toward peace and cooperation is to view the current situation through the truth of an historic lens. The harsh reality of today’s crises can be traced to amoral and apolitical “internationalist” bankers, the reincarnated cabal of subversionists replying the same deadly tactic they did upon Tsarist Russia.

Most westerners never learned much about the 1917 Revolution in school. At best, a child of the 1960’s may have gone to the theater to see Doctor Zhivago, or the Cold War apocalyptic masterpiece Fail Safe. And in total fairness, and American kids raised in the 1970’s can scarcely be blamed for missing a paragraph or two in a high school history book about Tsar Nicholas and his family being murdered by the Bolsheviks. By the 1980’s, western youth could only be expected to identify with news of the fall of the Soviet Union, and maybe some of their contemporaries breaking up pieces of the Berlin Wall is normal. So today, if we expect middle America to fathom what we mean when we accuse the globalists of leveraging anti-Russian propaganda, then we are dreaming.The knowledge bridge for proper understanding and cooperation that should exist, it does not exist at all today. The same situation holds true for Britain and the rest of Europe. History, as it exists today, is a ripe fruit ready to be mixed into a brand-new globalist jam for consumption by the masses. Make no mistake, the global cabal (or subversionists) are hard at work this new neo-politic food product – and most of the world is already hooked on its saccharin sweetness. …

. . . and I believe this is what will bring them down . . . the Satanic abuse of OUR CHILDREN . . . all over the planet!

 * * *

Nothing will happen, however, when we continually get stories like those put out today by Reader Supported News (below), and other similar organizations. Too many people are badly mis-informed and the story is extremely complex, so they are fair game for these lies. It seems what they are ‘selling’ — and getting away with — in these stories actually belongs in a supermarket tabloid. Sadly, we as a country have been manipulated and have learned to call this garbage ‘news’. What to do!

Russian Officials Bragged They Could Use Flynn to Influence Trump

Gloria Borger, Pamela Brown, Jim Sciutto, Marshall Cohen and Eric Lichtblau, CNN

Excerpt: “Russian officials bragged in conversations during the presidential campaign that they had cultivated a strong relationship with former Trump adviser retired Gen. Michael Flynn and believed they could use him to influence Donald Trump and his team, sources told CNN.” READ MORE

.  . . and here’s another story, coming suddenly out-of-the-blue, but perfectly timesd, creating chaos, terror, and fear . . . they are really ramping things up . . . can we believe anything the WHO says? Please, don’t jump on this fearful bandwagon! Take a deep breath, and do not respond with your emotions. We’ve been down this road before.

Ebola Spreading: Infections Up 800% In Last Week, Officials Race To Track Down 400 Possible Contacts

Last week three suspected Ebola infections were detected in a remote region of the Congo. Since then, World Health Organization officials have been scrambling to contain the virus.

The contagion continues to spread, and though it’s nowhere near the 11,000 people who were infected during the outbreak in 2014, the infection rate has spiked over 800% in just the last seven days, with at least nine new cases reported in the last 24 hours…

* * * 

No-Brainers and “Conspiracy Theories”: Seth Rich, Craig Murray and the Narratives of the National Security State, by Mike Whitney

* * *

Fixing Trump’s media strategy . . .wish the Trump team would read this article!

Schlichter Warns “This Is A Coup Against Our Right To Govern Ourselves”

“The blizzard of lies and distraction blowing through Washington is not just any routine stuffstorm, but a calculated attempt to bring down a president – our president, not the establishment’s president. And more than that, it’s an attempt to ensure that we never again have the ability to disrupt the bipartisan D.C. cabal’s permanent supremacy…”

The blizzard of lies and distraction blowing through Washington is not just any routine stuffstorm, but a calculated attempt to bring down a president – our president, not the establishment’s president. And more than that, it’s an attempt to ensure that we never again have the ability to disrupt the bipartisan D.C. cabal’s permanent supremacy by inserting a chief executive who refuses to kiss their collective Reid.

This is a coup against us. It’s a coordinated campaign by liberals and their allies in the bureaucracy and media to once and for all ensure their perpetual rule over us. We need to fight it, here and now, so we don’t have to fight it down at the bottom of this slippery slope.

It’s brazen. It’s bold. It’s insulting to our intelligence. They aren’t even trying to hide their lies anymore. Truth is irrelevant; this is a choreographed dance routine and everyone has his moves. Call it Breakin’ 2: Electric Leakaroo, except instead of trying to save the community center they’re trying to save their power and prestige.

To buy the media narrative on this latest Russian nonsense, you must believe  . . .

Pentagon overbills US military for fuel and pours surplus into ‘slush fund’

Getting Assange: The Untold Story . . . I thought I understood, but I never realized how far they would go.

Had Assange not sought refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, he would have been on his way to the kind of American torture pit Chelsea Manning had to endure.

This prospect was obscured by the grim farce played out in Sweden.

“It’s a laughing stock,” said James Catlin, one of Assange’s Australian lawyers. “It is as if they make it up as they go along”.

It may have seemed that way, but there was always serious purpose. In 2008, a secret Pentagon document prepared by the “Cyber Counterintelligence Assessments Branch” foretold a detailed plan to discredit WikiLeaks and smear Assange personally.

The “mission” was to destroy the “trust” that was WikiLeaks’ “centre of gravity”. This would be achieved with threats of “exposure [and] criminal prosecution”. Silencing and criminalizing such an unpredictable source of truth-telling was the aim. . . . [and there’s much more!]

 * * * 

Trump uses anti-terrorism speech in Saudi Arabia to condemn countries actually fighting terrorism MUST READ!!! . . . his words tell me that this is not a man looking to bring peace to our world! His actions with the sale of armaments to Saudi Arabia are proving it!

The shame of today’s speech is not Donald Trump’s alone but should be shared by secular Arab states like Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Algeria who once stood proudly against imperialism and Gulfi barbarity. Libya which is now, hardly a state at all, also could once hold its head proudly in a broad Nasserist tradition.

Donald Trump spoke of America not wanting to lecture the Muslim world nor impose its views upon it. This particular remark should be applauded. But Trump stopped short of following his own advice. He proceeded to lecture the Muslim leaders about the dangers of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, three organisations which unlike America and Saudi Arabia, are on the correct side of the war against Wahhabi terrorism.

If only the American people realised that Iran, while a theocracy is a place of learning, peace and cultural sophistication and if they also knew that Ba’athist Syria is a modern, free, secular, tolerant and wholesome place, they would have a very different idea about what is what in the Arab world.

Tillerson: ‘In all likelihood’ will eventually speak with his Iranian counterpart . . . is this is an attitude that will create peace?

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says it is likely he will eventually speak to his Iranian counterpart, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, “at the right time,” although he has no plans to talk to him at this point.

Tillerson’s comments came on May 20 in Riyadh during President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the first leg in the president’s first foreign trip.

Syrian army calls US bluff: Continues advance towards Iraq border

The US is desperate to create a pretext for direct military intervention in Syria—but Syrian forces and their allies won’t take the bait.

US military presence in Syria is plainly illegal under international law, and arguably even unconstitutional.

While there are loopholes which allow for limited US military operations without a formal declaration of war, the president cannot initiate a war without congressional approval. But the attack on pro-government forces in southeast Syria on Thursday was just that—an act of war.

This attack was not intended to deter the Syrian Arab Army from advancing; the US knows that its proxy forces and mercenaries are unable to halt the Syrian Army and its allies as they push towards the border. In order to prevent Syria from reclaiming its own territory and securing its border, the US would need to launch a direct military intervention.

Of course, Washington would need a pretext for doing so.

Do you see where this is going?

Duterte slams America on eve of Putin meeting

The former American colony is embracing multi-polarity.

This week Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is set to meet with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The meeting should be understood as part of Duterte’s efforts to take his country out of America’s geo-political and economic orbit and engage in countries that constitute the other end of the multi-polar world.

Duterte has all ready engaged in an historic rapprochement with China, something which looks set to calm tensions over territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

Last year, Duterte welcomed a Russian Navy group to Philippines to engage in a friendly military demonstration. At the event Duterte spoke of his desire to foster closer and better relations with the Russian Federation.

Now, on the eve of talks with President Putin, Duterte told Russian reporters that he seeks to break from a traditional over-dependence on America.

Duterte stated,

“It’s the way how they handle it. You (the United States) treat me as if I am your colony still? You must be kidding. Why would I allow it, why would I allow you to treat me as if I am your colonial governor? We are independent country. We will survive, we will endure. We can go hungry, but this time, I want my country treated with dignity”. …

North Korea Launches Another Ballistic Missile

North Korea launched a ballistic missile Sunday afternoon which flew more than 500 kilometers, only one week after conducting its latest, successful ballistic missile test last Sunday, South Korea’s military announced. The missile was launched at 0759 GMT from a location near Pukchang, 60 km northeast of the capital Pyongyang.

Russia requests WTO consultations over sweeping Ukrainian sanctions . . . by adhering to the law, every move Russia makes reveals the corruption of the West, a fact we sorely need to recognize. They are allowing us to ‘see’ — if we choose.

“Russia has sent to the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body and Ukrainian government a request for consultations on restrictions being repeatedly imposed since 2014,” the minister told reporters.

Kiev calls the restrictions on Russian goods, services, transit and other industries a response to Russia’s alleged role in the ongoing crisis in Eastern Ukraine.

“There are serious grounds to believe,” according to Oreshkin, that measures, undertaken by the Ukranian government, violate its obligations toward the WTO.

“Moreover, the number of anti-Russian measures, their nature and the scope of sectors affected, show that Ukraine systematically and consciously violates its international obligations, ignoring the rules of international trade and other international law standards,” the minister added. “Some of these measures are not protecting Ukrainian economy but instead creating additional problems.”

.  .  . and . . . 

Don’t have it? Steal it! Kiev moves to confiscate coal shipments from Donbass

While Ukraine threatens to start confiscating Russian coal shipments to the country, claiming that they’re in fact originating from the restive Ukrainian region of Donbass, it remains unclear whether Kiev will actually follow up on these threats.

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4 Responses to May 21, 2017, Mid-Day News, UPDATE/s

  1. adamandeve says:

    “Russia is our Enemy, Putin Wants War”: The Globalists’ Drive Towards the East, “Drang nach Osten”

    Part I of the Prelude to WW3 Trilogy

    The US/NATO pseudo-establishment with its ENDLESS REPETITION Russia is our enemy simply serves the highest bidder. The mercenary incantation of “our” thus actually refers to the entrenched global oligarchy and its minions — not to the vast majority of us. Over the past 30 years the global oligarchy have autocratically taken over the vital institutions of our Republic –only to exploit us and our country as a blunt tool for their totalitarian globalization. Their conquest of Russia is not in the interest of the vast majority of Americans. However, our existential national interest is to stop this unbridled globalist aggression from turning into the Armageddon. And for that, we must first realize that OUR REAL ENEMY IS not Russia but THE GLOBAL OLIGARCHY and their corrupt puppet authorities at home.

    There is a PRETTY COLOURED MAP in this article that shows Russia surrounded by US/NATO bASES $ $! !

    The article states US/NATO forces outnumber Russian forces by a ratio of 4 – 1.
    The US/NATO arsenal is said to be far superior to that of Russia. I might be tempted to challenge this statement on TERMINOLOGY alone. Just because something is “GRATEr” it would be unwise to assume it is superior !

    • Jean says:

      I was going to use this in a post, AAE, but I didn’t get to do it 🙂 So very helpful. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  2. adamandeve says:

    E B O L A

    WW III ….AGENDA …has, so far FAILED……THANK YOU 🙂 Russia China Iran & OTHERS.
    The EL-iteS….SATANIC i’ll thieve everything SCUM are becoming desperate.
    Russia and China are now TRADING in GOLD….but…RATsCHILD & co: have STOLEN “western” Gold RESERVES.
    * * *
    US Air Force conducted Medical Trials some time ago, possibly 15 -20 years, in which COLLOIDAL SILVER was tested as a treatment for Ebola. The results were positive and it was decided COLLOIDAL SILVER was an EFFECTIVE treatment for Ebola.
    * * *
    Colloidal Silver and the Ebola Hysteria
    “……In fact, two years ago I was able to obtain from the U.S. Department of Defense formerly classified documents they probably now wish they’d never de-classified. These documents explain the positive results achieved by the DOD when testing antimicrobial silver against these deadly viruses. …..”
    * * *
    Governments seize colloidal silver being used to treat Ebola patients, says advocate

    NaturalNews) Efforts to bring natural Ebola treatments to suffering West Africans have been squelched by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Organization (WHO), which recently blocked multiple shipments of nanosilver solution measuring at 10 parts per million (ppm) from entering the region, leaving thousands to suffer needlessly.

    WHO officials also reportedly called off a trial at an Ebola isolation ward where local health authorities were set to begin administering the silver, which the U.S. government previously demonstrated is highly effective against Ebola. WHO ordered the trial not to proceed despite the fact that it had earlier voiced support for experimental treatments.

    Both WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have given their blessing to experimental therapies for Ebola, citing a lack of proven treatment options. But when it comes to using therapeutic silver, all bets are off, it seems.

    It has been said that in the West Africa Ebola “event”, it was VACCINATED Africans who succumbed to the so-called “virus”.
    * * * *
    Medieval Europe
    At the time of the Plague/Black Death…….people of the day REPORTED SEEING “persons” SPRAYING in the areas where disease took hold.

    [Occult Lecture] Mystery of Kundalini Force (Hidden Serpent Power in Human), Occult Anatomy of Man

    COMMENT LEFT by…….Return of Zeus…….8 months ago
    The Orsini family and their satanic Rosenberg cousins control Rosicrucianism which is a secret society of alchemists. The Orsini family use the rose on their coat of arms. Alchemy is the manipulation of the human psyche and physiology through chemicals. The FDA and most food and drug companies are controlled by rosicrucians. The Orsini family were behind the Ebola propaganda and had developed deadly Ebola vaccines. Once they were exposed the Ebola propaganda ended immediately. They are also behind Zika as well. The Orsini and Rosenbergs were also responsible for the Black Plague. They hired people to poison well water in order to spread the disease.
    The Orsini family is an Italian noble family; it was one of the most influential princely families in medieval Italy and renaissance Rome.
    An Austrian princely family, the Rosenbergs, changed its name to Ursini-Rosenberg (and subsequently to Orsini-Rosenberg) in 1683, while creating spurious claims of kinship to the Orsini, who were regarded at the time as more prestigious.
    In the early 17th century, the manifestos caused excitement throughout Europe by declaring the existence of a secret brotherhood of alchemists and sages who were preparing to transform the arts, sciences, religion, and political and intellectual landscape of Europe.
    “Ring a Ring o’ Roses” or “Ring Around the Rosie” is a nursery rhyme or folksong and playground singing game.
    Urban legend says the song originally described the plague, specifically the Great Plague of London, or the Black Death, but folklorists reject this idea.

    * * * * * *
    EBOLA VIRUS HOAX Crisis Actors Revealed

    Now you might understand what the millions of FEMA coffins located in fields all over the USA are for and the FEMA extermination camps.
    The Crisis actors are to be taken very seriously, as that is the… NWO MECHANISM.. to facilitate their sick ulterior destructive motives of U.N. Agenda 21 DEPOPULATION AGENDA …. Do realize that the BANKSTERS ers also CREATED THE UN.
    * * *
    The UN is a …SELF-APPOINTED RATsCHILD & Co: …….creaSHUN….of ….UNLAWFUL “attempts” at…..CONTROL …….of…….. populations.
    It has no DEMOCRATIC authority.

    * * * * *
    The …….SATANIC-ill thieve everything SCUM………”elites”……have been …..GENOCIDALLY POISIONING ManKIND for more than 500 years.reference the Black Death was SPRAYED on !

    H7N9 And The Globalists Agenda! Disturbing Connections Uncovered!

    Former President of Merck Led Secret Biowarfare Program, Influencing Experiments on Americans

    • Jean says:

      Thanks so much for this review, AAE! I’ve posted this kind of infm so many times, and frankly, I just couldn’t go through it again. Many hugs, ~Jean

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