May 22, 2017 There IS News today . . .

. . . but you will have to do without my posts. The message to me in the night was very, very clear! They don’t like what I am saying. . . 

As always, check out (two pages of news already, and it’s all important and

Later and hugs,

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16 Responses to May 22, 2017 There IS News today . . .

  1. Mike Hutchinson says:


  2. SacredPeaks says:

    Jean, I hope you are doing well. You are in my prayers daily. Thank you for everything! Many blessings to you and your wonderful guidance!

    • Jean says:

      SP, thank you! Glad to know you are safely out there! Please check my commnent to ladynada under the May 22nd date. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Ben Songalia says:

    I like your post. God bless you. More power!!!

  4. remyd2012 says:

    Dearest Jean,
    Much gratitude to you for your dedication and courage as we all just keep on keepin’ on the good fight!
    Hugs and bright blessings to you,

  5. ladynada says:

    What? I need you! Be blessed and take care.

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