May 29, 2017, Memorial Day Thoughts

Less Government. More Freedom. Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog

In every human heart there is a hunger to live free, and big government is the enemy of freedom… The dreams that our forefathers once had for this nation may have faded, but they aren’t dead just yet… A new generation of patriots is rising, and we are determined to take our country back.”

 * * * 

On this Memorial Day, here are some thoughts that have come to me after reading the article above: 

How can we take our country back when, according to the article above we have lost the ability to think critically for ourselves? Again, according to this article, many of us can’t read, and along with short attention spans, cultivated in us by our controllers, we can’t focus long enough to study and learn; we do not know our ‘real’ history, and so when deluged with so-called facts, we have no ability to discern reality; we unrealistically expect change will come overnight and be done for us and to us. It seems to me as I sit here on Memorial Day, thinking about these facts, that our value systems are really skewed.

Too many of us believe that all answers regarding our happiness are to found in the outside world, and most of us don’t even know there is a far more important inner world. We think the great journey of our times is about going into space, when the greatest journey of our times is actually the inner journey and work to move our conscious focus from our heads to our hearts, so that our minds act in service to our hearts. In short, at this moment, when we look towards our future, I see that as a species we are in living in dangerous circumstances.

How can we take our country back when most of us have no idea what specifically is truly wrong with it — and even worse, we refuse to even consider other truths that go against our cabal-oriented education? For those of us who do understand, how are we to act to help remove this monolithic inertia that holds most of our citizens enthralled?

Sadly, the ‘real’ truth is that ‘less government’ doesn’t automatically create ‘more freedom’. Freedom requires that we take sovereign responsibility for our Selves, and how many of us are ready to seriously take on that kind of responsibility? Do we even know what this means? Has anyone ever taken the time to tell us?

In our closest personal relationships, can we honestly say we are ‘free’ and sovereign? I suggest most of us are caught up in webs of unconscious co-dependency, so we are not truly free, not even personally. How can we, then, ever develop the ability to govern ourselves as sovereign citizens of a sovereign country, when in our personal lives we still have not begun to achieved personal freedom and sovereignty. If we are told, as Jesus said, that we are to love others as we love ourselves, what does that mean? What does it mean to love ourselves — first? I have never had a minister or someone schooled in religion able to answer that question — and I have nicely, but pointedly asked them all. Why have they no answer to that most basic statement in our religious teachings? And I believe there is an answer!

Not too many years ago, we had almost no idea of what constituted healthy relationships, and through no fault of our own, too many of us unconsciously imbibed our relationship skills in childhood from homes that were often dysfunctional. As a result, that means for many of us that our lives just haven’t worked — and let me also remind you, as someone who is the proof of the pudding, that this needn’t continue to be the case no matter how old we might be. It seems to me at the very least it makes sense for us to take on the responsibility of understanding what constitutes a healthy relationship, because now we do know the answer to that question! My belief is that if we are willing to leave our egos and pride behind and develop a conscious understanding of what embodies healthy relationships and begin the work to apply the skills that we should have learned as children, this should play an important role in creating a healthier nation.

How many of us have chosen to go-along-to-get-along, to compromise our lives, how many of us have ‘settled’ for less — given up on our dreams, because we fear (often unconsciously and with good reason) rejection and being alone? How many of us are in denial of this sort of thinking and refuse to even consider it? At the same time that we learn the basic skills to get along in our most personal relationships, however, we also must learn to be able to get along with and love our own Self, warts and all. After all, we all have warts, so why are we so willing to hide them, an effort which demands we live with secrets and without transparency, an effort that requires endless energy that could be used elsewhere and keeps us living in a box — and makes us grow old far too soon.

Are we willing to look at our real history to understand how and why  this secretive way of looking at our lives and our mistakes  happened to our entire species — because I do think this is something we need to do.

I believe we must learn, instead, that mistakes if used wisely are learning experiences that can teach us to be happy with who we are. How can we begin to change this too-long held negative view of our lives to this positive outlook? What also do we need to learn in order to deal comfortably with the stings that come from others who are unwilling to entertain our views and who continue to try to control us by making us feel bad about ourselves, so they can continue to feel comfortable in their own boxed-in comfort zones?

Please consider this idea: If we are respectful of other people in our expressions of our views to them, is it our job in life to be responsible for making them comfortable and happy? Especially, when the truth is that everyone has the choice and responsibility as to how they receive and view our words, and they truly have the responsibility for their own happiness.

I can continue to report the presently very sick news, but what is the real value in that alone? If we ever bring the deep State down — and I think we will, where are we going from there? While some believe there is going to be a massive EVENT that will save us, realist that I am, I simply can’t buy into this idea. Having now recovered from abuse, my experience tells me that the only answer to our future freedom is within each of us — and it breaks all the rules of emotional growth and spirituality to believe like children that we are going to suddenly be thrust into the pleasures of a far better world without any understanding of the responsibilities required to maintain it. I believe that while the cabal may teach this false idea, Source has far greater wisdom than that; it knows our efforts to create this world for ourselves will only bring appreciation and respect — and our proud willingness to care for what we create. What would we do now with such a beautiful world, anyway, to prevent a replay of our present situation? Do any of us really know, besides having a nebulous longing? At this point in time, I can only see more of the same in our future; that is, we are still willing to create some form of the new-boss-same-ol-boss government.

Our system is totally corrupt, and as it totally fails and falls — as it must in this time of cleansing and paradigm change, how many of us are making preparations on a personal level to create a new, positive world? Change starts personally with each one of us. Words are meaningless; it’s our actions that will count. Today, I stop and ask myself what sort of actions humanity is taking in preparation for our future, and perhaps more importantly what sort of actions we as individuals are willing to take to insure our future — for our children, our future generations.

I received this beautiful video this morning. Long ago, however, I was told this song is the epitome of an expression of a dysfunctional relationship. Think about it? Can you see it?

When the inner journey to our hearts opens a truthful conversation with Source, which always speaks honestly (the heart is not an instrument of duality like the brain; it has no polarity). we have achieved the ultimate in a healthy relationship. We come to depend on our relationship with God, not other fallible human beings, who become the culprit and get the blame when things don’t go well in our lives — a most destructive way to live as our perosnal relationships fail over and over again. As we develop this healthy relationship with Source — we can then have healthy, free and loving  relationships with other human beings.

Of course, we also lean on and get help from others! But we do so in a way that doesn’t destroy lives and enables everyone’s freedom. No one ‘settle’s. No one gives up their life in a sacrificial way! Understanding how this ‘works’ in the ‘real’ world is the key to understanding how to successfully love ourselves — first! For those who choose this path, it’s going to be a beautiful journey!

On this most serious of Memorial Days, as many of us contemplate what sort of America we want to create, my deepest love to everyone!

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7 Responses to May 29, 2017, Memorial Day Thoughts

  1. Hildegard says:

    Jean, I popped by to see what the latest is on this old computer and noted that the site is loading more quickly but that you’ve been awol for about a month! What’s up? You clearly have the best “ear to the ground” of any blog site I’ve ever seen. If you’re taking a break due to health reasons I pray the time has been healing for you. Miss you lady!

    • Jean says:

      Hildegard, I do have my ear to the ground, and I am healing. I’ve also been attacked to the point where for the moment I’ve given up blogging.

      Have a look here, though, this morning:

      China and Russia are not bad. They do not want to control us; this kind of thinking won’t work in a multi-polar world. They want us to figure out our own country and then rejoin the world community in a healthy way. This is one more lie we are being told.

      The South China Sea situation is falling apart, everything is falling apart.

      Hold tight . . . make your preparations; it will soon be over . . .

      Love and hugs to everyone!

      PS Also, check this out . . .

      PPS There are several other video interviews now about the Vatican with Alex.

  2. Light I AM says:

    In the music video, did you note the “stargate” prop behind the children?
    Remember Cern?
    The music and lyrics may be harmonic, yet the point they always repeat, repeat, is that it is “you”, meaning not oneself, that “raise me up”. This subtlety implies, that you need to look outside of self to get the answer, when this is patently not so. The outer is a manifestation of the inner (or, thoughts in action = consciousness = vibration).
    Indeed the music industry and all these “reality” show type “X” factors, ad nauseum, are monumental distractions, despite the “feel good” aspects. And to use little children (pulling on the heart strings) reinforces it.
    Indeed the crooks that manipulate it all are working overtime to push the distractions and “side show” events. (as with Manchester and all the other political machinations)
    Mind you, all is valid. The thing is, do not let any of it steer your own “ship of state” and to stay in Heart Center where there is no polarity = connected to the greater Cosmos.
    I had a very insightful revelation of recent …
    I saw the big picture of earth journey. A tapestry of integration. The activities of human imposts on the planet are but trivial, for cometh a giant redwood tree floating down in the raging river (of life) and it is as wide as the stream itself amongst the majestic mountains, yet it blocks not the rivers, as it being driven with purpose as it moves with the current, floating down to the lower reaches and just around the bend be a huge body of water, held back by the dam ahead of it, which is at full capacity.
    Is the dam is to be breached?
    So, get oneself heart centered, as the wind of change are beyond the human influence in the grander scheme of things now in train.
    (heart centered = no polarity, or +/-, = you are not charged, as in the corrupted law courts and their mind control manipulation)
    What was the revelation of the 3 girls in Fatima 100 years back?

  3. lecox says:

    These points Jean makes are very important. I don’t happen to believe that the inner journey leads “to the heart,” but it’s not a bad way to put it. What I believe is that journey leads you to an understanding of the agreements you made that brought you to this place, and points you in the direction of real freedom. We are in the process, as a planet, of being “re-colonized.” We will have some amazing lies told to us in that process, which has already started. If freedom is your real goal, you will be challenged, and you will need all the strength you can muster to stand your ground.

    • Jean says:

      Larry, if you would like discussion to follow your comments, may I suggest it might be helpful rather than stating your beliefs as personal facts, for you to share and describe some of your personal life experiences that have helped you towards these viewpoints and conclusions. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. swo8 says:

    Hi Jean, that was wonderful – those two young children singing their hearts out.

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