UPDATED: An effort to stop DEWs and to help Alfred Webre, who says that now at least three people have died along with others having serious hospitalizations!!!

From the very few comments I have received, I think people are not yet aware that DEWs need to become #DEWsToo. Many have suffered and are continuing to suffer from them. They are completely barbaric, and are a brutal form of torture.

Alfred is now aware of my post: Although we’d messaged, we didn’t make contact until yesterday. Since I posted my article in support of his efforts, it will be up to him to decide if/how he wants to move forward. Frankly, I hope he and his group will take the bull by the horns and bring an end to this barbarism.

Right now, I am suffering from exhaustion, and today and likely for a time into the future I can do nothing else but rest my body.

There is much else going on that I would like to address, but there are many other good people working in these areas. They will soon become aware of the deeper aspects of the problems we are facing, and so I leave this to them.

The following article (published in full below), however, is an area in which I have direct personal experience, because from the moment of conception, I was deeply abused. At the moment of conception I entered a painful, toxic womb, caused when I woman doesn’t want to conceive, and was thrown into shock, so that I never developed the very natural fight/flight skills. I had to learn them consciously as a part of my healing process. Then my mother tried to abort me and at the age of three my father and uncle raped me — and that is just for starters. The abuse I suffered is directly attributable to the teachings of the Catholic Church, which over the centuries and down through the generations has set up subtle sickness in all our lives in one form or another.

The healing process I went through for the last twenty-two years demonstrates pretty much all of the lies taught us by the Catholic Church about our lives/experiences in the womb, abortion, which on a very deep level in spite of what we have been taught, we do remember. I’ve also had to overcome the resulting physical/outward sicknesses from these experiences — often treated with drugs, used to separate us from our uniqueness/spirit and the difficult-to-almost-impossible withdrawal from them!

As I healed and became conscious, I also had direct experience with many of our ‘new’ illnesses, what I call energetic illnesses: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, ADHD, and even Alzheimers. Until now, Western medicine hasn’t been willing to listen to me, and I don’t see any signs that they are getting it right. How can they, when the causes are all a result of our nightmarishly-paced lifestyle? There is no time in our lives to take care of and love ourselves.  Yes, there is always a lack of love in every single illness! As far as I know, Western medical practitioners don’t deal consciously in love, but skilled people who loved me, held me in my agony, let me know I wasn’t alone, and taught me different responses to the abusive energy I drew to me — like attracts like — are the reason I am here today. And I’ve done it all without ‘medicine’. Learning whose love to trust, learning to walk away when we don’t feel comfortable and can’t trust, learning that through love we are all connected, learning that love can heal anything is for me the real truth.

This abuse of humanity has to come to an end, don’t you think?

I’ve been there, done that — all of it, and that is how I know the truth of what I speak — even Alzheimers.

This seems a fitting time to thank all the good people who have helped me on my way. While I made many mistakes as I learned, I would not be here were if not for them. To those who hindered me, you also taught me much, and I bless you for this. Figuring out that you weren’t helping me — or in the case of DEWs, that you intended to kill me — and finding the strength to walk away from you was very empowering.

For the moment, however, I ask that you leave me to rest and recover — and I don’t have any idea how long it will take. What I do know is that the divine timing will be perfect.

Love and hugs to all my Readers. I have truly missed you all 🙂

~Jean 🙂

This morning, I was so glad to receive the news in the article below, and I have posted it in full — including the video — so they cannot block you from it:

Police Raid Multiple Catholic Church Properties in Sweeping Child Sex Abuse Scandal

After a priest was arrested last month on allegations of child sexual assault, police have raided multiple Catholic church properties as they investigate the flood of accusations against multiple clergymen.

Saginaw County, MI — On Thursday, the residents of Saginaw County looked on as dozens of police officers raided two Catholic Diocese of Saginaw properties and the home of Bishop Joseph Cistone. The raids were carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into apparently rife sexual abuse in the church—and their history of covering it up.

According to Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Mark Gaertner, the police raids were necessary because the church was refusing to cooperate with the ongoing investigation into a torrent of sexual abuse allegations.

“Contrary to the statements of the diocese and the bishop that they would fully cooperate with law enforcement, they did not,” Gaertner said. “Therefore it was necessary for law enforcement to use other investigative tools, including search warrants.”

As MLive reports, Gaertner said search warrants were executed at the bishop’s home on Corral Drive in Saginaw Township, the rectory at Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption, 615 Hoyt in Saginaw, and the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw offices in Saginaw Township.

The scandal seems to be exploding the face of the church after one of their priests was arrested last month. Rev. Robert DeLand has been criminally charged after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 21-year-old and a child—both males—and both in his Saginaw Township residence paid for by the church.

DeLand’s arrest sparked a myriad of complaints alleging further sex abuse against adults and children alike, involving other members of the clergy. The complaints date as far back as the 1980’s which have flooded police departments, according to investigators.

Highlighting the breadth of the abuse, another priest was just suspended by the diocese after a minor came forward with allegations that he abused him. The diocese priest, Rev. Ronald J. Dombrowski, however, has yet to be charged.

According to MLive, six years ago, Cistone was accused of misleading a grand jury by not acknowledging that he witnessed the shredding of documents that contained the names of priests suspected of child molestation in 1994 while he was serving as a church official in the Philadelphia area. He never faced any criminal charges in that case.

The shredding of documents and failure of the clergy to cooperate with authorities—essentially protecting child rapists—should come as no surprise given the sordid history of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

As TFTP reported last year, the “Pope explained that the Vatican has a 2,000-case backlog in processing clerical sex abuse cases and says criticism of the slow pace was justified. But he says more staff are being added and insists the Vatican is ‘on the right path.’”

For victims of the alleged abuse, “on the right path” probably translates into, “we’re doing nothing about it.” For the Catholic Church, arguably the largest religious organization on the planet, to know about 2,000 cases of alleged pedophilia in its ranks, and to be doing nothing about it, may be as egregious as the heinous acts themselves.

The renewed pressure on the Catholic Church, and specifically the Vatican, stems from the resignation of Marie Collins, a sex abuse survivor who resigned in March from Pope Francis’ sex abuse advisory commission.

Collins said she quit because her commission, formulated to root out pedophile priests was being met with, in her words, “unacceptable” levels of resistance from the Vatican. In other words, they were ignoring the recommendations set forth by the investigative and reform group.

Now, it appears that this constant pressure is turning into results as police are actually investigating and making arrests in Michigan—in spite of resistance from the church.

What’s more, as TFTP reported last year, after the #meToo movement brought so much attention to the Hollywood sexual abuse epidemic, #ChurchToo renewed the much-needed scrutiny into the allegations of sexual abuse happening in multiple religions.

As Twitter user Elizabeth Halford noted, after the hashtag “MeToo” went viral, several of the nearly 2 million users from around 85 countries who shared their stories, were sharing account of sexual abuse that occurred at the hands of religious leaders.

“Following the #ChurchToo hash with interest. Many #MeToo stories at the hands of the church,” Halford wrote. “And me? I was made to sign a purity contract at age 11. And witnessed a man confess from the pulpit having sex w/a child. Praised for his bravery. No further action.”

Hopefully, as the awareness campaign continues, the abusive clergy who remain protected by the church will be rooted out and brought to justice.

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

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12 Responses to UPDATED: An effort to stop DEWs and to help Alfred Webre, who says that now at least three people have died along with others having serious hospitalizations!!!

  1. Marilyn says:

    Jean so good to hear from you again, its been along time. Seems like reset may be this week, I have very strong feelings about that with me, have since last week. This may be the end of the old system but not of all that is going on. The corrupt have worked over time, to create this mess. Seems to me that the worse is yet to come. Hopefully, plans have be made to have an easy transition, into a new system. The evil networks need to be taken down, I know its in the works, but it appears they are a large group. Hopefully we will be ok, and will really get our country back, after it is over. Thank you, for the knowledge you gave me, and your insight on the way it really is, we all have been lied to for so very long. I hope that life gets easier for you, and you come back to us all. Hugs to you always.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Marilyn, for letting me know you are still out there. I intend to return, but, yes, I need to get stronger and walk better 🙂 There is much more I could say concerning a ‘reset’ but that would likely be an entire article. The tension is certainly strong and can easily be felt, but I do not think we are going to be ‘saved’ in any way. Who has the power to do such a ‘reset’? Fake news has carefully planted ideas about how we are going to be saved, and I fear as a result that many will not be prepared for what is to come. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. lecox says:

    …I was so stunned to see a new post from you, I guess I didn’t know what to think. The previous post was quite long and I haven’t even read through it all yet, but DEWs have been implicated in all sorts of “strange” events from 9/11 to speakers falling dead or unconscious while delivering lectures at conferences. In many ways these are just another level of weaponry, like guns or rifles (or spears or arrows for that matter) and in a social situation have no useful purpose but to intimidate or silence an opponent, dissenter, or nonconformist. However, the fact that they are basically silent when they operate must have a great allure to the criminals of the world, as it gives them yet another way to preserve the secrecy of their actions.

    Sexual perversion has always been a hallmark of criminal activity. For most of us, it is repugnant enough all by itself. But it also points to further crimes, and an abiding intent to violate the rights of others in multiple ways. If government groups like the police can get this one right, they could initiate a clean-up throughout society that could have profound implications.

    I continue to be focused on the more basic purpose of handling criminality itself. In connection with that purpose, a new tool has recently been made available, scientology.tv. I hope it will assist in this work.

    • Jean says:

      Larry, it’s nice to know you’re also still ‘out there’. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here — and welcome back. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Anthony says:

    Hi Jean! Very glad to hear from you again, even if it’s just briefly. I always check in just to see if you have posted anything, and still often search your archives. In fact, I came here to look for some posts from someone named Zoe I think, who wrote about events that would happen around May 15th, because now it seems so prophetic!!

    Reading about what happened with you concerning DEW’s: Jean – I, too, have been targeted. However, I remembered the writings of Wilhelm Reich, and decided to try to find someone who made orgone energy pucks – which supposedly neutralize microwave energy, and provide chi energy to convert and/or ward off *all* negative energies. There are many people who make these orgone energy pucks, and they are relatively cheap. Laura Bruno knows someone who makes them, and I got some from Sharon Daphna and hear husband Gabe at Team Chembow – website:


    (though they have had problems with Etsy.com, their on-line distributor, I am sure if contacted directly they could arrange to send some your way.)

    In other news: I believe that the cabal is ready to destroy the financial system, and soon. This would be a good time for everyone to stock up on items they may need, while things are taken down and the system is “rebooted”. Anyway, just an FYI, and I hope I am wrong!!

    Take care Jean, it really is almost over, and much better times will follow soon!

    See you on the other side!


    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Anthony, for taking the time to share all this information. Yes, I believe it is almost over — and then the real work begins 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Karen Kirschbaum says:

    Hello Jean.

    I am SO glad you are able to post again! I have missed your posts. I know people who’s lives have been destroyed by DEW’s, but I never experienced it first hand until this past February. I don’t remember the date. My work is in retail merchandising, so I drive to different stores over a 4 county area, passing many giant cell tours, and working in what I consider a hostile environment like Wal Mart. One day, as I was driving, I heard a quiet voice in my head say, “Relax into the mind control. You will feel better.” Those aren’t the exact words, but that was the gist. I didn’t immediately feel anything, but over the next few days I became deeply depressed and agoraphobic. This horrible feeling lasted about 2 weeks. Then I seemed able to process it, put words and express it to my house mate. Then that feeling lifted.
    My sense is that I may not have been the primary target. I feel it was just a glancing blow, and that it could have been MUCH worse! I have Shungite in my car, around my neck and on all my electronic devices. I wear protective essential oils and most of the time I feel fairly well protected.
    Don’t know what will happen when 5G rolls out.

    Blessings to you, and MUCH LOVE.


    • Jean says:

      Karen, thank you for your open sharing. I understand now how they manipulate people to murder others — and perhaps you do, too. When they were really trying to destroy me, I got slammed with an electric charge and at the same time there, in front of my closed eyes, was a type-written boldfaced message to CONTACT JIM NOW. It was so real to me that I got out of bed and got on my computer, thinking they were going to give me a message, (Stupidly, this message was meaningless.) I went back to bed and this became one of those times when I kept saying, “I serve LOVE,” over and over again.

      People who don’t have the clarity I have have been manipulated into murder. It’s sickening!

      Again, thanks for your contribution. If others like you were to speak up we could stop this. I hope Alfred will choose to actively do something to stop this!

      Love and hugs,

  5. carl Pickens says:

    i’m glad to here from you.wish you all the best!

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Carl! What I’ve been through in the last few weeks has been pretty traumatic and certainly not easy. I’m beginning gradually to adjust, to take in what has happened to me! Hugs, ~Jean

  6. What is meaning of “DEW” acronym?

    • Jean says:

      Directed Energy Weapon. Hugs, ~Jean 🙂

      PS It is my understanding that it takes about two months to put the satellite in place. The only way to get away from them is to physically move. Nice, eh?

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