UPDATE 2 “Putin” – the Documentary Sure to Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Russia’s President

This video came in my email this morning from Forbidden Knowledge TV. I started to play it on my iPad only to discover it was playing almost double speed, making it almost impossible to read the English translation — probably not an accident. When I pulled it up on my computer, it worked just fine, but I cannot import it here for you from Forbidden Knowledge. Their link is below:


I was sad to see this comment at the end of the introduction, because I do not believe Russia does propaganda. That is why they are hated in the West. What they do is well done documentaries that are truthful:

While the US and NATO have expelled Russian diplomats in solidarity with the UK, Putin denies all accusations of Russian government involvement in the attack, saying he does not have chemical weapons and that it would be nonsense for Russia to launch such an attack in the lead up to an election.

So, of course this film is propaganda but what isn’t?

Wherever you choose to watch it, I suggest you watch it on a full screen. This makes it easier to read the English captions. Also, a hint: move your cursor just below/off the visible screen, and this should permit better viewing. Please note that all videos concerning President Putin that hold one iota of truth are being pulled — and with one recent video, we’re even being told the lie that it ‘doesn’t exist’. I know this is a lie, because I watched this video, and Putin is now speaking out in ways he never did before about some of the West’s underhanded actions. So, if you are interested, better watch it now.

Here it is on youtube:

Those of you who have read at my blog for a while know that I have always believed in watching someone express themselves in their own words, unfiltered by the news. It has saved me a lot of confusion in my own thinking.

What I believe more than anything is that Putin has been saying the same thing for years, and I’ve come to understand that he understood fully how corrupt Russia was when he took over, and that unless destabilization is the goal, this corruption can only be erased over time. He hasn’t ceased his efforts, because corruption still exists.

Can we agree that to some degree the entire planet has been corrupted?

It is my spiritual belief that we are being given the gift of a multi-polar world and the opportunity to learn to live in it as the first step on the stairs of ascension. What is required first of all is that we learn to stop judging others and focus on our own problems, recognizing all the while that no one is perfect and we all have our own problems. (I can’t tell you how difficult this lesson has been for me!) Unless help is asked for, it is not given . . . a spiritual rule.

A multi-polar world can only be negotiated through our understanding of sovereignty, and what better place than to begin at home in our own lives, neighborhoods, and organizations. (I believe human beings function naturally on a smaller, tribal level, and I believe part of our transition to the new paradigm will be a return to this more human model.) When we have achieved some skill in learning how to negotiate our differences with others on a more personal, local, and national level, perhaps we can then function more wisely as we negotiate our differences at an international  level.

This is not something that just we in the United States need to learn, but, like us, many people on the entire planet have been locked out of this opportunity. What a gift we are being given. I pray we will choose to accept it 🙂

While Clif High is saying the economic problems in the US will go on for about five years, he is also saying that the US is likely to face problems like the Soviet Union did in the 90s that will last for perhaps twenty years. Since our growth has been held back by the abuse we have suffered, his words come as no surprise to me, and my experience tells me they are reality based.

Healing takes time!

Love and hugs,

UPDATE:  I finally found this valuable video with basic, honest info about Putin and his leadership of Russia . .

See him early on when he offers a toast to those who fought in Chechnya — and understand why he decides to put off offering that toast. [at the very beginning]

See him shortly thereafter when he spoke so honestly to the families of those who lost loved ones during the tragedy of the loss of the submarine Kursk.

UPDATE 2: Another video documentary is available. When I watched this video early on in this propaganda ‘battle’, I was on the edge of my seat.

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4 Responses to UPDATE 2 “Putin” – the Documentary Sure to Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Russia’s President

  1. beLIEve says:

    IF, there are issues with the Putin VIDEO you have posted, there is a good copy on
    the site of Russia Insider
    It’s Here! ‘PUTIN’ – The Extraordinary New Documentary With English Subtitles (Video)
    Charles Bausman Mar 25, 2018 | 10,895 70

    We have been watching this 4 hour documentary as it has been broadcast on Russian television over the past 10 days, and can confirm that this is truly AN UNUSUALLY WELL MADE FILM. We alerted readers 10 days ago that the ENGLISH SUBTITLED VERSION was coming and now here is Part 1. Part 2 WILL BE AIRED SHORTLY. I cannot recommend this highly enough.


    • Jean says:

      beLIEve, it’s great to see you back, and thanks for this input. This video is a great introduction to Putin and the fact that he is certainly not an elitist and cares deeply for his people and country, I suggest the second video to everyone about the facts of Putin’s Presidency (I’ve inserted it down the page of this post) for us to begin to understand what Putin has been working to overcome since becoming President, and after the West along with the Russian oligarchs stripped the country. I do this, because Clif High suggests we are going to find ourselves in a similar situation in the United States and that it will take us years to dig ourselves out of it. In this process, I believe we are going to learn a lot about ourselves and our country.

      Also, beLIEve, at this time I’m not going to be publishing other news articles, because I’m not physically able to deal with all that it requires. I feel the need to read and often comment on what comes in, and I’m presently not up to that task. My goal is really to give spiritual insight, for whatever it might be worth 🙂

      Again, welcome back — and love and hugs to you, ~Jean

  2. Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:
    Read his body language.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Doreen, for sharing this post. Putin’s way of being is for me a place of sanity in the storm 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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