Short videos that together might help us to connect some PUTIN dots, and a brief comment from ~Jean.

Note: Because at this time I’m not physically able to deal with all the work required, I’m not going to publish other news articles from the Comment Section. I always feel the need to read and often comment on what comes in, and I’m presently not up to that task.

At the present time I’d hopefully like to point us directly to some insights on a spiritual level that I have mostly picked up from this newly very publicly released video and also another older video release about the Putin Presidency that deals with many of the same topics in a far more visual way.

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* * *

Let me share now a bit of the President Putin whom I know as a result of listening to him since almost the beginning in his own words, words which many of you are now being permitted to hear as a result of the release of yesterday’s video, with a Part 2 soon to be released. These short video clips make clear to me that as the President of Russia, Putin works to ensure the safety of the lives of the people of Russia and their homeland; his foreign policy, therefore, has always been based on this fact. If we are affected by his efforts, it is in a sense accidental. Putin’s foreign policy is a result of his understanding of — world events, the need for Russia to be strong militarily, and the importance of respecting evrry nation’s sovereignty, and this understanding is, I believe, gradually changing the world. He and his team are consummate diplomats, and he makes it clear he is not interested in what people do in the privacy of their ‘homes’, but that if their efforts will affect Russia’s personal goals, then they must be discussed mutually and negotiated according to international law. More and more, people in other countries appear to be understanding this is an easier way to live in the world then constantly battling and bullying others in order to control them.

Yesterday, among many interesting facts, we learned at minute 15 HERE that Putin understands the importance of [the energy of] love in our human endeavors.. I have never, ever heard any other leader speak of its vital importance, and yet that is what this paradigm change — this rise in our vibrations is all about: putting our minds in service to our hearts, which have a far more powerful energy than our brains, and which are not instruments of polarity — and which, when cleared of our emotional biases, will never lie to us! The Dark can only survive in the lower vibrations, and on a spiritual level we can see that all their efforts are bent on keeping our vibrations low.

If I remember correctly, in the first minutes of this same video we also hear Putin speak of betrayal as being something he cannot forgive, but he does not say why. I believe he does explain it, however, in the video just below in a very short clip at about minute 20. When he takes his oath of office (BTW and importantly — directly to the people of Russia and not to a paper Constitution), he tells his country and his people that he will not betray them.

Following this statement we not only hear about — as in the first video, but we are shown graphic videos of the betrayal of the Russian people that I believe Putin was faced with when he became President — the real state of Russia after its looting by the US, along with the Russian oligarchs in the 90s. These old videos are not the result of a traditional war as it might appear, but are the result of the ‘betrayal’ of the Russian people by their so-called leaders. This, I think, is the betrayal that Putin cannot forgive. Such photographic evidence makes a point that lingers in our minds far beyond the words of yesterday’s newer video, and I ask you to take a brief look and see if you can agree.

The video continues and at roughly minute 27 we learn of the Kursk submarine accident. While this moment is also spoken about in yesterday’s newest video, in this earlier video, we are able to experience the actual incident firsthand. I remember when I first saw it, I knew it was something very, very special, indeed, because I could see with my own eyes how deeply Putin cares about speaking the TRUTH no matter how painful. His willingness and understanding are clear that no matter how difficult it was, he knew it was his responsibility as their leader to do so. The fact that his people were able to ‘hear’ him also speaks so very highly of them.

This leads me to this next video, which explains not only the sort of heroics involved in salvaging the Kursk, but perhaps more importantly the reasons WHY Putin focused on this unusual effort that many might say was a huge waste of time and money. Let me say, salvaging it was a matter of values, and in this video Putin tells us exactly on what values he based his decision..

* * *

The three short videos that follow are separate from the videos above, and show us how Putin chose to deal with the inferno that recently enveloped the Kemerove Mall. I believe it is instructive to us all as a point of comparison with how we in the United States have come to expect to be treated in a similar situation.

[These three detailed, complicated videos are here only as a matter of record that deomnstrate Putin has throughly done his homework. Because of the viewing time required, I would like to suggest that in order to understand the essence of Putin’s undertaking, the third video is the one to watch, since by its nature you will be able to understand what happened in the previous videos.

Permit me to also suggest, however, that you do take time to watch the first minute of this first video, because Putin’s action speaks to the point I am trying to make here:

Putin, as the people’s elected leader, in order to show his respect and value for them, feels it important to personally and publicly set the standard for how Russia will deal with such situations. If we will take a moment and reflect on our similar experiences here in the United States, I think this situation provides us all with an extremely instructive comparison.

To President Putin, the people in his country who have voted to entrust themselves to his care are each of great value and could never be considered ‘deplorables.’ Their tax money would never be stolen to fund endless war, while they starve or live on the streets . . . and I’m certain every reader can add to this short list to create a much longer one . . .

* * *

A personal comment from ~Jean:

IMHO, beyond the financial collapse, we are at the beginning of a very long process of change — of perhaps even twenty years duration, and everyone involved is playing an important part in revealing its direction. Where we are now with the exposure of the criminals and deep state in our society and our present ability to deal with them is not where we will be in six months or a year, or perhaps as our awareness increases even more than a decade from now.

Those who are working diligently to peel this onion are only at the beginning and are going to find out things that will create discord. As these onion peelers continue to make their discoveries, to change their minds, reverse their decisions, and so on, citizens also will be learning along with them — as they gradually digest new information in a psychologically safe way — in small pieces. At the same time, I believe many will be considering new ways for our nation to move forward. When we eventually have the ability to rebuild our country, how exactly will we do so, and what sorts of people will we want to lead us, and by wha process will we choose them? In time, as we approach such a situation, I’m hoping that we will have left behind much of the trauma of these present days and as a country we will approach such an important moment in our history with much clearer heads.

I remember several years ago when I discovered pedophilia on Peter Eyre’s blog, while I read the information, I pretty much went right by it, because there was no way I was able to comprehend the enormity of it all. Gradually, though, over time, I eventually worked my way into its horrible reality, but in a way that was safe for me. Normal, decent, good human beings aren’t ever supposed to have to deal with this sick reality, and I believe we must go about our task gently with kindness toward one another.

The reason we must know about all the deep ins-and-outs of this sick brutality from which we are presently suffering is so that we never, ever allow it here on our planet again. In order for this to happen, we must have it ‘stored’ in our collective human consciousness for the Ages.

I am suggesting here, to those of us who are watching this unfoldment, that we must try to be patient with the discord that is apparently showing up, because its purpose is to teach us. Humanity’s level of consciousness is now far too high, and the process cannot be reversed or stopped! I personally believe that if we continue our present efforts, the final results have been ordained.

Love and hugs,

* * *

While this last article and video (both presented just below) are time consuming and the topic has been raked over the coals, I was particularly impressed with the comparison the article and the video together provide us about the propaganda/FAKE NEWS of the MSM.

I hope you will bookmark this page and eventually find time to read at least enough of the article to understand where this writer is coming from — I was totally blown away by it, and then to watch at least some of the video that follows, because I believe it will forever bring clarity to you about the reality of FAKE NEWS and the willingness to use it as an arm of the government to manipulate and lie to us —  and, using Putin’s word —  to betray us!

Vladimir Putin Outwitted Megyn Kelly by Weaponizing Incompetence

Over the weekend, NBC released a nearly hour-long interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin that the reporter Megyn Kelly conducted over two days, earlier in March. At the same time, the Kremlin dropped its own version of the conversation, an apparently unedited video that came in at nearly an hour and a half. It seems that both NBC and the Kremlin thought they had something to boast about. Kelly had scored a rare sit-down interview with the Russian President (the last American to have had the honor was Oliver Stone, whose sycophantic interview with Putin was released by Showtime, last summer), while Putin had succeeded in fending off all of Kelly’s questions. The technique employed by the Russian President deserves note: he mounted a defense by incompetence (with additional help in derailing the conversation provided by an incompetent interpreter).

Kelly spent a significant portion of her allotted time trying to pin Putin down on the topic of election meddling. “Why did you allow it?” she asked early in their discussion of the interference. Putin responded by saying that his interlocutor shouldn’t assume that he or anyone else in the Russian government knew what happened.

“Even if we suppose—I don’t know if they did something or not—but I simply know nothing about it,” he said. “It has nothing to do with the position of the Russian state.”

Kelly looked taken aback. “You are up for reëlection right now,” she said. “Should the Russian people be concerned that you don’t know what’s going on in your own country?”

The ritual Russia will undertake on March 18th can hardly be called an election—its outcome is preordained. Still, Putin is, in his own way, campaigning nonetheless, and the interview with Kelly is part of his campaign. Kelly’s question assumed that seeing their leader as competent was important to Russians, but Putin’s objective was different—he simply aimed to showcase his ability to evade the questions posed by the sleek American reporter.

“Look, the world is large and diverse,” he said. “Some Russian citizens have their own opinions about what’s going on in the United States . . . At the level of the President and the government of the Russian federation, there has never been and there is not now any meddling.” In other words, Putin is too important to think about such silly things as American elections.

Kelly protested again.

“I have no idea!” Putin said emphatically. “These are not my problems.”

A few minutes later, Kelly tried to get Putin to admit at least an awareness of Russian information warfare. She mentioned that Andrey Krutskikh, a Kremlin adviser, reportedly warned, in a 2016 speech, that Russia had something that would enable it “to talk to the Americans like equals.”

“I sometimes think that you are kidding,” Putin said. “Some person said something about our work in some sphere . . . I have no idea what he said! Go ask him what he meant. Do you really think that I control everything that—”

“He is an adviser to the Kremlin!” Kelly exclaimed, apparently exasperated. “On cyber!”

“So what? We have two thousand staff! Two thousand! Do you really think that I keep track of every single one of them? Look, there is Peskov sitting there, my press secretary. Sometimes he just runs off at the mouth and I am watching television and thinking, What is he saying, who told him to say that? So, you see, I have no idea what he said. Ask him. You think I should comment on everything that cabinet or government employees say? I have my own job to do.”

“I think when it comes to our two countries you know exactly what’s going on,” Kelly said. But there was no way she could prove that Putin knew anything at all about anything.

The Russian President was not merely pleading ignorance as one would plead ignorance of, say, a conspiracy to commit a crime. Putin was performing ignorance, strategically. Someone who is incompetent cannot be held accountable. Every time Putin said that he didn’t know something, what he was really saying is that he refused to know. He wielded his lack of interest, lack of expertise, and even (if he was to be believed) lack of ability to supervise his own press secretary like weapons.

Putin’s performance of incompetence is markedly different from the incompetence that is characteristic of the Trump Administration. American governmental incompetents are just as difficult as Putin to hold to account, but they are not militantly incompetent—at least not yet. For example, in an interview with “60 Minutes” that also aired over the weekend, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tried to appear to be competent, and failed. Asked by her interviewer, Lesley Stahl, if she had visited underperforming schools in her home state of Michigan, DeVos answered, “I have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming.” She didn’t say, “Why should I?” But she will probably soon learn that an incompetence offense makes a great defense.

Where incompetence is prized, it is ever-present. Take the recent apparent poisoning of the Russian defector Sergei Skripal, in the U.K. This attempted assassination was carried out in such a way as to fail to kill the target, while still managing to expose as many as five hundred other people to the poisonous agent. On Monday, British Prime Minister Theresa May laid the blame for the attempted murder on the Russians. Back in Moscow, Putin once again employed the ignorance defense. Approached by a BBC correspondent about Skripal during a visit to the Krasnodar region, in southern Russia, Putin said, “Look, we are here working on agriculture. As you can see, this is aimed at improving living conditions—so why are you talking to me about some sort of tragedy?” Why, indeed. The deflection focussed on the reporter’s poor timing but left just enough room for Putin, should he wish, to claim later that he’d never heard of the poisoning. “Figure it out for yourselves first, and then we can discuss it,” he added, by way of asserting his trademark lack of curiosity.

Kelly’s interview with Putin was additionally affected by incompetence in a way that neither participant probably understood: one of the two interpreters kept mistranslating. At one point, Kelly asked Putin about Donald Trump, Jr.,’s statement, from 2008, that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” The interpreter rendered this much-reproduced phrase as, “We have a lot of investment in Russia.”

“That’s nonsense,” scoffed Putin. An absurd exchange followed, with Putin acting annoyed and Kelly surprised at the outright denial of something that she didn’t ask about.

“You think the world revolves around you,” Putin said.

“It’s not about me,” Kelly said, “It’s about what Donald Trump, Jr., says.”

This gave Putin another chance to use the ignorance defense. “You think that we all know what Donald Trump’s son said,” he said, once again stressing that he was too important to concern himself with the babblings of the Trumps or their countrymen.

Kelly brought up the anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny, who has been denied the right to run for President because he has been found guilty of fraud on trumped-up charges. Kelly asked why Putin wouldn’t just pardon Navalny in order to allow him to run, but the interpreter rendered “pardon” as “partner,” asking Putin why he couldn’t “partner” with Navalny. Putin proceeded to answer that question.

For the final version that aired on NBC, the network replaced the Russian interpretation with its own, perhaps unwisely, lending the interview an illusion of logic and creating sense where it was lacking. Then again, Kelly herself seems to have missed the central feature of her conversation with the Russian President. In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, she acknowledged having been out-manipulated by Putin, who, she said, “is the smartest man in every room.” It’s true that Putin has run circles around every American interviewer he has encountered, reducing Charlie Rose to a silent head-bopping puppet, apparently getting Stone to ask questions pre-scripted by the Kremlin, and plunging Kelly into a surreal, lost-in-translation exchange. It may console the NBC anchor to think that Putin defeated her by being smart. In reality, though, he deployed ignorance and incompetence. He may unwittingly have provided American television viewers with a foregrounding of their own future: it’s likely just a matter of time before the Trump Administration, which possesses incompetence in droves, learns to weaponize it.

* * *

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5 Responses to Short videos that together might help us to connect some PUTIN dots, and a brief comment from ~Jean.

  1. Bill says:

    Jean – from the outset, I had good “vibes” when exposed to Vlad Putin! That continues to this day. He is the impersonation of the old adage “the enemy of your enemy is your friend!”

    • Jean says:

      Agreed, Bill! This guy is a fully mature, integrated adult! The planet is blessed that he came on the scene when he did. He isn’t forcing change, or even asking anyone to change.. He is simply doing what is right for his own country, and in so doing is demonstrating a different way forward. Gradually, people are understanding his ‘way’ is peaceful, and a way of being in the world from which we can all benefit. Of course, vested interests will fight this to their death.

      As we begin to understand, we will realize that this distortion in our lives has been created on purpose over centuries, with a total understanding of this vibrational shift we are now in, and calculated to keep us all from even the chance of achieving the same level of maturity that Putin has managed to attain. It should be a natural part of our growth. The indigenous understand this, and that is why their culture was demonized and destroyed.

      So glad to hear from you, Bill. Stay well.


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  3. Jean, I hope you feel better!
    Yes, i agree with you, Pres Putin is a good man!
    Actually, i ask for his help, if interested in our work now, please take part;

    Peace, kara j lincoln

    • Jean says:

      Kara, we don’t need Putin’s help. He has a big job taking are of his own country! We totally have the ability to save ourselves, and we need to get on with it 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean 🙂

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