Eye-Opening Information: Three articles and one video, Friday, March 30, 2018

US loses its leading role on the Korean issue as Kim Jong-un makes historical visit to Beijing

Also, I’m sharing the December video report in which Clif High predicted this occurrence, which according to Clif and the article above is not exactly as the US MSM has described. Russia and China have played an important role in this breakthrough.

I remember when first reading reports that Kim and Donald would meet, it was if only Donald existed in the world and was working towards such a meeting. Yet, I knew how much diplomacy both Russia and China have been employing in this area in an effort to bring the situation to a safe landing. I’ve been waiting for someone else’s perhaps more reality based analysis of this situation, and now I think we finally have it.

* * *

Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack Uncovers $70 Million Pentagon Bioweapons Program at Porton Down

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva
South Front
Tue, 27 Mar 2018 13:18 UTC

Porton Down skripal novichok

© Peter Nicholls / Reuters
Signs prohibiting access near to the Porton Down Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, near Salisbury, Britain, March 19, 2018.

Note: I was first introduced to Dilyana’s formidable research abilities through George Webb, and this new, quite lengthy article lives up to her previous standards with, I am sad to say, many upsetting revelations. The entire article is worth scanning, but I think reading it is maybe only for specialists. The subject areas, the photos, told me so much.

For me, the most important aspect of this article comes at the very end, and since I’m afraid because of its placement that many of you will miss it, allow me to point you to it:

US official lied in Brussels about the Pentagon biolaboratories

Robert Kadlec, Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Health, categorically denied the existence of an American bio-weapons program at a seminar on the threat of biological and chemical weapons. The event was organized by the European Parliament on 7th March in Brussels. Asked why the information about the US military bio-laboratories in 25 countries bordering on Russia, China and Iran (the Pentagon’s main rivals) is classified, Kadlec responded: “They are not classified, they are openly available to anyone who wants to look at them.” (full video of Robert Kadlec’s comment here) [I suggest you take time to watch this shocking Facebook video on Dilyana’s page}

Documents about the Pentagon offshore bio-laboratories prove him wrong though. . .  [and Dilyana continues on with her researched documentation, which concludes this article. ~J]

 * * *

“She is risen!” The last act of the drama ‘Novichok: ‘The Skripals’ Resurrection’

I’ve tried to select the essence of this article from Moon of Alabama, whose efforts are always valuable:

Yulia Skripal no longer in critical condition, say Salisbury doctors

The condition of Yulia Skripal, who was poisoned with a nerve agent in Salisbury along with her father, is improving rapidly, doctors have said. Salisbury NHS foundation trust said on Thursday the 33-year-old was no longer in a critical condition, describing her medical state as stable. Christine Blanshard, medical director for Salisbury district hospital, said: “I’m pleased to be able to report an improvement in the condition of Yulia Skripal. She has responded well to treatment but continues to receive expert clinical care 24 hours a day.” Her father’s condition is still described by the hospital as critical but stable.

Only yesterday the Skripals chances to survive was claimed to be 1 out of 99. Nerve agents are deadly weapons. A dose of ten milligram of the U.S. developed VX nerve agent will kill 50% of those exposed to it. The ‘Novichok’ agents are said to be several times more deadly than VX.

. . . and at the end of the article:

The Skripals are getting better. Good for them. But their resurrection from certain death is a further dent in the British government’s claim of ‘nerve agent’ ‘of a type developed by Russia’.

The whole anti-Russian campaign constructed out of it is just ridiculous and deeply dishonest. The five page propaganda handout the British provided to other governments is a joke. It provided no solid facts on the case. To respond to it rationally, as Russia tries to do, makes little sense.

An editorial (recommended) in the Chinese Global Times captures the utter disgust such behavior creates elsewhere:

The fact that major Western powers can gang up and “sentence” a foreign country without following the same procedures other countries abide by and according to the basic tenets of international law is chilling. … Over the past few years the international standard has been falsified and manipulated in ways never seen before. … It is beyond outrageous how the US and Europe have treated Russia. Their actions represent a frivolity and recklessness that has grown to characterize Western hegemony that only knows how to contaminate international relations. Right now is the perfect time for non-Western nations to strengthen unity and collaborative efforts among one another.

Resurrection or not – the result of the ‘Novichok’ nonsense will not be to our ‘western’ favor.

* * *


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7 Responses to Eye-Opening Information: Three articles and one video, Friday, March 30, 2018

  1. beLIEve says:

    I do not know if you have heard of “SHADOW BANNING” ?

    THEY (Internet manipulator$) fail to post the comment on the site the writer intended the comment to be posted on however, the screen of the commentor shows the comment as having been posted.
    The “entities” that HAVE UNLAWFULLY SEQUESTRATED the comment EVEN, on occassion enter into a dialogue with writer of the NON-POSTED comment as a means of DUPING the commentor into assuming the comment has been posted !

    Either I am hitting the nail on the head or THEY are DE$PERATE !

    My comments to you covered the subject of BITCOIN; invented by the CIA in the 1990s, if I remember correctly, Technion Talpiot, DEWs and the EVIL House Breaking DNA THIEVE$.
    * *
    Bitcoin created by the CIA and NSA, warns co-founder of Kaspersky security software firm
    * *
    November 20, 2016
    To Understand Globalist Zionist Power And How It Rules From Israel, You Must Understand These Words – “THE TALPIOT PROGRAM” and “THE TECHNION”

    * *
    I do not know if you are interested in the following information.

    The $CUM are breaking into the house I live in on a regular and non-consensual basis, I am wondering if, you are being unlawfully interferred with in a similar fashion, apparently it is not that uncommon !
    * *
    Rebuttal to a Reptile in Human Clothing

    It IS About Spiritual Warfare
    Witnesses to the Alien Lies

    Right now Barbie and I are working with a woman who is literally having her nerve tissues harvested by the aliens. They are replacing her nerve endings with alien nerve endings and are plying this woman with chemicals to promote the growth of the alien nerve tissue.

    This woman is eminently qualified to discuss what is happening to her. She is an Electron Microscopist and has spent over ten years working in Tissue Culture Research and Dermatology. She has worked for 23 years in Cancer Research.

    THIS WOMAN IS IN CONSTANT PAIN and has contemplated suicide on a number of occasions. What has happened to her has absolutely nothing to do with spiritual evolution.

    We have also worked with COUNTLESS WOMEN WHO HAVE SUFFERED PAINFUL and BLOODY HAEMORRHAGES, sometimes lasting for days, AFTER THE “BENEVOLENT ET” DOCTOFR$ HAD MADE AN UNWANTED HOUSECALL. What, the discerning human must ask, does profuse and painful bleeding have to do with “spiritual evolution.” Whatever sophistry of reasoning Boylan uses to justify all of this just gives the reader an excellent opportunity to study the language of a Perpetrator.


    * *
    Dr Karla Turner 🎤 Murdered For Exposing Alien Greys UFO Alien Abductee 👽 CIA Aliens Agenda

    * *
    Dr. Karla Turner MURDERED for Exposing Alien Greys – Full 2-Hr Lecture
    * *
    Dr. Karla Turner – Killed for Exposing MKUltra and Alien Abductions

    * *
    Reptilian Dr. Steven Greer UFO Disclosure Project Blue Beam
    * * *
    Stephen Greer The Pathocracy

    • Jean says:

      beLIEve, I’m not sure what you are getting at and I”m sorry if there is some misunderstanding, because I clearly responded to your initial Comment and even made a Note at the beginning of a post that I am not going to release comments that contain extensive news articles. I realize this may lose me readers, but I”m not interested in quantity. For instance, the article I posted yesterday took me many hours to put together, and I think it is really important. It explains so much of what Trump is now saying in the news today.

      Here, I’ve copied my statement from the top of my blog post:

      Short videos that together might help us to connect some PUTIN dots, and a brief comment from ~Jean.
      Posted on March 29, 2018 by Jean
      Note: Because at this time I’m not physically able to deal with all the work required, I’m not going to publish other news articles from the Comment Section. I always feel the need to read and often comment on what comes in, and I’m presently not up to that task.

      I realize the news is important that not only you but others share, but at present I’m just not up to dealing with the sheer volume of it, and I feel it necessary to monitor Comments to maintain my blog’s quality. I’m sure you realize this by itself takes a lot of time — and I am just one person. Perhaps you have interest in creating your own blog? I think others would find it of interest; I know I would.

      At the same time, let me add that people are extremely busy and I am trying my best to focus on the game-changing news, the news that is not ‘treading water’ with massive amounts of information, but the news that is moving us forward on our road to freedom. I think my last two articles were extremely important in that regard!

      Love and hugs,

      PS beLIEve, please also see my similar response to Lyres. News that you run across that might be BREAKING and GAME CHANGING news like the possible release of the Russian silver rouble is news I am sure I and everyone here will truly appreciate. Other than that, I’m just not up to it.

      • beLIEve says:

        My apologies for the over supply.
        I understand time constraints and in the best interests of improving health a more tailored approach is called for.
        I am both surprised and pleased to see you back.

        I mentioned Bitcoin because I believe, you said you had an issue with it and
        speculated that there might be some sort of “back door” access.
        Apparently there is, as one would expect of a CIA creation.

        ISREAL the largest SNOOP computer in existence; Technion Taliot.
        There is no privacy, as many have thought, might be the case.

        • Jean says:

          🙂 The CIA has gotten hold of everything! The much touted encrypted email from Switzerland called ProtonMail is not private! Security systems, doing their best to protect our financial business are not protected, not truly. A company called Simplex worked diligently with me, and they could not help me make the transaction to buy a bit of bitcoin!

          With the provable fact that Neil Keenan stole over $350K of my savings — a painful lesson I learned veery publicly, I was merely trying to shore up a little security for myself. (People like Neil, and those who work with him as CIA-co-intel are protected from lawsuits: There is nothing I can do to get him to pay me. Nothing! Besides, I’ve been told he likely does’t have it anymore . . . I’ve had to learn to TRUST and to move on.) People need to dig deep in the data behind these security regulations, and I believe they will find those who are involved with these programs have left a back door for their entry under ‘certain’ circumstances’.

          It got so bad that I was unable to establish the ability to use Canary email, an email encryption system. I have screen photos of all my efforts. Among other things I was unable to do, when I tried to buy some organic black rice, I was even blocked from establishing a business link with them.

          This is really, really sick behavior, beLIEve. . . well, you got me started, and I’m sorry for that. I appreciate your understanding more than I can say 🙂 We are all going to have to work together in order to get this job done — and I believe we human beings do have the ability and don’t need the help of others 🙂

          Love and hugs,

          • beLIEve says:

            Yes, we have to work together and counter the attempts to divide us.
            * *
            Just one point reference the unfortunate Neil Keenan issue, and at risk of going into OVER-SUPPLY of information, there is something called a “COMMERCIAL LIEN”.

            As you said Keenan may no longer have the funds so, pursuing him may be pointless.
            Time issues may also dictate your choices anyway, here is the information…

            The Commercial LIEN STRATEGY – Background

            Faced with CORRUPT LAWYERS and JUDGES, no litigant can expect to win in court by simply playing defense. To beat them, you must be able to scare them. You must be able to make them respect you, and that means YOU MUST BE ABLE TO TAKE THE OFFENSE — attack them personally.

            Because legal and de facto IMMUNITIES SHIELD GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL FROM BEING SUED FOR COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE, the public is legally disarmed, unable to aggressively sue the government or its agents and compel them to obey the Law. As a result, the public’s legal posture is fundamentally defensive: we try to duck, dodge, and hide in legal loopholes to defend ourselves against the government and the courts. We try to escape, evade, and avoid, but WE SELDOM COUNTER-ATTACK against our antagonists, largely because we think there are no lawful weapons to do so. However, it appears that A POWERFUL OFFENSIVE LEGAL WEAPON MAY NOW HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED, TESTED and PROVEN for COMMON CITIZENS — the COMMERCIAL LIEN. We don’t try to sue a government official for failing to perform his lawful duties. Instead, WE SIMPLY FILE A LIEN THAT ENCUMBERS THE official’s PERSONAL PROPERTY and CREDIT RATING like a ton of bricks UNTIL HE VOLUNTARILY SATISFIES OUR DEMAND TO PERFORM HIS LAWFUL DUTY, AND WE,INTURN, VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO EXCISE THE LIEN.

            * *
            If you have any interest in this subject, I suggest you GO-OGLE the title….
            as there are posts by others, highlighting pitfalls and “tips”.
            * *
            I have started reading the “whale” Jesuit article…talk about SPIDERS web !

          • Jean says:

            beLIEve, thank you. I’m beyond Neil Keenan now. I haven’t the time/energy anymore to worry about him! All I can do is TRUST that I will have enough to get through this life. 🙂

            I just finished the full article on the Jesuits, and the material in it is full of HUGE information. I didn’t expect such information to be presented for many years to come, and I pray people will take the time to slow down and read every single word, because it addresses all the issues with which we are dealing today. There is a reason that it is coming out now; perhaps the time line has been greatly speeded up!

            Hugs, ~Jean

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