UPDATE3: Early news, Thursday, April 5, 2018 . . . with more to come later.

UPDATE2: I just ran across this and don’t know yet what is going on. No one else is talking about it . . .

Published on Apr 5, 2018 

Subscribe to Vesti News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8M… A Seine boat has been detained in the Port of Berdyansk for 10 days. We didn’t hear from the crew until recently. They said they were treated inhumanely. They’re in custody, where they live on-board among 5 tons of putrefying fish. Neither a lawyer nor the Russian consul is allowed there. Even medical care is being denied.

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UPDATE3: I’ve just accidentally discovered that Putin, Part 2 is now available!!!

Comment: I believe I already saw this video on Vimeo, where I think it was mistakenly published too soon — and then pulled. Well, here it is, and wait until you hear what really happened at Maiden. I’ve often said we must be careful what we say/do, because we are going to hear it when we least want to hear it. For the United States, this may be one of those times. Putin has remained silent about Maiden, but I believe that is because he’s waited until people are ready — and able  — to consider his words.

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Massive blaze & thick smoke, as multi-story Istanbul hospital engulfed in fire (VIDEO)

A massive fire has broken out in the Taksim First Aid Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Footage from the scene showed thick black smoke coming from several stories of the tall building.

The inferno broke out on the roof, but quickly spread through the building, local media reports. Several explosions have reportedly been heard at the scene, though the cause remains unknown. . . Click the title to continue reading and to view the videos.

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Comment: As the English/French plan to go to war via ‘the Skripal case’ falls apart, the following information presents itself for our inspection. For several days, New Eastern Journal’s site was down, and I almost missed what I think are important articles about a different skullduggery that is going on in the EU, published in two interesting articles by F. William Engdahl. The information seems so important that I’m even wondering if this was the reason the site was taken down.

UPDATE: Allow me also to add that I hope my readers are becoming aware that our battle is really one for sovereignty. Therefore, I think this is a subject we all need to understand, not just by reading about it, but by actually experiencing it on a personal level, which is, after all, where all change begins. As soon as I get some time, I’d like to share some rules that I have learned to live by that can help us more easily negotiate it. ~J 🙂

Is the Eurozone in a Dead End? by F. William Engdahl


It’s remarkable that the Euro and the Eurozone currency grouping hasn’t fallen apart until now. Greece could have done it in 2010 but it was avoided by extraordinary acts of the Euro governments and European Central Bank. Now those actions are coming back to haunt especially Germany who stands poised to become the “sugar daddy” of the debt-bloated southern Euro states such as Italy or Spain. This is one major reason that the anti-Brussels parties that triumphed in recent Italian elections—5-Star and Lega, suddenly dropped talk about leaving the Euro. They are betting that Macron and Markel and their proposed new EU architecture will pull their debt chestnuts out of the fire at expense of German taxpayers. It’s a time bomb ticking ever louder. . . Click article title to continue reading.

. . . and . . .

Opposition Grows to Merkel Macron EU Superstate


A predictable process of dis-integration across the European union is underway. It has now gained momentum not only from the elections in Italy where more than two-thirds voted against open borders refugee policies pushed by Brussels. And it comes not only from Austria or the East states such as Hungary and Poland or the new Austrian government. Now opposition to the Berlin-Paris-Brussels “centralist” axis is coming from Holland and a group of northern EU countries. The issue at the heart involves nations who are asserting the sanctity of national sovereignty versus those who want to dissolve borders and create some form of top-down EU Superstate, euphemistically called the “ever closer union.” The conflict will determine the future viability of the entire European Union project. Brexit was only the first crack in the EU edifice.

‘Sovereign nations’

During a visit to Berlin March 3, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte bluntly came out against the recent trend led by Germany, France and other EU states to create a top-down central supranational state along the lines of a United States of Europe. He told press, “There has been this narrative that there is this inevitability of closer cooperation in a European federal state.” He became blunt: “This horrible language about ‘ever closer Union’ I don’t like. In the past 20 or 30 years this has moved from ever closer union of the peoples of the EU working together on collective issues, where member states weren’t able to deal with it themselves, to become an inevitable goal in itself.” Then Rutte declared the unspeakable “S” word: “We can never forget that these are sovereign nations. This is not a movement in itself, just when needed in special occasions. It has moved from a collective effort of nations to a goal in itself. It’s totally wrong!” . . . Click article title to continue reading.

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I’ll be back later with more news. In the meantime, among other sites, check the news at sott.net and zerohedge.com ~J 🙂

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2 Responses to UPDATE3: Early news, Thursday, April 5, 2018 . . . with more to come later.

  1. Lyres says:

    Interesting information reference the EU, Political Vel Craft published articles of a similar nature a few weeks ago.
    I live in the UK and to say people are disenchanted with the so-called “leadership” would be an understatement.
    DISENCHANTED also with the immigration saturation policy of ZIONIST politicians.
    The level of DISILLUSIONMENT has turned people away from MSM and, in my opinion is contributing to an awakening, as PEOPLE ARE LOOKING ELSEWHERE FOR INFORMATION.
    AND, in the course of looking elsewhere for information are finding a cesspit, they had no idea existed.
    Every cloud has a silver lining !

    European Union Heading For Disaster As Italy’s Patriot Parties JOIN FORCES To Destabilize Brussels
    * *
    Spain STUNS Brussels By BOYCOTTING EU Expansion: Spain Supports U.K. Brexit

    • Jean says:

      Lyres, I appreciate your efforts to support my publications. There is too much news for me to do more than try to make the main points, and what you are sharing is adding to it all — for those with interest who want to dig deeper.

      Thanks and hugs,

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