UPDATE: Evening, April 5, 2018, The Skripal deception . . . and Russia, Turkey, and Iran vow to fight attempts to split Syria

The video below starts off with the statement of the Russian Ambassador. He doesn’t mince words, so perhaps his words are the best way to sum up the many stories about this crazy, nightmarish episode of a power struggle gone far, far astray in a likely attempt to lead us to war.

This deadly game, the Skripal deception — is a replay of Iraq’s phantom ‘weapons of mass destruction’ says ex-Pentagon official. No surprise here!

Moon of Alabama, who does this sort of an article so well shows that since they have been caught lying, the effort has begun to walk this self-created situation backwards: “It’s The Cover-Up” – UK Foreign Office Deletes Tweet, Posts False Transcript, Issues New Lies

In the past, we were asleep, but we’re not anymore, and the alternative media has worked tirelessly to get the ‘real’ truth out — in an effort to prevent war. I wish we could say this is the end of such events, but I strongly doubt it.


The Russian envoy makes it clear that Russia isn’t going to let this issue ‘die’ either, perhaps because to do so leaves the door open for  the attempted perpetration of other similar lies, maybe in Ukraine or North Korea — I’m hearing now that Afghanistan is next, but in truth, only God knows where!

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has gathered at Russia’s request at its New York headquarters, to discuss the poisoning of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the UK last month.

UPDATE: Nikki Haley’s response in the UNSC today. IMO, this statement is filled with fearful emotion, but zero verifiable facts. Remember the Iraqi babies being torn from their cribs? I hope the world doesn’t fall for this again. Sounds to me like the ex-Pentagon official is correct: This is a replay of Iraq’s phantom ‘weapons of mass destruction.’

* * * 

Syrian triumvirate: Russia, Iran, Turkey vow to fight any attempts to split Syria

This article is presented on sott.net and is accompanied by the following comment:

Comment: It may have seemed hopeless 15 years ago, but there is finally a group of nations willing not only to speak the truth, but also to back up their words with actions. And it would have been impossible if not for the resurgence of Russia as a world power. The U.S. and Israel are no longer free to pillage and destroy other countries. Iraq and Libya were not foreign policy failures. They were successes, in that the U.S. and its allies achieved their goals: spreading chaos and fueling insecurity in order to maintain their interests. But they have failed in Syria. ISIS is all but destroyed, al-Qaeda is on the ropes, the attempt to use the Kurds to break up Iraq failed, and the attempt to use the Kurds to break up Syria is potentially just a pipe dream. It’s a new world: Thierry Meyssan: Out of Syria, a new world equilibrium is rising

* * * 

The video below is unusual, because we are able to see the behind-the-scenes efforts of many delightful people helping to make the signing of this agreement successful.

 * * *

. . . and, of course, the Syrian nightmare will continue — anyway . . .

Reports of French troops entering parts of Northern Syria as US forces withdraw

French troop manbij

French military personnel have been deployed to Syria and are now patrolling areas in northern parts of the country under the control of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), according to reports by the Kurdistan 24 news agency, citing Rezan Gilo, the joint chief of defense of Syrian Kurdistan.

An unknown number of French troops reportedly entered the border town of Tell Abyad and the city of Manbij this afternoon after US troops withdrew.

Turkey has repeatedly threatened to attack the city of Manbij and other parts of northern Syria after its successful cross-border military operation in Afrin.

On March 29, French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to send troops to the area to deter any Turkish aggression, according to daily newspaper Le Parisien.

us soldiers kurds

© FuriousKurd
US Troops wearing YPG Kurdish patches in northern Syria

The newspaper also claimed that the deployment of troops from the French Army to Syria was being coordinated with the US, which already operates a number of military facilities throughout SDF-controlled parts of Syria.

This latest development seemingly indicates that US President Donald Trump was referring to France when he said the US would be leaving Syria very soon “to let others take care of it.”

Although Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was saddened by Macron’s “wrong stance” on Turkey’s anti-SDF operation in Syria, it’s unclear if he is willing to press ahead with the planned assault of other SDF-held areas near the Syria-Turkey border in light of the presence of French soldiers in the path of Turkish soldiers.

Turkey has long been hostile to the SDF, as it considers the group to be an affiliate of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is designated a terror organization by the US, the EU and Turkey, and has fought a bloody war against Ankara for over three decades.

The Turkish military launched operation Olive Branch in January to oust SDF militants from areas in northern Syria near Turkey’s southern border. The offensive has yielded considerable territorial gains to Turkey-backed militants, who successfully pushed Kurdish forces out of Afrin and its surrounding settlements.

 * * * 

‘Empty-headed son of a whore’: Duterte takes aim at UN Human Rights chief in latest insult

You can read this article at your leisure, but I just want to take a moment to ask which is more important, using ‘proper’ language filled with lies, or using ‘street’ language based on truth?

Here’s a very simple example: Saudi Arabia has been allowed to sit on the Human Rights Council, even though they are bombing Yemen and creating a humanitarian nightmare there. Please note the absolute contradiction in values.

Duterte is actually caring for his people, actively cleaning up the drugs in his country in what may — or may not be a brutal fashion, and they are trying to take him to the ICC. Here, in our country, however, the opioid crisis is destroying huge numbers of decent lives on a daily basis, so that we read many States are almost overwhelmed by the crisis, and while there is lots of talk, nothing is truly being done about it. By the way, Great Britain conquered China with opioids — the tactic was called the Opium Wars — and  it seems to me we are seeing a replay of this right here in our own country.

I personally think we need to mind our own business, leave Duerte alone to take care of his own people, and straighten out the huge mess that is our own country. That, my friends, is a full time job.

To me this is just another example of distracting us while they go about destroying us. How long are we — now called deplorables, by the way — going to continue to be fooled by such shows of falseness?

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2 Responses to UPDATE: Evening, April 5, 2018, The Skripal deception . . . and Russia, Turkey, and Iran vow to fight attempts to split Syria

  1. Lyres says:

    I don’t know if you are interested in this ? MARCHING to WAR !
    I am tempted to repeat the oft WORN PHRASE, “history repeats itsELF” !
    BUT, so-called “history” appears to have been gro$$ly MANIPULATED & CHOREOGRAPHED !

    The Reality is, it seems ….WE ARE ALL BEING P L A Y E D.

    The….AIM……of the……WAR CHOREOGRAPHER$…is…..GENOCIDE……of as great a number
    as possible.
    * *
    The Lightbringers The Emissaries of Jahbulon

    QUOTING from the video above…….@ 35:50


    ……supported the….BOL$HEVIK…..assumption of power in RUSSIA.
    In his book ‘WALL STREET and the BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION’ Anthony Sutton refers to some VERY INTERESTING DOCUMENTS from VARIOUS ARCHIVES of the AMERICAN government. According to these DOCUMENTS the…SAME FINANCIAL “elite”…armed….Adolf HITLER…and….
    ! ! BOTH SIDES….in the…KOREAN & VIETNAM WAR$ ! ! !

    @ 37:39 Harry S TRUEman !……High ranking Freema$on and $enator..
    after HITLER’$ attack on the Soviet Union; 24th June 1941
    …SAID in The New York Times……..

    and IF Russia is winning WE ought to HELP Germany…..and……
    THAT WAY…LET THEM KILL A$ MANY A$ PO$$IBLE….although, I DON’T WANT to SEE….HITLER……VICTORIOU$……under any circumstances….”

    TRUEman….was at the time of the QUOTE a Freema$on of the 32nd degree
    and was a Grand Ma$ter of the Grand lodge of Missouri 1940 -41
    @ 33:04…..The Freema$on “deity”…..$PIDER man/cat/toad…..the DEMON….Jahbulon !
    @ 45:29….The special archives in MOSCOW contain documents that show the Jewish Order B’NAI BRITH “Sons Of The Covenant” as SUPERIOR to ALL other branches of FREEMASONRY.
    That it, in fact, constitutes A KIND of FREEMASONRY…WITHIN….FREEMASONRY.
    B’NAI B’RITH was founded under the name…BUNDES BRUDER….by 12 German Jewish Freemasons 13th October 1843 in St Germain cafe, New York city.

    The Supreme Council of 33rd Degrees The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Washington DC
    is exactly 13 blocks from The White House……
    It has been regarded that The Supreme Council…HAS EFFECTED….EVERY IMPORTANT POLITICAL EVENT.

    @ 47:47….. One of the MOST EVIL Masonic leaders in history was…General Albert Pike, born 1809 in Boston.
    @ 48:55…..Albert Pike, his ILLUMINATUS NAME was LIMOD INHOFF..who was called the DEVIL of the 19th century, was VERY OBSESSED WITH the idea of WORLD SUPREMACY.

    The foremost AIM of Freemasons was REAL WORLD POWER.

    @ 49:20….The UN emblem indicates The 33 DEGREES of Masonry…ALREADY CONTROL the WORLD.
    @50:01….The….MASONIC WAR….against ManKIND is a …..SLOW MOVING PROCESS.
    In 1994 DAVID ROCKEFELLER Jr stated to The United Nations Business Council
    “…We are on the verge of GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION. All WE NEED is the RIGHT MAJOR
    crI$I$ and the nations will accept The NEW WORLD ORDER.”

    A final message from the AUTHOR of the video; Juri Lina.
    This video is an attempt to illustrate the CONCEALED HISTORY of FREEMASONRY as depicted in the BOOK ‘Architects of Deception’ by Juri Lina.
    When THE EVIL of International FREEMA$ONRY reaches its CRITICAL MA$$, Freemasonry will be destroyed from within. This is a Law of Nature.

    • Jean says:

      Lyres, I’m releasing your important comment a bit late because I fear retaliation on you. I’m happy to release it and to name you, but I want you to be sure what you might begetting into. Please let me know your thoughts on this 🙂 Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      PS I also don’t come across your comment here on Afghanistan, but I received it in my email. This has happened with someone else, who calls himself Bill.

      I am sorry for this, but gratefully, they are pretty much leaving me alone 🙂 ~J

      PPS Well, I went looking more deeply and found it 🙂 Sorry for the mix-up.

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