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China’s Xi to Trump: ‘Get off your high horse’, by Finian Cunningham

US P-8 Poseidon “Submarine Killer” Headed For Syria

Arrogant and foolish Trump asks Russia to roll over – it won’t, by Moon of Alabama 

Arch hypocrisy: War hawk Haley uses child victims as a tool against Russia – after US calls civilian casualties a ‘fact of life’ . . . and never mind what is going on in the lives of Palestinian children in Gaza.

Hilarious: Heather Nauert says US govt “just not sure” what kind of chemical was used in Douma, but they’re sure Assad did it

Putin’s likely new Cabinet full of ministers prepared to fight a war on all fronts – with Medvedev on the outs, by John Helmer

Father Politics, like Mother Nature, abhors a vacuum.

And so it was, even before the US Treasury announced its newest sanctions against Russian individuals and their companies for “malign activity around the globe”, that President-elect Vladimir Putin was preparing a successor cabinet of ministers on the principle that they would be organized as a headquarters staff for fighting a war on all fronts, without the option of negotiating terms with the enemy. [emphasis added]

The impact of the US sanctions, along with the campaign of the British Government in the Skripal affair, and the Syrian front action escalating since the weekend, have reinforced what had already been decided in the Kremlin. The new government is to be a war cabinet. In Russian parlance, a Stavka. . . Click article title to continue reading.



 * * * 

Thanks to a Reader. This heartfelt expression from Andre Vltchek at ICH says it all so well that I’m publishing the entire article here in the hope that no one will fail to read it to the end:

Degeneracy and Fundamentalism of Western Media Control

Dedicated to ‘my’ magazine, NEO

By Andre Vltchek

April 10, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – There is nothing sadder and more pathetic, than a notorious liar shouting, spitting saliva, insulting normal people left and right, while terrorizing those who are telling the truth.

Lately, the West has gone clearly berserk. The more it is scared of losing control over the brains of billions of people in all corners of the world, the more aggressively it is screaming, kicking and making a fool of itself.

It doesn’t even hide its intentions, anymore. The intentions are clear: to destroy all of its opponents, be they in Russia, China, Iran or in any other patriotic and independent-minded state. To silence all the media outlets that are speaking the truth; not the truth as it is defined in London, Washington, Paris or Berlin, but the truth as it is perceived in Moscow, Beijing, Caracas or Teheran; the truth that simply serves the people, not the fake, pseudo-truth fabricated in order to uphold the supremacy of the Western Empire.

Huge funds are now being allocated for the mortal propaganda onslaught, originating predominantly in both London and Washington. Millions of pounds and dollars have been allocated and spent, officially and openly, in order to ‘counter’ the voices of Russian, Chinese, Arab, Iranian and Latin American people; voices that are finally reaching ‘the Others’ – the desolate inhabitants of the ‘global south’, the dwellers of the colonies and neo-colonies; the modern-day slaves living in the ‘client’ states.

The mask is falling down and the gangrenous face of Western propaganda is being exposed. It is awful, frightening, but at least it is what it is, for everyone to see. No more suspense, no surprises. It is all suddenly out in the open. It is frightening but honest. This is our world. This is how low our humanity has sunk. This is the so-called world order, or more precisely, neo-colonialism.


The West knows how to slaughter millions, and it knows how to manipulate masses. Its propaganda has always been tough (and repeated a thousand times, not unlike corporate advertisements or the WWII fascist indoctrination campaigns) when it originates in the United States, or brilliantly Machiavellian and lethally effective when coming from the United Kingdom. Let us never forget: the U.K. has been murdering and enslaving hundreds of millions of innocent and much more advanced human beings, for many long centuries and all over the world. Due to its talent in brainwashing and manipulating the masses, Great Britain has been getting away with countless genocides, robberies and even managing to convince the world that it should be respected and allowed to retain both a moral mandate and the seat at the U.N. Security Council.

The Western regime knows how to lie, shamelessly but professionally, and above all, perpetually. There are thousands of lies piling up on top of each other, delivered with perfect upper-class ‘educated’ accents: lies about Salisbury, about Communism, Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, South Africa, Libya, refugees. There are lies about the past, present and even about the future.

Nobody is laughing, seeing such imperialist thugs like the U.K. and France preaching, all over the world and with straight face, about both freedom and human rights. Not laughing, yet. But many are slowly getting outraged.

People in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America are beginning to realize that they have been fooled, cheated, lied to; that the so called ‘education’ and ‘information’ coming from the West have been nothing else other than shameless indoctrination campaigns. For years I worked on all continents, compiling stories and testimonies about the crimes of imperialism, and about the awakening of the world, ‘summarized’ in my 840-page book: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”.

Millions can now see, for the first time, that media outlets such as BBC, DW, CNN, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, have been encoding them mercilessly and thoroughly, for years and decades. Reuters, AP, AFP and several other Western press agencies, have managed to create a uniformed narrative for the entire planet, with local newspapers everywhere in the world now publishing identical fabrications that originate from Washington, London, Paris and other Western capitals. Totally false pictures about such important subjects as the Soviet Union, Communism, China, but also freedom and democracy, have been engraved into billions of human brains.

The main reason for the opening of the eyes of people of the world which is still oppressed by Western imperialism, is, the relentless work of media outlets such as the Russian-based New Eastern Outlook (NEO), RT and Sputnik, as China-based CGTN, China Radio International and China Daily, Venezuela-based TeleSur, Lebanese Al-Mayadeen, and Iranian Press TV. Of course, there are many other proud and determined anti-imperialist media outlets in various parts of the world, but the above-mentioned ones are the most important vehicles of the counter-propaganda coming from the countries that fought for their freedom and simply refused to be conquered, colonized, prostituted and brainwashed by the West.

One mighty anti-imperialist coalition of truly independent states has been forming and solidifying. It is now inspiring billions of oppressed human beings everywhere on Earth, giving them hope, promising a better, optimistic and just future. Standing at the vanguard of many positive changes and expectations is the ‘new media’.

And the West is watching, horrified, desperate and increasingly vitriolic. It is willing to destroy, to kill and to crush, just in order to stop this wave of ‘dangerous optimism’ and strive for true independence and freedom.


There are now constant attacks against the new media of the free world. In the West, RT is being threatened with expulsion, brilliant and increasingly popular New Eastern Outlook (NEO) came just recently under vicious cyber-attack from, most likely, professional Western hackers. TeleSur is periodically crippled by sanctions shamefully unleashed against Venezuela, and the same banditry is targeting Iranian Press TV.

You see, the West may be responsible for billions of ruined lives everywhere in the world, but it is still faces no sanctions, no punitive actions. While countries like Russia, Iran, China, Cuba, DPRK or Venezuela have to ‘face consequences’ mainly in the form of embargos, sanctions, propaganda, direct intimidation, even military bullying, simply for refusing to accept the insane Western global dictatorship, and for choosing their own form of the government and political as well as economic system.

The West simply doesn’t seem to be able to tolerate dissent. It requires full and unconditional obedience, an absolute submission. It acts as both religious fundamentalist and a global thug. And to make things worse, its citizens appear to be so programmed or so indifferent or both, that they are not capable of comprehending what their countries and their ‘culture’ are doing to the rest of the world.


When being interviewed, I am often asked: “is the world facing real danger of WWIII?”

I always reply “yes”. It is because it appears that both North America and Europe are unable to stop forcing the world into obedience and to virtual slavery. They appear to be unwilling to accept any rational and democratic arrangement on our Planet. Would they sacrifice one, tens or hundreds of millions of human beings, just in order to retain control over the universe? Definitely they would! They already have, on several occasions, without thinking twice, with no regret and no mercy.

The gamble of the Western fundamentalists is that the rest of the world is so much more decent and much less brutal, that it could not stomach yet another war, another carnage, another bloodbath; that it rather surrenders, rather gives up all its dreams for a much better future, instead of fighting and defending itself against what increasingly appears to be an inevitable Western military attack.


Such calculations and ‘hopes’ of the Western fanatics are false. Countries that are now being confronted and intimidated are well aware what to expect if they give up and surrender to Western insanity and imperialist designs.

People know, they remember what it is like to be enslaved.

Russia under Yeltsin, collapsed, being plundered by Western corporations, being spat at, in the face, by the European and North American governments; its life expectancy dropped to sub-Saharan African levels.

China survived unimaginable agony of “humiliation period’, being ransacked, plundered and divided by French, British and the U.S. invaders.

Iran robbed of its legitimate and socialist government, having to live under a sadistic maniac, the Western puppet, the Shah.

The entire ‘Latin’ America, with its open veins, with ruined culture, with Western religion forced down its throat; with literally all democratically-elected socialist and Communist governments and leaders either overthrown, or directly murdered, or at least manipulated out of power by Washington and its lackeys.

North Korea, survivor of a beastly genocide against its civilians, committed by the U.S. and its allies in the so-called Korean War.

Vietnam and Laos, raped and humiliated by the French, and then bombed to the stone ages by the U.S. and its allies.

South Africa… East Timor… Cambodia…

There are living carcasses, decomposing horrid wrecks, left after the Western deadly ‘liberating’ embraces: Libya and Iraq, Afghanistan and Honduras, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to name just a few. These are serving as warnings to those who still have some illusions left about the Western ‘good will’ and spirit of justice!

Syria… Oh Syria! Just look what the West has done to a proud and beautiful country which refused to fall on its knees and lick Washington’s and London’s feet. But also, look how strong, how determined those who truly love their country can be. Against all odds, Syria stood up, it fought foreign-backed terrorists, and it won, surrounded and supported by the great internationalist coalition! The West thought it was triggering yet another Libyan scenario, but instead, it encountered an iron fist, nerves of steel, another Stalingrad. Fascism was identified, confronted and stopped. At an enormous cost, but stopped!

The entire Middle East is watching.

The entire world is watching.

People now see and they remember. They are beginning to remember clearly what happened to them. They are starting to understand. They are emboldened. They clearly comprehend that slavery is not the only way to live their lives.


The Anti-Western or more precisely, anti-imperialist coalition is now solid like steel. Because it is one great coalition of victims, of people who know what rape is and what plunder is, and what thorough destruction is. They know precisely what is administered by the self-proclaimed champions of freedom and democracy – by the Western cultural and economic fundamentalism.

This coalition of independent and proud nations is here to protect itself, to protect each other, as well as the rest of the world.

It will never surrender, never back up. Because the people have spoken and they are sending clear messages to their leaders: “Never again! Do not capitulate. Do not yield to the Western intimidations. We will fight if attacked. And we will stand, proudly, on our own feet, no matter what, no matter what brutal force we have to face. Never on our knees, comrades! We will never again fall to our knees in front of those who are spreading terror!”

And the media in these wonderful countries that are resisting Western imperialism and terror is spreading countless optimistic and brave messages.

And the Western establishing is watching and shaking and soiling its pants.

It knows the end of its brutal rule over the world is approaching. It knows those days of impunity are ending. It knows the world will soon judge the West, for the centuries of crimes it has been committing against humanity.

It knows that the media war will be won by ‘us’, not by ‘them’.

The battlefield is being defined. With some bright exceptions, the Westerners and their media outlets are closing ranks, sticking to their masters. Like several other writers, I had been unceremoniously kicked out from Counterpunch, one of the increasingly anti-Communist, anti-Russian, anti-Syrian and anti-Chinese U.S.-based publications. From their point of view, I was writing for several ‘wrong’ publications. I am actually proud that they stopped publishing me. I am fine where I am: facing them, as I am facing other mass-circulation media outlets of the West.

The extent of Western ideological control of the world is degenerate, truly perverse. Its media and ‘educational’ outlets are fully at the service of the regime.

But the world is waking up and confronting this deadly cultural and political fundamentalism.

A great ideological battle is on. These are exciting, bright times. Nothing could be worse than slavery. Chains are being broken. From now on, there will be no impunity for those who have been torturing the world for centuries.

Their lies, as well as their armor, will be confronted and stopped!

Andre Vltchek is philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He’s a creator of Vltchek’s World in Word and Images, a writer of revolutionary novel Aurora and several other books. He writes especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

 * * *

“Imminent Announcement” Of US Action In Syria Coming Amid Expectations Of Air Strikes “Within Hours” . . . mostly a summation of the news I published yesterday.

* * *

Vanessa Beeley in Syria: A Photo and Video Diary from Eastern Ghouta, Where Civilians have been Liberated from the West’s Terrorists . . . Vanessa’s work is quite special.

 * * *

Thierry Meyssan: The End of International Law?

justice vaccine exemptions

The war against the Greater Middle East should end with the withdrawal of US troops within the next six months. And yet nothing proves that peace will settle in each of the countries that were invaded. Today we are witnessing what seems to be a tentative to get rid of international law. Will this consolidate a division of the world into two parts, or will it open to a generalised conflict?

Do the Western powers hope to put an end to the constraints of International Law? That is the question asked by the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergueï Lavrov, at the Moscow conference on International Security [1].

 * * * 

Trump heard his master’s voice, and like a good dog he’s going to war – or will he? by The Saker

Trump netanyahu

This is really pathetic, but it no less dangerous. First, there was the order given from Above:

Israeli officials: the U.S. must strike in Syria” because “Assad is the angel of death, and the world would be better without him

Then there was the summoned servant’s immediate reply:

Trump: “Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price” .

The most amazing thing is not that the subservient slave reacted like the subservient slave that he is. The most amazing thing is that the pretext used in this announced false flag was announced by Nikki Haley at the UNSC on March 12th, almost one month ago! That, and the fact that Trump probably did not realize that he was told to threaten only Syria and not Russia and Iran. Although, who knows, maybe the rabidly psychopathic Neocons who now run the White House actually did tell him to bark up Russia and Iran too, I would not put that past them.

There is, of course, the slim chance that just as Trump did absolutely nothing to “Rocket Man” (even though Trump had a “bigger red button”!) he might not do anything to “Animal Assad” either, but frankly I would not recommend placing much faith in that kind of self-restraint. Why? Because the AngloZionists are absolutely desperate to prove that they are still relevant, manly and, of course “indispensable”.

Question: how do you really piss off a narcissist?

Answer: ignore him. . . Click the article title to continue reading

 * * * 

US Сongress Unveils a List of New Sanctions Against Russia

The United Striates is considering a new batch of sanctions against Russia over Moscow’s alleged “malign activity around the globe.”

The draft cites Russia’s alleged role in the “Skripal case” as the main reason for ramping up economic pressure on Moscow.

The pertinent bill, posted in the Congressional Records, envisages a complete ban on all kinds of financial operations pertaining to Russia’s sovereign debt and a potential ban on deals with securities issued by Russia’s Central Bank, the National Wealth  Fund and the Federal Treasury. . . Click article title to continue reading.

Any US missiles fired at Syria will be shot down, launch sites targeted – Russian envoy to Lebanon

Zasypkin stressed that “the Russian forces will confront any US aggression on Syria, by intercepting the missiles and striking their launch pads,” al-Manar TV website reported, citing the envoy.

Speaking to the channel, the ambassador also said that the allegations of a chemical attack were being used to justify “offensive acts” in Syria, while “the US and Western escalation against Syria will lead to a major crisis.”

The statement comes after Washington threatened a “forceful response” against Syria after an alleged chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma on Saturday. The US was quick to pin the blame on the Syrian government, basing its accusations on unverified data and images, including reports from the infamous, rebel-linked White Helmets ‘civil defense’ group.

RELATED: ‘We have a lot of options militarily’ – Trump on Syria ‘chemical attack’ response . . . sorry, but it sounds to me like Trump thinks he is producing a Reality Show for the world.

US President Donald Trump has met with military commanders about a possible “forceful response” to alleged chemical attacks in Syria. Washington is ready to act without UN approval, its envoy told the Security Council earlier.

The alleged chemical attack in Syria “will be met and it will be met forcefully,” Trump told reporters on Monday evening. “We can’t let atrocities like we all witnessed… we can’t let that happen in our world,” Trump said, “especially if because of the power of the US, we are able to stop it.”

“We’re getting some very good clarity” on who is responsible for the attack, the president added.

“We have a lot of options militarily, and we’ll be letting you know pretty soon.”

BREAKING: Trump: Get ready Russia, missiles will be coming at Syria, nice and new and ‘smart’! . . . We elected the best of the choices we were given, but look what we still got! I hope we’ve learned our lesson won’t do a repeat of this ever again.

BREAKING:  Moscow to Trump: Are ‘smart’ missiles an attempt to destroy alleged chem attack evidence in Syria?

Syrian Pro-Government Forces Evacuate Airports, Military Bases Ahead Of Airstrikes

Two ex-British ambassadors question claims that Assad ordered chemical attack as threat of war grows

Israeli army strikes Hamas positions in Gaza Strip

500 Patients ‘Exhibiting Signs & Symptoms’ of Chemical Poisoning in Douma – WHO . . . and doubts left as to the side of the WHO?

‘US-led jets flying over Syria amid looming threats of military strike’

China to replace Saudi with Iran, Russia oil: Platts

Iran, China to expand nuclear cooperation: Ambassador   

Financial news today:

Trump signs executive order targeting working people . . . you see what they do when we are distracted and not watching?

Iran to switch to Euro as official reporting currency  

Russian stocks claw back losses after Monday’s dive – Oligarchs lose billions but Central bank confident after market correction 

Stocks plunge, gold spikes after Trump taunts Russia with missile strikes in Syria

Depending on what sort of  REALITY SHOW Trump decides to produce, China could bring the curtain down with this very real nuclear option:

 * * * Why does no one consider China’s ultimate “nuclear option”??? by Bill Holter

We are hearing daily about the possibility of “trade wars”. It is this possibility that is being blamed for the increased volatility (read markets dropping), but I do not believe it is the only factor. In fact, equity markets began their upset as interest rates marched higher and prior to any talk of trade wars. Of course other factors exist such as cross currency rates (which directly affect trade) and liquidity, not to mention the gross indebtedness of nations.

Looking at “finance and economics” from a broad view, we can see they are part and parcel of and actually used as tools for outright war. There are many examples of history such as the US civil war where the North embargoed the South, Germany being starved for oil in WWII, and more recently the USSR being forced to overspend militarily and having the ruble undermined leading to their ultimate bankruptcy.

A recent article on Zerohedge discusses several ways China can attack the US financially. We’ve heard many of these before. I would mention that a currency devaluation by China would mean a stronger dollar, not exactly immediately harmful to the US. Dumping US Treasuries is another theoretical attack but the simple answer for the US would be for the Federal Reserve to buy any and all treasuries offered for sale …their balance sheet be damned!

It s also posited China could block US services and stop importing US oil. While both might cause some pain, neither is a knock out punch because they are simply not large enough slices of the overall pie. As for “rare earth” materials, these ARE very significant should a hot (non nuclear) war break out. Most all high tech weapons rely on the use of various rare earth metals. In my opinion, if China wanted a hot war, restricting access to these would be the ticket.

We have spoken and written of what we believe is THE ultimate nuclear option financially for China but get trolled for our efforts. The simplest way for China/Russia et al to implode the West’s entire financial system would be to simply stand for delivery of too much gold or silver. We are already witnessing this as COMEX has been offloading “EFP” a massive number of contracts to London. As it stands, London now faces contractual delivery of nearly a full year’s worth of global gold and silver production from contracts standing in just the first three months of the year!

You see, the banking/financial system is of a fractional reserve basis … which always carries with it the risk of a “bank run”. Bank runs happened quite often in the old days because of the fear the bank had over lent versus the actual gold they held. In present time, “old fashioned” bank runs are not as serious a threat because the Fed can (and does) just lend liquidity where and as needed. As example, the Fed conjured up $16 trillion to lend all over the word in late 2008. I guess you could say no amount is too much …even if your balance sheet is only $50-60 billion?

So from the standpoint of “paper”, the Fed has the bases covered so to speak, but do they really? If China (Russia) were to cause a failure to deliver gold or silver, then what? You see, gold (real physical gold) cannot be digitally conjured up out of thin air, so in essence a failure to deliver would be nothing more than a good old fashioned REAL run on the bank! A run on gold (or silver) would then bring into question the entire fractional reserve nature of the entire system. Failure to deliver …will cause a “run on the bank” everywhere! Notice the word “everywhere”. ALL gold exchanges everywhere in the world will be run, but more importantly the confidence in paper markets, commodity or not will also experience a confidence crisis. [emphasis added] A simple example would be any type of contract that offers delivery of anything …real or not. As we have harped on for years, “promises” (all) will be questioned to the point of performing …which is mathematically impossible because there are multiples of promises when compared to “money” outstanding.

In the extreme, let’s look at trade itself. During or after a financial “run”, what if trading partners do not trust each other or are even angered to the point of only accepting their own currency or …gold as settlement? The US runs the largest trade deficit ever imagined in history and at the same time does not have much in the way of foreign reserves (and in reality nor gold). How under these circumstances will the US settle trade? The result will be a sharply lower dollar, much higher prices for imported goods (currently $750 billion worth per year), and most likely shortages that develop quite quickly.

The troll community will tell you gold and silver are plentiful and the above scenario cannot happen. I am here to tell you it mathematically must at some point happen simply because global gold and silver production combined only amount to a little over $100 billion. …And by the way, global gold and silver production has already peaked and looks like it will decline rapidly over the coming years. As gold and silver have been “over sold” to the tune of maybe 500 to one, what do you suppose happens if even 1% of paper holders demand delivery? A sovereign government with the financial clout of China could disrupt this fraud with only today’s lunch money!

To finish, forcing a failure to deliver is probably the cheapest and easiest of all options China has in its arsenal. It is also the most nuclear as it strikes at the core of the West’s fraud …and as bonus it will mark up all the bullion China/Russia has purchased over the last many years! (On the downside, it would most probably lead to a hot war but this looks more likely with each sunrise). So while the markets fret about this tariff or that tariff and go into convulsions, the real threat (and you can 100% bet that Presidents Xi and Putin know this) are the tiny markets of gold and especially silver. Deny this at your own peril as it is extremely simple logic!

Standing watch,
Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration






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